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Each product sold on the territory of the Russian Federation must comply with the quality declared in GOST. Many crafts have the inscription "natural composition" or "environmentally friendly production", but this is not true in most cases. Counterfeiting products is a common method of making money among scammers. Ordinary people need to know how to recognize a fake product, what to do with it, how to return the money.

How to distinguish natural honey


The essence of falsification

Adulteration is illegal actions that degrade the quality of food or other items in order to reduce the volume, but retain similar properties to increase profits. For example, when the composition of the product is replaced, but external similar features are left. However, in the manufacture of crafts, the quality and nutritional value deteriorate.

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Check for counterfeit products by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

There are several types of counterfeit food products. Each of them is listed in the table.

Types of counterfeit Characteristic
Assortment or species Use imitation products that have the same external properties, but a distinctive set of components. More often crafts are carried out in relation to alcoholic beverages, water. Not all tasters can recognize it
quality Food and non-food additives are used that improve the taste of the product, but do not reduce its quality. Coloring, aromatization are often used to hide the true properties. A high-quality fake is used for butter, chocolate, caviar, coffee and other products.
quantitative Change the total weight or amount of any ingredient. False technical devices, certificates are often used to indicate the wrong amount (for example, when weighing)
Informational They show incorrect information in labeling, documents, advertising. It contains false data
Cost Fraudulent actions against buyers, when the low quality of the product is presented as high

Counterfeit products are deliberately produced. The supplier or seller hides the true quality of the goods by providing false information. You can hide not only the quality of the product itself, but also the country of origin. If earlier products were transported from Europe, now they often come from China.

Products in the store

Top 10 most counterfeit products

Allocate a list of adulterated food products that are counterfeited most often. If you know the main signs of a fake, you can avoid fraud, do not buy low-quality goods. You can make any food. For example, artificial meat, rice, sugar are made. They are not necessarily made in China, there are many Russian scammers. To verify authenticity, it is not enough to check with a photograph. There are various verification methods that simplify the life of the consumer.

Have you come across counterfeit products?


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This is a popular product that is often bought on the Russian or world market. It is sold in supermarkets, small shops, fairs. To create a fake, a sticky liquid is formed, to which the following components are added:

  • sugar syrup;
  • starch;
  • water.

Often they sell old, candied honey, which is remelted. To prevent the purchase of fake honey, the properties of a genuine product are determined:

  • lack of foam on the surface, sediment at the bottom;
  • sweet taste without sourness;
  • rich, pleasant smell;
  • the presence of a greasy, sticky consistency;
  • the absence of sugar grains, indicating the old age of the product.

If the smell is practically absent, it is a fake.

Honey has a rich aroma. A large amount of sugar indicates excessively old honey.

natural honey


There are 2 products in this category:

  • natural cheese;
  • cheese product.

Many manufacturers hide information about the presence of a cheese product, passing it off as cheese. For example, parmesan cheese. The craft is made by adding different components:

  • Palm oil;
  • recycled cellulose.

To buy a real product, pay attention to the following properties:

  • the presence of sourdough, milk, rennet in the composition;
  • fast melting when melted with the appearance of the smell of milk.

If you buy a fake and set it on fire, it will not melt, but will burn.

fake cheese


Caviar is an expensive product that contains a large amount of useful substances. For example, vitamin D or iodine. Therefore, many scammers try to make counterfeit products. To prevent its purchase, you need to know the real signs of caviar.

  1. Composition. It should not contain gelatin, agar-agar, milk, eggs. The packaging indicates the fish from which the caviar was obtained. The composition may additionally contain salt.
  2. Some preservatives are allowed. These include glycerin, E200. The last component prevents the growth of bacteria.
  3. Checking caviar with hot water. The water is heated, a few eggs are lowered. The fake dissolves and blurs. Genuine caviar remains whole, but the contents in it collapse.

If you need to buy a large amount of caviar, use the rating in accordance with Ros Quality. The list contains all manufacturers producing high-quality caviar.

Comparison of real and fake caviar

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Real coffee has an aromatic taste and smell. Grains are sold in their natural form, they are easy to fake after grinding. In addition to coffee beans, various components are added to the consistency:

  • ground barley;
  • wheat
  • robusta;
  • beans.

In order to prevent buying fakes, it is recommended to buy coffee only from well-known, trusted stores. It is purchased whole, ground independently.

Comparison between real and fake coffee


Butter accounts for more than 50% fakes among all other dairy products. It must be selected with care, as it may contain many artificial, cheap components:

  • margarine;
  • vegetable fats.

In order not to buy a fake, carefully read the composition.

It should not say that it is an oil product. The composition is looking for the content of at least 70% oil. If it is a fake, the shade will be excessively yellow, unnatural in color, as if dyed. Real oil has a pale yellow tint.

To detect a fake, conduct an experiment. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to hot tea. If it quickly melts and turns into foam, the oil is genuine. The fake initially sinks and sinks to the bottom, then breaks up into white and yellow fragments.

Comparison of real and fake oil

Spices and seasonings

It is very easy to fake spices, spices. Flavored chemical structures are added to them, reminiscent of the smell of the real product. Counterfeit goods are often imported from China. The following types of expensive seasonings are faked:

  • saffron, which is mixed with dried onions and safflower;
  • paprika, where white pepper is mixed;
  • vanilla with the addition of regular ground sugar;
  • cardamom;
  • spices that the Chinese usually eat - malasyan, weisu.

To be sure that there is no fake, it is recommended to buy spices in dried form, but not in powder.

Mineral water

Ordinary carbonated water with the addition of a small amount of salt is poured into bottles from Essentuki, Narzan and other well-known companies. They are sold under the guise of real, medicinal water. A label is glued on top indicating the proven composition, the presence of useful properties.

In Russia, the Ministry of Health periodically checks all suppliers for the availability of quality Mineralnye Vody. Organizations work in three areas:

  • mineral composition;
  • source localization;
  • isotopic source.

In order not to buy a fake, you need to make a purchase only in trusted stores. Mineral water should be made only in specialized factories, and not in ordinary factories that produce a variety of food products.

Mineral water


Among all drinks and food, alcohol is most often counterfeited. Many counterfeit companies produce it on their own, pouring it into expensive wine bottles. There are different ways to protect yourself from getting scammed:

  • reconciliation of the excise stamp, it must indicate reliable manufacturers, name, strength;
  • checking for the presence of a chemical structure by an experimental method - when natural wine and soda interact, the liquid begins to change color.

When buying alcohol, you need to be careful. If a fake is made, it can be seriously poisoned.

Therefore, it is better to buy wine in trusted outlets.


Natural chocolate is extremely rare. Mostly fake products are presented on store shelves. How to distinguish real chocolate from counterfeit:

  • appearance assessment - smooth and shiny surface, no white coating, dark and gray spots;
  • bright chocolate aromas;
  • a sharp click when breaking;
  • melting in the mouth without sticking to the teeth;
  • burning test - real chocolate burns, fake melts.

Chocolate should not contain a large amount of sugar, chemical products. Natural product contains cocoa, a little sugar, butterfat.

Comparison of real and fake chocolate


There is one accurate and reliable way to check alcohol for authenticity - using the official website of Rosalkogolregulirovanie. After going to the page, perform sequential actions:

  • find a window for checking alcohol;
  • enter the series and number indicated on the bottle next to the barcode;
  • pass the captcha check, evaluate the result.

In total, there are 3 ways to check, but some of them are available only to wholesale buyers (shops, restaurants):

  • QR code;
  • excise stamp;
  • barcode.

The stores have special programs that check the purchased products by name and data indicated on the packaging.


At what stage can falsification occur?

Usually crafts are carried out in the manufacture of products. But it can be done at any other stage of product creation.

  1. Mixing components. For example, when using low-quality substances for the preparation of butter.
  2. final stages of acquisition. That is, when adding chemicals to accelerate the formation of the consistency of honey, cheese.
  3. Manufacture of falsification with forgery of identification marks. For example, for alcohol, mineral water.

Classification is considered to be a fake of the product itself, its packaging. All this is illegal.

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High-profile cases

Several cases of major counterfeiting of fish products have been recorded in recent years.

  1. In 2019, in Ulyanovsk, the Fisherman of Kamchatka organization sold rotten fish, passing it off as a natural Kamchatka product.
  2. In 2020, fake Kamchatka canned food was sold in Volgograd, made using the wrong technologies.
  3. In Bryansk in 2021, counterfeit alcohol products with no documents were seized.

In each of these cases, not only violated the law, but endangered the lives of buyers.

Counterfeit alcohol

Who is responsible for everything

Each product released to the Russian market must comply with the standards prescribed by GOST and SanPiN. It is the state that should monitor the release of quality goods. If they do not comply with the prescribed standards, the responsibility lies with the manufacturer and the seller.

The most counterfeited products in Russia:

Category Products
Milk products Cheese, sour cream, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, whipped cream
Fish products Caviar, fish, canned food, crab sticks, lobster, shrimp
Drinking products Mineral drinks, bottled drinking water, soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks
Meat products Meat, pate, sausages
Confectionery Honey, chocolate

What to do if you sold a fake?

If a person bought a fake, they file a complaint with the following authorities:

  • the store where the product was purchased;
  • Rospotrebnadzor.

It is better to contact Rospotrebnadzor directly, where you want to refer the complaint.

It indicates which product is purchased, who is the seller or manufacturer. You can attach a photo of the product. Usually complaints are dealt with in a short time. 

Counterfeiting products is a serious crime that should be dealt with at the state level. In order not to stumble upon a fake, each person must know how to choose a high-quality, proven product of a different category. This will help not to spend money on scammers, purchase quality food and drinks, and maintain health.

What will you do if you spot counterfeit food?
Throw away and forget
Depends on the value of the purchased product
Eat if the product is not expired
I will go with checks and products to the store for a refund
Write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor
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