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For a long period, SwissGear did not supply products to Russia, but a large number of inexpensive copies penetrated the country. Since 2019, original products of this brand have been present on the domestic market, but many replicas are still being sold. Therefore, experts have developed several recommendations on how to choose a SwissGear backpack and how to distinguish an original from a fake.

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SwissGear combines innovation, quality and contemporary design.

History of the SwissGear brand

The history of SwissGear began with the intensification of competition between Wenger and Victorinox - manufacturers of Swiss army knives. Both companies supplied the highest quality products, but Wenger failed to hold its ground during the crisis of the early 2000s, being on the verge of bankruptcy. In 2004, shortly before the takeover by Victorinox, the SwissGear brand was founded within Wenger. It was an attempt to diversify production, develop a new segment.

The educated brand specialized in the production of goods for active youth who know how to appreciate quality. Under the label SwissGear, various products for tourism were produced. Initially, the products were supplied only to the US market under license from the American supplier Group III International.

After the buyout of Wenger's assets by Victorinox, the SwissGear brand began to be in great demand, so in 2006 it entered the markets of more than 40 countries. Deliveries of original products to the Russian market started only in 2019.

Initially, the SwissGear division developed models of clothing and travel accessories. Over time, within the brand, lines of functional and high-quality luggage were singled out: suitcases, travel bags and backpacks.

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The main features of the original backpacks

SwissGear offers backpacks of various styles: school, city, sports, business. The manufacturer continuously monitors the latest fashion trends and designs models that combine the latest technological solutions with thoughtful design elements. Their widespread use is due to the use of modern technologies. For example, one of the latest innovations is the flat ScanSmart compartment for a laptop, which allows you to bypass scanners without the threat of harmful effects of radiation on a technical device.

You can buy an original Swissgear backpack here

SwissGear offers different types of backpacks.

The growing demand for functional Swiss brand products has led to the production of a large number of counterfeit goods.

Sometimes it is difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish a replica from the original, especially if it is produced on professional factory equipment.

Original products have the following features:

  1. The basis is a waterproof polymer material. The impregnations with which the fabric is treated have hypoallergenic properties and do not cause skin irritation when in contact with it.
  2. In the interior there are many additional compartments: a compartment for clothes, pockets for office supplies, a loop for glasses. A backpack can have up to several dozen secondary elements.
  3. In the upper part there is a strong handle made of soft plastic or a metal cable covered with a fabric casing.
  4. The back has increased rigidity, thanks to which the correct posture is maintained. Wide shoulder straps help secure the body when carrying heavy loads.
  5. The back is equipped with the AirFlow ventilation system, which ensures free continuous passage of air and prevents sweating.

Ways to distinguish from a fake

You can buy an original Swissgear backpack here

Sometimes fake goods look almost indistinguishable from copies, but flaws can always be found, because. making a completely identical replica is unprofitable. Therefore, upon closer examination of the product, shortcomings are easily detected.

Visual inspection

Original backpacks are made of high-grade materials, each element of the product is carefully stitched. You can identify a fake by the following visual signs:

  • glossy back with soft ribs;
  • the presence of an extruded cross on the back;
  • careless form of the product;
  • unevenly located overhead elements;
  • curved thread and glue seams;
  • poor quality material
  • cheap plastic parts;
  • seizing lightning sliders.
Visual inspection
External examination helps to identify a fake.

Particular attention should be paid to the logo: in the original it consists of the name Swiss Gear with a graphic element in the form of a cross between these words. The icon has a convex surface, slightly rounded corners and a glossy finish. The inscription must be present on the outer pockets.

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Interior decoration

Inside the authentic backpack there is always a pocket for a laptop, which comes with a locking clasp. Fake models generally do not have this element, because. manufacturers aim to cut costs.

Copies are often not equipped with minor details: a mobile phone compartment and eyeglass loops. The original models have these parts.


Counterfeit goods may have a strong chemical smell due to the use of low-quality materials. Unscrupulous manufacturers often use cheap glue and paint. This not only makes an unpleasant impression, but is also dangerous to health. Unidentified chemical may cause skin irritation or severe allergic reaction.

What else should you pay attention to when buying

The original can be distinguished not only by visual properties, but also by such characteristics: cost, name or warranty. Even an incorrect article indicates fraud.


You can buy an original Swissgear backpack here

The Swissgear company offers backpacks of different price categories, but basically their cost is in the range of 3000-7000 rubles. If stores discount 30-60% or include a branded accessory as a gift, they are most likely selling counterfeit models.

Type of backpack Price range, rub.
urban, sports 2600-7600
School 2500-4500
For carrying a laptop 1700-7600


When making copies of branded goods, fraudsters make small changes to the name of the trademark, wanting to avoid punishment for the misuse of official symbols. Therefore, any inscription other than the word SwissGear indicates falsification. If at least 1 letter is changed in the word, there is an extra symbol or a space, then such a product is fake.


Each SwissGear product has its own article number, which may include 2-3 Latin letters and several numerical values. For example, for some new backpack models, the following identifiers are used: SA6677202408, SAB54016195043, 5625201409, etc. Copies often have shorter numerical articles without letter designations. To avoid concluding a deal with an unscrupulous seller, it is recommended to check the code with the designation of the original product on the official web resource of the manufacturer.

You can buy an original Swissgear backpack here


All SwissGear backpacks come with a 3-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, counting from the date of purchase. The seller's refusal to provide a warranty period indicates the sale of a fake copy.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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    Yes, this company is very popular in the Russian market and a lot of fakes have appeared here, and in order not to run into these fakes, you need to make sure that the sellers provide a guarantee, firstly, this is what you won’t run into for a fake.

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