Cognac Elder - how to distinguish a fake

Cognac Elder how to distinguish a fake Products

Russian cognac "Elder" is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, which is prepared according to classic French technologies by the Stavropol Wine and Brandy Factory. If you read customer reviews, this is one of the best Russian-made products. It contains only high-quality alcohols, so it is not surprising that today many unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to fake it.

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Brand history

Russian cognac "Elder" began to be produced in 2004 at the wine and cognac factory in the city of Stavropol (SVKZ). Since then, the range has been constantly updated and new varieties of the drink appear. The plant itself began its activity in 1947 and is developing to this day. The brand is one of the leaders in the domestic market. Also, the drink boasts the presence of 15 gold and silver medals received at international competitions.

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Stavropol Cognac Factory


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This brand of cognac is produced in Russia at SVKZ, owned since 1999 by the Spanish company Alvisa Alcohol Group. The main office is located in Spain (Barcelona), from where cognac spirit is supplied to the SVKZ.

SVKZ has been modernized since 1969. After the merger with Alvisa, by 2002, the plant installed bottling lines made in the USA, Switzerland and Germany, as well as modern equipment that produces high-quality alcohol. Other popular cognacs are also produced at SVKZ: "Kremlevsky", "Golden Vyderka", etc.

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Production specifics

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It is the production of cognac that is the hallmark of the plant. At the heart of the production of "Elders", as well as other cognacs of SVKZ, high-quality Spanish spirits from natural grapes are used.

Cognac in Limousin oak barrels

The distillery is supplied with alcohol aged in Limousin oak barrels in the Spanish region of La Mancha. This place is famous for the best grape harvest, which is why the drinks from it are so excellent. The aging time of alcohol lasts in different ways - mainly from 3 to 25 years. Distillery (distillation) is based on French technology using copper alambik (moonshine still). The distillation itself takes place twice. It should be noted that cognac does not contain artificial additives.

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Types of cognac "Elder"

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The variety of cognac depends on the exposure time. Total such 11 kinds:

Elder 3 years

Elder aged 3 years
Elder aged 3 years

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This is the youngest cognac in this line (3 stars). It is a blend (mixing) of Spanish spirits that have matured for only 3 years. The hue of the drink is golden amber. The bottle has an original diamond shape.

The 3-year-old has an original design with a remarkable neck, which is decorated with an emboss. The bottom of the bottle is made in the form of a prism.

Elder 5 years

Cognac Elderishina aged 5 years
Cognac Elderishina aged 5 years

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Cognac with alcohol aged for 5 years. It has a delicate woody aroma with hints of grapes and vanilla. The bottle has a conical shape, and the logo is applied with a golden material.

The main features of the original cognac Elder:

Bottle Author's, with emblem in the form of a coat of arms + thick bottom
Label Thick design paper Martel + gold stamping
Top drive With a logo
Cork natural cork
corrugated box Convenient and reliable

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Elder 7 years old

Cognac Elderishina aged 7 years
Cognac Elderishina aged 7 years

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This assemblage (mixing spirits from different grape varieties with the addition of fruits) has been aged for 7 years, so the color of the drink has acquired a dark amber color. It is used both before and after meals.

The bottle is made in the shape of a cloak (Caucasian sleeveless cloak that widens downwards), which is directly associated with the brandy's name.

The 7-year-old blend is also bottled in dark blue bottles, the shapes of which also resemble a cloak. The lid is made of cork oak with an aluminum coating.

Dark blue bottle of cognac Elder

Elder 12 years old

Cognac Elderishina aged 12 years
Cognac Elderishina aged 12 years

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A blend of spirits aged in barrels for this cognac for 12 years. It has an eco-label, which means the presence of only natural ingredients. Amber-gold color. The shape of the bottle resembles a pyramid of stones.

Elder 25 years old

Elder aged 25 years
Elder aged 25 years

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The "oldest" blend, aged for a quarter of a century. The drink has a golden amber color. Recommended to use neat or mixed with a little water. The design of the bottle is unusual - a rounded shape, the neck is decorated with a leather label.

The 25-year-old is bottled in a container with an original silhouette with bevelled edges. The label of the drink is made of genuine leather, and the logo is applied using gold leaf.

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Elder in Single Barrel

Cognac Elder in Single Barrel
Elder in Single Barrel

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A seven-year-old and very strong cognac. It was first released in 2016. The color of cognac is bronze-gold. The bottle is made of dark blue glass and the shape is similar to Elder 7 Ecological. On the label you can see the signature of the chief oenologist (grape appraiser), which indicates the excellent quality of the product.

Elder Sherry Barrel

Cognac Elder Sherry Barrel
Elder Sherry Barrel

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Limited edition five-year cognac aged in sherry casks (5 stars). The blend has a golden red color, and its aroma contains notes of citrus and baked apple. The bottle is almost completely gilded, except for its bottom, through which you can see the contents.

Elder Alpine Honey

Cognac Elder Alpine Honey
Elder Alpine Honey

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The novelty of 2017 - the composition of the five-year-old cognac includes alpine honey. The drink has a honey-floral and citrus aroma. Dessert cognac and very high-calorie, so it is not recommended to use it with heavy dishes. Ideal to take neat or on ice. The bottle has the shape of a trapezoid and is made of transparent glass.

Elder Dali

Cognac Elder Dali
Elder Dali

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This cognac was released in honor of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The blend has been aged for at least 10 years. The drink has a dark amber color, and the aroma resembles shades of prunes and oak. A bottle of an unusual shape with smooth jams at the corners.

Elder Imperial

Cognac Elder Imperial
Elder Imperial

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Twelve-year-old light brown cognac. The aroma of the drink has notes of raisins, vanilla and fruits. The look of the bottle is similar to Elder 12 Ecological.


Cognac Elder NOBLE

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An eighteen year old blend. The drink is distinguished by its softness, dark amber color and aroma of almonds, dried fruits, vanilla. Pear-shaped clear glass bottle.

It's important to know! The manufacturer is trying to protect customers from acquiring counterfeit products, therefore, it pays attention not only to the drink itself, but also to the packaging. Both are almost impossible to fake.

Do you like to relax with cognac?


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Each type of cognac "Elder" has its own unique taste. In drinks there are notes of dried fruits (prunes, raisins, dried apricots), sherry, nuts, caramel, honey and vanilla.

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If you drink this cognac in moderation, then the so-called hangover will not be observed. Thanks to the high quality of grapes, the correct aging of alcohol without harmful impurities, nothing threatens the well-being of a healthy person. But be sure to pay attention when buying the bottle itself, as you can stumble upon a fake.


Type of cognac Price
Elder 3 years Ecological, 1l From 1200 r.
Elder 5 years Ecological, 1l From 1100 r.
Elder 7 years Ecological, 1l From 1300 r.
Elder 12 years old Ecological, 0.5 l From 600 rubles
Elder 25 years old, 0.7 l From 3000 r.
Elder in Single Barrel , 0.5 l From 1200 r.
Elder Sherry Barrel, 0.5 l From 600 rubles
Elder Alpine Honey, 0.5 l From 900 rubles
Elder Dali, 0.5 l From 1500 r.
Elder Imperial, 0.5 l From 1000 r.
Elder NOBLE, 0.5 l From 2000 r.

Prices in different stores may differ from each other. It depends on intermediaries, promotions for the product and the number of milliliters in the bottle. The table shows the most common volumes. Three-star and five-star drinks are also on sale, 100 ml (from 130 rubles), 250 ml (from 400 rubles).

Check toonyac Elder by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Original Cognac Elder recommend to buy here.

Under the trademark "Elder" only high-quality alcohol is produced. Therefore, every connoisseur of cognac products should know how to distinguish an original product from a fake one, because fraud always flourishes in the alcoholic beverages market. To do this, you should pay attention to such nuances:

bottle shape. Each type of cognac "Elder" has its own unique shape, while the bottles are asymmetric. It is also necessary to focus on the bottom of the container: it should be deep or prismatic.

The bottom of bottles of cognac Elder

Coat of arms engraved on the front of the bottle. This applies to 3-, 5- and 7-year-old drinks. There are other distinctive features on 12- and 25-year-old cognac packages.

Coat of arms on the bottle of the original Elder

Cork and cap. Always pay attention to the lid before buying this liquor. "Elder" is clogged only with high-quality cork stoppers. If the bottle is closed with a vodka cap, this is a sign of a fake product.

Take a closer look at the quality of the labels and the container itself. On branded bottles of the product, you will never find traces of glue, chipped paint or deformed caps. Everything must be of the highest standard.

Moreover, each inscription on the label must have corrugations, and the prints must be clear and recognizable. In addition to this, the original packaging is distinguished by a natural cork stopper and the presence of gold embossing on a shrink cap.

Cork of the original cognac Eldershin

It is also worth noting that the 12- and 25-year-old cognacs have a special cork with an engraved logo on top.

Cork with engraving on the original cognac Elder

Label. Labels on cognac must be of the highest quality, glued very evenly. It has a gold embossed embossing.

Label on original cognac

In addition to the front label and counter-label, there is another small circular label on the neck of the bottle, on which brand inscriptions are located and the year of the company's foundation is indicated - "1969".

federal stamp. Each Russian-made Elderishina drink has a federal brand. The information on it (product name, volume) must be true.

Federal stamp on the original bottle of cognac

Barcode. Cognac "Elder", which is produced in Russia, has a barcode that always starts with code 46.

Barcode on the original Elder

The purity of the drink. A real cognac product of the Elderishina trademark once does not have sediment and any visually noticeable impurities.

Viscosity. Real cognac stretches a little. Its consistency is homogeneous, slightly viscous, so if you shake the bottle, the liquid will slowly flow down its walls.

If you notice a sediment in the cognac or some uneven color of the consistency, put the bottle with the product back on the shelf. Aged blends are crystal clear and can be stored uncorked for a long time without forming any additional compounds in the composition.

Cognac "Elder" refers to the elite spirits – the form always corresponds to the content. Therefore, before buying this expensive product, it is important to familiarize yourself with its distinctive features.

How to serve cognac Elder

Do you want to have a worthy acquaintance with good cognac? Rely on the classic principles in the tasting process, namely:

  • blend supply temperature should not go beyond 20-22 degrees;
  • tasting the drink should be from snifters with thin transparent glass and a narrow neck;
  • you should drink the assemblage in small sips, gradually sniffing each share of the aroma.

When studying the question of how to drink cognac correctly, also pay attention to snacks. Most consumers today cannot imagine quality alcohol blends without the right accompaniment.

The ideal accompaniment to strong Russian assemblages are hard cheeses, smoked red fish meat, baked pork and chocolate.

These components will not only lower the degree measure of alcohol, but will also allow you to more fully reveal its gastronomic and aromatic properties.

Cognac Elder Reviews

Original Cognac Elder recommend to buy here.

On the Internet, you can find many reviews about this product. Basically, Elder Cognac has a good reputation. Here is what they write about the drink:

I really liked this cognac. I think it's the best one on the market. It is easy to drink, softness and good taste are felt, pleasantly relaxing.

Both ordinary bottles and gift ones are sold in special packaging, so it’s never a shame to bring it to the holiday.

I always take this cognac without fear. The quality is super, without any chemicals. There are no negative effects the next day if drunk in moderation.

Buyers pay attention to the following:

  • Pleasant aroma and taste;
  • Soft and sweet aftertaste;
  • Natural composition;
  • Certification;
  • No hangover;
  • Beautiful design of bottles and boxes;
  • variety of species;
  • Opportunity to purchase stock.

Many note that the price of cognac is quite affordable. It is also convenient that the drink is produced in different proportions.

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That is why, "Elder" is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Russia. In a short period of time, cognac won the hearts of many gourmets and became a market leader. The main thing to remember is that you need to buy goods only in specialized stores where sellers can provide product certificates. Otherwise, you can buy a fake instead of a natural product.

Original Cognac Elder recommend to buy here.

What will be your feedback? Leave a comment if you have already tried Cognac Elder, or just going, we are waiting for your stories!

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  1. Lev Markovetsky

    Decent three-star cognac! I grabbed a small pocket bottle at the checkout, it was on sale. I liked the taste, it doesn’t smell like bedbugs and my throat doesn’t tear, although the fortress is felt. Later I took a bottle of 0.5. It is of a different shape, as if beveled, and decorated more solidly. It seemed to me that in a large bottle the cognac was softer, but this is of course subjective. For the price, the larger one is more profitable, I will take it in the future.

  2. Yaroslav

    The Elder loves it. Cognac in its price segment is the best. Fortress 40%, but very easy to drink. Soft and rich in flavor. I like to savor it in the evening, besides, it's very relaxing. I recommend

  3. Anton Suvorov

    Dear cognac in our circles. I don’t know about anyone, but I don’t like to overpay, so I calmly take the Elder of 3 years. Exposure is normal, the quality is super, the taste is excellent! Especially the complete absence of chemistry.

  4. Dmitry

    I took a three-year-old cognac in the “TRAFFIC LIGHT”, but the cork turned out to be screw aluminum, and there was no wooden cork under it, and the bottle does not match the above photo. Let's see how it goes in the morning..

  5. Valentine

    Damn, listen, I took this seven, generally AWESOME! Cleanly goes like clockwork, I'm personally satisfied. I give it a pure 9/10.

  6. Vlad

    In a small container, the quality is always worse, even among the French ... I don’t know why, but this, unfortunately, is already a proven fact (((

  7. Vadim Viktorovich

    I drank the seven-year-old Elder. I did not know all the distinctive features of a genuine bottle at that time, but I heard about the engraving on the bottle. This coat of arms was easy to find. But I didn’t particularly worry about the originality of the drink, I bought it in a large reputable store, where they work with reputable suppliers and don’t sell fawn. I really liked this cognac. Fragrant, great drinker. I didn’t drink a lot of it, I don’t have such a habit. Therefore, I can not say anything about a hangover. The price for it, I think, is quite adequate.

  8. Rail Aby

    I will say this about alcohol drinking and let it be a subjective opinion, but this is an opinion. At the present time, unfortunately, everything is fake, maybe somewhere someone will be lucky and he will buy a decent drink, but this is unfortunately a rarity. Better not to use at all.

  9. Sergei Petrovich

    I really like this cognac. I have been buying it for several years. From the last tastings, I remember cognac with the inclusion of Alpine honey in its composition. Very unusual taste, rarely seen. I ordered the mentioned bottle through an online store with a reputation, so I don’t worry about the authenticity of the drink.

  10. Ruslan Ekat.

    I buy the Elder in the company store. Accordingly, the purchase of a fake is excluded. I don’t use other cognacs, the question is fundamental. The quality of the drink is excellent, there is no hangover. By the way, “Elder” is a great gift. I often give the Elder to partners and work colleagues, friends, relatives. People are always happy to receive such a gift. After all, besides the quality, it also has a very decent packaging.

  11. Olga

    The color of cognac attracts particular attention. I usually buy it as a gift for my grandfather when I come to visit. He doesn't prefer anything else.

  12. Sergei Robertovich

    Sometimes I buy this cognac. Never came across a fake. Firstly, I always buy the Elder in reputable alcohol stores or supermarkets. Secondly, I always look at two things - the shape of the bottle and the engraving of the coat of arms on the bottle. These are the most reliable signs of authenticity.

  13. Ruslan

    What hangover is the article talking about? How can you get it from cognac? I drink “Elder” no more than 2 glasses per evening! Aromatic, tart. Great for relaxing and relieving stress. I drink two glasses for pleasure! By the way, I didn’t know that they bottled it in Stavropol, I was born there. It will be necessary to buy the entire line of “Elder” and put it in a bar. It will look beautiful.

  14. Nicholas

    Thanks for the information. It's a shame when you pay a lot of money, and there will be some kind of burd.

  15. Olga

    Excellent cognac)) Each bottle corresponds to the exposure. Very pleasant aftertaste. Intense color and interesting name. The main thing is not to run into a fake. By the way, the article explains everything in detail))

  16. Nicholas

    Yes, that’s for sure Staryshina is the best cognac and there are already so many fakes for it, but it’s difficult to distinguish it from a fake and your advice will be very useful for many people, thank you.

  17. Nicholas

    Yes, this cognac is very good and its quality is excellent, but many fake it, although it is not so difficult to distinguish real cognac from a fake, but many do not know how to distinguish it and your advice will be very useful for many.

  18. Alexander

    It's strange, but I took like a 7-year-old cognac Elder. And the aroma of chocolate and nutmeg was clearly traced. I didn't find anything about this in the article. I really liked the cognac.

  19. Svetlana

    This cognac is very good and made with high quality, and many unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to fake it. Your advice gives a lot of useful information and how to identify a fake I learned a lot of good advice, thank you for your advice.

  20. Basil

    The bottle is made in the form of a cloak (Caucasian sleeveless cloak, expanding downwards), which is directly associated with the brandy's name. I did not know this moment and thank you for clarifying. After reading here an article about Elder cognac, everyone painted it perfectly that I wanted to try it. I will definitely take 3-5 stars and after tasting I will additionally write about the taste. Thanks for the review.

  21. Dmitry

    I really like this cognac. I have been buying it for several years. From the last tastings, I remember cognac with the inclusion of Alpine honey in its composition. Very unusual taste, rarely seen. I ordered the mentioned bottle through an online store with a reputation, so I don’t worry about the authenticity of the drink.

  22. Олег Панкратов

    Вполне приличный коньяк за свою цену. Пробовал, плохого ничего не могу сказать. Из-за формы бутылки думаю подделать тяжеловато.

  23. Maksim

    Один из лучших российских коньяков. Коньяки пью не часто. Покупаю в супермаркетах, пока подделки не было.

  24. Nicholas

    Вот точно что он на винно-коньячном заводе города Ставрополь выпускается и он очень популярен и подделки идут постоянно и большое спасибо вам за ваши полезные советы.