How to distinguish original Vans from a fake

Vans Old School Cloth

You can buy original Vans sneakers here

VANS brand sneakers are popular among young people. Not all cities have branded stores. For example, some skateboarders buy sports shoes through online stores, at the risk of becoming the owner of a fake. Why is it important to know how a branded product differs from a fake? Original shoes are not just beauty and style. First of all, these shoes protect the foot when running or walking. The original sneakers are thought out to the smallest detail, the foot rests in them. A bonus to buying real Vans will be their durability, convenience and attractive appearance.

Original Vans sneakers (VANS)
Original Vans sneakers (VANS)

By packaging:

How to distinguish a fake Vans by the box

Original sneakers are packed in a branded box. She looks like this:

  1. Red-brown or black-brown.
Vance sneaker box
Vance sneaker box
  1. The lid is printed with the brand's logo and the slogan "Off the wall".
  2. On the two sides of the box there is a repetition of the word "VANS".
  3. The other two sides are painted black or red.
  4. The packaging is made of high-quality and dense cardboard, does not smell like "chemistry".
  5. Fake and original containers come off differently.
  6. At the end of the box there are stickers with information about the manufacturer, a barcode. On the other end is a dimensional nomenclature. The size is indicated in cm, according to European standards and English.

    labels with information about the manufacturer barcode
    labels with information about the manufacturer barcode

  7. On the inside of the lid there is a round white sticker with numbers and letters. They indicate the country of origin. The absence of a sticker is a sign of a fake.

    round sticker country of origin
    round sticker country of origin

  8. Information is written on the inside of the end of the box, by whom and when this container was released.

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Article and barcode Vans

You can buy original Vans sneakers here

There is a marking on the original box - a sticker with an article number and a barcode. It should not have distortions. The presence of bubbles under the label is a clear sign of counterfeit. Also, the presence of spelling and other errors on the sticker is unacceptable. If it is not, then the sneakers are fake.

Before buying, it is advisable to check how a particular model of Vans sneaker looks like. By entering the number from the label into any search engine, you can see what kind of original it has. Replicas often do not match the model, so they are easily eliminated in this way.

Find out if the correct article is printed or not:

  1. On a smartphone / computer, drive in the article number from the box.

    article from the box sneakers vans
    article from the box sneakers vans

  2. Click on image search.
  3. If the product is original, then this model will be displayed in the search engine - a photo with the same sneakers as inside the container, and online stores where they can be ordered.
    original VANS sneakers
    original VANS sneakers

    VANS article in the search engine
    VANS article in the search engine

When an incorrect article is indicated on the box, the search engine will not find such a model, or it will show others, but it will not be necessary.

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There is a barcode on the sticker. It can be scanned via a smartphone using an application. If there is an original in the box, then when scanning the code, the model, color, price will be revealed. The barcode is not working, so inside the container is a replica.

If the sneakers are of a rare model/color, then they may not be scanned by barcode. For example, it happens that Vans Old skool is released in a certain color. The product is exclusive and is intended for sale only in a certain chain of stores, for example, Urban Outfitters. It is better not to order such models through online stores.

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Wrapping paper

You can buy original Vans sneakers here

After opening the box, it is important to pay attention to the additional packaging. The sneakers are wrapped in papyrus wrapping paper. It has a duplication of the word "VANS". It is made from special paper.

For replicas, sneakers simply lie inside a cardboard box. The absence of additional packaging is an important criterion for distinguishing Vans.

Vans sneakers wrapped in tissue paper
Vans sneakers wrapped in tissue paper

Replicas can turn into the following:

  1. Wrapping paper of poor quality, but with the word "VANS" dubbed.
  2. White, gray paper, plastic bags.
  3. They may not turn.

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The appearance of the sneaker

The design of fakes is difficult to distinguish from the originals - the appearance is very similar. But if you look carefully, you will find differences.

Vance sneaker material

Original sneakers are rarely delivered to stores with serious defects.

Following is noteworthy:

  1. The quality of gluing the sole to the fabric. There should be no visible streaks of glue.
  2. Docking of the material with the sole. For a branded product, it is even - without waves.

    Docking of the material with the sole
    Docking of the material with the sole

  3. How sneakers are sewn. The line of the originals is even, the threads do not stick out.

    Line on Vance sneakers
    Line on Vance sneakers

  4. Elasticity of footwear. The sole should not be too hard. The originals bend easily, do not crack.

Vans sticker and logo

You can buy original Vans sneakers here

A sticker is attached to real sneakers, or rather to the eyelet for a lace - a paper label, which is also a tag / label. The tag is attached using a plastic disposable holder. The label is made in the form of a skateboard. It has the inscriptions "Off the wall" and "VANS". Red label, white text.

Tag on sneakers VANS
Tag on sneakers VANS

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Fake sneakers also have labels.

The logo is not only on the packaging, but also on sneakers. It is placed on shoes in three places:

  • On the side, the word “VANS” is embroidered on a piece of fabric that is sewn to the sneakers themselves.
  • On the back of the sneakers there is a logo in the form of a rectangle. A skateboard is drawn on it, "VANS", "Off the wall" is written. A rectangle is placed at the end of the sole.
  • Inside on the insole is also the name of the brand. All this is inscribed in a rectangle. The logo is printed in high quality black ink. On fakes, there are also logos on the insoles, but with poor printing, they can be partially erased, blurred or not printed.

    VANS branding on the insole
    VANS branding on the insole

Old school models have only 2 logos on the sneakers themselves, and not 3 on the back and on the insole. The logo on the back can be black and white or red and white, depending on the colors of the shoes.

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The original sneakers have high-quality firmware inside. This allows Vans to be a real sports shoe that is not afraid of stress.

Fakes have noticeable savings on materials, so they are stitched extremely poorly.


You can buy original Vans sneakers here

The insole should be pleasant to the touch, made of the same material as the interior of the sneaker, and have a base. It has a logo on it.

Identify a fake Vans by the insole
Identify a fake Vans by the insole

Sole original and fake Vance

First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the reinforced front of the toe. The original has pimples. The fake ones don't.

The sole should be uniform in color and free of blotches. The original does not have shells or air bubbles.

There should be no unevenness on the end parts of the sole, with the exception of a dotted relief.

The relief on the original and fake is different. To the touch, the sole of the replica is smoother. It happens that there is no such relief at all on handicrafts.

Relief on the sole of the VANS sneaker
Relief on the sole of the VANS sneaker

The length of the nose of branded sneakers is longer than that of replicas.

Long toe in original Vance

Reinforced part length comparison:

Comparison of original and fake Vance

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The strip that runs along the entire length of the sole of the sneaker is even. For fakes, it is not applied neatly.

Stripe on the sole of VANs sneakers
Stripe on the sole of VANs sneakers

Check Vance sneakers by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

On the sole there is a pattern in the form of holes - rhombuses, hexagons, rhombuses. It is in this order that they alternate. Fakes also have them, but the color of the sole itself may differ - be closer to orange-red, and not brown-orange. The base of the shoe should not be hard and slippery, regardless of whether high-tops or regular sneakers, or slip-ons.

The sole of the original Vans sneakers
The sole of the original Vans sneakers

On the sole must be the code of the country of origin. Its incorrect indication or absence is a sign of a fake. Such letters are printed on the sole inside a rhombus or hexagon. The same code is printed on a round sticker placed on the inside of the box lid. On a fake, the code may not be not only on the box, but also on the sole of the sneaker.

Letters on the outsole Vance
Letters on the outsole Vance

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Branded shoes are not allowed to have:

  • traces of glue;
  • protruding threads;
  • uneven stitches;
  • skewed seams;
  • jams;
  • broken geometry.
Do you like to run?


Particular attention should be paid to the tongue. It has a label with basic information. It is necessary to check the country of production with the code on the package. The original label has no defects.

Replicas often have no label. Even with its presence, the information given on it is extremely small.

Tongue on original and replica Vance sneakers


You can buy original Vans sneakers here

Sample of original and copy of Vance sneakers

The original label on the tongue has a fluorescent paint. It glows under ultraviolet light. For fakes, this effect is not observed.

Glowing tongue tag

Vans laces

Holes for laces are cut out and trimmed with eyelets, but not on all models. The originals are delivered in this form - one sneaker is laced, and the second is not. Fake shoes don't lace up at all.

Laces on VANS sneakers
Laces on VANS sneakers

The number of holes for laces depends on the size of the shoe. Fakes often have fewer holes than branded sneakers. The standard value for the number of holes for laces on Vans sneakers is presented in the table below.

Shoe size

Number of lace holes


up to 38 6 With metal eyelets
After 38 7 With metal eyelets
up to 38 7 Without metal eyelets
After 38 8 Without metal eyelets

The number of holes for laces for the originals of the old school is 16 pcs., And for fakes - 14 pcs.

Number of holes for VANSE laces
Number of holes for VANSE laces

Weight of original shoes

Original shoes weigh less than fake ones. It is light, especially summer models.

Original Vance sneakers

Price for VANS sneakers

You can buy original Vans sneakers here

Old skool storm or bape models cannot cost less than 45$. And sk8 hi and winter ones are even more expensive. If you found Vans in an online store at a low price / promotion - up to 3 thousand rubles, this is probably a fake. Common models of basic colors, especially in black, cannot be cheap.

The price of original and fake VANS
The price of original and fake VANS

But, oddly enough, some original models can cost less than fakes.

What you need to know when buying VANS so as not to buy a fake

It is important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the sneaker, but also to look at the internal seams.

Fake Old school has a wider tongue than the original. Its inner part is not velvety, like the original. There should be a special sticker on the inside of the tongue indicating the size and country of origin. On fakes, this information is painted on the tongue itself.

Tag on the tongue of the VANS sneaker
Tag on the tongue of the VANS sneaker

It is worth knowing that there are not only sneakers of different colors, but men's and women's shoes from the Vance brand!

Since the 90s, original shoes have already been produced outside of America. But, to assume that Chinese products are always fake is a delusion.

Where are VANS sneakers made?

Now they produce branded Vans in different countries, indicating the code of the country of origin:

  1. China;
  2. Indonesia;
  3. Japan;
  4. Cambodia;
  5. Thailand;
  6. Dominican Republic.

The decoding of the manufacturer's country code is given in the table:

The code

The country









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You can buy original Vans sneakers here

In order not to buy a fake, you should purchase goods in branded departments or trusted sites.

Sneakers VANS how to distinguish the original from a fake video

The video shows the distinctive features of the original sneakers:

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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