How to distinguish original Reebok sneakers from a fake?

How to distinguish original Reebok from a fake Cloth

Manufacturers of popular sporting goods traditionally face the problem of counterfeiting, which is why Reebok prefers to sell its products in specialized stores. Well, fans of this brand's sneakers should know how to distinguish original Reebok from fakes.

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The Reebok company bases the production of sports shoes on the latest scientific developments and new technologies. Real running shoes of this brand, designed for running, are comfortable, easy to move, durable.

How to distinguish a fake

Before buying sneakers, experts advise to study the appearance of the models on the manufacturer's website, pay attention to the color and location of the colored inserts, the sole pattern and other details.

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Original sneakers

Fake sneakers

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As noted above, the most reliable purchase option is to contact trusted sellers and official company stores. In other cases, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Cost of goods - you should find out how much the model you like costs. The price must correspond to the amount set for it on the brand's website. As a rule, fakes offer to buy much cheaper.
  2. Size range and variety of colors - the company produces shoes in small batches in 3-5 colors. Given the popularity of the brand, the presence in the store of models of all sizes and various colors serves as a sure marker of a fake.
  3. Barcode - to check it, you can use a special service, for example, Barcode scanner. Keep in mind that Reebok brand factories are located in 45 countries, and pointing to China and other Asian countries as the manufacturer of sneakers is not considered a fake.

Or you can check the barcode using this form:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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The main differences between the original Reebok and fake


Original Fake
Heel Made in the best possible way Has defects that counterfeiters don't even try to hide
Laces Comfortable May delaminate
Sole Attaches well to the top May have traces of glue


You can buy original Reebok sneakers here

First of all, when determining the fake of Reebok sneakers, attention should be paid to the box in which they are packed. Reebok sneakers are packed in a cardboard box with a characteristic appearance. The main features of the original production:

  • Rigid cardboard of sufficient structural strength, free of foreign inclusions and defects.
  • The original cover has two small tabs. The side walls of the box are fixed without the use of glue, by means of tongues and slots.
  • The outer and inner sides of the box are embossed. Embossed strips should be even, absolutely parallel, slightly not reaching the edge.
  • The presence of a brand logo on each side of the box in a corporate font. The letters should be even, of the same type. Spelling errors, uneven coloring, different spacing between letters are not allowed.
  • Corporate embossing should be clearly visible both outside the package and inside the box.

Attention must be paid to embossed stripes. They should be strictly parallel and with sharp straight lines. On the original, the stripes on the top cover do not reach the edge. A fake usually does not have embossing, or it is not clearly applied.

Box of original Reebok sneakers

A fake may have printing defects, such as uneven color of letters or stripes of paint.

Box of original Reebok sneakers

The presence of a sticker with information about the purpose of the shoe, model number, exact color, size in several classifications, size in centimeters and millimeters. A barcode must also be present.

The sticker contains information:

  • brand and model of shoes;
  • size in various classifications;
  • shoe dimensions in centimeters and millimeters;
  • barcode;
  • appointment of shoes;
  • exact color;
  • shoe model number.

Shoe Information

information label

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For greater accuracy in checking the originality of sneakers, it is recommended to read the barcode. To do this, use an application, for example, Barcode scanner. The information obtained must be compared with the data on the sticker. In the case of the original, they must match exactly.

Enter the number indicated on the box into the Google search box and look at the photos of the model that appear in the search.

Checking the serial number of Reebok sneakers


The original sneakers must have a tear-off tag. All the information printed on it for branded shoes corresponds to the sticker on the box.

No printing defects are allowed. Characters must not "jump" across the line or have a different font.


Tag on original Reebok sneakers

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A characteristic feature of the original is the location of the label on the left sneaker.

Labels on sneakers

Fake label

The corners of the tag should be rounded and the information should match the sticker on the box.

Tear-off tag on Reebok sneakers

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Check Reebok sneakers by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Material quality

Even if the inspection of the box showed that it is completely original, you should not lose your vigilance. A dishonest seller could put fake sneakers in real branded packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the shoes themselves visually. Low-quality counterfeit will be noticeable immediately. Any distortions and bulging of glue are unacceptable.

Glue on fake Reebok

Original Reebok models are made from genuine leather and are comfortable and soft. The advantages of the products include an elastic sole, rich color, resistant paint.

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When superficially examining sneakers, you should pay attention to the quality of workmanship. Brand shoes are incompatible with an unpleasant odor, sloppy seams, burrs, protruding threads, traces of glue and other defects.

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A thorough examination will help to identify a fake.

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The Reebok company pays attention to the quality of the laces. Their ends must be securely closed with plastic caps called caps. The entire length of the original cord has no burrs or threads of the wrong color.

Laces on original Reebok sneakers

The laces should be solid, the same color as the sneakers, with plastic tips.

The holes for the laces of a fake may have jagged edges or be of different sizes. The original has a seam near the holes. It should have sufficient density and be neat.

Holes for laces are not decorated with metal eyelets. Some models may have plastic windows in the shape of a trapezoid.

Holes for laces

Logo and brand name

Applied by embossing or embroidery on a fabric basis. If it's printed, then it's a fake Reebok.

The original line is dense and even. It is unacceptable to have any spelling errors in the spelling of the brand. There may be a flag next to the logo. It must match the real flag. So, for example, red diagonal lines should not pass through the center. When producing a fake, this feature of the UK flag is not always taken into account.

Embroidered brand names

After inspecting the seams, look down a bit at where the midsole meets the leather upper. The original should not have glue streaks and other traces of fixation.


To stitch the heel, special equipment is used that counterfeiters do not have, so a fake cannot have a high quality seam.

Heel seams on original Reebok and fake shoes

When examining, it is important to compare both sneakers with each other. They must have the same elements with identical firmware. All stitches on the original are straight along the edge and do not vary in stitch size.

On the heel of the original there is a proprietary firmware made on special equipment, which cannot be faked.

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Fake and original firmware


Should be even, with stitches of the same size, made of tightly twisted, non-separating threads.

Seams of the original and fake

The company logo is located in the heel area. The same logo, only embroidered, must be on the side. Select Reebok Classic models may have the UK flag embroidered.

A fake often has spelling errors in the spelling of the company. You can identify falsification by uneven font or peeling of the inscription. It is also unacceptable to have any printing defects, for example, fuzzy edges on letters.


The sole of Reebok sneakers is developed by the best specialists to prevent feet from slipping even in the most extreme conditions. You can determine its originality by its neat appearance.

Appearance of the original Reebok and fakes

It is important that the sole does not show signs of wear.

Sole in Reebok sneakers

The sole has a Reebok logo. Brand writing should not contain errors. All corners of the original letters have clear contours. Any defects, such as notches, are unacceptable.

On the protectors of the left and right sneakers, the inscription is directed in opposite directions.

original protectors

Fake protectors


Sole on original Reebok and fake

An obligatory element of sports shoes - perforation, is performed on the toe in the form of two lines.

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Internal inspection

You can buy original Reebok sneakers here

You can also recognize a fake when examining the internal space of products:

Inner lining

The inside of the shoe should have a soft synthetic lining that fits evenly against the outside. It has a high cost, so it is not found in fake shoes. You can identify the branded lining by its softness and pleasant touch to the skin. It should have a high-quality seam and fit evenly to the outside of the sneakers.

Reebok inner lining


The tongue is made of soft nylon and is able to be fixed in a vertical position. The logo is embroidered on the outside. On the inside there is a tag with the batch number, article number and model code. There are terms in French.

Tongue on original Reebok and fake

It has rounded corners for added comfort. The tongue confidently holds its shape in a vertical position. Ventilation holes are cut through, and their edges are perfectly even. You can identify a fake by a sloppy seam or stitches of different sizes.

Tongue on original Reebok

There is a logo on the tongue. It is embroidered. The original spelling of the brand is unacceptable for spelling errors. There is also an icon indicating a registered trade patent.

There is a text tag on the back of the tongue. It tells about the history of Reebok. The tag must be sewn tightly and neatly. Skewed letters or their loss from the line is not allowed. Part of the text must contain special signs of the French language.

Tongue on original Reebok and fake


The insoles of the original are dense, three-layer. There is a foam layer on the edge. Inside there is a sticker with a barcode and a dimensional grid. There should also be a logo and brand name.

Insoles in original Reebok and fake

There is a foam layer on the edge of the insole for additional comfort of the feet. It is the company's own development. In total, the insole in the toe area has three layers:

  • soft foam;
  • textile;
  • hard foam.

Insole on Reebok sneakers

Insoles in original Reebok and fake

There is another woven insole under the main insole. It is glued evenly and has no visible seams along the edge.

Insole in Reebok sneakers

The shoe has a tag sewn into it. It has all the same information as the sticker on the box. The data must not be different.

There is also a QR code on the tag. Sneaker owners note that the security code is too small. Because of this, it is difficult to count. Therefore, to check the originality, it is recommended to use a 13-digit unique security number.

Tag in original Reebok sneakers

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