Coffee Lavazza - how to distinguish the original from the fake

Coffee Lavazza how to distinguish the original from the fake Products

Well-known brands always attract those who want to sell a low-quality product at a high price. Lavazza coffee is a similar product, knowing how to distinguish the original from the fake will protect you from buying low-quality coffee at a high price. 

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Coffee Lavazza

How to distinguish a fake

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the packaging of the product. The original packaging retains its correct shape even after transportation. The absence of a crease on the end side is not a reliable sign of the originality of the product, however, its presence absolutely confirms the fake.

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The method of marking is also evaluated, indicating the date and time of manufacture, the taste and aroma of a freshly prepared drink. Fake coffee can give off earthy notes, such an aftertaste is given by the use of poor quality Robusta. 

Lavazza coffee label

Relatively recently, Lavazza Qualita Oro appeared on the Russian market in a new package. Its distinguishing features:

  • On the front side, along the central vertical lines of the package, there is a black and red stripe.
  • The color of the packaging has become darker than it was before. 
  • Now there is no information about the degree of roasting, but the strength and taste are described. 
  • Updated pictures showing cooking methods.

Lavazza Qualita Oro

More often falsify coffee in packs of 1 kg. Despite this, you need to check every pack. The absence of an indication of the time of manufacture on the pack is a sign of counterfeit.

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Love coffee?

Variety and types of grinding

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Varieties of varieties and their characteristics are shown in the table. 

Name Arabica content, % Robusta content, %
Pienaroma 100 0
Espresso Grand
Lavazza Qualita Oro
Bella Cream
Filter Classic
Gold Selection
top class 90 10
Crema e Aroma 80 20
Super Cream
Crema e Gusto Forte
super gusto
Lavazza Qualita Rossa 70 30
Gran Riserva
Decaffeinato 60 40
Crema e Gusto  30 70

The company produces coffee in several fractions:

Variety Grinding degree
Espresso fine fractions
Crema e Gusto fairly large grains
Qualita Oro medium grind
Club average degree of grinding
Qualita Rossa fine grinding
Gran Riserva large fractions
Decaffeinato small grains

Coffee Lavazza


The original is necessarily distinguished by the presence of a ventilation valve. Knowing this fact, manufacturers of fake lavazza also choose packaging with a built-in valve.

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However, there is still a way to identify the original coffee - the presence on the valve of the name of the company that produces it (GOGLIO LUIGI MILANO).

Vent valve Lavazzo


The packaging quality of the original coffee is much higher than any fake. The production technology includes the stage of manufacturing the packaging by the enterprise, and not by a third party. Packs with real coffee are even without deformation of the corners and sides.

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Usually, there is no corrugated cardboard in counterfeit production, from which shipping containers are made. This is due to the fact that not all cardboard suppliers are at risk of dealing with illegal manufacturers. To eliminate the possibility of acquiring a fake, you can ask the supplier to bring the goods in a branded shipping box. No need to be shy, as this will distinguish a fake.

Ask the new supplier to bring your order in an original Lavazza carton.

The manufacturer packs packs of 1 kg in a box of 6 pieces, you do not have to order all 6 kg, any conscientious seller is familiar with the situation of fakes and will treat your request with understanding.

The box should be exactly from the position that you ordered (that is, if you ordered Lavazza Oro coffee, then the box should be from Lavazza Oro, this is important, if they give it from under a different position, then most likely this is a hoax). Also, in the ideal case, the figures of the time and date of production on the pack of coffee and on the box itself should differ by only 5-10 minutes, that is, they should be somewhere nearby, since the time machine first sets the production time on the pack, and only then sets the time layout on a box with coffee.

In the photo you can see that the coffee was packaged in a pack at 11:57, and the box was completed at 12:04, in front of you is the original. 

Packing time for original Lavazza coffee

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The information on it is the same as on individual packs.

At the same time, even the production time range coincides. 

Original and fake Lavazza

How to distinguish original Lavazza packaging from a fake?

It makes no sense to study all the variants of the detected fakes. Fraudsters improve their products, making them look less and less different from the original. It is better to carefully examine the features of the original packaging. The manufacturer does everything necessary to make it different from the fake.

So since July 2017, Lavazza has updated the design of many coffee packages. This is especially true for the most frequently counterfeited brands - ORO, Crema e Aroma, Rossa, Dek u Caffe Espresso.

There are still many unsold original products in the old packaging on the Russian market, but along with it, buyers can already see them in the new ORO format. Therefore, consider the features of the new Qualita ORO design:

  • in the center on the front side of the package there is a horizontal black and red stripe (black - at the bottom, red - at the top);Red and black stripe on the packaging of the original Lavazza coffee
  • slightly darker packaging color;
  • a block with a description of the flavor profile and strength of taste appeared on the pack, but information about the degree of roasting disappeared;
  • some information (in particular about the importer) in Russian;
  • the round red logo with the brand name has been changed;
  • updated cooking method logos.

bottom cut

In the original packaging, it is always wavy. A fake often gives an even cut.

Bottom cut coffee

Typos in the text

There are obvious signs of counterfeit products on the market, which the consumer may not pay attention to. For example:

  1. The incorrectly specified brand name on the site is, while the name of the official website corresponds to the Lavazza brand. 
  2. There are counterfeit packages on which the weight is incorrectly indicated - there is no dot, the mass of coffee 2200 g (2.2) is indicated as 22000 g (22).

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Importer sticker

Legally imported coffee must contain a label with information about the product in Russian. It contains information about the product, manufacturer, supplier, as well as contacts and addresses. The absence of a Russian-language label indicates that the product is either counterfeit or illegally imported.

Lavazza coffee - sticker in Russian

Fold lines on packaging

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The packaging with the original coffee is even after transportation. This is explained by the fact that at the official enterprise, the production of coffee and packaging is established in parallel.

The absence of a crease on packs of original Lavazza coffee

For packaging, foil tape is used, which is stored in reels.

Original Lavazza

At the same time, fake manufacturers package coffee in pre-made packaging. Close the packs are not robots, but people. While the goods are in a warehouse or in transport, the packaging is deformed during transportation, and a strip is clearly visible on the fold line.

For fakes, there is a fold along the entire pack, everything is very simple, if there is such a fold, then this is 100 % fake.

This factor is due to the fact that scammers order ready-made packs from a printing house, and they are compressed during transportation and storage, thereby forming a hall.

Remember, the presence of a crease directly indicates that the 100 % is a fake in front of you, but in turn, the absence of such a crease does not always indicate the originality of the product, to be sure, buy products from trusted suppliers.

Crease on fake packs of Lavazza coffee

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Production date stamp

Information about the time, date of manufacture and expiration, batch number on the original product is applied with paint that differs from that used to print the main text on the package. You can check this by rubbing the printed font with your fingers. After this action, the paint will disappear or not be completely erased.

The production date stamp on a fake is applied simultaneously with the main seal. Often has the same font, size, thickness. It is not erased by mechanical action.

Date of production on a pack of Lavazza coffee


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Comparing coffee beans, it is noted that the fake usually has a darker roast. Genuine ground coffee is also lighter in color (similar to cocoa) and finer ground than counterfeit coffee. 

Color and crema of the original coffee

What general requirements must the original packaging of Lavazza coffee meet?

  • High quality packaging: no delaminations, unnecessary creases and folds, especially at its ends; factory gluing of seams along the entire length, the presence of a check valve with a slot.
  • The contents of a pack of coffee are evenly distributed throughout the volume. This is especially true for ground coffee packed using the vacuum method.
  • The font is bold and clear, the colors are bright, and the text complies with the Customs and Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation. According to the requirements of the legislation, the packaging of food products, and coffee belongs to this category of goods, must indicate: NAME, WEIGHT, DATE AND TIME OF MANUFACTURING, BATCH NUMBER, STORAGE CONDITIONS and EXPIRY DATE, NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE MANUFACTURER.Additional sticker on the original Lavazza coffee
  • The information listed above is indicated by the importer on an ADDITIONAL LABEL. Its presence is an essential requirement, because. on the packaging of a European manufacturer, only the date when the expiration date expires is indicated, and - Nota bene! - production time (the European regulation is simplified compared to ours).

Production time of Lavazza coffee

Important point - counterfeit mainly kilogram packages.

But in any case, check: if hours and minutes of production are not indicated on a pack of coffee, regardless of the weight denomination, then this is definitely a fake!

It is not always possible to distinguish a fake from external data. But the contents of the package loudly testify to its origin, confirming either its authenticity or counterfeit.

Check Lavazza coffee by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


Immediately upon opening the pack, it becomes clear how good the coffee is. Lavazza has a very pronounced natural coffee aroma. Counterfeit coffee often does not smell or has a strong smell. The aroma of real high-quality coffee can not be faked.

Therefore, if there is a fake inside, then, upon opening the package, you will immediately “feel” it by the absence of this smell of coffee reaching the most remote corners of the room.

Lavazza coffee in a cup


Coffee beans produced by Lavazza are characterized by a uniform degree of roasting. Grains as for selection, color uniformity - brown-chocolate. Grains of fake Lavazza coffee are distinguished by their heterogeneity, and a wide range of colors. It feels like the entire marriage of roasting was simply poured into the pack.

coffee taste

A drink made from fake coffee does not differ in taste delights (there may be an earthy aftertaste due to the use of robusta coffee beans of lower quality) and does not produce foam characteristic of the original Lavazza.

Lavazza coffee in a cup

The presence of foam

When brewing real coffee, foam appears around the edges even in the cup. Fake does not give such an effect. The difference is felt when preparing coffee in a coffee maker. The foam of the original lays down in a thin but dense layer and closes almost all the liquid. 

Signs of a company selling a fake

It is clear that the scammers themselves, who produce counterfeit products, rarely directly deal with its implementation. They tend to find smaller companies that are tempted by a low supply price in pursuit of profit. There are several signs that can make you think about the quality of the products offered by a certain company.

No cashless payment. This is perhaps one of the main signs of a company selling counterfeit. If you are told that the payment is only for cash, then you should think about it - this is an alarming signal. A company that does not have a bank account can definitely be classified as unreliable.

Will the manufacturer enter into a distribution cooperation agreement with a company that essentially works "on the knee"? Then where can she get the goods? Either from an official dealer, but it will already be offered at a much higher price, or from counterfeit manufacturers offering their products at a bargain price.

We recommend that you resort to this trick, ask the company about the possibility of paying for coffee to the company's settlement account, if you are refused even, citing temporary difficulties, you should not cooperate with such a company.

Do not provide check. It is especially important to pay attention to this when you first order. The absence of a check may indicate that the company is working “on its knee”, without a cash register, and therefore is not registered with the tax authority. Draw your own conclusions.

Limited number of employees may suggest that this is some kind of "sharashka office." When the same employee is engaged in both receiving an order and delivering them, this may indicate a lack of professionalism and a desire to make a quick profit. Before you is most likely an ordinary "dealer" engaged in resale. Such offices, even the word "company" is somehow unethical to apply to them, they are not interested in ascertaining the quality of the products sold.

Coffee Lavazza



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How much does good coffee cost?

The purchase price of a package of Lavazza ground coffee weighing 250 g is at least 2.5-3 euros, a kilogram pack of grain coffee costs 10-14 euros in wholesale, in particular, Lavazza Oro in wholesale costs 12 euros and in no way can cost in a store cheaper than 950 - 1000 rubles.

Thus, the retail price cannot be lower than these values. A cheap product is clearly not original.

The surest way to find out the price is to check it on the official website

Let's give an example of the cost of coffee beans packed in 1 kg. The price varies from 886/892 ₽ (100% robusta/100% arabica) to 2122 ₽ (Tierra Brazil (verde) with 70 % arabica). 

At the same timem sale in partner stores at discounted prices is acceptable. 

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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