How to distinguish the original Belaya Berezka vodka from a fake

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Vodka "White Beryozka" has become popular due to its high quality. Selected components, strict technological discipline have made it possible to create a premium class product. But high demand has led to an increase in counterfeiting and the need to distinguish a real product from fakes.

Vodka "White birch" due to its high quality has gained its popularity among people.

Historical information

The brand first appeared in 2002. Then the first bottle came off the conveyor of the factory of OOO VZ Yuzhnaya Stolitsa. Quality products from Rostov-on-Don quickly won a large part of the market. Difficulties with licensing and the reduction of production sites have led to the fact that since 2011 vodka has been bottled at the facilities of the Alcoholic Siberian Group (Alsib). The products of the Omskvinprom distillery used the recipe, continued the brand's traditions and are supplied to the markets of 55 countries of the world.

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Production technology

Product quality complies with GOST R51535-99. High organoleptic characteristics of vodka are based on the original recipe and methods of preparation of raw materials. With a strength of 40% vol. it doesn't smell of alcohol.

The technological map provides for the addition of an extract of birch buds collected during the flowering period of trees, giving the drink a subtle woody tint and a feeling of special freshness and softness.

To improve the taste qualities in the production, new technologies and innovative methods have been introduced, among which the main ones are:

  • cleaning with carbon filters;
  • saturation of water with silver ions.


In 2016, the brand was redesigned. The main change has been in the shape of the bottle. Its unique feature is the concave lens through which the winter landscape of the Russian village is shown. The use of French optical glass successfully emphasizes the transparency of the contents. The bottle got a new look, and its closure was supplemented with a cognac-type T-shaped cork. Under the lid is a dispenser with a valve.

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Vodka White birch
In 2016, a concave lens appeared on the bottle, through which the winter landscape of a Russian village is shown.

Taste and aroma

Internal requirements for product quality exceed those of GOST. Only “Lux” alcohol is used, which undergoes multi-stage purification at the factory equipment. Carbon filters and silver treatment of the highest standard are used for water preparation.

To obtain the desired aftertaste, natural birch sap or white acacia honey is added. Ripe cranberries are also used, giving the drink a special fragrant and softness.

The original aroma of the product is achieved by a combination of grain echoes, vodka trail and shades of birch, causing a special softness, sweetness and slight bitterness of alcohol.

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Varieties of vodka "White Beryozka"

Several types of products are supplied to the Russian market:

  • classical;
  • golden;
  • frosty cranberry
  • Silver;
  • Export edition (limited series).

All of them are bottled in standard capacity:

  • 1 l;
  • 0.75 l;
  • 0.5 l;
  • 0.05 l.

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This is a variety of premium plain vodka with a classic strength of 40% vol. based on alcohol "Lux" and pure water. A slight addition of natural juice is intended only to provide an aftertaste.

White birch classic
Classic vodka "White birch" has a standard strength of 40%.


The product is distinguished by the original recipe and bright design of the bottle. Golden leaves in a three-dimensional landscape emphasize the beauty of Russian autumn.

The drink recipe includes:

  • selected alcohol from special grades of grain;
  • clean prepared water;
  • honey and fruit drink from the fruits of sea buckthorn (“Orange gold” or “Royal berry”).

The taste of Golden Birch is especially rich thanks to sea buckthorn.

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White birch Golden
“White Birch” gold contains honey and sea buckthorn juice.

frosty cranberry

"Frosty Cranberry" is based on unchanging grain alcohol "Lux", the purest natural water and natural birch sap. A feature of vodka is the inclusion in the recipe of infusion of cranberries from berries harvested after the first frost. It has a full taste, combines sourness, slight sweetness and subtle aroma. Natural berry softens alcohol, makes it unusually fragrant, with a bright aftertaste. The subtle aroma of cranberries does not clog the classic taste.

frosty cranberry
The recipe for Frosty Cranberry vodka includes an infusion of cranberries from berries picked after the first frost.


This variety has a classic cereal flavor with an inherent clear color. The products are characterized by pronounced softness, an abundance of undertones with a long sweet aftertaste.

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“White Birch” silver has a classic aroma and

How to distinguish original vodka from a fake

The original products are bottled in tall, round bottles made of special optical glass with a matte finish. Since 2015, a winter landscape has been placed on the inside of the glass, visible from the outside through a concave lens. Any inscriptions are applied directly to the glass, stickers are not used anywhere. Pay attention to the bottle cap - it always only twists. Outside, a metal coating is applied, inside - a plastic T-shaped plug. All bottles are equipped with a dispenser with a valve.

Due to the high cost and complexity of execution, all these differences are absent in fake products. In addition, each bottle can be checked on the manufacturer's website by the bottling date and excise stamp number.

Not a single moonshine still, even with two or three distillations, can ensure compliance with GOST requirements due to the lack of high quality raw materials.

Consumers often confuse the brand name Belaya Berezka with a similar name. Due to the difference in 1 letter, there is a mixture of ideas and opinions about the product. But there are much more differences, starting from the manufacturer and recipe, ending with the appearance.

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Serving vodka to the table

To reveal the taste, aromatic and other properties of vodka, it should be served taking into account the recommendations and experience gained. Pouring is done only in small glasses, so that you can try the product in small doses or in one even sip.

The temperature of the drink when serving is important. At its optimal value, small drops of water appear on the surface of the bottle.

The drink must be chilled. In the form of heat, the taste of vodka is distorted, the aroma becomes chaotic, and an enhanced heady effect is also manifested.

Vodka to the table
When serving, vodka should be chilled.

What is combined with

The age-old culture of drink consumption has shown the need for its good gastronomic accompaniment. Together with vodka, it is recommended to serve products that enhance its taste properties and weaken the intoxicating effect.

Best served (in descending order of priority):

  • hot first and second courses;
  • meat cuts;
  • baked fish and other seafood;
  • salads;
  • fruit.

It is possible to consume the drink for a long time, but as part of various cocktails.

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Cocktails based on vodka "White Berezka"

Due to its crystal purity and delicate aroma, the products of the Omsk plant are suitable for making alcoholic cocktails. This form of product presentation reveals the potential of the fortress for people who do not drink hard liquor.

"Bloody Mary"

Full list of ingredients:

  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • tomato juice - 100 ml;
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice - 15 ml;
  • black pepper and salt - to taste.

The ingredients are poured into the glass one by one and mixed. The cocktail is completed with 2 ice cubes and spices. In everyday life, a lightweight version is common - tomato juice mixed with vodka in the indicated proportions.

Bloody Mary
The basis of the Bloody Mary cocktail is vodka and tomato juice.


The most common cocktail in bars due to its simplicity.


  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • orange juice - 100 ml.

The components are mixed chilled.

“Screwdriver” is a simple and common cocktail consisting of vodka and orange juice.


This version of the cocktail has a complex composition that justifies its name (another name is “Rapture”).

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  • strong coffee - 50 ml;
  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • Baileys liqueur - 25 ml;
  • milk 3.2% - 25 ml.

The components are mixed randomly. The cocktail is topped with whipped cream. The main rule is to maintain the specified proportions of the ingredients.

The Pleasure cocktail is complex and consists of vodka, strong coffee, liqueur and milk.

The price of vodka "White Berezka"

In market conditions, the cost of the product is different and depends on the region and sales channel. The price of a bottle of classic vodka with a volume of 0.5 liters varies from 349 to 472 rubles, and in the export version it reaches 603 rubles.

Estimated cost depending on the volume of the bottle
Name Volume, l Cost, ₽
vodka "Golden" 0,50 390
vodka "Golden" 0,75 560
vodka "Golden" 1,00 760

Belonging to the premium class implies a high cost.

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List of awards

The high quality of products throughout the entire production period has been awarded with:

  • the prize "For Ecological Safety" from the International Ecological Fund;
  • gold award from the International Forum of Food Producers;
  • National Quality Award.

The most objective reward is the recognition and trust of customers.

National Quality Award
The National Quality Award is one of the awards received by the producers of Belaya Berezka vodka.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Shelf life when stored in a dry, dark room at a temperature of -15°C ... +30°C and a relative humidity of no more than 85% is unlimited.

Interesting Facts

The strength of all varieties is 40% vol., and the energy value of 100 ml of the product is 224 kcal. 1 liter of vodka weighs 953 g and contains 1175 kcal.

Dimensions (mm), weight (g) and marking of a 0.5 l bottle:

  • EGAIS code - 0350566000001316598;
  • height - 302.5;
  • width - 63.2;
  • length - 63.2;
  • gross (contents + bottle + cap + label) - 873;
  • gross (contents + container + cap + label + cardboard box) - 910;
  • net container - 526.

The landscape of the Russian village under the lens on the bottle is made in the Gzhel style (blue painting on a white background) based on the work of Evgeny Sinev "Spring".

At the bottom, a technological recess is used to orient the bottle before labeling it. All inscriptions are embossed.

Additional Information

The consumption of methyl alcohol in the smallest doses is fraught with disability or death. If you have any doubts about the quality of the product, you can independently evaluate its safety. Highly heat the wire on the fire and quickly lower it into the spoon with the test substance. If there is methyl alcohol in the content, a sharp smell of formalin will appear. In this situation, the contents should be disposed of immediately.

When buying vodka products, follow simple rules, and then the risk of poisoning will be minimized:

  • the price should correspond to the average in the region, be market;
  • the cap on the bottle must have an aluminum coating;
  • pay attention to the numbers of excise stamps, if you have mobile Internet, it can be easily checked on the website of the manufacturer;
  • information stickers are not used on the bottle, all inscriptions are made directly on the glass;
  • the barcode must be legible, other options are unacceptable and indicate a fake;
  • a bottle without protruding parts indicates a fake.
Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Reviews about vodka "White Berezka"

Nikolai, 39 years old, Chelyabinsk

Nikolay, ChelyabinskVodka attracted me with a beautiful picture on the bottle. The depicted Russian winter seemed to cool her down by itself. Having succumbed to feelings, I bought "Birch" and was not disappointed: the thinnest alcohol smell, it is easy to drink, you do not need to hold your breath, rather drink it down. The taste is barely perceptible and resembles birch sap from childhood. Once I noticed a small drawback - after 3 months of storage at room temperature (I accidentally forgot and found it a quarter later), the taste changed slightly, most likely due to the presence of juice.

Karina, 27 years old, Chita

Karina, Chita I almost never drink vodka, but for the 5th wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to buy White Birch. This brand was chosen because of the excellent reviews. Vodka from the first glass was easy to drink. In the morning everyone felt good.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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