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In the countries of the post-Soviet space, barcoding has appeared relatively recently. This is the application of a graphic image of stripes and numbers, in which the color of the strokes is black and white.

Initially, many thought that this made it easier to recognize goods at the border. To some extent it is, but the main goal is to check the originality of the product. More common are ean numbers, consisting of thirteen characters and unique lines.

Let's consider in the article how to reliably determine the manufacturer and the authenticity of the goods by a linear barcode.

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Previously, ordinary consumers did not have access to the international database of organizations, so verification was not easily accessible.

With the advent of gadgets and the spread of information on the Internet, portals containing information about some products have become available. This allows you to quickly and reliably find the necessary data. - On the platform, you can read information about products by their barcodes. The project has more than 500 thousand entries.

Barcode database

The portal is also convenient for sellers who can enter the names and codes of their goods into the database.

The data is constantly updated, the search works very quickly, and decoding is carried out without difficulty. - the database provides information about the product. We decrypt them using the entered barcode. The interface here is more complex. In addition to how to find the product of interest by a well-known barcode, other services are also presented on the site.

Online verification can be done using numerous mobile applications. This is a free method open to any mobile phone user.

Purpose of a barcode

A barcode is a set of dark and light stripes of the same length but different widths. There are spaces between them. Below the parallel lines is a series of numbers. It is worth noting that each number takes 2 strokes and 2 spaces.

Initially (1974), the barcode performed the function of marking consumer goods to simplify the process of selling goods. Nowadays, the barcode performs the following functions:

  • the possibility of identifying products through the use of a special scanner;
  • simplification of the procedure for accounting for goods in warehouses;
  • ease of transportation, unloading and loading of goods;
  • optimization of service processes;
  • implementation of marketing.

The barcode is applied to the packaging of the product by gluing labels.

Who Invented the Barcode

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In 1948, Bernard Silver, while a student at an institute in Philadelphia, learned of a request from the president of a local food chain to develop a system to control a product with certain data about it. Silver pitched the idea to his friends Norman Joseph Woodland and Jordin Johanson. They started working on the project. The first operating system was based on the use of expensive UV inks. Later it became clear that they quickly fade. Woodland was confident that the system could be implemented and continued to work on it.

Bernard Silver

The following solution was based on Morse code. Dots and dashes stretched into strokes and merged into code.

In order to recognize strokes, he used optical sound recording technology for the film industry. The request for funding for the development of the system was refused by IBM. About a year later, on October 7, 1952, Silver and Woodland received a patent for the invention. The patent was later sold to Philco, who resold it to RCA. The first item the store sold by number was chewing gum from Wrigley.

Types of barcodes

A bar code is classified according to the method of drawing lines and numbers on the label. For example:

  • linear (can be deciphered horizontally. The EAN code belongs to this type. It can consist of 8 or 13 numbers. It is worth noting that the thirty-digit barcade gives much more information about the product);
  • two-dimensional (gives more information. Can be decoded vertically or horizontally. When generating them, from 7 to 1900 bytes of information volume can be used).

Online Barcode Check Online Barcode Check

Despite the complex process of creating a two-dimensional type of barcode, manufacturers give preference to it.

Transcription and structure

Barcodes are considered to be one of the most common methods of automatic identification. A special barcode scanner is used to decipher the barcode.

To find out what information a barcode contains, you need to decrypt it. To do this, you can use the following principle: the first 2-3 digits indicate the country of manufacture of the product. Country code England - 50, Spain - 84, Germany - 400, Russia - 460-469, China - 690, Belarus - 481.

The numbers after them (these are the next 5) carry information about the manufacturer of the product. This digital information is assigned by the national authority of each country.

Barcode structure

The next 5 numbers are assigned by the seller or manufacturer independently. Thanks to them, you can get information about the name of the company, variety, article, color, weight and size of the goods.

The last number is known as the control. It is read using a scanner. The number is assigned as a result of using a special algorithm and certain arithmetic operations.

Information about the product and its manufacturer is also carried by the width of the lines and spaces. The nominal size of an EAN 13 symbol is 31.35 mm. At the beginning and at the end, the product code contains an image of frame strokes indicating the beginning and end of the scanning process.

What information does a barcode carry?

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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The following data is encrypted into digital values (read from left to right):

  • Producer country codes. At the same time, some of the codes are not found in trade, but are used only within the organization, and are also used for printed publications. All other values are those by which you can recognize the country.
  • Manufacturer's registration number.
  • Product code.
  • The check mark for scanner verification and online verification is also used to decipher the code manually.
  • Optional free field.

What information does a barcode carry?

Data is not visible on the barcode: price, composition, name.

It is important to understand that the verification is relevant for the barcode applied by the manufacturer. The packaging may contain information specified by the store itself. It helps keep track of prices.

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Application of barcodes

To find out the information, the method of scanning in the transverse direction is used. The bar code after decoding makes it possible to transfer information to the microprocessor of a personal computer.

The first numbers are intended primarily for buyers. From them you can find out the country of the manufacturer of the goods. The full product code is used by purchasing trade organizations. The presence of these data carries information and details about the origin of the product. Having the data, you can file a complaint about the low quality or safety of the goods, which does not correspond to the drawn up contract.

In the US and Canada, the IRS code is used. For example, the BAM code is used in all countries of the world.

Calculation of the check digit in a barcode

You can check the barcode yourself by calculating the check number. Several methods have been developed for this. For example:

  • starting from the left side, sum up all even numbers, including the last one;
  • multiply the resulting number by 3;
  • after that, sum up all the odd numbers, starting with the third, located on the left;
  • add up both results;
  • round the number
  • subtract from the result data on the sum of the point;

The result is the last number (check digit of the EAN number).

You can also use another method to determine the check number. For example:

  • the sum obtained as a result of adding even numbers is multiplied by 1;
  • multiply the sum of odd numbers by 3;
  • add both numbers
  • the result obtained is subtracted from the number, a multiple of 10, located closest to the left side.

Using one of the methods makes it possible during scanning to check how correctly the EAN code being checked is created. If a discrepancy is found, you can file a claim with the manufacturer.

Self decryption by numbers

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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There are cases when a country code is indicated that does not correspond to the manufacturer:

  • the goods are manufactured at a subsidiary located in another country;
  • the manufacturer is registered in one country, and the release of goods is organized outside it;
  • the goods are manufactured unofficially.

In order to check the originality of the product, you can use a certain calculation.

ATTENTION! A valid barcode does not yet give 100% a guarantee of product originality. However, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of a fake.

Consider the barcode 4814723005800. You can check the code for authenticity using simple arithmetic operations:

  1. Plus the numbers in even positions: 8+4+2+0+5+0=19
  2. The result is multiplied by three: 19 × 3 = 57
  3. We determine the sum of all the numbers indicated in odd places. The control sign (last) does not need to be counted: 4+1+7+3+0+8=23
  4. Adding 2 sums: 57+23=80
  5. From the last number (80) we select the last digit, that is, 0.
  6. Subtract the found figure from 10: 10-0=10. Authentication is based on this last digit 0.
  7. The resulting total digit must be equal to the last check digit in the barcode: 0=0.

If subtracting from 10 results in a single number, then it is the final number, by which you can check whether the barcode is legal.

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Barcodes of countries of origin

Each country is assigned a range of product codes. They may consist of two or three numbers.

Barcodes of countries of origin

Barcodes of countries of origin

Manufacturer country Barcode range
France 30-37
Canada 00-09
The Russian Federation 460-469
Belarus 481
Ukraine 482
Kazakhstan 487
Hong Kong 489

You can check the EAN yourself. To do this, go to the website of the International Association Russia. If the check gave a negative result and the barcode does not match the information available on the site, this may indicate that the product is fake.

You will need a mobile phone to check. It is free to download the barcode scanning program. After launching the program, point the phone's camera at the line image on the product label. Immediately after that, the detailed information entered in the barcode will appear on the smartphone display.

How to check the manufacturer

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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Let's figure out how to determine the country of the manufacturer. This requires three initial digits. The table contains a list of codes corresponding to the country where the production is registered.

Barcode (1) Country (2) 1 2 1 2 1 2
000-139 USA and Canada 500-509 England 627 Kuwait 789-790 Brazil
200-299 Internal numbering 520 Greece 628 Saudi Arabia 800-839 Italy
300-379 France 528 Lebanon 629 UAE 840-849 Spain
380 Bulgaria 529 Cyprus 640-649 Finland 850 Cuba
383 Slovenia 531 Macedonia 690-695 China 858 Slovakia
385 Croatia 535 Malta 700-709 Norway 859 Czech
387 Bosnia-Herzegovina 539 Ireland 729 Israel 860 Yugoslavia
400-440 Germany 540-549 Belgium, Luxembourg 730-739 Sweden 867 North Korea
450-459 Japan 560 Portugal 740 Guatemala 869 Turkey
490-499 460-469 Russia 569 Iceland 741 Salvador 870-879 Netherlands
470 Kyrgyzstan 570-579 Denmark 742 Honduras 880 South Korea
471 Taiwan 590 Poland 743 Nicaragua 885 Thailand
474 Estonia 594 Romania 744 Costa Rica 888 Singapore
475 Latvia 599 Hungary 745 Panama 890 India
476 Azerbaijan 600-601 South Africa 746 Dominican Republic 893 Vietnam
477 Lithuania 608 Bahrain 750 Mexico 899 Indonesia
478 Uzbekistan 609 Mauritius 759 Venezuela 900-919 Austria
479 Sri Lanka 611 Morocco 760-769 Switzerland 930-939 Australia
480 Philippines 613 Algeria 770 Colombia 940-949 New Zealand
481 Belarus 616 Kenya 773 Uruguay 955 Malaysia
482 Ukraine 619 Tunisia 775 Peru 958 Macau
484 Moldova 621 Syria 777 Bolivia 977 Periodicals, press
485 Armenia 622 Egypt 779 Argentina 978 Books
486 Georgia 624 Libya 780 Chile 979 Books and notes
487 Kazakhstan 625 Jordan 784 Paraguay 980 Return receipts
489 Hong Kong 626 Iran 786 Ecuador 981-982, 990-999 Coupons

Top 5 Barcode Generators

Top 5 Barcode Generators

Below are the services with which you can generate a barcode:


How does a barcode generator work?

By using a barcode generator, you can create a new barcode and its graphic image. It can be EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF-14, ISBN, QR Code, Code 128.

The barcode generator is a program that you can download yourself and use it online. The barcode generator can have different formats in different programs (Word, Excel and others).

Depending on the program, the generated barcode is created in a certain sequence. Each version of the online barcode generator is supplemented with detailed instructions, according to which you can easily and quickly generate and print new labels.

How can I generate a barcode

It is possible that the product arrives to the manufacturer without a label or it has significant damage, which makes it difficult to read the label. In this case, you can create a barcode yourself. For this, a barcode generator is used. Thanks to this product, you can assign a short-digit barcode.

For each product name, code generation is carried out only once. The presence of a short code or the creation of a barcode makes it possible to scan the product during its sale or storage.

How can I generate a barcode

Barcoding can be done in several ways. For example:

  • open the position "product code", and then select "change";
  • press the "+code" button;
  • then enter the characteristics of the product (weight, size or color);
  • select the position "EAN13", which will make it possible to create a short product code;
  • by clicking the create barcode button, the operation of barcoding the product will be completed.

Barcode generator also allows you to enter barcode manually.

A barcode generator downloaded online in another program requires the input of parameters such as the type of barcode, for example, Code 128, the image scale, its location.

After entering these data, just click the "create barcode" button and print the label.

Before making a barcode using an online barcode generator, please note that the EAN 8 code is used for light weight goods that are supposed to be scanned at the POS. Often this barcode is also used to keep inventory of products.


A barcode scanner, decryption and their free generator often raises a lot of questions. Here are some of them.

Is the exact size of the barcode symbols important?

This question arises when using an online barcode generator. There are several varieties of barcodes, the creation of which must comply with certain dimensions. For example, when generating an ITF-14 barcode, its height should be 142.75 mm and its width 32.00 mm. The width of the EAN 13 code is 37.29 mm and the height is 27.85 mm.

You can get acquainted with the nominal allowable sizes of barcodes on the Internet.

How small can a barcode be?

The barcode generator implies the introduction of their sizes. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the smaller the image scale, the less information can be obtained when scanning it.

Printing small barcodes requires an accurate and expensive printer with a high resolution. When creating a two-dimensional type barcode, its allowable size can reach 1/1 cm.

How much data can a barcode contain?

The amount of information encoded in the barcode directly depends on the size of the image and the number of characters used in the generation.

The type of barcode is also important. For example, a 1D type barcode can contain no more than 25 characters. As for 2D barcodes, up to 2 thousand characters can be included in them.

If, when forming a 1D barcode, you include more than 25 characters in it, it will turn out to be very wide as a result. This is impractical and will give the product an unaesthetic appearance.

What is a one-dimensional or linear barcode?

One-dimensional barcodes look like stripes and spaces arranged vertically. They are the same length, but can be of different widths. Scanning barcodes of this type is carried out only in the horizontal direction, starting from the left side.

Linear barcodes can contain from 20 to 30 values. For example, this can be information about the article or serial number of the product. One of the most common types of one-dimensional barcodes is the EAN. It can contain up to thirteen characters.

Linear also includes the ISBN barcode, which is used when marking book products. It should be noted that this type of encoding always starts with the number 978. The barcode of periodicals always starts with the number 977. Among others, other varieties of 1D barcodes can be distinguished: Codabar, Code-39, Code-128, Code-93.

What is a 2D barcode?

A significant difference from linear is the possibility of scanning. You can decrypt them both vertically and horizontally.

They look like a structure that can consist of multidirectional stripes and gaps, cells or other shapes of different sizes, located at various angles. They can contain up to 4 thousand characters.

2D barcodes come in several varieties. For example:

  • multi-level - consist of several linear codes interconnected into an integral structure;
  • matrix - presented in the form of figures (squares or rectangles) in black and white.

Of no small importance is the fact that two-dimensional barcodes carry a significantly larger amount of information than linear ones.

Among the most common two-dimensional barcodes are the following:

  • DataMatrix (it looks like a matrix. When creating it, points of different sizes are used);
  • QR code (it is easy to recognize by three squares located in the corners. It is used for quick transfer of product data);
  • Aztec (represented in the form of a target, in the central part of which a square of several layers of information is depicted. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to quickly and most accurately restore in case of damage).

2D barcodes such as MaxiCode, PDF417, and Microsoft Tag are also commonly seen on products.

What is the best barcode to use?

The use of barcodes is directly dependent on the industrial area. For example, when labeling retail products, EAN or UPC barcodes are used. Books and periodicals are marked with barcodes such as ISBN, ISSN and Bookland.

I would like to note that ISBN, ISSN barcodes are considered industry standards based on Code 128. If goods are to be sold at retail, it is recommended to use the UPC barcode or EAN for their marking.

The amount of information that is supposed to be encoded during marking is also of no small importance. Although 2D barcodes carry more information, they may not be supported by business partner systems.

How to scan a barcode?

Let's try to figure out how to quickly and easily scan the barkader. To do this, it is enough to have a smartphone with a good camera that has access to the Internet.

Install the Barcode Generator program on your phone, which you can use online at any time.

After opening the program, you need to point the phone's camera at the barcode that needs to be decrypted. Scanning a barcode will be quite fast.

After a while, a notification will appear on the smartphone display, which will contain detailed information about the product and its manufacturer. It is also possible that a link will be displayed on the phone, after searching for which you can get the desired data.

If we are talking about scanning the code in the process of its implementation, a special device is used for this - a scanner. The decoding of the barkader is carried out by pointing the scanner at the image of the code on the product label. In a few seconds, on the monitor of the cash register, the cashier will receive information about the name of the product, its manufacturer, weight and cost.

Scanning a barcode - makes it possible to find out about the authenticity of the product, the reliability of the manufacturer's company, as well as the safety of the product.

Popular barcode types

Manufacturing companies use several types of barcodes. Among the most popular are Aztec, Data Matrix, QR Code and MaxiCode. Scanning barcodes, on your part, makes it possible to verify the authenticity of the product and the reliability of the manufacturer.

The above barcodes have a fairly wide scope: logistics, warehouse management, retail, healthcare, banking and utilities, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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Today, barcoding has become widespread. It is used for fast payment, for which the smartphone camera is aimed at the code and the payment is made instantly.

Any information can be easily punched through the proposed code. It is often used at exhibitions, accompanied by many products, book editions. Pop-up notifications usually contain detailed information.

Having a postal parcel code, you can not wait until the notice is brought to the mailbox, and by tracking the track online, the recipient tracks the entire route.

The barcode can be read online without special devices at hand. To do this, you need a phone with the installed program and access to the Internet.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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