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Buying and selling various things on specialized Internet resources a few years ago became available to every adult resident of the country. Experienced users claim that on such sites you can find authentic items of popular brands for little money. However, fakes on Avito are also common, so you should know how to protect yourself from them and other fraud.

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Expectation and reality
Buying on the Internet can turn into an unpleasant surprise for you.

Check online:

Barcode verificationQR code verificationChecking the batch codecheck check

Instructions for acquiring original brands on Avito

In order to quickly and without risk purchase the desired item on this site, it is recommended to follow a simple algorithm.

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The right search is important. Since the interface of the Internet resource is quite simple, in a special section you should specify as many parameters as possible that the product you are looking for must match.

In order not to run into a fake, experts recommend communicating only with individuals who sell personal items in a single copy. This may mean that the product is genuine. Vendors from the “Companies” category, according to experts, often sell fakes.

It is advisable to add “original brand” and condition, for example “new”, to the main query in the search if you need to purchase a thing that has not been in use.

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It is important to carefully study the accompanying text for each product and consider the attached photos. If the thing is of interest, you can ask the seller to send additional pictures or videos, especially those with brand names. If he does not want to clarify the information or refuses to communicate, it is better not to waste time studying this lot.

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Advertisement and seller
It is recommended to buy goods mainly from individuals, and not from companies.

Communication with the seller

Talking to a potential seller will provide a lot of useful information on the basis of which you can make an informed decision about buying an item. The method of communication matters a lot.

If it is not possible to talk in person or by phone, you only need to communicate using the internal chat of the Avito website.

If the seller offers to switch to another, third-party messenger, this may indicate a scam attempt.

During the conversation, it is recommended to ask the following questions:

  1. Has the item you are looking for been used and for how long?
  2. What condition is she in?
  3. Where was it purchased?
  4. Do you have a receipt from the store?

Be sure to ask the owner of the goods about the possibility of bargaining and its limits.

If the seller is determined to meet and provide the item for inspection, you must agree and personally check the quality of the goods offered.

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online

Communication with the seller
Honest sellers correspond only through the chat service "Avito".

Quality checking

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The goods must always be inspected before purchase:

  1. Examine the product from the outside and from the inside.
  2. Pay attention to seams and fittings.
  3. Check pockets, vents, collar and cuffs, branding and labels.
  4. Rub the item in an inconspicuous place with a damp cloth and see if it sheds.
  5. If possible, try on clothes and evaluate its overall appearance.

It is important to agree with the seller that if you do not like the item, you can return it.

Quality control
Carefully inspect the item before you pay for it.

Differences between the original and the fake: methods for determining

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Before buying this or that thing, you need to carefully examine it in order to identify possible differences between the original and the fake, which imitates a premium product, but is made of low quality materials and looks doubtful.

Such nuances are clearly visible even to the naked eye: seams are uneven, accessories are not new, metal parts are not bolted, stitches of different sizes, leather and / or plastic are worn.

What to look out for Original Fake
Company label The logo matches the brand There may be differences, incl. insignificant. The label is sewn crooked or in the wrong place.
Seams on clothes All seams are even, from high-quality threads that match the color of the brand Rough, rough seams. Crooked lines, poor quality threads.
Fabric dyeing Smooth color, does not shed when wet The color is uneven, leaves marks on the hands when moistened
Smell The original item cannot have an unpleasant smell The smell may be chemical or pungent
General design Corresponds to the one presented in the catalogs or on the official website Differs from the original both in details and in general style

In order not to make a mistake when buying things from your hands, it is recommended to visit the company store in advance and carefully inspect the desired item, pay attention to labels, accessories, materials and style. If possible, it can be photographed and then compared with the goods offered by a private seller.

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Presence of brand replicas on the website

On “Avito” you can also find replicas of popular brands, i.e. not rough fakes, but exact imitations of the brand. Often, the creators of such brands sell patterns, patterns and models developed and tested in practice to intermediaries so that less popular manufacturers can produce replica items.

In such a situation, the entire technological process, material and price of the goods are discussed between the parties. Certified replicas do not violate copyright laws, are distinguished by their original cut and acceptable quality. Most often, a replica is 2-3 times cheaper than the original. The owner of the original product receives a specified percentage of the reproduction of the replicas. On the Avito website, private sellers often put copies of popular brands on sale.

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Basic Rules for Selling Copies

If the owner of a copy has a desire to profitably sell it, he must follow simple rules:

What is a replica
Do not confuse replicas with fakes.
  1. Set an adequate price that does not exceed the cost of the original items.
  2. In the accompanying text, indicate as many details as possible that are true so as not to deceive buyers.
  3. Take 3-5 photographs from different angles and in good lighting.
  4. Be willing to bargain, give in to the buyer, and lower the original price until the deal is profitable for both parties.
  5. Before selling, bring the item in proper condition - wash, clean and steam. If possible, attach the original packaging and receipt to the product.

Actions of the buyer if he was sold counterfeit

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In the event that the buyer has suffered from the actions of fraudsters on Avito, you must contact the police: write a statement and provide law enforcement officers with as much additional information as possible. These can be checks, receipts, phone numbers and bank cards, conversation history (better call records), photos and paper versions of documents.

You need to be prepared for the fact that if the amount of damage is small, they may refuse to initiate proceedings.

In such a situation, experienced Avito users are advised to look for other victims and file a class action lawsuit with the police. In addition, it is recommended to report fraud to the Avito administration, attach the necessary documents, and the criminals' site will be blocked.

Other methods of fraud on Avito

On the largest sales site "Avito" you can find not only fakes. Fraudsters have developed other ways to deceive would-be buyers.

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Seller asks for advance payment

Employees of the Avito website, police officers and experienced users of the resource recommend making an advance payment only in cases where the seller does not arouse suspicion. Otherwise, you can lose money and be left without a product.

The safest way to transfer money for goods is personally in hand or cash on delivery (if there is no opportunity to meet).

In the latter case, at the post office, the buyer pays for the parcel after he checks its contents and makes sure that he was not deceived. The seller receives money from the transaction only after the payment for the goods by the other party. Fraudsters will try to impose an advance payment.

Transfer of money
The most reliable way to pay for Avito is to transfer money from hand to hand.

The buyer asks for the card number and code from SMS

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Many inexperienced sellers often fall into the trap when the buyer, in a conversation on the phone or in a chat, says that he is ready to purchase the offered product, but he needs the exact details of the seller’s bank card to transfer money. At the same time, he does not agree to transfer funds by phone number, although this free service is available in all Russian banks.

If the seller tells the fraudster the card number, as well as its expiration date and a special three-digit CVV code, all the money can disappear from it in a short time.

It will not be easy to return them later, even with the help of law enforcement agencies. Therefore, if the buyer asks for card details, you should immediately stop talking with him in order to avoid losing money.

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Suspicious SMS or messenger messages arrive

Sellers and buyers trading on Avito can receive SMS alerts from unknown numbers with an offer to buy goods or links to third-party resources. In addition, such messages are sent in popular instant messengers. They should be treated with bias, since honest, interested people often write directly in the Avito internal chat.

The link may contain a file with a virus program, with the help of which criminals gain access to the victim's online bank.

You should never click on links in such messages. Experts advise the seller to ask the interlocutor to go to the messenger of the Internet resource and try to determine how much he can be trusted. Often suspicious messages are sent by unscrupulous people and it is better for the seller not to communicate with them so as not to be at a loss.

The seller offers to send the goods by courier company

Sending selected goods using couriers is another way of fraud. In this case, the selling agent offers not to meet in person, but to transfer the goods using a third-party courier service. Such proposals should be treated with caution.

The scammer sends a link to a fake Internet resource, and outwardly the page may look like an exact copy of the site of the proposed courier service. It is better not to communicate with such a seller in order to avoid losing money.

The seller or buyer sends a fake link to the Avito Delivery service

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A criminal can send a fake link to the Avito website in any messenger. Fraudsters have learned to falsify Internet resources in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish them from the original ones, even for professionals.

If the buyer pays for the goods on a fake site, then the money will fall into the pocket of scammers. In this case, the goods will not be sent to the buyer and the money will not be returned.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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  1. Lydia S.

    I think that you need to buy branded, branded items only in branded stores. You can also buy a thing on Avito and other Internet resources. But whether it will be real or a replica is a question, it’s good if it’s of high quality. In general, there are really a lot of scammers, they fake everything what is possible.

  2. victoria

    Avito is underestimated by many, a stereotype has developed that Avito is some kind of flea market, but in fact it is a site where you can find many valuable goods, everyone will find anything to their taste. there are no less fakes than on other similar sites

  3. alexander

    in general, you can really say so much about Avito, I was happy that I found such an article, now I will pay more attention to whether the goods are fake or not, your articles could understand me much more about such a popular topic

  4. viktorua

    Well, on Avito, a lot of different jokes can happen, there are a lot of people talking there, and even videos are being filmed about how funny people are sitting there, it is not surprising that you need to be wary of fakes there. well you wrote this interesting article

  5. alex

    on Avito you can ideally buy everything if you already have experience there, without experience it may seem that Avito is complete nonsense, well, in general it is real on the one hand it is, the good thing is that you can see even more such articles that show the side of Avito

  6. Oleg Nosov

    Here, as luck would have it. If you want a branded item, I buy it in a branded store. If you buy on Avito, be prepared that there is a chance to buy a fake. In general, the point is the price, if the price is small, you should not be upset.

  7. lina

    такие вещи реально сейчас же очень сильно распространены, поэтому нужно быть усведомленной о том как же можно легко обнаружить подделку с помощью своих глаз, я теперь буду знать еще лучше о том, как не дать поддельщикам обмануть меня и не буду покупать их подделки