How do original New Balance sneakers differ from fakes?

How to tell the real New Balance from the fake ones Cloth

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

Do you know how to tell the real New Balance from the fake? 574, 754, 99s sneaker models are in demand all over the world, and it is not surprising that they are often faked. The original products of the American company meet all the needs of a person involved in sports, practicing regular jogging or just loving to walk for a long time, walk. But imitations of such qualities do not have, on the contrary, wearing "left" sneakers can cause problems. The curvature of the bones in the foot, sprains, dislocations, worn skin - all this often causes discomfort to those who are shod in a fake.

Shoes labeled "New Balance" have been produced since the beginning of the last century, since 1906, by the New Balance Arch Support Company. The first factory was small and located in Boston, but now production is scattered around the world. Most of them are concentrated in Asian countries, including Japan. And this fact is skillfully used by both manufacturers of fakes and sellers, explaining the differences in the shoes offered with its image in company catalogs, the place of actual production.

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What to pay attention to

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

You can distinguish the original new balance sneakers from the imitation by paying attention to the little things, to the details that usually no one looks at. Manufacturers of fakes, as a rule, do not deal with their exact reproduction.


When buying shoes, you need to consider:

  1. Logo on the sole and markings - for model 574.
  2. Tear-off tag.
  3. Packaging.
  4. Label on the inside of the tongue.
  5. Seams.
  6. Insole.
  7. Sole.

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Of course, the signs differ slightly for different models, but the main characteristics are the same for all sneakers of the American manufacturer.

It is also important to pay attention to your own feelings that arise when trying on. The original sneakers are comfortable, they are comfortable and they are slightly springy when moving, as if pushing the foot. This property is especially pronounced in models 998 and 996. The same qualities are also possessed by ecco shoes. This specific quality is due to the design of the sole.

According to corporate lore, the creator of sneakers and the founder of the company, Englishman William Riley, who left for America, developed the design of the sole by watching the movements of chickens in the yard. Whether this is true or not, of course, is unknown. But sneakers have three anchor points, just like chicken feet.

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Marking and logo

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

Model 574 has been in demand by consumers for 30 years. It is these sneakers that can be seen in films and TV shows, on the streets of American cities and in parks of megacities around the world. And it is she who is forged more often than others, because the only goal of imitators of branded items is to sell quickly and a lot.

For this reason, American manufacturers regularly update the smallest design elements of this model, making them more complex.

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Check New Balance sneakers by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

Differences characterizing the real thing:

  • On the outside, on the side, the logo in the form of the letter "N", made of leather or suede, is attached.
  • The threads with which the edges of the logo patch are processed are one hundred percent identical in shade to the color of the emblem.
  • The second image of the logo is placed on the heel, the letter “N” in this case contrasts in color with the tone of the material of the sneakers.
  • The third image of the letter is on the outside of the tongue, the color is completely identical to the shade of the material from which the shoes are made.

Sneakers logo

Model 574 has additional logo placement. It is located on a rubber support insert, on the side on the outside and is different from the traditional one. This is a combination of the letters "N" and "B". The first letter is made of convex horizontal stripes, and the second is solid.

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You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

Marking is characterized by the following features:

  1. Shoe size is indicated in several measurement systems adopted in different countries.
  2. In the upper left corner is a number - this is the width of the shoe.
  3. All labels have a barcode identical to the one on the box.
  4. The fifth line of the marking deserves special attention - it contains an individual product number, it is different for the shoes of the right and left feet.
  5. Date of manufacture and place of actual production are located at the bottom.


Systems in which dimensions are indicated:

  • English;
  • separately - pan-European;
  • American;
  • Japanese.

Particular attention should be paid to the designation of the width of the sneakers. The value is in inches. One inch is 2.54 cm. It makes sense to measure the shoes in its widest part, the result should match the value indicated in the marking.

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Tear-off tag

New Balance sneakers have a branded tag. It should not have printing defects or spelling errors.

In pali, the tear-off tag contains false information. For example, instead of, it says,, or even newbalance. without com.

Tear tag on fake New Balance


You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Fake packaging often looks sloppy. The picture may have blurry outlines. The original does not have printing defects or spelling errors.

Would you like to buy a real American New Balance?

New Balance shoes are produced in several countries. Therefore, there is no single standard for the color of box coloring. In the table below, you can see what kind of branded packaging there are, depending on the location of the factories for the production of sneakers.

coloring box


The packaging is dominated by blue. There is a red logo and a sneaker image. Such New Balance are made for the market of Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia
Unpainted cardboard or light brown The shoes are of European origin. Sneakers are predominantly made in the UK.
red box Most often used for packing shoes from the USA and Asia
gray packaging Typical for most New Balance from USA

New Balance manufactures its most elite products in the US and the UK. The share of such sneakers is just over 20%. The release of less prestigious models designed for everyday wear, the brand trusts factories in Asia. The main countries of production of New Balance sneakers:

  • Great Britain;
  • USA;
  • China;
  • Vietnam;
  • Indonesia.

As a rule, little attention is paid to boxes due to the fact that their design is constantly changing. However, the difference in design never affects the fundamental, key design elements.


New Balance fakes often have an error when reading the code. In some cases, third-party sites open.

Barcode on fake New Balance packaging

The label of original New Balance sneakers should not contain hieroglyphs.

The given barcode, in most cases, has 12 digits instead of 13. This sometimes makes it difficult to read and verify it through applications on a smartphone.

The barcode on branded packaging complies with the Universal Product Code standard, which is common in the United States.

Sticker on the packaging of the original New Balance and fakes

Only 20% of the company's products are produced in the United States. These are mainly models 754 and 574. Shoes and other goods made in the country are intended only for the domestic market. Therefore, if the box says "Made in USA" - this is a reason to be wary, not happy.

The barcode that is on the packaging must be duplicated on the sneakers themselves. Checking it is another way to distinguish New Balance from a fake. For a fake, it is missing or does not match.

Barcode on the packaging of the original New Balance and fake

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When examining the label, it is recommended to pay attention to the model number. From it you can find out what kind of appearance real sneakers should have. For replicas, the article does not break through or gives out completely different shoes, for example, a very old model.

Model number on original New Balance

The box label must indicate the completeness of the model and its other characteristics. The letter is duplicated on the sneakers themselves.

Size on original New Balance

Shoe size is indicated in three standards that are used in:

  • USA;
  • UK;
  • European Union.

Size on original New Balance

Other distinguishing features of the packaging are:

  • Neatly printed in an easy-to-read font, the inscription "new balance".
  • The pattern, partly placed on the lid and partly on the side of the box, matches perfectly.
  • The name is written in capital letters.

If the box looks sloppy, the pattern of sneakers on the lid and the side does not match - this is a reason to be wary.

Tongue label

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

The underside of the tongue of sneakers is rarely considered when buying, but it is there that the label is located, which allows you to determine whether the shoes are real or not.

Label specifications:

  1. Fabric base, if the label is made of oilcloth - the sneakers are “singed”.
  2. Clear, easy to read font.
  3. Availability of information about the model number and series, about the completeness and size.
  4. The barcode and personal production number are indicated.
  5. A protective image is applied, visible only under ultraviolet rays.

Illumination of the label with ultraviolet light will allow you to recognize the imitation.

This product has a clear pattern depicting the letters-symbols "NB".

UV on the original

UV on a fake

When examining the tag, it is important to check for the presence of the letters NB. They must not have significant defects. The presence of hieroglyphs is not allowed.

Tag on original New Balance

Next, it is recommended to check the article. It must match the label on the box. It is easy to find out the appearance of shoes by the article by entering it into a search engine.

Tag on original New Balance

Original sneakers always have a barcode that matches the information on the box.

Tag on original New Balance

Each shoe has its own unique serial number. It is different on the right and left tongue.

Number on the original New Balance


Serial number on original New Balance

New Balance sizes


Counterfeits of New Balance sneakers are sometimes put in original boxes by dishonest sellers. Therefore, after inspecting the packaging, it is important to pay attention to the shoes themselves. Copies in many ways lose to the original.

A copy of the line is often missing and everything is held only by glue with an unpleasant odor. The original always has a high-quality uniform seam.

Heel on original New Balance and fake

Branded shoes have double and triple seams. This increases the strength of the line. The seams should have even stitches with the same pitch. Fakes often use a single stitch with protruding threads.

Seams on original New Balance and fake

The completeness of the model is given on the tongue. It must match on the sneakers and the box.

Size on original New Balance

The country of manufacture is indicated at the bottom of the tag. The most expensive sneakers are produced in the US and the UK. More budget versions are made in Asia.

The shoe size is on the label. It is specified in several standards. The size is also given in centimeters.

New Balance tongue size


You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

The brand is indicated on the insole of branded shoes. It can be applied in various ways.

Insole on original New Balance

For copies, only the size is indicated on the insole.

Insole on fake New Balance

It is difficult to fake an original insole, even those who are engaged in the production of high-quality imitations, as a rule, cannot cope with the manufacture of complex shapes and perforation features.

Insole thickness

Distinctive features of the original insole:

  • Curved shape - the edges of the insole are bent down, and the fold itself is figured, following the contour of the foot.
  • Complicated perforation with seal applied along the anatomical lines.
  • Silver circle on the heel for thermoregulation.

Fake and original insoles

An ordinary, familiar insole is a sign of imitation, even if the shoes themselves do not arouse suspicion for other characteristics and appearance.

On the basis under the insole there is no middle seam, there are side seams made with oblique stitches and tight fitting. It is impossible to pick up the threads or break them. Made in Europe, the 574 model has an additional molded cardboard insert under the insole, a material similar to that of the waistbands on jeans. The cardboard is elastic, does not tear or wrinkle, it resembles soft skin.

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You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

The sole is the part of the shoe that every buyer considers in the first place. Of course, those who “rivet” fake sneakers know this and try to impress the consumer by complicating the configuration with all sorts of inserts, images and additions.

All elements of New Balance branded sneakers have a uniform structure. Replicas may show paint peeling or swelling.

Poor coloration of the sole

New Balance will never use surface low grade outsole painting. Therefore, any uneven color overlay is a sign of a fake.

Peeling paint on a fake New Balance:

Paint on original New Balance and fake

In copies, paint often gets on neighboring elements. The reason for this is the use of low-current cheap equipment. The original does not and cannot have such defects, since completely different technologies are used.

Paint on original New Balance and fake

The skin of copies often has defects. Especially a lot of them in the area of attachment to the sole. Sometimes they try to mask them with glue. Abundant leakage of glue is unacceptable for branded shoes. This also applies to any strong odors.

Glue on the fake New Balance

Low quality copies may have significant defects such as cuts. Such shoes will quickly tear, so it is not recommended to buy them.

Cut on the fake New Balance

The sole of the original sneakers has nothing of the kind, it is simple and functional. On the side is inscribed:

  1. ENCAP.
  3. C-cap.
  4. REVlite.

Lettering on the side

These are the names of the materials from which the sole is made. Such a designation is one, the American company does not practice a combination of materials in the production of shoe soles.

The heel determines the convenience and comfort of wearing shoes. Inspection of it is another way to distinguish the original New Balance.

In branded shoes, the heel does not have distortions. It hugs the leg nicely, following the contour exactly.

Heel on original New Balance and fake

It is recommended to squeeze the heel with your hand. In the original, it will quickly restore its original shape. The replica will remain compressed. It will return to its previous form only if the heel is smoothed out by hand.

New Balance Sock

The toe of most New Balance models has a specific trapezoid shape. It provides comfort to the fingers. For replicas, the toe is elongated and has the shape of a semicircle.

Sock on the original New Balance

Sock on original New Balance and fake

Video: how to distinguish the original New Balance from a fake

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

How much are the sneakers

You can buy original New Balance sneakers here

The question of how much the original thing costs in stores offering shoes of different brands will remain unanswered. In one store, sneakers can cost 20-25 thousand rubles, and in another - 15-18. The retail price of shoes is made up of nuances that are not directly related to it.

New Balance cost



But the cost cannot be lower than 10-11 thousand rubles, even at sales.

You can buy an original thing without visiting stores. The American company has official online stores in different countries. In Russia, original sneakers of all models produced by the company are purchased on the official website -

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