Signs of counterfeit Stone Island products

Stone Island original Cloth

When choosing the Stone Island brand, the original can be identified by the properties of clothing or accessories, having an idea about them. The article presents visual markers (from the texture of the tag and the material of the buttons to the composition of the fabric and the color of the threads) and highlights the features of the sewing methods.

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Stone Island original
Stone Island is a brand beyond fashion patterns.

Inspection of the Stone Island branded patch - how to distinguish a replica

The first sign that a thing is genuine is the presence of a rectangular label with an original emblem embroidered on it. The patch is neatly fastened to the sleeve of the garment with 2 branded buttons.

The contours of the slots for their fastening are swept over on the overlock and decorated with yellow satin stitch.

Between them, with the help of machine embroidery, a compass is depicted: a wind rose in the center of two circles framing it, between which there is an inscription with the brand name.

Label design.

Correct spelling

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All letters in the inscriptions must have a relief. They are not allowed to be applied with paint or in any other way that differs from the line.

The cheapest fakes have spelling errors in the inscriptions.

Patch on original Stone Island and fake

The reverse side of patches often looks like this:

The reverse side of the patch on the original and fake Stone Island

When buying clothes and accessories, you should carefully consider:

  1. Inscriptions.
  2. Color.
  3. Threads.
  4. Stitches.

Signs that the item on which the recognizable rectangle is fastened is related to the brand's lines are as follows:

Patch color All letters in the inscription S and N N S Distance between all letters in words L in ISLAND
In the word STONE
green yellow Embossed Brighter, smoother Much thinner, clearer Strongly curved, similar in thickness in the upper and lower parts (not elongated) the same The distance between L and A (on the bottom) is less than between other signs
The black
Beige white

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Color Verification

Patch on original Stone Island and fake

The color of the threads with which part of the wind rose on the green-yellow patch is embroidered is shown in the table:

On the original On a fake
Pure green (no tint) The green tone is darker, with sufficient light it has a gray tint.

Checking stitches

Unlike the sloppy pattern on the replica label, the embroidery is done neatly and looks like a chain. This difference is noticeable visually and to the touch.

On non-original patches of different colors on both sides, there is a marriage of lowercase seams and smoothness.

Label color Original Quality Fake quality
green yellow On the front and back sides, there are no shortcomings of stitching and embroidery:
  • all stitches in place;
  • no extra threads;
  • the color of the threads of the seams matches the color of the fabric
Tangled threads, their protruding scraps, stitch overlays on both sides of the part, on the letters of the brand name in the logo
The black On the front side (in the corners of the patch, in the lines of stitches) white threads stick out
White The imposition of seams and threads in embroidery, different stitch sizes
Beige white Threads of a different color in the stitching of the seams, tearing of the edge of the fabric

Back and front parts

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Being in the top 20 popularity rankings for a company means having buyers for your brand in the market. An insignia, which is easy to recognize by the color and texture of the fabric, will help to avoid the trap of scammers. On the reverse side, the original label is made of black silk.

Corporate compass

On the emblem, the attitude towards the brand is confirmed by the dynamic volume of the pattern in the central part of the wind rose. This effect is created by the compass needles: at the base they are smoothly pressed, the threads are uniformly colored in pure colors and lined up in an even chain of stitches.

Embroidery of this quality is made on special equipment using a patented technology.

In combination with the general background of the fabric, the logo becomes recognizable, and the item acquires a vintage elegance, unexpectedly combined with an attractive boldness.

Green and yellow patch

Stone Island green and yellow patch.

Black patch

Black patch
Black Stone Island patch.

white patch

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white patch
Stone Island white patch.

Beige and white patch

Beige and white patch
Beige and white Stone Island patch.

Other ways to check the originality of products

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There are other methods to assess whether the thing in front of you is genuine or fake.

Stone Island clothing sizes

Label size

Italian size French size

English/US size

XS 40-42 36-38 32
S 44 40 34
M 46-48 42-44 36-38
L 50 46 40
XL 52-54 48-50 42
XXL 56 52 44
XXXL 58 54 46-48

Labels and patches

Fakes almost do not differ in price, because their manufacturers are trying to copy the quality. Constantly maintaining its reputation, the company places encrypted messages on products, publishing them on tags and patches.

Pictured below are some of them.

To eliminate the risk of acquiring an item that is inferior in quality to the original, it is useful to be able to read the identifying information on its label during inspection.

The genuine product contains the following data on its attached carriers:

  • vendor code;
  • country of origin;
  • composition of the material;
  • ways of care.

As objects of search for signs of difference from a fake, articles are the most informative.

These elements include the following data and quality factors:

  • season;
  • brand;
  • type of thing;
  • model;
  • code of fabric and treatment to which the thing has undergone;
  • technological code.

Each listed item of the article is indicated by numbers, forming an art code (in the photo, picture 1 - with a highlighted inscription ART).

In these article numbers, the year, season of the collection are encrypted (in the order used by the manufacturer).

In the photo, the first digits in the code are 58, in the company this means spring / summer 2013. Then follows information about the brand of the product (product line). 15 is Stone Island, etc.

In the section "Certiligo - verification by QR code", information about QR and digital authentication codes used for software recognition of fakes will be discussed in more detail (picture 2 in the photo above).

The code
Mandatory presence of a QR code on the original.

Check Stone Island by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Material quality

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Following the philosophy of the enterprise, only high-quality raw materials are used in production, so there is no unpleasant chemical smell from things, they do not lose color when washed.

Materials are literally unique.

Therefore, despite the abundance of products on the market of fashionable clothes and accessories that are diligently counterfeited to the original, a number of significant achievements of Stone Island cannot be repeated.

Have no analogues:

  • a combination of the design of futuristic models;
  • choice of fabrics;
  • technologies for their production and processing.

The company's products are in growing demand as its laboratories conduct ongoing research and design experiments.

A partial list of innovation results that have ensured a high level of quality and competitiveness is headed by:

  1. Nylon canvas glued with polyurethane film (1996: First Formula Steel).
  2. 100% stainless steel and bronze metal mesh woven into fabric warp (1999-2001). For example, a polyester silver jacket is sprayed with stainless steel in a vacuum, resulting in a layer that protects the person wearing it from electromagnetic radiation.
  3. mesh Studies of the properties of its several layers (they were developed for the Serie 100 collection) demonstrated the functionality and comfort of the jacket (due to the features of its internal structure). As a result, mesh-mesh was transferred to the main Stone Island collection (2002), having approved the reliability and originality of the design.
  4. Innovation Products – Pixel Reflective, Prototype Series.
  5. The return of hand dyeing, which expanded the palette of fabric colors.

And one more thing about uniqueness: so far, no one except Stone Island, the original manufacturer, has created a jacket that changes color with temperature changes.

Such things remain loved for a long time, often for life, so investing in them is justified.

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The main sign of tailoring quality is the nature of the seams. Seamstresses who have not reached the level of skill on things have irregularities, jams, overlays, tears in the edges of fabrics (after all, they are not familiar with the original technologies). From such work, the material wrinkles and shrinks.

So that in a hurry, due to inattention, you do not get a thing that quickly becomes unusable (loses its appearance after washing, rips, etc.), it is logical to make sure the quality of the seams on the spot.

There are 2 constant thread characteristics:

  1. Corresponds to the main color of the fabric.
  2. Strength (do not tear from mechanical stress).

The best and latest materials, the most technologically advanced equipment, innovative ways to translate the futuristic ideas of designers in the garment industry distinguish the work of professionals: the emphasis is not only on the quality of the style elements of the created models, but also on ensuring the functionality of the products.

This approach will withstand any test of time, because, unlike a fake, already trying on the original can be found:

  • accuracy of every detail (cut lines create a feeling of comfort when worn);
  • transformability (innovative details: magnetic stripes, modular pocket system, reinforced Velcro, which, due to its shape, adapts to the body when moving);
  • manufacturability and versatility (clothes can be worn for a walk, and for work, and in public cultural places);
  • beauty and fashion (the pleasant color of the fabric, interesting additions and decorations raise the mood).
On the original neat seams.

Buttons and fasteners

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The manufacturer pays great attention to fittings. Only tested components are used. They are designed to last the lifetime of the garment. Inspection of accessories is a good way to distinguish the original from the fake.

The patch is fastened with two buttons. They need to be given special attention. Buttons of the original are made of nice smooth matte plastic.

On the front side of the button there is a embossed inscription. It includes the brand name with asterisks between the words. All letters should be easy to read, as the embossing is quite deep. A fake button has an inscription as if scratched on the surface with a needle. Because of this, the letters are hard to see, and the crosses are not asterisks at all, but plus signs.

Buttons on the original and fake Stone Island

Branded buttons have 4 holes that form a cross. The quality of the original is high. Instead of a cross, the pali has four regular holes for sewing on.

Buttons on the original and fake Stone Island


Buttons on original Stone Island

On the reverse side of the button, the original has two concave notches-circles. They have smooth outlines without defects. The fakes do not have circles, or they are made to an insufficient depth.

Buttons on original Stone Island

You can identify a fake by the buttons on the sleeve, on which the label with the emblem is attached.

Original Fake
Color - exclusively black Alternative colors (matched to the color of the fabric); the inscription can be contrasting in color
In shape - round; a recess is made in the middle, in the center of which there is a cross-shaped figure formed by 4 holes for sewing No cross, only 4 holes
The inscription - the brand name with crosses between the words - is embossed on matte plastic or smooth plastic The letters are narrower, which is why the distance between them is increased;

the inscription is located almost on the circumference, it is embossed not deep enough, it is not voluminous enough.

There are 2 concave circles on the back of the button No circles or one

Differs from non-authentic parts and branded zipper. On the back side of her "tongue" the inscription YKK or Lampo is squeezed out.

Information about this can be found on the back of the dog.

Stone Island fake cannot boast of a branded clasp. Pali uses Chinese dogs without branding.

The lock slider on the original Stone Island

Buttons and clasps are original with distinctive lettering.

Information can also be seen on the back of the dog. Stone Island fake cannot boast of a branded clasp. Pali uses Chinese dogs without branding.

Runner on the original Stone Island

It is recommended to check the general condition of the zipper. It must be of good quality. Any jamming of the slider is not allowed, including due to protruding threads. The branded clasp has no jams or wrinkled areas.

Stripes, tags

The label can also reveal a fake. It is recommended to pay attention to the shape of the star. The original wind rose is longer and narrower. In Pali, it is shorter and wider.

The size of the product is not sewn to the label. Since 2014, the article has not been applied to it. This information from the collar migrated to the inner label.

Tag on the original and fake Stone Island

The inner label consists of several tags. Usually there are three or four. They provide information about the care of clothing, as well as the composition of the fabric. The information is duplicated in several languages.

Side tag on original and fake Stone Island

Stone Island branded items often have an empty little leaflet at the end of the tags. The manufacturer assumes that the user himself can write important information on the label. For fakes, an empty tag is extremely rare.

The fakes have only one internal tag. It often contains an invalid part number. There is usually no CLG code and QR code, but even if they are present, they do not break through or do not authenticate.

Side tag on a fake Stone Island

Certilogo - verification by QR code

Stone Island, in cooperation with Certilogo® (an online service for checking the conformity of goods with the brand declared on them), authenticates purchases by their distinctive signs (on label emblems, on labels by product codes).

To check the purchase in the Certilogo system, you need a few seconds and Internet access. The procedure can even take place on the websites and in the stores of intermediaries or individuals.

Stone Island Authentication

All you need:

  1. Log in to the resource.
  2. Enter the 12-digit Certilogo number (or use a mobile phone - enter using the QR code) and CLG - code (a set of numbers on the tag attached to the wrong side of the product).

The authentication page on the company's website gives a clear algorithm of actions for checking information on the tags.

Stone Island Item Authentication

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As a result of processing product codes by the recognition system, the user:

  • convinced of the quality of a thing takes pleasure;
  • rushing with the purchase, not checking it in time, has a bonus: either satisfaction or experience for the right actions in the future.

Serial numbers have been massively printed on internal labels since 2014. Therefore, in cases where a thing does not have a QR code, you should not immediately get upset: it is not a fact that it is a fake.

Here you need to check the following: if it was made before the start of mass printing of codes and has all the signs of quality, then most likely it is original.

Producing country

Producing country Stone Island

The brand belongs to Italy. The main office is located in Bologna, and one of the main factories is located in the suburbs of Modena.

Yet most of the clothes are made outside of Italy. Production has been established in China, Croatia, Indonesia, Turkey, Tunisia and Romania. The company is constantly expanding, so factories may appear in other countries.

Important! On most of the fakes, the country of origin is Italy. Fraudsters rarely bring other countries on their products.

Where not to buy Stone Island clothes

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The classic and still popular understanding of where it is safer to buy quality fashion clothes comes from the fact that it is better to avoid stores where:

  • there is no Internet connection or the cash register does not work;
  • sellers do not provide a certificate of product quality, cannot answer questions about the manufacturer;
  • in the trading floor of the store there is no place for displaying clothes, there is no distribution by brand;
  • next to the things hung along the wall there are racks, on the shelves - products, household chemicals or appliances;
  • the goods have no packaging or it is damaged; the fabric is wrinkled; things hang on hangers, between which there is no distance; the room is not ventilated (there is dust in the warehouses, everything is thrown into one box).

It is best to buy without intermediaries - on the official websites and Stone Island stores or from company partners (Soberger).

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