Vodka Oil - how to distinguish a fake?

Vodka Oil - how to distinguish a fake? Products

"Oil" - vodka, related to elite alcoholic beverages. It has an interesting packaging design and its own history, has several prizes and world awards. The drink is Russian, but it is produced only in Austria.

How much does original elite vodka cost? The price for a bottle of 700 ml starts from 2500 rubles. Since this vodka has a high price and is produced only in limited editions, it is possible to find a fake in ordinary supermarkets. Therefore, in order not to buy a surrogate instead of high-quality "Oil", you need to know what is the difference between the original product and the fake.

You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

About the manufacturer

The history of the emergence of vodka "Oil" is more like a legend. The origins of history send us to the 70s. last century, when oil production began in Siberia. Then a large number of young professionals went to this type of earnings in the Siberian forests.

Vodka Oil

Three Russian oil engineers met while extracting oil in these forests. They worked hard, the work was hard both physically and morally affected people. Living conditions in the forests were hellish - cold in winter, and unbearable heat in summer with midges and mosquitoes. But, when there was time for rest, the three friends drank vodka. This drink allowed them not only to keep warm in winter, but also to distract from work. Of course, then friends could only be content with a surrogate.

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They didn't particularly like drinking low-quality vodka. Therefore, they thought about how and by what means to improve its quality. Friends decided to start producing exactly the vodka that would suit them in terms of quality and packaging design. That is, to produce goods intended for oilmen.

Under capitalism, friends had money. But, they couldn't build the plant on their own. Therefore, they turned to Freihof, located in Austria, for help. Representatives of Freihof listened to their ideas regarding the composition and design of vodka, and helped to start production.

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Types of kegs

You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

"Oil" is shaped like an oil barrel, only smaller. The manufacturer has paid great attention to the packaging, so that it looks like a barrel as much as possible. 

In retail sales and small circulations, you can find 2 types of kegs - white and black.

Types of kegs
What barrels of vodka “Oil” look like

According to individual orders, the plant produces "Oil" in containers with a different design. For example, vodka in a red can was produced especially for the Raketa watch factory. There is also a container decorated with rhinestones or emblems of various companies.

To find out if the company has previously bottled vodka in golden, blue, silver cans, you need to visit the page of. site manufacturer and ask the manager a question.

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Red color



Features of containers for different countries

You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

In other countries, you can buy "Oil" bottled in barrels (the volume is indicated in liters):

  1. 0, 1
  2. 0,7
  3. 0,75 
  4. 1

For sale on the territory of the Russian Federation, vodka with a face value of 0.7 liters is produced. Only goods with this denomination have a license!

On the Russian barrel, unlike those sold abroad, additional information is indicated on the bottom of the container in Russian.

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The bottom of banks in Russia

Barrels that are intended for sale outside the territory of the Russian Federation have the inscription “DRINK RESPONSIBLY” on the bottom.

Bottom in other countries


You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

For the production of "Neft" high-quality products are used. One of the main ingredients is pure spring water from Austria. The second product is grain of the highest grade.

First, a distillate is produced from the grain. Then it goes through a multi-stage cleaning. The result is pure alcohol, in which there are no various flavors and spices. After, the purified alcohol is mixed with spring water and poured into packages.

Vodka in white packaging has an almond aftertaste, it is drunk easily and softly. You can drink it without eating. Or eat small meals.

Vodka in a black barrel tastes richer than in white. It has a delicate aroma and a sweet grassy aftertaste. His vodka is given not by chemical fragrances, but by alpine herbs.

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How to distinguish a fake from the original?

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Sometimes it is very easy to identify a fake - vodka can be extremely cheap. In some stores, counterfeit products are found at a price of 600 rubles per keg with a volume of 0.7 liters. But, more often, a surrogate is sold at the price of the original - from 2500 rubles.

You can determine the originality of the product by the quality and original packaging design. The packaging has the most realistic shape when compared with a real barrel of oil: 

  1. The bottom and top are looped.
  2. There are 2 rings in the center, which are convex.
Characteristic features of the keg
Characteristic features of the original keg

The original barrels have rings that are squeezed out smoothly. They have all the corners and lines are smooth. Fake containers have sharper and more angular lines.

The seam

The seam on the original container is varnished, but not on the fake.

Vodka Oil - how to distinguish a fake?

Features of the Russian "Oil"

You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

Distinctive features of the original from a fake:

  1. The container is made of metal.
  2. The top and bottom are necessarily looped, like on a real barrel of oil + 2 rings in the center - their original characteristics were described earlier.
  3. The cover is made of soft plastic. In shape, it resembles a cork, which is found on canisters for automotive oils.


  1. The volume of 700 ml is indicated on the excise stamp and packaging.

Volume on excise

  1. The original container has a protective ring. At the moment of opening the cork, it comes off. If you pull the valve up, then after that you can pull out the neck and open the barrel completely. A neck should appear that will not change its original shape. That is, in a real container, it does not sag / wrinkle, like with burnt vodka. If the ring, as shown in the photo below, did not come off at the moment of opening - 100% is a fake!
Protective ring
Protective ring

How to open a barrel of vodka Oil?

  1. Information in Russian is always indicated at the bottom of a 0.7 l barrel if the product is intended for sale in the Russian Federation. The composition, date of bottling, information about the manufacturer, storage methods, restrictions on use are prescribed. At the bottom there is a Rostest sign - PCT. Original vodka is always produced and bottled in Austria, not in Russia!

Rostest badge

  1. There are inscriptions on real containers - on one side in Russian, and on the other in English.

Inscriptions in two languages

  1. An excise stamp is affixed to the original barrel. The excise tax must indicate the correct nominal volume and say “vodka”.

Excise duty on original goodsFake excise

  1. On one side of the container (side) applied barcode and QR code. The country of origin is also duplicated there, the sign of the cryptocurrency is indicated. The manufacturer officially recognized Bitcoin as a currency, so "Oil" can be bought for that kind of money.


The excise stamp may be absent if "Oil" is sold in stores where there is a duty-free shopping area. It's called duty free. Such zones exist at airports and train stations. 

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"Oil" without an excise stamp can only be bought at an airport or railway station in Austria, and not on the territory of the Russian Federation!

Summing up

You can buy the original Neft Vodka here.

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

You can also check the originality of Vodka Oil by barcode, through the form above.

Singed vodka is of low quality, can be cheap and have a difference in color of both the product itself and the can. Therefore, when buying Oil, pay attention to the price, compare the information on the bank and the excise stamp, scan and check the goods using the QR code.

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Neft became famous all over the world, not only due to the interesting packaging design and high quality, but also through viral advertising (see the video above). After some time, at the request and positive feedback of 1 video, a sequel was shot in the form of a full-length film. 

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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Blog author. 7 years of experience as a Merchandiser. Specialist in the definition of quality products. Distinguished more than 5,000 fake goods. My motto: there is no limit to perfection!

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  1. Vlad

    Vodka is often counterfeited, and the fact that so much attention has been paid to the original packaging, which makes counterfeiting more difficult, is absolutely correct. Vodka cannot be protected from counterfeiting, only you can complicate it with the help of packaging. Unfortunately, I have not yet met this brand in supermarkets, even expensive ones.

    1. Andrey

      I can upset you, our crooked partners faked the container so much that the customs officers themselves were fucked up. Now heaps of this oil for 800 rubles, he got caught but threw it off in time. Yes, and in super vodka stores the same crap, with the left excise tax.

      1. Kiril

        I bought a couple of cans for 500 rubles, excellent vodka

        1. Vadim

          Hopefully alive after drinking)

          1. I

            Cool vodka, we have 300 rubles for 0.7

        2. Max

          I buy for 225r. Excellent vodka

  2. Andrey

    Now, it is not difficult to fake a quality product, but the quality will be, to put it mildly, not very good. It is good that there are similar articles that help a person to understand all the nuances and not fall for the bait of dishonest businessmen.

  3. Eugene

    The original design of vodka, its cost speaks for itself. And those who really want to consume quality vodka will pay attention to this brand. Of course, you need to be able not to fall for a fake, so you should study the packaging and labeling of vodka well.

  4. Alexey

    The quality of the drink, of course, should correspond to its price. I've never seen a vodka with that name. Looking forward to the opportunity to visit Austria.

  5. Alexander

    No wonder they fake it. Even if you do not take into account the quality of vodka, the container alone is worth something. Looks nice and original. It can be a worthy decoration of any bar. Thank you for the detailed description of how to identify a fake.

    1. Anonymous

      If you do not take into account the quality of vodka, then why pay for a round piece of iron?

  6. Victor

    Now it is very difficult to find a really worthwhile product, and as for vodka, it is practically impossible at all. I personally buy more expensive vodka, as a rule, such a product has the least fakes, and if there is no money for expensive vodka, then it’s better not to drink at all

  7. Lydia

    Very interesting, unusual design of draft containers. Well, the price is correspondingly high due to the fact that the product is not manufactured in Russia. You describe in detail and clearly how to distinguish a fake from the original. sale, not vodka. This is not true. In those years and until Gorbachev came to power, there was good, high-quality vodka and there were no cases of poisoning (namely, store-bought).

    1. Anonymous

      I agreed there was very high-quality vodka at 2 r. 87 k. Then 3 r. I will say the quality everyone noticed the difference from the current one, even the expensive one. Maybe the water was cleaner now, we’re buying it. And they left for Austria not because we can’t produce, but because of taxes, it seems to me. and suddenly, as if by magic, money appeared and went to Austria to the factory. Well, it's obviously funny. My uncle made such a moonshine in 70 g of double distillation and insisted on herbs no oil was nearby. Our land is also rich in springs. Only if it is not filled with diesel fuel.

  8. Igor

    In stores today, probably 50 percent is not high-quality vodka. It is profitable for stores to buy batches of surrogate vodka, because when buying it, it is much cheaper, and you can’t even tell if it’s a factory or a fake.

  9. Anna

    The most expensive vodka is often counterfeited, and therefore it is very important to know the difference between the fake and the original. From your article, I learned about the differences and now I will not be mistaken in my choice.

  10. Yuri

    Really interesting and useful to read. I am a fan of this vodka. The product is of quite good quality. This is about the original. Therefore, it was good to learn how to distinguish a fake.

  11. Natalia

    It's good that the manufacturer has thought so carefully about protecting his products from fakes, which means he values his name and protects customers from fakes, keeping them healthy. By the way, an interesting container, originally invented. But in the shops of his city is not found.

  12. Arthur

    I remember that in my city, in one large supermarket, I noticed this unusual design. There was even an idea to buy such a barrel as a souvenir for a friend, but the price stopped - 1700 rubles. to my mind. From this article, I learned about the price of the original, which surprised me even more. Of course, then I did not consider the goods, but judging by the price, I may have avoided buying a fake. Thanks for information.

  13. Andrey Kucherenko

    The design of the container attracts, it is very original thought up and executed. As a souvenir, such vodka is an ideal solution, especially if the person to whom such a souvenir is awarded works in the fuel sector. As for the quality of vodka, I have one criterion here. If I don’t have a hangover in the morning after 0.5 liters of a drink for a good snack, then the vodka is excellent, you can buy later. “OIL” will turn up - I will test it.)))

  14. Alexander

    Fraudsters do not sleep, and in order not to run into a fake, you should always carefully study all the protections against forgery that the manufacturer has provided. Otherwise, you can run into low-quality vodka or even get food poisoning!

  15. Khalid

    It is a pity that Austria is engaged in the production of vodka, invented in Russia. Since vodka has such a decent price, then it's worth it. I would like to know the names of the inventors. Did they get rich?

    1. Anonymous

      What did they invent? There is no vodka PACKAGING UNDER THE NAME, OIL,

  16. Dmitry

    An interesting article, it is necessary somehow in practice not to forget to apply it in practice. Moreover, fakes are now in bulk

  17. Leonid

    Quite an unusual item. The packaging itself is attractive. Especially lovers of alcoholic products. I think that this product has a good future, since people who can afford to buy 0.7 vodka for 2500 rubles will not deny themselves this pleasure. More ads, as they say...

  18. Alexander

    This friendship worked together, and together they came up with vodka, the design is cool, I would also like to try this vodka with friends.

    1. Anonymous

      When drunk, you can’t think of something, and they also came up with borsh!

  19. Vadim Romanovich

    The product is excellent, as described. It is a bond between the authorities and the people, as it combines the main values of the authorities and the people. For the authorities, such a value is oil, well, but for the people - you yourself understand ...)))
    But seriously. This vodka is a wonderful souvenir for a business partner. Excellent quality, unique packaging, And how many toasts can be said when consuming such a drink!))) In a word, we buy, give, drink!

  20. Kate

    Fans of cultural drinking, do you know that blue swill factories buy alcohol in China (the cheapest), and the Chinese have contrived to drive it out of sewer waste. There is enough raw material in China.

    1. Anonymous

      Well done!!! Our moonshine is even cleaner, at least you won’t get poisoned! Once I bought a dear one and poured it out to drink it was not possible. Expensive does not mean good, especially in our country where no one is responsible for anything. Go to any store and check the excise taxes.

  21. Alexander G

    The article about this vodka is definitely unique in that it contains the function of checking the product by barcode. I have not seen this before. This is a truly innovative step. Respect to the authors. As for the vodka itself, I can say for sure. I drank this vodka twice. The product is of high quality, I'm not afraid of this word, premium. Drinks easily. Snacks are not required. I didn't notice a hangover in the morning. After its abundant consumption the day before, I only drank coffee, then sat behind the wheel in perfect order and drove to work.

  22. Sergei

    I bought it not expensive, I checked the country by the barcode, but at the bottom there is an inscription that says that this vodka is not for sale in the Russian Federation, which means someone's confiscated,

  23. Dmitry Levin

    I gave this vodka to my father for a professional holiday. He especially liked the design of the drink. Found it very original. Here we tasted this vodka. The product is quality. If funds allow, then you can and should buy this vodka. Drinks easily. Fragrant. Head after it does not hurt.

  24. George Ioseliani

    A very interesting article, I like this vodka, the main thing is that it may not be chatty, a good thing for a gift.

  25. Simon K.

    Vodka Oil drank once. Out of curiosity, I checked on it all the signs of originality indicated in this article. Everything really fits. The product itself is excellent, I liked it. By the way, just yesterday I saw that Avito was selling empty containers from Vodka Oil. Prices for an empty jar are from 50 to 500 rubles apiece. People appreciate Vodka Oil!)))

  26. Rodion P.

    And I didn’t know that Oil vodka can be bought for bitcoins. A phenomenally competent advertising move, from which both vodka and bitcoin benefit.))) Now we need to find out where you can spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency on the original Oil vodka.)))
    Of the signs of the originality of the drink, I liked the shape of the looped container the most. This sign is difficult to fake.

    1. Ivan Britan

      It’s very difficult to find good vodka now at a normal price and you can normally try normal vodka now costs from 1500 m and above, then you can get in and regret later vodka from oil, it’s not safe to try it’s best to try it yourself that you can’t come up with the best option, this is a fact

  27. Roman Anatolievich

    I was presented with a jar of black “Oil” yesterday for the May holidays. I'll be tasting over the weekend. I checked it now for all the signs that are here in the article. I have original vodka. Nice. It is curious that a can of vodka Oil, judging by the photo, opens like a canister of machine oil.))) I am delighted with such coincidences!

  28. Sergei

    Very disappointed with this information. Banks for this vodka and others are sold in batches on Alibaba and whoever has the money can buy cans one-on-one with the original and fill in any vodka and sell it as original.
    I consider this article to be custom.

  29. Konstantin K

    Vodka Oil drank and repeatedly, the product is good, no words. But here in the article they call Soviet vodka low-quality and even call it a surrogate. I absolutely cannot agree with this.
    I started drinking vodka in the USSR in 1989. So, it was a product of the highest quality. On sale in our city it was possible to buy (with coupons, of course) vodka of 4 varieties: Siberian, Moscow, Wheat, Russian. Siberian cost 12 rubles 70 kopecks and was a product of the highest quality with a strength of 45 degrees!!! Moscow and Pshenichnaya drank perfectly in screw bottles. But the Russian in Cheburashka bottles was outright disgusting. But in the absence of others, it was also used for a sweet soul. The main delicacy was Posolskaya vodka. But in 89-91 I drank it only once. I remember. And then this scoop-USSR finally died and the long-awaited abundance of alcoholic beverages came. High-quality, imported and other ...)))

  30. Rail Aby

    We are all adults and we know very well, we understand that part of the Russian budget is replenished from black gold called oil, but this is the first time I hear an unusual vodka-oil. The price is high, and I have never seen such a product in supermarkets, so I won’t say anything about the taste, but we don’t drink a surrogate that is now on the shelves and I don’t recommend it to you.

  31. Yuri

    They presented such a “barrel” from Rocket (with Gagarin). The barcode passes, but gives out that it was made in Belgium or Luxembourg, while on the bank in Latin that the distributor is from Budapest. Obviously not Russian, although one of the 2 names and the fortress is written in ours. Day in English.

  32. Marat Maratovich

    This vodka is an expensive product. For the majority of the population, this price is unaffordable. Consequently, those who drink "Oil" are wealthy people and, as a rule, literate. Therefore, let them study this article and delve into how to distinguish this jar from a fake one. Although, taking into account the resourcefulness of the Chinese, it is quite possible to run into a fake of this container. I see the only way out is to buy luxury vodka in luxury stores. At least there will be a guarantee.

  33. Mikhail Sergeevich

    With the low cost of labor in China, it will not be difficult to establish the production of high-quality packaging for Neft. And pouring cheap swill there is also a couple of trifles. I think that you need to break through the podlek by a barcode on a special Internet service. This is where you can protect yourself. I myself drank “Oil”, friends gave me. The vodka is good, it is drunk normally, there was no hangover.

  34. Hermann

    I do not drink such expensive vodka. I don't see the point. For this money, I either buy good cognac, or I collect a lot of cheaper vodka, which I am sure of. But I sometimes buy Vodka Oil as a gift, because I have friends who work in the oil industry. I can easily recognize the original. According to the external signs of the container, I break through the barcode on the site. Quite enough, for this a lot of mind is not needed. No one has yet complained about the quality of the vodka I gave.

  35. Nicholas

    Of course, this is the most profitable business, and they make big money on vodka. There used to be good vodka and people were not poisoned, but now there are so many fakes and poisonings.

  36. Nana

    The quality of the drink, of course, must correspond to its price, an interesting, unusual design of draft containers

  37. Anonymous

    At a price of 220 rubles. high-quality vodka, according to the legend, sellers are forged in Ukraine, there is no inscription in Russian on the bottom, the rest is all like the original.

  38. Alexander

    This vodka differs from many others in its taste and is very good. A lot of people fake it and your advice on how to distinguish is very necessary for many and thank you.

  39. Yuri

    Такую водку не пил, даже не встречал. Упаковка оригинальная, думаю подделать трудно. Да и какой смысл, есть много других кандидатов с более простой тарой.