Are the originals or fakes sold on Lamoda?

Does Lamoda sell fakes or original? Cloth

Lamoda is a well-known company with its points in Russia and an online store, which appeared on the market in 2011. Lamoda has a wide range of products. You can buy various clothes, shoes or accessories from well-known brands, as well as less popular ones. But, buyers are always worried about the question: “Does Lamoda sell fakes, can I order things there?”. Find the answer to this question below.

Came a replica of the hat from Lamoda

CP Company hat
CP Company hat

A man ordered a CP Company hat from Lamoda for 4,900 rubles. with discount. The original price is about the same. A hat without a discount may cost a little more.

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Packaging and stickers

The man received a parcel with the following equipment:

Completing a package with Lamoda
Package contents
Parcel Documentation
Product documentation

Product documentation - part 2

The documentation that came with the product did not arouse any suspicion. All information about the product was spelled out correctly, with the exception of one moment. The sticker and sales receipt indicated that the hat was made from 100% wool. Though it felt different to the touch.

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It immediately caught my eye - inaccurately glued stickers on the package:

Stickers on the parcel
The stickers on the package with the parcel are not neatly pasted

Although the packaging itself was very similar to the original, it still contained a fake hat!

There were no protective films on the lenses on the outer and inner sides of the product, although they are in the original CP Company hat:

No protective film on the outside of the lenses
There are no protective films on the outside of the lenses
No films on cap lenses
Exactly the same problem on the inside.


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On the fake there was only one such cardboard tag with a brand logo, very similar to the original one:

Tag with brand logo
Cardboard tag with CP Company logo

Tag on the hat

In general, the original CP Company hat has 2 tags:

  1. With logo, rhombus and brand name.
  2. With part number and code.

A cardboard tag was attached to a fake hat with a cheap plastic holder. In the original version, it is attached with a special thread.

Plastic tag holder
A cheap plastic holder is one of the signs of a non-original hat

The inner fabric tag of the replica looked like this:

Internal fabric tag
The combination of letters and numbers should not be on this tag in the original item

After the brand name was an incomprehensible inscription from a combination of letters and numbers. There is no such inscription on the original caps.

The original tag is sewn in a straight line to the inner seam of the cap, at the top there is the inscription "CP Company". Already a second part of the tag is sewn to this part, on which the composition, country of origin, and the name of the parent company are indicated.

Quality and composition

The quality of the replica leaves much to be desired. Machine knitting is not tight. With a slight stretch, the cap begins to "shine through". Therefore, in windy weather it will blow your head.

There was a sticker on the package, and it indicated the composition - 100% wool.

Sticker on the package, composition - 100% wool
Sticker on the package - 100% wool

On the tag that was sewn to the product, a completely different composition is indicated - 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.

Ingredients on the tag are different
The composition on the tag is completely different: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic

Video of this incident.

Mango pants replica with Lamoda

One customer decided to order Mango brand trousers from Lamoda. Before ordering, I checked the availability of this product at the office. Mango website to compare it with what was in the Lamoda catalog. But, such a product was not on the Mango website, so there was nothing to compare with. A Google search for the photo also turned up no results. At her own risk, the customer ordered these trousers from Lamoda:

Trousers Mango

Instead of 2700 rub. the buyer paid in total 570 rub., since the pants came at a big discount. The goods arrived on time - in 3 days.

Poor product quality

At the point of issue, the girl received trousers, which were packed in 2 packages - branded white and transparent. She also opened the package there to make sure it was the correct size. Even then, it seemed to her that something was wrong with the trousers:

Suspicion #1

But, the buyer did not make a return, but took the trousers and at home began to examine them more carefully:

Suspicion #2

What did the pants look like?

Product type

Labels and tags

The customer looked at the fabric tag. The country of origin China was indicated on it.

Pants were made in China
Made in China - on the tag (fake)

Although, this girl had repeatedly ordered other things from the office. site of the online store Mango and did not meet on the tags "Made in China".

Customer feedback

Made in Pakistan
Made in Pakistan - on the tag (original)

In addition to all the above disadvantages, the white cardboard tag had a non-marketable appearance. She painted with stripes from her pants.

The tag did not have a trade dress
Tag stained from pants

And the tag with information about the composition of the fabric and the care of the product on the wrong side of the trousers was completely absent.

No tag on inside of pantsno tag

Replica Timberland boots from Lamoda

The woman ordered Timberland boots from Lamoda. When the package arrived, she was disappointed.

Review of the Timberlands
The buyer was upset because of the burnt thing


For branded Timberland boots, the tag is made of nubuck. It has a company logo on it.

The counterfeit product had a paper tag.


Timberland insoles

The replica insoles were of poor quality. On the wrong side, there was no special texture in the form of bubbles, which the originals have.

But, the most important difference of this replica is that the insoles were glued on double-sided tape!

Double-sided tape on the insoles - a sign of a fall
The insoles were attached with 2-sided adhesive tape

The wrong side of the insoles was smeared with glue. Still glued incomprehensible pieces of rubber.

Timberlands rubber insoles
Incomprehensible pieces of rubber on the insoles. This is not the case with the original models.

Other cases of counterfeit deliveries from Lamoda

Customer Feedback:

Buyer's opinion about Lamoda

A well-deserved negative from buying at Lamoda

Advice! Not so long ago, there was a massive sale of fake New Balance 574 sneakers through many online stores. Therefore, be careful when ordering this model through Lamoda. It is no exception that a fake can be sold here.

Commentary on Lamoda


Поддельные товары с Lamoda приходят реже, например, чем с того же Wildberries. But meet!

The online store itself sells quality branded goods, has certificates for them. The fact of fakes arises through the fault of the fraudulent buyers themselves. Also due to inattentive couriers and packers who cannot distinguish a fake from an original returned as a return.

More about this in the video.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


Andrey Kozhevnikov

Blog author. 7 years of experience as a Merchandiser. Specialist in the definition of quality products. Distinguished more than 5,000 fake goods. My motto: there is no limit to perfection!

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  1. Luda

    I want to say that 70% of the indicated fake facts is bullshit. I even specially checked my things from the official mango store in the center of Moscow time, on 2 things there is an inscription that it was made in China. So this is a big misconception, but the thing is more likely just a defective ilr made for discounts - yes, this exists.
    At the expense of conversions, foreign conversions are different from ours, even if you buy in official stores, this coating is extremely rare.
    The rest, most likely, it was someone who replaced such a popular thing.

    1. Andrey Kozhevnikov author

      Hello Lyudmila! Thank you for your opinion. We analyzed only those goods purchased by customers that caused a wide negative resonance on the Internet. We are by no means saying that the Lamoda store sells only low-quality items, quite the contrary. This article is written for the reason that many do not double-check their goods on the spot. Although it is highly recommended to do this, since marriage can be affected even when buying from official stores.

    2. Jan

      There, all 100 percent of the market does not need to carry nonsense no Nike 47.5 48 sizes from official licensed manufacturers

      1. Arthur

        There are such sizes :) surprisingly, but there are, especially among African Americans, I saw them with my own eyes in US outlets ... this is certainly not an indicator of a fake

      2. Alexander

        Есть найк 47 и49 размера

  2. Eugene

    Haha, it's all nonsense, although sometimes people order for delivery and then change it to the courier, yes. Mango is generally funny, Lamoda delivers in PM for the Mango website. Mango uses their warehouses. And this is not the only such brand. About the cap, it is clear that this is a sample that was most likely on the set, and then packed with lamoda. (Although it’s funny to read “experts” who talk about “crookedly pasted stickers”, without even understanding what barcode is used for what.” In general, lamoda goes to the huge GFG concern, which includes a lot of brands that are almost 70% that are well known. fakes ? funny ?

    1. Пантера

      Там только можно покупать домашнюю одежду, какие то неизвестные марки, columbia кроссовки были оригинал, demix, три пары обуви были брак, а четвёртые непромокаемые, промокли сразу насквозь аля luhta, человек должен знать, часто и видно, что оригинал просто давно валялась, лонгслив или леггинсы расходились не по шву. Больше трепать себе нервы не хочу.

      По поводу купила Манго за 500 р и расстроилась, ну пусть дальше расстраиваться я купила недавно у официалов дорогой плеер, что то с ним не то тоже расстроилась…

  3. Alexander

    I will only say one thing that it is better not to buy anything in Lamoda. A fake on a fake that you don’t buy and even the quality doesn’t match at all.

    1. Anonymous

      That's right, I noticed it too! About palr any desire to buy anything there! Very unpleasant!

  4. Evgeny Dobry

    I want to say that branded stores will not sell fakes from China! These words include the Lamoda store, my family and I constantly order things there and are very satisfied with the quality. Of course, it’s hard to distinguish between a fake and an original, but in lamod everything is made of logs and made to last.
    I recommend this store to you

  5. Tatyana

    I ordered a jacket for lamoba, all the tags are there. After washing, it does not line, does not sit down. She closed herself and her daughter. The purchase was satisfied. I recommend, and where to buy is better for you to decide. I have bought many times from Lamoba. Good quality.

  6. Yana

    My opinion is that a fake can be found anywhere, there are good ones, there are bad ones, but sometimes the quality is good for fakes, so sometimes the brand is not very important. Lamoda has a lot of good stuff.

  7. Sandra

    I have been using the services of the Lamoda online store for a long time. At the beginning, delivery was by mail, and for the last three years I have been using only courier delivery. Very convenient, you can see everything, try on both clothes and shoes. Never had any complaints.

  8. Marina

    Thanks for your informative and interesting article. A fake can even be in a branded and expensive boutique, so even if you order a fake for cheap on this site, it’s not so insulting. Yes, and this site is convenient in that when delivering an order, you can try on and decide whether you need a product or not, by the way, it’s very cool and convenient for the client (thus you don’t buy a pig in a poke, but take the product, even if it accidentally turns out to be a fake ). Therefore, I recommend and advise this site for shopping things.

  9. Anatoly

    After two purchases in lamod, the girl decided that she would not order anything else in this online store. Because things were of terrible quality.

  10. Igor

    What can we say about an online store, if fakes are passed off as a company in ordinary stores, it is better to go to a second hand, buy an unworn toilet item, it will be more likely that this is a branded item (purely personal opinion).

  11. Andrey

    Yes, fakes are common in our time ... It's good that so far everything I order on the Internet comes original.

    1. Marina

      People will still order
      things over the Internet, buying a beautiful picture, you need to read the reviews carefully and the description of the product.

    2. Julia

      Good afternoon! I was puzzled by the purchase of Timberland. I looked at everything that is at home. Some were bought abroad, some on Lamoda, and also in a company store in Moscow. I want to say that the supplier of Lamoda and the company store is the same - this is Jamil Ko. So I don't even know how they can be fake

  12. Olga

    It’s better to go to the store yourself to buy a thing that you looked at, tried on, felt, ordering via the Internet is a risky business.

  13. Aida

    I couldn’t even think that there could be fakes on lamod, you need to take it into service and be. Be more attentive to the product, very often I order things from the site

  14. Lydia

    Several times I bought expensive branded items, and then there was disappointment - not in all, but in many. And now I don’t look at the brand. inflated prices!

  15. Sasha

    Sooner or later, the sale of fakes will negatively affect the number of purchases made. I don't understand why owners don't understand such obvious things.

  16. Muslim

    Good day. Thank you for such useful information, from this day I will not order this or that brand, it is better to go personally to the store and buy.

  17. Alexander

    The store sells one thing, and as a result, they send any consumer goods, which are several times cheaper. It is more profitable to buy things in the market, where you can immediately see what you are buying.

  18. Vadim Romanovich

    If the situation in distance selling continues in the same way, then the main clientele will go to other sellers. To those who, after issuing an order, are able to organize an inspection and fitting of purchased clothes (shoes). And only after the consumer is convinced of the authenticity of the branded item - to receive money for the item. And counterfeit trade is a road to nowhere, a road to being squeezed out of the market and bankruptcy.

  19. Sergei

    Tags can be faked so that you can't tell which one is which.

  20. Lika

    How many fakes are just awful! And it is worth considering the fact that things there are very expensive. In general, one must be very careful when buying, although then the drive of charm disappears. After all, we choose what we like. Therefore, advice - go to shops, markets ... so that there is no disappointment)

  21. Vlad

    I didn’t see them on lamod, but on wildberry the prices for the original are ridiculous and even in the pictures it’s a frank finger, they don’t even hide it.

  22. Alexander

    Yes, from the online store they can send not what you expect. They can also put a marriage under the guise of a brand, not report the goods, send the wrong sizes, or even a product of a different brand at the price of a top brand. But to return or exchange for the desired product, this is a whole problem.

  23. Ekaterina

    I try not to buy clothes online. It is important for me to try on a thing, touch it, independently evaluate it, exchange it (if necessary). Now, unfortunately, the reputation of the distance trade in clothing is so low that you do not want to take risks. When consumer rights are properly guaranteed in this area, then I will gladly become her client.

  24. Anna Krupskaya

    Always bought and never thought about it

  25. Anastasia

    thanks for such a useful article, now after reading this article, if I order in an online store, then with great care, but I think it’s better not to be lazy and buy in a store)

  26. Alexey

    sometimes fake things are better than branded ones

  27. Dmitry

    Somehow I started to order very often, but there were problems with the shoes, everything seemed to fit, but an internal marriage was found, either in the sole or in something else, which was not immediately noticeable. in the end I decided to give up the risks because it takes a long time to change

  28. Sveta Kr.

    In Lamoda, fakes are rare, in my opinion. I didn't meet them. Among my friends, I don't remember such cases either. In this case, any purchase may be a fake. The most important thing is to clearly understand the order of your actions if you come across a fake when buying in an online store. I don't see this in the article. I would like to read about it.

  29. Vitaly

    It was very informative to read

  30. Dmitry

    The higher the fame of the store and its popularity, the more fakes for it are found, nothing can be done

  31. Nikolai Anatolievich

    Competently on the shelves, everything here is laid out about singed things. Useful information. I think that things should be bought remotely, if only there is an opportunity to try on and return. That is, I received the parcel, opened it. measured everything, looked, checked for authenticity using a site like this, and only then made a decision - to buy or not. And if it’s different, then this is some kind of roulette game turns out, you’re lucky, you’re not lucky, the original or a fake. Good luck to all.

  32. Katerina

    first time I hear about this company

  33. Yuri

    For such a price, bullshit to sell, in general they have lost fear, they are soaped !!!!

  34. margarita

    Yes, they are trying to deceive everywhere, I prefer to take it in the store in order to touch, see and try on the thing, although you can also make a return from the online store, there are just a lot of troubles, thanks for the article, I will take a closer look at things!

  35. Valery

    I bought it twice from Lamoda, for the first time they sent a different color and size, for the second time I received a fake, the cost of which is 400 rubles at most, on the market these are 1300+ rubles. At the time of purchase, the price was 9000 rubles for Lamoda.
    The goods were returned by mail immediately, they returned the money for 2 weeks, literally knocked them out.
    Disgusting experience about this store, no service. I do not advise anyone to order there, my friends should swear about Lamoda, I forbid them to make purchases there. God forbid anyone else to experience such an attitude.

  36. Nicholas

    Yes, fakes do not bypass any store, and in such inexpensive stores you can buy a fake. I don’t understand where to look for the relevant authorities that are responsible for the quality, it is necessary to drive such people.

  37. Alexey

    Pi%#*sh, they sell fakes

  38. Victor

    Yes, it’s clear that all these online stores sell fakes like in a regular clothing market, designed for morons who are chasing a brand, it’s better to buy clothes from time-tested companies in local stores in the city that after a few years of wearing socks will look almost like new

  39. Basil

    They don’t even hesitate, I bought Nike sneakers there for 6000 a year ago, they fell apart after 3 months, I had a lot of Nike sneakers and they all wore one and a half to two years. Today I decided to check for the last time, I ordered a Jordan down jacket, which I measured in a normal offline store, they brought such a bag with protruding threads that I immediately refused. The scheme is working to trade pale only 1000 rubles cheaper than the original, in a normal store. So it was with sneakers, which cost 7000 in Nike, and the same thing with a down jacket, everyone sells it for 17,000, Lamoda has a pal for 16,000.

  40. Alexander

    Martens on resin are clumsy, poorly sewn handicrafts from a gardener, the threads stick out, the line is crooked, on Chelsea 2976, there is no sole from the industrial series, and the industrial series does not happen without glasses. 😂😂😂

  41. Lily

    There is one finger. Ray-Bans, came in 12 pieces, Chinese crap for 10 yuan. They piss off, we sell brands, well, one piece of crap for the price of the original.

  42. Nicholas

    Да в своё время заказывал там для себя кое что Мое мнение, что подделку можно встретить где угодно, есть делают хорошо, есть плохо, но бывает качество хорошее и у подделок так что не особо важен иной раз бренд а зваши советы большое спасибо.

  43. Валентина

    Никогда не покупала здесь. Но название слышала, думала, что уж тут вряд ли подделки будут, только настоящие вещи.
    Не знаю как закупаются товары, но думаю магазин должен заботиться о своей репутации.

  44. Fedor

    Давно пора ввести систему отзывов на товары с подтверждением личности через паспорт. Где ни начни читать отзыв на товар пишут какой он хороший, но если присмотреться то есть 10-15 процентов негативных отзывов, которые пишут правду о товаре.

  45. Лана

    Часто заказывала на ламоде обычные бренды, даже не задумывалась что могут быть подделки пока не заказала из premium брендов кошелёк Hugo 🙄 На бирки/коробку внимания не обратила, сразу достала товар. С обратной стороны на половину кошелька – глубокие трещины. Усомнилась в подлинности и вообще в том что он из натур кожи, отдала обратно курьеру. Заказывать там буду, но точно не премиумы😳