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What to wear with boots Cloth

Fashion adheres to natural, but cyclical canons of beauty, so humanity is gradually coming to a conscious choice of clothing. Among the variety of women's shoes, even the most inexperienced fashionistas will be able to choose the right model for themselves, and the advice of stylists will tell you what to wear with boots and how to combine them with other elements of the wardrobe.

Boots are creative and comfortable, both with dresses and trousers.

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Trendy shoe colors in 2021

Fashion trends are changing fast, and this year designers offer us new, interesting models of shoes, using bold and crazy color combinations.

In 2021, the trend will be bright neon tones, smoothly turning into pastels. Not losing its relevance from the summer novelties, the animal print is again winning the hearts of girls this season.

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Among the most fashionable colors and their combinations, stylists distinguish:

  • classic black, white and beige;
  • mix of metallic tones - gold, silver, copper;
  • bright orange;
  • sky blue;
  • red-burgundy;
  • lime.

What to wear with different models of boots

Among the variety of women's shoes, any girl will be able to choose a comfortable, beautiful and appropriate model for a particular occasion. However, not all shoes are suitable for creating evening or business looks, so you need to be careful with the choice of clothing style.

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Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots always look spectacular. They can be worn by both young girls and mature women, if the top is not flashy. Everything is individual: someone wears such shoes with dresses, and someone with trousers, but they look best with skirts above the knee length and plain high stockings.

For everyday life and practicality, you can combine boots with jeans or leggings - the look is suitable both for study and for a walk in the park. Timberlands look stylish with denim shorts and a regular white T-shirt.

Lace-up boots with jeans.

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Rough Models

A win-win option for 2021 will be rough boot models. They look organic with romantic dresses and skirts, tight and short trousers.

An interesting combination can also be made with a strict classic suit with a straight cut.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because despite the fact that fashion is heading for femininity and sophistication, rough models have not lost their relevance for several seasons.

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Snickers are a great invention of this year. To figure out how to choose the right model and what to wear it with, the advice of fashion stylists will help. A practical bow for every day: tight trousers or leggings, a shirt, a leather jacket, the right accessories.

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For girls who appreciate quality and comfort, fit a short bodycon dress, golden-silver leather sneakers and an elegant silk scarf.

Snickers - practical and comfortable for every day.

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biker shoes

Biker boots can be worn with everything: jersey dresses, skinny jeans and sporty hoodies. For unusual and extravagant bows, a combination of a light top and a dark solid bottom is suitable.

And as an accessory, you can add sunglasses and a metal bracelet with the image of skulls. You should not combine rough leather shoes with miniskirts and short shorts - you risk overloading the look.

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Jaipur high leather boots are not popular - the model is not suitable for classic, office combinations. But for everyday wear, there is nothing better than such shoes, because thanks to the comfortable sole you will not feel tightness and fatigue.

An interesting and harmonious bow will be created by classic brown jaipurs, a dark bottom and a shabby leather jacket.

And leather high boots go well with black or gray denim models.

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cowboy models

Many women prefer men's clothing, so cowboy-style boots are gaining more and more popularity. Achieve a traditional look with classic Wester boots, skinny jeans and an oversized plaid shirt.

“Cowboys” or “Cossacks” are a great addition to jeans and leather jackets, but at the same time they will make a good duet with a dress, skirts and shorts.

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Models of cowboy boots.

Oxfords and loafers

Loafers and oxfords are the most comfortable shoes, they are combined with many stylistic looks and are suitable for everyday wear. Loose jeans and a fitted sweater are perfect for parties and meetings with friends, and for a summer look, you can use bright boots as a key accent.

Oxfords look best with casual clothes, with trousers and jackets. Much depends on what they are made of and how decorative.

Fashionable bows with oxford boots.

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Boots with thick heels

Boots with thick heels, due to their shape, visually stretch the figure and make the outfit more fresh and clean. Massive shoes, until recently considered the prerogative of young people, are becoming more and more in demand by older women.

Top 5 best looks with boots with thick heels:

  • with miniskirts;
  • with jeans;
  • with dresses made of flowing fabric;
  • with leggings or skinny jeans;
  • with shorts.

Flat shoes

This spring, comfortable, practical models with flat soles are back in trend. For summer, you can purchase bright boots and a pleated skirt for layered looks.

By choosing the right style, you will look stylish and feminine. Wide mom jeans look unusual with flat shoes. And if you want to complete the look, tie a bandana in the style of the 90s and put on sunglasses.

How to combine clothes with shoes from different materials

Shoes decorate the figure and hide flaws, but at the same time, they can spoil even the most thoughtful, elegant and expensive ensemble.

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Patent shoes

Do not use several varnished elements in one bow - this will avoid overloading the image. In combination with these boots, jeans, a T-shirt and a black short jacket will look sophisticated and elegant.

These shoes can also be worn with a tracksuit, throwing a slightly elongated straight-cut jacket over it. Fashion trends are changeable, so wear how you feel comfortable, the main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Lacquered boots paired with jeans.

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Nubuck shoes

Nubuck boots are combined with clothes of both classic style and sports. A dark green quilted puffer jacket, pastel beige trousers and classic brown nubuck shoes are the perfect combination for a casual look. A gray dress and a red and blue check shirt are a great combo to have in your casual wardrobe.

Boots with fur cuffs

An excellent solution this winter will be boots with fur trim. These are versatile and comfortable shoes that can be combined with all elements of the wardrobe: skinny jeans and trousers, skirts and dresses, layered outfits and insulated tights.

Timberlands will organically complement the look with a camouflage parka or a voluminous down jacket. You can wear them simply under jeans or a fur vest worn over a warm elongated jumper, diluting the bow with your favorite hat with earflaps.

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Models with a knitted top

Designers decided to develop the theme of knitting and in 2021 they used it in every element of the wardrobe. Winter knitted boots are recommended to be worn with skinny jeans, a knitted sweater and a short jacket with a fur collar.

The upper part of the clothing should cover the middle of the thigh, but this does not mean that it is acceptable to wear boots with a knitted top along with a maxi skirt or long dress.

Stylish images with boots: photo

Sometimes it's hard to follow advice without mentally imagining full-fledged bows. Using examples, it is easiest to figure out what mistakes fashionistas make and how harmoniously built ensembles should look. Stylists offer a selection of ideas for every taste, for every style, as well as informal, unusual images for all occasions.

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With raincoats and coats

The coat is one of the basic elements of the wardrobe, which always looks feminine and elegant, and also emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl.

A win-win, versatile coat-robe model suits owners of any type of figure. A pair of chunky sneakers or chunky heeled boots will complete the look.

Don't worry about mixing styles: with a classic coat, you can wear both cowboy models and sneakers.

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With a coat
Boots combined with a long coat.

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Combination of jackets with boots

In cool weather, most often, girls give preference to down jackets. For sophisticated, stylish looks, choose high-heeled shoes, and wear rough boots and ankle boots with a short jacket. In 2021, contrasts are popular, so the color of shoes can be bright and unique.

Jackets with bright boots will color your day.

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With different jeans

The most interesting models this season will be wide jeans: flared or bananas. You can create a street stile set by choosing shoes with a flat sole.

An option for tall women is cropped jeans. This combination visually makes lower, while hiding the imperfections of the figure.

street style
Street style.

With different styles of pants

To compose an outfit with classic straight trousers, wedge or low-heeled boots are suitable - a universal style, and it looks unusual.

Palazzo trousers sit on any figure airy and stylish. A profitable addition would be platform shoes or rough models. Avoid flat shoes, as they shorten the figure and look ridiculous.

Pants with boots - universal.

With suits

Many women like business suits, but the question often arises with what to wear them with. Loafers and oxfords, borrowed from the men's wardrobe, go well with office clothes.

For monochrome ensembles, lace-up ankle boots are suitable - they help to build the accent of the image.

With suits
Practical oxfords are perfect for business suits.

With dresses and skirts

Even the most unfashionable person knows about the versatility of lace-up boots.

Whatever model of dresses or skirts you choose - pleated, mini, tight dress, loose - it will go well with rough shoes.

This year, the main competitor of basic lace-up boots is gaining popularity - a model called Chelsea. The main thing in creating a harmonious image is not to forget about the correct distance between the shoes and the hem - it should not be more than 7 cm, otherwise you will look vulgar.

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With dresses
Boots paired with long dresses or short skirts.

How to wear boots for a full woman

It is widely believed that it is difficult to find shoes for a full foot, but if you know what to combine them with, you can put together a unique look. Short boots are not recommended for full girls and women - choose higher ones.

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Such models look great with long floor-length dresses and pleated skirts. Feminine ankle boots with a stable heel are best worn with tight tights, jeans or matching trousers.

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