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One of the first things everyone wants to do before going to a party or even leaving the house for any social event is to look great and wear branded clothes that emphasize their taste in fashion and serve as a status symbol. This is because such branded designer clothing is one that is printed with the brand's famous and authentic logo, which tells anyone who sees it that the clothing is expensive. But the market is full of counterfeits that sell you a fake product with a brand and design similar to its original counterpart. We need to recognize fake designer clothes with simple things.

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This creates a need for people to be able to distinguish between a counterfeit product and its genuine counterparts.

Clothes in the store


How to distinguish fake clothes

Check clothes for fake by barcode:

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The task of how to distinguish a fake is not very difficult, all that is needed for this is to pay attention to the following details.

A brief memo that will help distinguish the original product from a fake

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Original Fake
Price Clothes from famous brands are expensive. Counterfeits are sold at attractive low prices.
Place of sale Branded clothing is sold in official stores. Fakes are most often found in the markets, in ordinary stores.
accessories Real brands use only high-quality buttons, zippers, fasteners, rivets, which are made of high-quality and durable materials. Manufacturers of fakes save on fittings.
Quality All brands make their clothes only from high-quality, natural and expensive fabrics. The quality of tailoring is top notch. Fakes give out cheap fabrics, protruding threads, poorly sewn elements and falling off accessories.
Name and logo The name of the brand on branded clothing is written correctly. All fashion houses have logos. They label their products with them. There may be errors in the spelling of the brand name, the logo does not correspond to the original brand name.
Serial number Often, the serial number of the product model is indicated on the packaging. On a fake, either there is no serial number, or it does not match the original product.


If you've ever brought a brand of clothing with you, you know how much stress a brand puts on packaging their products. He gives his product a branded label, a shipping box engraved with the company name and trademark, and some other accessories. Also on the packaging you will find a plastic card that contains reassuring information in the form of a product serial number.

Is the authenticity of branded items important to you?


The thing that makes a product famous and wearable is the material it is made from. All branded designer clothes are made from fabric that will simply show its quality at first glance and explain its comfort at the first touch, unlike fake fabric.

Pay attention to the stitches because they indicate the amount of attention that has been given to the details of the product.

Detailed embroidery means that the fabric is made by a specialist who pays attention to detail, and such attention is mainly given to original products only. Whereas fake fabric will consist of uneven and wide seams on it, giving the impression of a fake product.

Look closely at the buttons. They are the star of authentic brand clothing and can come in handy when you want to spot fake designer fabric. The buttons of all popular designer clothing brands have names or symbols carved into them, while a burnt duplicate will consist of cheap buttons with no branding.

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Barcode on labels

Sometimes brands put a barcode on the wrong side of the item, on the tape located near the neck or belt, depending on the type of product.

It should contain information about the country of origin and the company of the goods. But it is not always possible to believe these labels. In the modern world, it is very easy to sew the correct barcode onto a fake thing.

Label on a Chanel jumper


If a discount offer sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. If the price difference is too big compared to the original item, don't count it as your luck. When you search for deals and find websites that offer great discounts, it is your responsibility to ensure that the website is authentic and that they sell original products.

Clothing prices


Branded clothing sold in official stores

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Another method on how to distinguish a real thing from a fake is to check for its presence.

Most branded and official stores only have a few of these items, they won't have 30 in stock.

So, if you open an online store and find that they have 50 of the items you're looking for in stock, it's probably a replica.

Official Gucci Store

Clothes that are most often counterfeited (TOP-10)

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There are many well-known brands and brands that fake things. These tips will help distinguish the top 10 of them.

1. Hoodie Supreme

  • Look at the tags: in fake hoodies, the "made in" label is significantly smaller or longer. And how to define a replica? It's simple, let's figure it out! On a real Supreme sweatshirt, the "made in" tag ends exactly in the center of the Supreme tag.
  • Laundry label: on a real hoodie, you can clearly see the stitches across the top of the wash tag, and on a fake hoodie, the top of the wash tag is tucked into the cross stitch on the hood.
  • Logo Placement: A fake sweatshirt will have the laundry tag logo sewn on the side of the box logo, but a real Supreme sweatshirt will have a tag sewn on the inside edge.
  • Side tags: the side tag should not have spaces between letters and sides. In a fake, the letters will be very small and hence the side label will look bigger and empty.
  • Ties: all Supreme hoodies prior to 2000 have flat drawstrings. If they have round ties, they are most likely fake.
  • Several features that determine the quality of the fabric: high quality materials with warm and soft fleece lining

Supreme Hoodie

2. Louis Vuitton bags

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  • Quality: a genuine wallet will have perfectly even stitches of the same length. For Louis Vuitton bags, the sewing thread is more of a mustard color than a brighter yellow. The leather details that make up the bag are perfectly cut and matched to each other. This is a way to distinguish an original bag from a fake.
  • Accessories: Louis Vuitton uses high quality brass fittings. It is usually glossy or matte. The golden hue matches in color with the rest of the fittings. Zippers should not stick when you try to unzip your bag.
  • Logo: for Louis Vuitton, the classic LV logo must be symmetrical and the L must always be below the V. If the letters are uneven and not perfectly aligned, the bag is not genuine.
  • Handle leather: the leather strips that run through the handles and form the handles are called Vachetta leather. Vacchetta leather is made from genuine, untreated European calfskin that has many properties and will darken over time from oxidation. If the stripes remain pale over time, this is a defect.
  • Date code: each bag has a date code, which is a small leather tag stamped with letters and numbers indicating where and when the bag was made. Louis Vuitton date codes are a bit harder to find as they are tucked inside the lining. In some cases, it is embossed on the lining.

Comparison of original and fake Louis Vuitton bag

3. Nike sneakers

  • Examine the box: Nike shoes are boxed with proper tags and labels. The color and printing of the packages will vary depending on the type of shoes you purchased. The most common colors are brown, orange and red.
  • Top: the top of fake shoes will be hard. Real Nike shoes will not have that firmness and the shoes will be as light as air.
  • Language: The tongue of the shoe must have the name of the company and the name of the product. You must indicate the size, country of manufacture and article number at the base of the tongue.
  • Weight: as previously mentioned, real Nike shoes will be lighter than fake ones. After all, it is not easy to create an exact replica of genuine Nike shoes from low-quality raw materials.
  • Soles: Genuine Nike shoes contain high quality rubber on the outsole that provides traction. The imitation resembles plastic and seems sluggish.

Comparison of original Nike sneakers and copy

4 Ray-Bans

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  • Quality: authentic Ray-Bans, handmade in Italy, are of exceptional quality and made from high quality materials.
  • Lenses: Real Ray-Ban lenses will be engraved with "RB" and the Ray-Ban logo. Polarized Ray-Ban lenses will have "Ray-Ban P" engraved in the top corner. If not, they are almost guaranteed to be fake. Original Ray-Ban lenses do not scratch as easily as replica lenses, which often use cheap coatings or color film.
  • Nose pads: Real Ray-Ban sunglasses feature plastic nose pads with an embossed Ray-Ban logo in the center. The nose pads on metallic Ray-Bans will be either clear or light peach.

Original Ray Ban glasses and fake

5 Levis jeans

  • Tab in back right pocket: if there is no buttonhole on the back right pocket, the jeans are not real Levi's. In most cases, the tag will be red, but sometimes it will be yellow, green, or white.
  • Letter "e": if the famous Levi's were made after 1971 and the "e" is capitalized, it's a Palenque. The word "Levi's" with a capital "E" was on the tag only until 1971, after which the letter "e" became lowercase.
  • Stripe: The original leather patch on the back of the jeans where the belt goes is designed to keep its color and quality for years. Genuine leather patch will not fade or fade. This indicates a quality product.
  • Rivets: a pair of original Levi's also includes "LS & CO. brand logo" studs. SF". The letters represent Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco. Fraudsters often have no problem making or finding genuine Levi's studs.
  • Jeans quality: Levi's denim and stitch quality was originally designed to be strong and durable to withstand the harsh working conditions of cowboys, prospectors and other workers back in the 1930s. If the jeans you are looking at are flimsy or too worn for their age, they may be fake.

Levis jeans

6Michael Kors bags

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  • The form: if you put a Michael Kors bag, it should always keep its shape. Wrong packages are usually not very stable and have a very poor structure, so they often bend, fall inward, or generally just lose their shape.
  • Logo: you have to look at the spacing between the letters. It is always balanced and equal. The letters themselves are the same size and the same thickness. In addition, you must make sure that the Michael Kors round charm - if the pocket model of your choice has one - matches the original. The original is 3mm thick and glossy.
  • Smell: if the supposed designer handbag smells bad, then finger off! Counterfeits are often glued or treated with chemicals, resulting in a very unpleasant artificial smell.
  • seams: The differences from the original designer handbag are usually noticeable in the corners. In the case of fakes, the seams are frayed, not stitched and knots are not visible.

Michael Kors bags: original and fake

7. Lacoste polo shirt

  • Textile: with a light touch of your hand, you will be able to tell the quality of the Lacoste polo shirt you are about to buy. If it's a genuine item, it should feel a bit thick and heavy.
  • Button: it should be the good old "mother-of-pearl" buttons. Also pay attention to the holes for the buttons, there should not be more than two.
  • Logo: Every genuine Lacoste polo shirt comes with the default crocodile skin logo, which is usually imprinted on the top right corner of the front of the shirt. Also pay attention to the logo, it should be clear, without bumps and traces of excess glue. If you notice something like this, then make sure it's a fake.
  • Price tag: Every genuine Lacoste polo shirt comes with the default crocodile skin logo, which is usually imprinted on the top right corner of the front of the shirt. Also pay attention to the logo, it should be clear, without bumps and traces of excess glue. If you notice something like this, then make sure it's counterfeit.

Comparison of the original and fake Lacoste polo

8. Adidas sneakers

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  • Laces: the new adidas sneakers have delicately rolled laces that are sealed in a plastic bag, while the fake ones have loosely wrapped laces.
  • Logo: if you compare the fake with the original pair of sneakers, you will see that the fakes always have sticker logos and the brand logo is carved into the tongue.
  • Serial number of the manufacturer's country: The authenticity of Adidas products can be determined by the serial number on the tags attached to them. Labels with information about the size and product are located on the inside of the shoe (behind the tongue). Real Adidas shoes will have tags with different serial numbers for the left and right shoes.
  • Sewing: real Adidas items will have tight and even stitching.

Comparison of original Adidas sneakers and fake

9. Timberland boots

  • Line: Authentic Timberland boots feature high quality stitching evenly spaced in four rows throughout the shoe. The color of the thread used also matches the color of the shoe for a cleaner finish.
  • Texture and weight: a boot made from leather, suede and high quality rubber should feel a bit heavy. If it feels light on the hand, this may indicate the use of substandard materials.
  • Style: be sure to have verified style numbers (usually printed under the tongue or along the inner lining) and check online to see if they match with the shoes. Familiarity with shoe styles will also make fake Timberlands easy to understand.
  • Box: All genuine Timberland shoes come in a durable, recycled box. These brown boxes display the brand name and branching tree on the field logo.

Original Timberland boots and fake

10. Guess watch

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  • Rear part: There are several styles of Guess watches: Quartz - Japan, Quartz China, Waterpro, etc. But they must have the Guess Triangle logo on the back. Most watches have "JAPAN - MOV'T" written on them, but some Authentic GUESS watches are now made in China, as is "CHINA - MOV'T".
  • Label: The original Guess label is attached to the Guess watch. Each has a different meaning to a watch, but that's the bulk of GUESS watch labels.
  • Package: the watch is packed in Guess Box or original Guess packages.

Guess watch

What to do if you sold a fake?

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  1. Contact the seller for a refund.
  2. Write a written complaint if the sales organization has refused you.
  3. Submit the item for testing.
  4. Appeal the disagreement of the examination in court.
Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, no. Wording
146. Item 2. Acquisition, storage, transportation of counterfeit goods for sale, committed on a large scale.
147. Clause 1. Violation of invention and patent rights. Illegal use of an invention, utility model or industrial design, disclosure without the consent of the author or applicant of the essence of the invention, utility model or industrial design before the official publication of information about them, appropriation of authorship or coercion to co-authorship, if these acts caused major damage.

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