How to distinguish original Crocs from a fake?

How to distinguish original Crocs from a fake Cloth

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How to distinguish original Crocs from a fake? This question rarely occurs to anyone, because is it possible to falsify rubber flip flops with holes? Meanwhile, the difference between the original Crocs shoes and simple flip-flops made by unknown manufacturers is enormous.

The original leisure shoes, decorated with a cute crocodile logo, do not wear out, do not rub, do not cause a feeling of fatigue and are not felt at all on the feet. In crocs, people walk as if barefoot. This shoe is indispensable not only for recreation, but also for educational tourism, Crocs are ideal for regular pastime in hot weather, for gardening.

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What are crocs made of?

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What distinguishes original branded shoes from imitations, besides the crocodile logo and cost? This question is asked by every person who sees crocs for a couple of hundred rubles at a sale in a supermarket. Of course, the temptation of such a purchase is great, because shoes with a company logo are much more expensive, and, at first glance, they are no different from budget flip-flops from a sale.


The most important difference is the material used in the production of shoes. The original Crocs are not made of plastic or simple rubber at all. Real shoes are molded from a unique material called "crosslight", which is a type of rubber. The uniqueness of the crosslight is that the feet in shoes made from it do not sweat, even in those areas that are devoid of holes.

Croslite may feel like rubber, but it's much lighter and softer because it's a foamed resin. Real Crocs do not fade in the sun, do not absorb odors, and under the influence of temperature take the shape of a leg, protecting from corns. Crosslight is easy to care for, just wipe with a damp cloth.

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Of course, plastic and rubber products do not have such qualities. That is why it is extremely important to understand whether a fake is presented in the store or not.

Do you like crocs?

What to look out for

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Recognizing a fake is not at all as difficult as many people think. Having an original product, you can distinguish an imitation by a simple comparison. But, in the event that there is nothing to compare with, you can recognize the imitation by paying attention to the characteristic features:

  • address of actual production;
  • logo and other details;
  • sensations from the material;
  • the presence of a specific smell;
  • labels and packaging.

Crocs on legs

You should start by trying on crocs. Real footwear for leisure is distinguished by an orthopedic shape close to anatomical. If the slippers are correctly sized, then the foot simply sinks into them, the legs are comfortable and easy.

You can buy original Crocs here

Size chart for men's Crocs shoes

American European Russian millimeters
M7 39-40 40 246
M8 41-42 41 255
M9 42-43 42 263
M10 43-44 43 272
M11 45-46 44 280
M12 46-47 45 288
M13 48-49 46 297
M14 49-50 47 305
M15 50-51 48 314
M16 51-52 49 323
M17 52-53 50 331

Crocs Women's Shoes Size Chart

American European Russian millimeters
W5 34-35 35 221
W6 36-37 36 229
W7 37-38 37 238
W8 38-39 38 246
W9 39-40 39 255
W10 41-42 40 263
W11 42-43 41 272

A size chart for choosing shoes can be found in this article. Tables with sizes for children's, men's and women's models are presented on the seller's websites. It will be easy for you to navigate them and determine the appropriate size.

When choosing your pair, it is important to remember that the shape of Crocs on the leg looks free. If the foot does not touch the walls of the shoe, then the size is correct.

It is because of the loose shape and holes on the surface that promotes air circulation, leaving feet dry in hot weather.

You can buy original Crocs here

Manufacturer's address

You can buy original Crocs here

Slippers, stylish and popular all over the world, are produced at enterprises located in the following countries:

  1. Bosnia.
  2. Italy.
  3. Brazil.
  4. Mexico.
  5. China.
  6. Vietnam.

In which country this or that model is made will be indicated on the sole and label. And don't be afraid if you see that your shoes are from China or Vietnam. These countries produce the highest quality crocs.

If another country is mentioned in the “manufacturer” column, then the slippers have nothing to do with the well-known brand. That, however, does not indicate that the product is not of high quality.

Logo and other details

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The logo deserves special attention, or rather, its placement on the slippers. And this is the first nuance that you need to pay attention to before deciding to buy shoes. On the original shoes, the logo is impeccable, but in fake crocs it is either completely absent or poorly executed with a blurry pattern.

Crocs logo

The crocodile logo is located on a round red inset at the inner edge. To the touch, the original insert resembles rubber, and fake plastic, covered with a shiny film, which also lies unevenly in places.

On the original, the insert has a dark red color, and on the fake it is light red with a pinkish tint. The crocodile on the original is painted with white paint, and on the fake it is light beige.

And the pictures themselves are different too. In the original logo, the mouth is not wide open, clear teeth are visible on the back, and the stripes under the crocodile's muzzle are drawn slightly unevenly. In a fake, the mouth is open wider, the teeth on the back are slightly blurred, and the stripes under the muzzle are even.

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Logo on original crocs and fake

On the original product, the logo with the image of a cute and cheerful crocodile is placed on the rivets and on the packaging hanger:

  • Both rivets are decorated with the image, from the outside and from the inside.



  • The logo is also placed on the round insert of the packaging hanger, just before the bend.

Packing hanger

The largest logo is located inside the croc on the heel. On the original, it is clear, but on the fake, a fuzzy drawing of details inside the crocodile and a smeared outline around the logo itself are visible. And interestingly, if you press this logo harder, then your finger will noticeably fall inside the fake Crocs, but the original one will almost fail to push through.

You can buy original Crocs here

Logo on original crocs and fake

The back loop, which also doubles as a hanger, is embossed with "Crocs". The font is convex, but it is merged with the product, is one with the shoes. If the letters are glued or printed, pressed into the back, the store presents flip flops that have nothing to do with a well-known brand.

back loop

Each original pair is distinguished by a special marking on the sole. It consists in the following:

  • On the one hand, the address of the official website is, on the other hand, the inscription "boulder, colorado".
  • In the center is the inscription "Crocs".
  • Below it is a pair of circles with the letters "M" and "W", under which there is a digital designation corresponding to the size table.
  • Above the inscription "Crocs" the country of actual origin of the product is indicated.


Also on the sole is the name of the official website of the company - Opposite this line is one of the following symbols: "wildberries”, “boulder”, “colorado” and others. Of course, all the information elements present on the sole are molded together with the slippers themselves, they are not glued.

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The feel of the material

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Crosslight is a unique patented material, other companies do not have the right to use it in the manufacture of shoes.

But how to recognize at the first purchase what the flip-flops are made of? How to understand - rubber, plastic or crosslight in front of your eyes? The material of the original flip flops does not visually resemble either rubber or plastic. Rather, this material looks like thickened rubberized artificial leather.


Crosslight is not hard, not brittle, but not soft either. Slippers are elastic, they spring slightly when walking. The material does not deform - if the product is compressed, it will immediately straighten up and restore its shape. Shoes are almost weightless, and when trying on there is a feeling of comfort.

You can buy original Crocs here

To the touch, the materials of both pairs are very similar, so it is unlikely that you will be able to recognize a fake on this basis. The only tangible difference is inside the crocs: if you press the inside of the top of the original crocs with pressure, the hand will move silently over the material, but the fake will make a characteristic creak with this movement.

Comparison of original Crocs and fakes

The original crocs are made very soundly, they have no traces of glue, uneven joints of parts and a minimum of burrs. A fake, on the contrary, will be replete with noticeable smudges of glue and uneven joints of parts at the heel.

fake crocs

Glue on fake crocs

It is very important to run your hand along all the curves of the Crocs: all edges and cuts must be smooth.

In fake Crocs, the edges are not well polished, so they are sharp and uncomfortable to run your hand over them.

The presence of an arch support, massage points on the inner surface of the shoe is inherent in real Crocs.

You can buy original Crocs here

Actually, in the cushioning properties of the sole, there is another difference between the original and the fake. Despite the fact that the materials of the original and the fake are similar not only on the outside, but also on the inside, their difference is quite noticeable to the touch.

The material of the sole in the cut of the original Crocs can be pressed with a finger, but it quickly bounces back. If you press from above, then it is very difficult to push it.

A fake both in the cut and on top is quite easily pressed through. That is, most likely the material under your weight will quickly sell through, as happens with the soles of fake sneakers.

Sole on original Crocs and fake

The tread of the original sole has smoother points than the fake. If you run your hand along the sole of the original, you will feel a slight roughness, but scratching points are clearly felt on the tread of the fake.

On the original crocs, the size of the protector is indicated in the form of one letter and a number, and on a fake there are two sizes, and the letters are located above the circle with numbers, and not in the circle.

Sole on original Crocs and fake

Legs also clearly feel the difference between the original and the fake. In the original Crocs, the effect of depreciation is felt, but the sole of the fake is simply pressed through.

You can buy original Crocs here

Check Crocs by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

The presence of a specific odor

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Crosslight has one feature - a new thing made from it has a specific smell. But this sign cannot be conclusive evidence of falsification or originality. Real crocs can smell like rubber at first, but fake ones smell like cheap glue.

The smell of rubber is present only after opening the film packaging.

If the slippers are hung in the store without bags, which usually happens, then there will be no smell from the product. The specific aroma is present for a short time, it disappears after a week. Now, if this did not happen, then in front of you are non-original clogs.

Labels and company package

As a rule, branded items cannot boast of a large number of labels. Usually they have only a couple of paper labels, which contain information about the product in a very concise manner.


But in the case of Crocs, the situation is different. The original leisure shoes are adorned with a whole fan of labels, each of which contains a barcode corresponding to a particular pair of shoes. Of course, the information is presented in several languages. If only one label is placed on the slippers, the product is not original.


On the first page of the top tag there is a dimensional grid, where American, Canadian and Spanish sizes are indicated in one number. But on a fake tag in these columns, two digits separated by a slash. And on the last page of the original tag, the “Honest Sign” code is again pasted, but of course this code is not on the fake.

You can buy original Crocs here

Tags on original crocs and fake

Inside the original Crocs, a narrow tag is pasted on the strap indicating the country of origin and the materials used. The same tag is on the fake, but in addition to that, another larger tag is glued inside the crocs, on which the same information is duplicated and the size is also indicated.

Internal tags on original crocs and fake

Brand package

Slippers are sold in compact branded "beach" bags, on which the name of the manufacturer's company flaunts. Handbags are attached to each wholesale lot, and, accordingly, after the purchase, the seller is obliged to pack the shoes in them.

Crocs can be packed in a plastic bag, and a fake can be sold with a branded bag. Previously, all original Crocs were packed in such bags. In principle, fake makers are always two steps behind the official manufacturers, so this is understandable.

Comparison of original Crocs and fakes

Since the packages are similar, the only significant difference is the presence on the original package of the “Honest Sign” QR code, which should be used to mark all shoes sold in Russia.

Crocs are sold with a small plastic hanger. On such hangers they hang in stores, and of course fake Crocs have the same hangers. But they still have a few differences.

You can buy original Crocs here

Firstly, the hanger should be smooth or with minor irregularities. No protruding burrs, like on a fake hanger. Secondly, the parts that are inserted into the crocs should be convex and well fixed inside.

Comparison of a hanger of original Crocs and a fake

On a fake hanger, these inserts are not as convex and are not so securely fixed inside the Crocs. The plastic of the original hanger is more flexible than the fake one. Both hangers bend, but if you bend a fake hanger, you get the feeling that it is about to break.

Well, the most important thing is the size information placed on the hanger. Most often, fake makers pierce with the upper left corner, where they place sizes different from those on the original.

Comparison of a hanger of original Crocs and a fake


Video: how to distinguish fake Crocs

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You can buy original Crocs here

How much do original shoes for leisure and everyday life cost? The price of crocs in retail chains in Western Europe and America is $20 and more.

The cost of original Crocs starts from 3,299 rubles without a discount and, as a rule, does not fall below 2,400 rubles. The cost of a fake starts from 1,500 rubles, but we bought our fake for 1,800, since it is a good quality fake that they are trying to sell as an original. However, especially greedy fake dealers can sell it at the price of the original.

Before you go for a pair of brand new crocs, it makes sense to visit the official website of the company - On the portal you can view photos of slippers, learn about the models produced and get acquainted with the size table.

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