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Vodka "Gradus" has been produced since 2004. Now there are several varieties of the drink, including limited and collection series. The product is relatively expensive due to its high quality and brand markup, so it is not uncommon to try to fake it. Imitation can provoke poisoning. For this reason, you need to be able to distinguish the original from the fake.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, drink only original vodka.

Historical information

The history of the brand dates back to 1895. Initially, the plant was opened by the Permalko joint-stock company. Now this company is in the top 20 largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and vodka in Russia.

The plant was first called the Perm alcohol refinery, then it was renamed the Perm distillery. The enterprise conducted activities and generated income, despite the Prohibition, the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars.

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After almost 100 years, the plant was privatized. In 1993 it received a new name. After 5 years, the company was declared bankrupt. The plant was empty for several years, but by 2003 all debts were restructured, and in 2004 production was reopened.

In 2006, the international company SPI paid attention to the enterprise. She bought a controlling stake. As a result, the plant was modernized, thanks to which it was possible to improve product quality and brand awareness.

Production technology

There are such stages of vodka production as:

  1. Water preparation. Specialists adjust the content of salts and minerals in the liquid to bring the indicators to acceptable levels. Then the water is settled, aerated and filtered. To do this, use quartz sand, carbon filters, or combine both options. Additionally, ultraviolet and molecular cleaning methods can be applied. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is impossible to distill or boil water, otherwise the drink will have a harsh taste.
  2. Purification of alcohol. Raw materials are most often obtained independently. Wheat is used as the material. Sometimes peas, millet, barley, corn, etc. are added. Cereals are crushed to a state of flour and brewed under pressure. The wort is poured into fermentation vats and yeast is added. Braga is fed into distillation devices to separate raw alcohol, then the latter is purified.
  3. Sorting. At this stage, a mixture is obtained. Ingredients are fed into sorting vats. There they are mixed with special devices. If necessary, the drink is enriched with additional ingredients.
  4. Filtration. Most often, quartz sand is used for cleaning. The mixture flows from the sorting tank to the filter, where the sediment is separated.
  5. Re-cleaning. At this stage, carbon filters are used. They allow you to remove esters and aldehydes. Thanks to this, the organoleptic properties of the drink are formed. Cleaning can be carried out several times until the desired indicators are obtained.
  6. Assimilation. The finished mixture is defended for at least 2 days. The owners of the plant do not reveal the secrets of the recipe, but experienced technologists say that the optimal assimilation period is a week.
  7. Bottling. The containers are first checked for integrity, then cleaned of dust. Then the bottles are fed to the automatic line, where they are filled. At the end, the container is corked with a cork, a label is applied to it.

The brand does not disclose a detailed recipe. As distinguishing features that provide vodka with a pleasant taste, experts point out the talent and experience of technologists, the use of special filtered water and alcohol of the Alpha category, as well as compliance with the temperature and feed rate of the mixture.

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Decoration can be done in different colors. The color scheme depends on the type of vodka. A common distinguishing feature is the presence of an image of a degree. It is applied on stickers, caps, made in the form of recesses on the bottle, etc.

Types of vodka
Assortment of drinks.

Aroma and taste

The taste of alcohol is mild, but pronounced. Additional notes may be present depending on the variety. The classic version has a characteristic alcohol aroma. The smell is not sharp, does not cause disgust.

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Varieties of vodka Gradus

The entire line of the brand is represented by 5 types of vodka:

  • black;
  • gold;
  • Premium;
  • Platinum;
  • Perfect Limited Edition.


Belongs to the most recognizable series. This is the classic version with the addition of mint and lime blossom essential oil. Thanks to additional ingredients, the drink cools a little on the aftertaste. The essential oil imparts a characteristic mint aroma. The bottle is platinum grey.

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Vodka Gradus Platinum with mint flavor.


Another classic variety. Refers to the main series. An infusion of oatmeal acts as an additive. It neutralizes the hardness characteristic of alcohol and softens the taste. The bottle is decorated in dark blue colors.

Vodka Gradus Premium on oatmeal.


Cinnamon is added to Gold series vodka. This softens the taste of the drink and makes it slightly spicy, slightly changing the flavor. The aftertaste of vodka is warm and pleasant. There are yellow shades in the design.

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Vodka Gradus Gold with cinnamon flavor.


Elite series of vodka "Gradus", which has a sweetish taste. The aroma is intoxicating, light. The manufacturer managed to achieve such properties by adding an infusion of poppy seeds. The bottle is decorated in black tones and made of frosted glass. The inscription with the brand name is varnished and framed by a convex border.

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Vodka Gradus Black with poppy flavor.

Perfect Limited Edition

Limited edition. The manufacturer adds an infusion of wheat seeds to the composition. The ingredient makes the fragrance softer and richer. The peculiarity of vodka is multi-stage filtration through coal columns.

Perfect Limited Edition
Exclusive vodka Gradus Perfect Limited Edition on wheat.

How to distinguish original Gradus vodka from a fake

After repeated discovery of imitations, the manufacturer restyled and began to produce elite bottles. The closure is equipped with a special divider and a water seal, which provides control of the opening. This increases the cost of production. Because scammers are out to get rich, they rarely copy the original closure.

You can identify a fake by the shape of the bottle, if you know in advance what the original looks like. For the latter, bottles are produced individually. Simulations are supplied in standard containers.

On branded ones, there are embossed bulges around the lens with the G40 logo. On the reverse side of the container, the manufacturer puts a glass inscription "Degree".

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Cost in stores

The cost depends on the type of vodka (see table).

Series average price
for 0.5 l for 0.75 l
Platinum 350 480
Premium 305 410
Gold 335 450
Black 370 525
Perfect Limited Edition 365 500

Additionally, the price is affected by the percentage that the store takes for itself after the sale.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The shelf life of pure alcohol is not limited. However, due to the presence of additives, Gradus vodka should be consumed within 6-12 months after its manufacture. Over time, the product oxidizes, its taste deteriorates. With prolonged or improper storage, a person can even get poisoned.

It is not recommended to pour the drink into another container. In extreme cases, it is stored in a different glass bottle, trying to limit the area of contact with air.

You can not keep the product in a plastic container, because a chemical reaction will begin. The optimum storage temperature is +5…+20 °C. Relative air humidity - no more than 85%.

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It is forbidden to drink vodka if an unpleasant odor appears. There should be no sediment at the bottom of the container. The drink should be discarded if it becomes cloudy, although it was originally transparent.

Interesting Facts

For the corporation, the Black series has become the most successful. In 2009, she was awarded 2 medals. It won in the Discovery of the Year and Subpremium Vodka categories.

The plant produces products of several brands. Brands “related” to Gradus are Glorious Ural, Treasury, Russian Reserve and Troika. Additionally, tinctures and balms are also produced there.

Vodka "Gradus" is sold not only in Russia. Additionally, it is supplied to the USA, most of the countries of the former USSR, some African and European states.

Reviews about vodka Gradus

Nikolay, 37 years old, Chelyabinsk

Nikolay, 37 years old, ChelyabinskOf all the episodes, I liked Black the most. The bottle shows that marketers have taken care of protection against fakes. Visually, vodka creates a good impression. On the front label there are several medals, there is an excise stamp, the glass is tinted on top. Decor is pleasant. The dispenser is good, vodka pours without problems. Even after an hour spent in the freezer, the drink remained clear. The aroma is unobtrusive, almost completely absent. The taste is slightly muted, no need to snack.

Maxim, 45 years old, Zlatoust

Maxim, 45 years old, ZlatoustGreat vodka at an affordable price. On the stock you can take for 250-300 rubles. The taste of alcohol is mild, not repulsive. There is an additional aftertaste depending on the series. For example, in the Black line it is sweet. The main advantage of Gradus vodka is the absence of feeling unwell after drinking. This indicates the use of high-quality raw materials and good cleaning. I recommend the drink, but only under the condition of moderate use, because even such soft vodka can do harm.

Eugene, 38 years old, Taganrog

Eugene, 38 years old, TaganrogTried Premium vodka. The first thing you see when you open it is an unusual dispenser with a tube. Cork looks like an intermediate option between classic and cognac. Alcohol in taste is almost not felt. The aftertaste is standard, but light, there is no desire to eat something right away. The vodka is soft and easy to drink. No headaches in the morning. Small doubts were caused by sugar syrup and soda in the composition. A familiar technologist said that this is to add flavor and regulate the level of acidity.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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