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Known data proving that the number of illegal supplies of cigarettes and tobacco products occupies about 10% of the market. Counterfeit goods are cheaper and thus attractive to the consumer. However, buying an illegal product can cause harm to human health and life. To combat counterfeiting, control methods are periodically optimized. So, the Data Matrix code has recently been included in the mandatory labeling, which allows using a smartphone to determine the originality of the product. The barcode, which has already taken a stable position, is also used for cigarettes, while it is included in a set of measures to combat counterfeiting and protect the rights and safety of the consumer. Consider how to check the authenticity of cigarettes in possible ways.

Check barcode online

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

According to the rules, the movement of any goods from the place of production is possible only with a label that includes a barcode. It is a unique combination of black and white stripes with numbers (more often it is ean 13-digit code for a unit of goods).

Checking the data matrix of the cigarette code

Barcoding makes it easier to check at the border, and it can also be used to track the legality of the product.

The expansion of Internet opportunities for the consumer contributes to the opening of access to many databases.

The most popular services for online barcode verification:


In addition to websites, you can use mobile applications to scan a barcode.

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online

What does an authentic pack of cigarettes look like?

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

What does an authentic pack of cigarettes look like?

The label must contain:

  1. Data Matrix code and other information set to be indicated by the “Honest Sign” system.
  2. Excise stamp of the established sample.

From 07/01/2020, new rules require printing on packs:

  1. 2d barcode data matrix showing:
    • GTINs;
    • a unique code for product identification;
    • cryptographic verification code.
  2. Digital code of the means of identification.
  3. Pack identification code.
  4. minimum market value.

The DataMatrix code is applied to the side or bottom of the pack. The marking is very compact, which allows printing even on thin packages.

Data Matrix requirement

Data Matrix requirement

The new “Honest Sign” system, in addition to the specified code, also requires a Data Matrix barcode. It provides access to the traceability of all stages of the sale of goods.

Tracking in this case allows you to control each individual pack of cigarettes.

Thus, the consumer receives guarantees of purchasing a legal product. To determine the authenticity of cigarettes, only a smartphone is needed. In addition, experts predict further price reductions due to blocking the trade in fakes. The cost of tobacco products may decrease by 10%.

Tax stamp requirements

Tax stamp requirements

In accordance with the requirements of GOZNAK, excise stamps can be of two types. More details in the table.

Brand type Size Note
Domestic production (RF) 47×21 mm Inscriptions are applied:
  • The Russian Federation.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Special brand.
Imported goods 44×20 mm The serial number contains information about the supplier. This is indicated by the first letter of the number:
  • C - the goods are produced in the CIS countries. On the left is the inscription "CIS".
  • And - a foreign manufacturer that is not part of the CIS. On the left - the inscription "IMPORT".

In order to protect stamps from copying, their appearance and marking rules change periodically. For excise printing, special paper is selected with protective elements applied.

What information does a barcode carry?

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

What information does a barcode carry?

By barcode you can find out:

  • the first three digits are the country code;
  • digits from position 4 to number 7 - manufacturer's code;
  • from the eighth to the twelfth inclusive - product code (required as part of production);
  • the last one is the check digit.

The product code contains data about it: weight, composition, color, etc.

There are cases when the country code on the barcode does not match the one on the package. This is acceptable and is due to several situations:

  • the place of production and the main office are located in different countries;
  • The product is produced by a subsidiary.

The absence of these reasons indicates the illegality of the product.

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Checking the authenticity of cigarettes by the barcode of the Chestny sign

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Checking the authenticity of cigarettes according to the requirements of the Chestny sign

Thanks to the “Honest Sign” system, the consumer can protect himself online from buying counterfeit products. Let's consider how to check the product using the application. For this you need:

  1. Install the “Honest Sign” application on your smartphone. At the same time, it is necessary to check that the developer is CRPT.
  2. Enter the program and click the icon for scanning in the form of an icon with parentheses in the four corners.
  3. Point the camera at the barcode in such a way as to capture the image completely within the set frames.
  4. Wait for a response about the information about the product, which are transmitted from the “Honest Sign” server.

If the program fails and an error occurs when checking cigarettes using the barcode of the Chestny znak, it is possible to manually enter the series number and GTIN.

How to check the excise stamp

Cigarette Authentication

The constant modernization of stamps and the security elements on them do not allow quick verification of the barcode.

Remaining available options:

  1. Submission of a request to EGAIS.
  2. Use of a special device - a detector of excise stamps. Its application extends not only to cigarettes, but also to banknotes, alcoholic beverages and other goods. The disadvantage of the device is its price, which starts from 3 thousand ₽ and goes up to 40 thousand ₽ depending on the functionality.

Self decryption by numbers

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Checking the barcode of cigarettes for authenticity

You can check the barcode by performing arithmetic calculations. Consider the example of 4213714512516.

We carry out calculations:

  1. We sum up the numbers in even places and multiply the resulting amount by 3: (2+3+1+5+2+1) × 3=42.
  2. Now add the numbers in odd positions: 4+1+7+4+1+5=22.
  3. We find the checksum of the values obtained in the two previous paragraphs: 42+22=64.
  4. We choose the last digit - 4.
  5. Subtract 4 from 10: 10-4=6.
  6. Compare with the control the last value: 6=6.

Compliance of the calculated value indicates the correctness of the barcode, but is not a 100% proof of the originality of the product. However, the discrepancy found as a result of the calculation indicates that the tested product is a fake.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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