How to choose heated gloves

Heated Gloves Cloth

Heated gloves connected to a small battery provide comfortable conditions for human hands at low ambient temperatures. Products are used when playing sports, riding a motorcycle or when working in rooms with a faulty heating system. Products are produced by several manufacturers, it is possible to independently manufacture equipment using improvised materials.

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Heated Gloves
Heated gloves create comfortable conditions for hands.

Types of heated gloves

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Products are usually divided into types depending on the purpose:

  • for cycling, motorcycle or snowmobile;
  • for skiing;
  • for use in fishing or hunting;
  • for office or warehouse use.


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Made from specially treated leather with anti-slip inserts made of synthetic or natural fabric on the palms. Provide good sensitivity of motorcycle or bicycle controls. The cuffs protect the wrists well from drafts, but do not protect against injury in the event of a fall. By default, power is supplied from the built-in battery. Some manufacturers provide for connection to the on-board network of equipment (for example, via a USB connector).

Biker gloves are made of leather.


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Ski-type gloves consist of an elastic base with electrical heating. Equipment with increased strength is put on top, which provides a tight grip on the sticks and reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall. The built-in type battery has an increased capacity, providing a battery life of up to 6 hours. External batteries are rarely used, because the wires hamper movement when skiing down the mountain slopes or jumps.

Ski gloves are durable.

For hunting or fishing

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Hunting equipment is characterized by extended battery life up to 12-15 hours. Products can be connected to built-in or external batteries, a quick replacement of a dead battery is provided. The material does not let water through and provides heat retention, the heaters are equipped with step or smooth temperature control. A person selects the required mode, switching on and off is done by a built-in bimetallic fuse.

hunting equipment
Hunting equipment has an increased working time.


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Office style gloves are lightweight and have no fingertips, allowing a person to type on a keyboard or do other work. The equipment is intended for use in rooms with no or weak heating system (for example, in warehouses). Power is supplied from a battery or accumulator; manufacturers provide a cable for switching to a USB connector or an external adapter. Gloves are not intended for outdoor use or sports competitions.

Office gloves are lightweight.

What to look for when buying

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Rules for the selection of equipment for heating the hands:

  • glove material should retain heat and repel water, preventing moisture from saturating the fabric and damaging batteries;
  • the heating element should be between the layers of fabric, providing comfortable conditions;
  • do not purchase unlined equipment due to the risk of burns;
  • for hang-gliding or operation at low temperatures, gloves with a fully heated surface are needed;
  • it is recommended to purchase additional clutches on the wrist, preventing the ingress of cold air and snow into the gap between the sleeves and mittens;
  • the design of the equipment must contain a bimetallic switch to automate the operation of heating;
  • you should buy equipment with a breathable membrane that circulates air inside the glove;
  • the kit should include an extension cord for connecting to an external battery with increased capacity;
  • glove material should not be blown by the wind, otherwise the heater performance will not be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature.

How to determine the size of gloves

To determine the size, use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance from the end of the middle finger to the line on the wrist corresponding to the position of the watch bracelet. The data obtained will allow you to choose gloves. For example, a distance of 170 mm corresponds to the value S, and for a parameter of 190 mm, a mitten of the L standard is suitable. For people with a large hand and long fingers, XL format products are required. A dimensional difference of 3-5 mm should be taken into account, depending on the manufacturer.

Glove size
The size of the gloves is determined by a tape measure.

Best Heated Gloves

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The rating includes gloves from Chinese manufacturers, which are distinguished by the quality of workmanship and the duration of work without charging. Equipment can be equipped with reflective elements or removable heaters. The table shows prices for products, excluding shipping costs, as of the beginning of spring 2021. Gloves are also sold in Russian stores, the difference in price with Chinese trading floors reaches up to 50-60%.

Manufacturer Model Price for Ali Express, thousand rubles
warm space Ski Gloves 2,9
Kaiman Electric Gloves 1,5
Kaiman Heated Gloves 2,5
Libero Ski Gloves 1,0
BTXypay WS-200 2,1

Warmspace Ski Gloves

Fishing gloves are equipped with reflectors and have a coating that allows you to control the touch displays of navigators or smartphones. The material used for the production is cotton and polyester, the power of the heating element is 2.5 W. The equipment warms up to the set temperature in 3-4 minutes; a pair of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh is used for power supply. The pocket for the battery is equipped with a clasp and allows you to install an element with improved characteristics.

Warmspace Ski Gloves
Warmspace Ski Gloves are reflective gloves.

Pekatherm GU920

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Model GU920 is designed for walking and sports, the inside of the glove is covered with elastic material. Flexible heaters on the back of the hand and fingers do not restrict movement and do not impair sensitivity. The outer part of the equipment is covered with a fabric that is resistant to moisture penetration and does not collapse with intensive wear. Batteries are not included in the set, the buyer purchases accumulators or batteries separately.

Pekatherm GU920
Model Pekatherm GU920

The kit includes a cord for connecting to an external battery, the heating is turned on with a button.

Kaiman Electric Gloves

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Gloves are distinguished by the use of AA batteries, which are inserted into special sealed compartments of 3 pcs. on hand. The temperature setting is provided in the range of +40 ... + 60 ° С, the spirals heat only the fingers. Reflective strips are sewn on the outer surface of the equipment, which increase the safety of riding motorcycles or snowmobiles in conditions of poor visibility. The disadvantage is that the batteries run out quickly, but the fabric of the gloves allows you to accumulate heat.

Kaiman Electric Gloves
Kaiman Electric Gloves use batteries.

Fruits Basket USB Warm Gloves

The outfit is distinguished by cut-off fingers; a synthetic fabric that does not repel water is used for the manufacture. The heating elements are connected to an external battery with a voltage of 5 V, the maximum temperature is +42°C. Due to the use of elastic material, gloves are stretched to fit the size of the hand, the owner can change the location of the heater.

The low price determines the poor quality of the components, the equipment is suitable for rare use in sparing conditions.

Pekatherm GU920 plus CP951

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The kit includes gloves and batteries, the kit is designed for use at low air temperatures. It takes 15 seconds to heat the elements to operating temperature, the equipment withstands operation without recharging for 9 hours. The Thinsulate membrane is used to protect against water and wind, a 4-stage heating intensity adjustment system is implemented. Gloves differ in the increased wear resistance, the adapter for simultaneous charging of 2 batteries is included in the set.

Pekatherm GU920 plus CP951
Pekatherm GU920 plus CP951 - gloves and batteries.

Kaiman Heated Gloves

Moisture-resistant Heated Gloves are made of red synthetic fabric. There is a special coating on the fingers that allows you to use the touch screens of smartphones or navigators. There is a 3-step temperature control, the built-in battery is designed for 3 hours of operation.

Products are characterized by rapid heating to operating temperature, which takes no more than 5 minutes.

Warmspace WS-GA800

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Gloves WS-GA800 are equipped with heating threads located from the wrists to the fingertips. The increased load required the use of a battery with a capacity increased to 4000 mAh. The battery is able to maintain the heating operation for 6-12 hours (depending on the temperature of the threads). The manufacturer offers products in size M or XL, on the outside there is an ornament in golden or blue. Customers report high quality workmanship, but a number of vendors are shipping the WS-GA800 without a battery due to postal restrictions.

Warmspace WS-GA800
Warmspace WS-GA800 have heating filaments.

Libero Ski Gloves

Libero Ski Gloves are available in one size and are made from faux leather with coral fleece inserts. The fabric repels moisture and allows air to pass through, the heating system is located around the fingers. There is a Velcro fastener on the wrist, and a stepless regulator for setting the temperature. The products are designed for connection to an external power source, the kit includes a 1700 mm cord with an LED status indicator.

Mumian Ski Gloves

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Products are offered in 2 sizes M and L, heating of the outer part of the palm is provided. The battery has a capacity of 3600 mAh, the operating time without recharging reaches 6 hours. The advantage of seals is a wrist strap that allows you to hold the equipment on your hand. The outer part of the product is made of a dense material that does not allow water to pass through. Buyers note good workmanship, but a charger for American standard sockets is supplied with gloves in size M.

Mumian Ski Gloves
Mumian Ski Gloves last up to 6 hours.

Winna.etech WNGH2-9722

The classic 5-finger WNGH2-9722 gloves are equipped with a wrist flap. Adjustment of temperature of heating within +35…+50 °C is provided, battery capacity is enough for 3-7 hours of work. The products are made of carbon fiber filled with lambswool, which allows air to pass through and protects the coda from water. The products are offered in 4 sizes from XS to XXL and are lightweight. Suitable for both athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

BTXypay WS-200

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WS-200 gloves are designed for walking, the heating system is located around the palm and thumb. Products are offered in sizes M and L (for women and men respectively), powered by a 2000 mAh battery. For the manufacture used tough artificial leather that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. Mittens are not suitable for motorcycle or snowmobile enthusiasts, as they do not provide a tight grip on the control handles.

BTXypay WS-200
BTXypay WS-200 are made of artificial leather.

Savior Heat SHGS11BS

Ski SHGS11BS are supplied in a cardboard box, the manufacturer offers several sizes of products (from S to XXL). The outer part is made of a synthetic Softshell fabric that does not allow water to pass through. On the back of the hand are heating elements connected to a 2200 mAh battery. There is a 3-stage temperature controller, operating time without recharging up to 6 hours.

Buyers note the thin material on the inside of the gloves, which leads to discomfort when the air is cooled to -10 ° C and below.

How to make DIY heated gloves

Factory-made products are suitable for people who often play outdoor sports. For rare use, it is more advisable to make homemade equipment using thread or knitted mittens from any online store. Self-made mittens in electric heating work stably at temperatures up to -30 ° C, providing comfortable conditions for the hands.

Tools and materials

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For manufacturing you will need:

  • thick gloves;
  • carbon fiber heating tape;
  • connecting copper cable;
  • bimetallic temperature controller;
  • insulating materials;
  • rechargeable batteries with a capacity of about 3000 mAh;
  • silicone sealant and terminals for switching;
  • soldering station and test device.
Thick gloves
For the manufacture will need gloves made of dense material.

Step-by-step instruction

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Brief manufacturing algorithm:

  1. Turn the gloves inside out and smooth out the fabric.
  2. Empirically determine the length of the tape, which will warm up when connected to + 40 ... + 45 ° С with a current in the circuit not higher than 1 A.
  3. Lay the carbon wire on the surface of the glove and secure with 2-sided adhesive tape and threads. The tape is placed on the palm and on surfaces in contact with the fingers.
  4. Connect the power cables and close the switching points with heat shrink tubing.
  5. Finally secure the tape with thread around the perimeter and dots of silicone sealant.
  6. Connect a bimetallic fuse that prevents overheating. The sensing element must be in contact with the tape.
  7. Solder the battery connectors to the wires.
  8. Charge the battery and check the functionality of the heated gloves. If the connection points of the tape heat up more than the rest, then it is necessary to install heat shields made of felt.

Features and rules of operation

The main nuances of using heated gloves:

  • it is forbidden to pierce the glove material with needles, pins or other sharp objects;
  • do not wear equipment if there are burns or fresh scars on the skin of the hands or wrists;
  • it is not recommended to use gloves for people with arthritis or other inflammatory diseases;
  • industrial use of items of equipment is prohibited;
  • during storage, do not fold products or store under the weight of heavy objects;
  • do not allow water to enter the battery containers;
  • disconnect the battery when storing or before washing.
Operating rules
Do not pierce the glove material.

Advantages and disadvantages

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Benefits of heated gloves noted by wearers:

  • protect hands from frostbite;
  • adjustable wrist pads prevent ice and snow from getting into the gloves;
  • the material is resistant to moisture.

Equipment disadvantages:

  • decreased sensitivity due to the thickness of the glove material;
  • the need to service batteries or install new batteries;
  • increased mass of products;
  • restriction of hand movement by a wire from an external power source.

User Reviews

Artem, 29 years old, Moscow

ArtemI am engaged in year-round paragliding and faced the problem of freezing fingers in winter. Additional mittens worsened the sensitivity, so I decided to try the equipment with heating. I purchased WNGH2-9722 products, a fully charged battery lasts for 2-2.5 hours at maximum heat. The material is thin and does not interfere with the control of the aircraft.

Yaroslav, 24, Arkhangelsk

YaroslavBought Savior Heat SHGS11BS gloves for skiing and snowmobiling. The threads warm up quickly, the battery has not lost its capacity in 2 seasons, but I use the equipment only on weekends, so the load on the batteries is low. The thin material allows you to feel the handles of ski poles or the controls of equipment, but mittens are not designed for severe frosts. When the temperature drops to -15 ° C, the threads do not warm up the fingers, but the problem is felt only when driving fast.

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