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Fashion designers all over the world praise Gucci bags, the originals of which are difficult to find even in the capital's stores. Products of this fashion house are worn not only by celebrities, but also by the first ladies of the United States. Fraudsters come up with schemes for the production of bags that look exactly like branded ones, because the brand's special history, premium quality and original style make Gucci things an expensive pleasure.

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Gucci bag
Gucci brand bags are preferred by both celebrities and first ladies of the United States.

History of the Italian brand Gucci

Guccio Gucci, the founder of the Italian fashion house Gucci, was born in Florence in 1881. Over time, Guccio will leave his home and start working as a porter, and then an elevator operator in a London hotel. This will play a key role in his life, because there he will begin to notice that the suitcases and bags of visitors differ depending on their status.

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In 1921, returning to his hometown, Guccio marries and with the accumulated money he opens a workshop and shop, which at first specialize in travel bags and suitcases, horse harness and clothes for jockeys. Even then, Guccio Gucci determines the vector for the development of his brand: everything that is produced on his behalf must correspond to premium quality.

The Gucci logo, 2 intertwined Gs, was created by one of Guccio's sons in 1933. Within 5 years, the brand's range has expanded: the brand begins to produce gloves and women's bags.

In 1938, a Gucci boutique opens in Rome, and after 2 years the establishments are distributed throughout Italy. In 1947, the brand's most popular bag, Bamboo, was created, which became the favorite of many celebrities.

Since the 1950s, after the death of Guccio Gucci, the management of the company passed to Aldo Gucci, the elder brother. He expanded the brand's specialization, released a collection of furs, perfumes and women's clothing, and also increased the network of boutiques: now they could be found in Korea, Japan, France, etc. This step marked a new stage in the development of the brand and brought it closer to the modern Gucci identity.

Famous brand bags

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Each collection of Gucci bags contains not only a common style, but also a unique idea, borrowed from the history of fashion or myths. For all 70 years of the existence of the fashion house, there are several lines of bags that have become trends and have brought something new to the entire industry.

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Gucci Bamboo

This collection appeared in 1947. Its name comes from the material from which the product's handle was made - bamboo. The unique shape of the bag is reminiscent of a horse's saddle, highlighting the brand's past focus on horse harness and jockey apparel.

The use of this material determined not only style, but also practicality. Bamboo practically does not wear out, so it lasts longer. 70 years ago it was not customary to change bags often, so the quality of the material remained in the first place.

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Gucci Bamboo
The Gucci Bamboo collection appeared in 1947 and the material from which the handle was made was bamboo.

Gucci Jackie

This collection was released in the late 1950s. and was originally called Fifties Constance. Its peculiarity was that the fashion designer made the classic hobo bag, already familiar at that time, more miniature. Thanks to this, she became just as roomy and feminine, but did not immediately turn into a bestseller.

Gucci Jackie gained popularity after Jacqueline Kennedy appeared several times with her. After that, sales of the collection increased dramatically and it was called Gucci Jackie in honor of the first lady of the United States, thanks to which the items of this line became a trend.

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Gucci Jackie
Gucci Jackie gained popularity after Jacqueline Kennedy appeared with her several times.

Gucci Flora

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The Gucci Flora collection features a floral print created by illustrator Vittorio Accornero for Gucci. Rodolfo, flattered by the fact that the princely family of Monaco visited his boutique, presented Princess Grace Kelly with a designer piece made especially for her. Berries, bugs, many flowers created by the illustrator were transferred to the Gucci scarf. In the wake of this event, in 2005, the line of vintage Gucci Flora bags grew, where lightness and variety of colors are combined with the high quality of Gucci materials.

Gucci Flora
Gucci Flora is distinguished by its floral print, which was created by illustrator Vittorio Accornero.

Gucci Guccissima

In 2006, Frida Giannini released a collection of bags with the brand's monogram - intersecting letters GG. For this, not only a print was used, but also embossing on the skin. The logomania trend has been firmly established for more than a decade and is now popular with various famous brands.

Gucci Guccissima
The Gucci Guccissima collection is still popular with various famous brands.

Gucci Dionysus

The idea of this model grew out of ancient Greek myths. Dionysus, the god of winemaking and inspiration, regularly transformed into different creatures, most often a tiger. One of the stories of such transformations was romantic: Dionysus, having fallen in love with Alfesibeya, thanks to the transformation, was able to transfer her to the other side of the river. Therefore, all products of the collection have a special clasp in the form of a horseshoe, on the edges of which you can see the heads of tigers.

Gucci Dionysus
The Gucci Dionysus collection features a special horseshoe closure with tiger heads on the edges.

Gucci Sylvie

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The 2016 collection introduced a new detail - large gold hardware along the top of the bag. Each of the products of the line was small, and the main difference was in the colors and prints. The creative designer admitted that the idea of Gucci Sylvie was born as a result of rethinking the style of the fashion house of the 60s and 70s.

Gucci Sylvie
The Gucci Sylvie collection appeared in 2016, with the main difference in the form of golden fittings.

Gucci GG Marmont

Products combine femininity and practicality. The variety of bag shapes and colors in the collection is highlighted by a golden clasp, the untransformed logo of the 70s. The bag has acquired not only a special style, but also conciseness. This makes it a great addition to casual or classic looks.

Gucci GG Marmont
The Gucci GG Marmont collection is the perfect complement to a casual or classic look.

Gucci Ophidia

In 2018, Alessandro Michele presented the Gucci Ophidia collection, the refrain of which was the interweaving of saddle straps to a horse from the 50s. from Gucci. Logomania with a red ribbon on a green or blue background has become the main focus of the Gucci Ophidia bag line.

Gucci Ophidia
The Gucci Ophidia collection was introduced in 2018.

How to distinguish an original Gucci bag from a fake

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Like any premium brand, Gucci is often counterfeited, ignoring quality materials and meticulous tailoring.

There are fake things of different categories:

  1. Explicit. The seller does not hide the fact of a fake and puts a low price tag.
  2. Hidden. Served as the original or made exactly like it: you can detect a fake by the absence of documents.

Even in the latter case, you can distinguish a fake from a Gucci branded bag if you know what you need to pay attention to when examining a thing.

Packaging and equipment

Gucci belongs to the premium segment of women's clothing and perfumery, so even in the packaging of the product it is distinguished by sophistication and quality. The packaging must be made of solid cardboard with even corners. The original bag is packed in a cotton duster, in the center of which is the logo.

The bag can be both dark and light in color, pleasant to the touch. The logo patch has no protruding threads or frayed letters: this is checked by the manufacturer before being sent to boutiques.


Premium bags are equipped with a product passport with an identification number called a controllato card. The seller is obliged to show it before buying, because this is a certificate of product quality, which confirms that the product is worthwhile. But in fact, this card is faked, so it's better not to judge originality by only 1 sign.

tailoring quality

The seams of Gucci bags are even and without protruding threads. Their color matches the material of the bag as much as possible. Any additional elements - logo, embroidery and other details - are held firmly.

tailoring quality
On the original Gucci bags, the seams are even and without protruding threads.

natural materials

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The skin of the bag is not painted and is firm to the touch. It keeps its shape well and does not have an unpleasant chemical smell. On high quality genuine leather, there should be no creases and scuffs.


In the original, it is present not only on the details of the bag, but also on the anther. To create a logo, a corporate font is used, so on a fake, the letters on different parts of the bag may differ not only in style, but also in the accuracy of application.

The easiest way to detect a fake is by the anther: after all, the buyer pays less attention to it. Uneven seams, small background gaps in brand letters, protruding threads - all these are signs of a fake.


On those models of bags that are equipped with accessories, there should be an engraving of the logo. It should not only be carved, but also not have darkening inside and outside the engraving. On original things, the fittings are much heavier than on fakes.


Gucci bags have the brand's name engraved on the zipper. The product opens and closes with ease, the extra fabric on the inside of the bag does not interfere with this. If there is a leather tongue on the zipper slider, the seams on it are neat and even.

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Serial number

All original Gucci bags have a serial number stamped on the inside. It is worth paying attention to the accuracy of the numbers: they should all be located evenly and not fall on their side.

The correct serial number, checked in the online program, does not yet mean that the item is original, because it is possible that it was simply copied from the original. Therefore, it is more important to pay attention to the quality of its application. The serial number on the control card and the inside of the bag must match.


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The inside of the original bag is sewn evenly. For the lining of the product, Gucci uses linen fabric - thin and pleasant to the touch. Its shade corresponds to the color of the product. Threads are not knocked out on the substrate, all lines are stitched with millimeter accuracy.

Inner part

The original bag has a label with the brand name and place of production - Made in Italy. On the reverse side of the label or below the logo, it also contains the serial number of the product. The inside is neatly stitched. The seams, the color of the lining and its material meet a high quality standard.

Where can I buy the original

It is better to buy Gucci only in branded boutiques offline or in an online store. Gucci boutiques in Moscow are located in the Vremena Goda gallery and in the Central Department Store. Before buying in your city, it is better to check the addresses of the brand's official stores on the Russian Gucci website.

The cost of an original Gucci bag

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The price of Gucci bags starts from 47,500 rubles. and depends on the model. If there is a promotion on the holidays, prices may decrease.

The cost of some Gucci bags by collection:

Model name Cost, rub.
Dionysus Bamboo Medium in black 208 500
Jackie in blue and floral print 121 000
GG Flora small clutch with white print clip 122 500
Gucci Ivory Guccissima Leather Medium Princy Boston Bag 83 499
Dionysus mini in white 91 000
Top-handle Sylvie 1969 in black 239 500
GG Marmont mini Gucci in black and beige over the shoulder 71 600
Ophidia off shoulder cream 70 100

What to do if you were sold a fake

Where to go if you sold a fake?


In this case, you need:

  1. Ask the seller to return the money for the goods of inadequate quality. Most conflicts with the seller are resolved at this stage.
  2. Write a complaint against the organization in which the item was purchased. The case will be considered even in the absence of a check.
  3. Conduct an examination. If the case is won, the amount spent will be returned in full with compensation.

Additional Recommendations

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They are the following:

  1. Compare several Gucci bags of the same or different models for identical logo writing, detailing, and lining before shopping.
  2. Choose stores that have proven themselves for several years. It is better to buy branded items in brand boutiques.
  3. Do not focus only on the prestige of the brand. Choose a bag that will be in harmony with the things in your wardrobe.
  4. If the desired model is not available in Russian stores, order it abroad, and not from an unknown dealer.
  5. Before buying, ask the seller for a passport for the product (control card).
  6. Check the originality of the goods by the barcode in the store.
  7. Wait for a promotion in a company store if you want to buy a branded item cheaper.

To purchase an original Gucci item, you need to check the serial number and make sure that the documentation for the product is available. It is better to carefully check the outer and inner sides of the bag, inspect the packaging and the boot. There should be no crooked seams and scuffs on a branded product. In order not to regret buying, it is better to study the collections before shopping, and then choose what suits you best.

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