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We recommend buying original sneakers here

The rhythm of life forces us to wear comfortable and high-quality shoes. That is why contemporaries prefer branded sneakers. Sometimes such models are well copied. Nike has conducted research and found that 98% copies of their products are sold on the Internet. Distinguishing fake sneakers from the original is not immediately easy. Yet differences can always be found. It is worth studying in more detail how to quickly distinguish original sneakers from fakes. Some tips will help you save your money, make sure the product is authentic and get a real branded product!

Have you come across fake sneakers?

Types of fakes

A fake is produced by real masters of the shadow business, because this is a very profitable business. They use several types of fakes. There are some differences between non-original products.

Fake sneakers

replica sneakers

Replicas are very high quality fakes that are difficult to distinguish from the original. Some models can be completely mistaken for the original. A replica of sneakers suits those who do not see the point in overpaying for the original, because it is made quite realistically. But this cannot be said about the quality of the material and manufacturing technology, comfort.

Only official manufacturers have high-tech equipment, so that their shoes are very durable and meet safety standards.

Artisanal forgery

Such a copy can be recognized by its appearance. Burnt handicraft goods are made from cheap materials. The sewing method is much different from the original. Poor quality seams and other details are immediately evident.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Manufacturers have recently released a high-quality replica, which does not have certain differences from the original. Systems of reliable protection against fraudsters have not yet been invented. However, there are many ways to distinguish a brand's sneakers from a fake, and determine the authenticity of a product when buying.


Differences of a box of fake sneakers

The store must offer packaging. Without it, you should not buy a product. It is on it that you can check the authenticity, see all the characteristics of the shoes. They must match the information on the products themselves. First, the box is worth inspecting. What is the difference with fake? The original packaging is made of thick cardboard. There are no spelling errors in the inscriptions, there are no printing defects. The brand is always accurate. A branded label with reliable information is always attached to the packaging of the original.

If a large number of hieroglyphs are applied to the label, then we are talking about a fake origin of the product.


Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

A barcode allows you to distinguish a fake. Checking for originality is carried out using a smartphone. The barcode for luxury pairs is inside the shoe. Check the fake from the original by downloading a special application or service to your phone. All you need to do is scan the code. It must match what is printed on the box. An exception may be a limited collection of the brand, which is very rare.


What is the difference between a fake and a brand in terms of color scheme? You can understand by unusual shades, combinations, prints. It is worth opening the official website and see if the model you like exists in this range. It is necessary to distinguish even shades of minor details: if the stripes in the picture from the official website are white, then they will not become blue in the original store. The Chinese have some replicas of good, very good quality, with the most similar colors. Second-rate copies come across with the addition of prints in the style of various brands.

Most of all they experiment with faking the color of the New Balance brand.


The smell of fake shoes

It is easy to install a finger on it. The Chinese have not yet invented high-quality glue. They sew products in small factories following the example of the customer. Even on small details they try to save money. Their material smells like chemicals because they use a puff-and-glue mixture rather than real leather.


tag on sneakers

Another distinguishing feature is the presence and location of the tag. The label from trusted manufacturers is usually located on the tongue, while for artisanal models it can be located inside the sneaker. Fake tags have very little or no information on the tag. The original has a unique number on the label.

Size chart

If the store has a full size range for original models, this is suspicious. It is important to remember that for well-known brands, shoe sizes are not only whole, but also half. Fake manufacturers don't bother with this.

shoe size chart

Another life hack is to install a fake: if two pairs of identical products of the same size, but in a different color, sit on their feet in completely different ways. It can't be like this in the original. The size must always match. 


The replica differs from the original by a patch on the inside of the tongue. It is also called a real product passport. It contains the article, serial number and QR code. It is enough to open Google and compare everything with the original site.



How to distinguish Adidas sneakers from a replica? The very first action is to check the unique code of the left and right products. They do not have to match on 100%. They are sewn at different factories, so the coincidence speaks of a fake. The following tips will help:

Adidas Logo The company logo is squeezed out on the tongue, a fake one is glued, painted.
Seam quality Original sneakers are distinguished by even seams. Adidas counterfeit may be with low quality stitches, unfinished seams.
Color solution Suspicious colors should be checked on the Internet.
Laces and eyelets An extra pair of laces is added to the original sneakers. New models have non-metallic holes.   
Barcode The first 3 digits of the barcode must refer to Germany (400 - 440).
Price It is impossible to buy a quality pair of Adidas on the cheap. Worth checking with the official website.



Nike counterfeit is the most common. First you need to pay attention to the logo. It is spelled out on the label in capital letters, and a tick at the bottom goes under the entire name. How to check Nike sneakers in other ways:

Seam condition The original is straight and clean. They do not go to the inscription, do not intersect.
The presence of gaps Nike sneakers do not have gaps and glue stains.
eyelets The eyelets for the laces are neatly finished.
brand name Written in caps.
Insoles condition There are ventilation holes on the side and under the heel. On the face and from the inside - the inscription NIKE. The edges are trimmed with zigzag cuts to prevent slipping.  
Sole Made by Nike from matte textured composite material. On fakes, it shines.

new balance

new balance

Steve Jobs advertised this brand the most. The original New Balance are characterized by the following features:

  1. The brand name is not glued, not printed, but embroidered. Each letter is shown separately.
  2. On the front side of the tongue, the model number is necessarily put, and on the inside, with ultraviolet translucence, the inscription NB appears.
  3. A pair of this color is necessarily presented on the official website of the brand.
  4. The stripe on the sole is even and symmetrical. The ENCAP inscription is clearly visible.
  5. New Balance is clearly embroidered on the heel.

Branches of New Balance are open in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, the United States, Great Britain.



For those who decide to purchase shoes at a third-party outlet, it does not hurt to know how to check Reebok sneakers for originality. It is worth paying attention to such features:

Material and colors The outsole of Reebok shoes is springy and flexes easily when flexed. The color of the laces always matches the tone of the shoes. Holes for laces are non-metallic.
Tailoring Features Straight lines, no protruding threads, glue stains. The logo is embossed.
Box Original Reebok sneakers are sold only in tight packaging.
inscriptions There should be no mistakes in the word - strictly Reebok.
Identification number and tag The tag is placed on the inside of the tongue. Below the size range is the number. It is different on the left and right product.

Eyelets and laces

Eyelets, laces are not easy to distinguish a genuine pair from a fake. However, they may differ. You need to know how they look directly from branded models. For example, some branded pairs have eyelets made of metal, while others are embroidered with thread. Laces can be round or flat. Manufacturers often change the shape in the process of releasing models.


counterfeit insoles on New Balance sneakers

If the insole can be removed, then you need to consider what is under it. The sole should be neatly stitched. On the insole itself, the company logo is necessarily depicted symmetrically. Branded shoes do not have swelling or lumps inside.

The replica is distinguished by thinner insoles, which do not always correspond to the size.



It is difficult to identify a fake by the sole. You need to know exactly the tread pattern and its shade. It is worth paying attention to the imprint of the brand name.

Inspection of sneakers inside

A purchase does not need to be made without inspecting the shoes inside. The original often has stitching that securely attaches the sole. Replicas are simply glued.

Inspection of sneakers from the outside

On top of the copy there will always be various flaws, defects. Threads may stick out. The quality of the seams and the uniformity of the stitches of the original is at a high level.

Heel inspection

Fake sneakers

A fake is sometimes noticeable precisely on the back of the shoe. The heel of branded products holds its shape well even when worn.

Things that should not confuse you when buying branded sneakers

Made in China

Made in China

Most sports shoes are made by the Chinese. This is where most of the branches are located. Models are sewn there under the strict control of brands. These are high quality products. The same model can be created by Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese factories. So Chinese goods are not always fake.

The old sneakers of this brand looked different

The technologies of the models of one brand are constantly changing, so they are different in the new version. If three years ago they used a thin, dense sole made of one type of foam, after a while a combination of several types of foams was used. The sole has become more elastic, depreciation has increased. They also change the texture of the upper, the thickness of the sole, the type of image on the insole. Brands are constantly improving their products so that buyers acquire the latest technological advances in the industry.

Smell of plastic and rubber

Smell of plastic or rubber

A strong chemical smell indicates poor quality and toxic materials. The pungent odor is unacceptable. But a light chemical aroma is acceptable.

More often, original models emit a subtle smell of leather.

Fakes smell like rubber.

Not sewn, but glued label

To speed up production, brands began to stick, rather than sew on, a label. It holds securely, as hot glue is used. Consumers like this trick because they don’t rub their heels with unnecessary seams.

Poorly flexible outsole

The sole bends

Not always insufficiently flexible soles are fake. To date, various types of foams and materials are used. All products have different levels of depreciation. Some soles, due to their characteristics, should not bend much. Pressing too hard can crack them. It all depends on the pressure. It is not the degree of deflection of the sole that is valued, but high-quality depreciation. Of course, it should not be completely "wooden".  

And yet, what are the dangers of fakes

Finding out what is in front of you - the original or a fake is not so simple. Poor quality materials are the problem of all fakes, but in the case of sneakers, this is especially important. For sports or just for walking, you need durable, wear-resistant models that can pass air and moisture. All orthopedic features are taken into account in branded products. Without this, it is impossible to comfortably and productively play sports.

Fake manufacturers do not think about these nuances. If you need sneakers for sports or for everyday wear, you should not skimp on the original. Fakes threaten with flat feet, corns, corns. Fake models are only suitable for rare exits.

How to buy original sneakers

Where to buy original sneakers

A reliable way to distinguish a replica from the original was invented by Entrupy. The project was named Legit Check Tech (LCT). The developed device is quite simple to use and does not take much time.

The buyer needs to take a picture of the label, and then put first the left and then the right product in a special container. Inside the Legit Check box, there are 8 cameras that scan shoes from different angles.

The result obtained can be analyzed, and the legit check reports the authenticity of the samples through the phone application. The analysis takes a few seconds or a minute.

Choose trusted stores

nike store

In company stores, you don’t have to worry about the originality of sneakers. Their address is listed on the official websites of manufacturers. There are also stock stores with genuine products, but you have to be careful.

Ordering products on the Internet is the most dangerous. It is worth asking the seller to send real photos of the goods from different angles, and then follow the instructions.

The price of the original sneakers

We recommend buying original sneakers here

Often the cost of a replica is much lower than the original. In search of budget options, you can get on a fake. When they offer a discount 60-70% just like that, you need to think about it. Some Nike models cannot sell for less than 8,000 rubles. Is it just the last size? There can't even be a 50% discount sale. When a genuine pair costs about 15 thousand rubles, and it is sold for three thousand, it is worth considering. Sometimes sites cross out the real price, offering super-profitable promotions.

Even at the time of the sale, the difference in price cannot be significant.

What to do if you got a fake

If you buy fake products in some large site, you can return the money. In some stores, for the sale of a fake, they will never buy products from this manufacturer again. If you buy a pair "from hand to hand", then making a refund is problematic.  

No need to buy sneakers in dubious places, be tempted by a low price. The purchase should be taken carefully, prepare in advance. By following these tips, you can get the original product. Shopping should be fun!

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