How to distinguish original shoes from the brand Alexander McQueen

How to distinguish original shoes from the brand Alexander McQueen Cloth

The Alexander McQueen fashion house is the kingdom of outrageousness. Shoes, made in a minimalist style with bold accents, reflect the brand's concept: to remain faithful to centuries-old traditions and look confidently into the future. Sandals with eye-catching decorations, shoes with sculpted heels, semi-boots and boots with original lacing and non-trivial Alexander McQueen Oversized sneakers are must-haves for those who want to be in trend. Buying shoes from Alexander Makvin in the original means making a statement about yourself.

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How to distinguish original shoes from Alexander McQueen

The unique design and quality tested over the years and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers keep the shoes of this brand at the peak of popularity. Counterfeit manufacturers are also in demand. Not being able to completely copy the original models, they make a lot of mistakes, which allows fashionistas to distinguish branded shoes from fakes.

Sneakers from the British brand Alexander McQueen have a classic, but at the same time interesting design and unsurpassed quality, as they are made in Italy.

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Not only the cost can alert: the McQueen fashion house itself often arranges sales and indulges its customers with generous discounts on sneakers, sandals, boots, boots, shoes and accessories. Fake shoe manufacturers deliberately inflate the cost of their products in order to mislead buyers. Some of them are almost identical to the originals, while others look so cheap that they cause laughter.

When buying shoes, pay attention to:

  • packaging and packaging;
  • brand marks;
  • interior and exterior decoration.

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original packaging

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Packaging Alexander Makvin

You can distinguish sneakers from fake ones before unpacking. Fake shoes come in silver boxes, while original shoes are always packed in a stylish “wet asphalt” color box. A barcode is printed on its side, and the brand's logo is present on the top cover. Fake packaging is always lighter, thinner, often with hieroglyphs or stickers. McQueen does not place cheap stickers on the boxes indicating the Russian size.

Counterfeits are sold in smaller boxes, and they are also lower in height.

The original sneakers have a matte gray box, while the fake ones have a lighter and shiny one.

The original box with shoes is quite large in size.

The inside of the lid has a non-trivial zebra print. The print on the wrapping paper of the real McQueen Oversized pair is crisp and bright. Fake sneakers are wrapped in paper with pale zebra stripes. Manufacturers of fakes do not waste energy on thinking through the packaging - they always have a white or gray underside of the lid. Inside, hit sneakers are covered with branded wrapping paper. The manufacturer also puts a small booklet in the box.

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The sticker on the counterfeit box has an image or photo of the sneaker itself, not the outline or silhouette of the model. Also there may be Chinese characters. Also in the box of real sneakers is a small white cardboard booklet, on the first page of which is the name of the brand.

Presence of a storage bag

The presence of a shoe bag in the box indicates that you have the original in front of you.

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Authentic Oversized Sneakers' dust coat is adorned with Alexander McQueen branding. Light gray letters protrude from the surface of the material of the bag. It is large enough to fit both bulky sneakers. The seams look neat, unlike a fake duster. Its material is not as smooth, the brand name is printed in black, the letters are flat.

McQueen makes sure that shoes are comfortable not only to wear, but also to store or transport.

Appearance of anther

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Original Alexander McQueen sneakers are packed in a special dust bag. It is sewn from a pleasant to the touch, soft, but at the same time durable material that does not stretch or tear. There is always a brand logo on the boot. The letters are voluminous, velvety, do not wear out when rubbed.

Sneaker boot Alexander Makvin

The cheapest fakes do not have a bag, more expensive replicas have a boot made of coarse material.

The letters of the counterfeit are printed on the fabric as a pattern. Most often they are embossed in dark color, while in the original the letters are white, gray or beige.

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Additional laces

Most shoes come with spare laces. In fakes, they are not always found, and if they appear, then inside the shoes.

For branded shoes, spare laces are supplied in a special bag, they are neatly folded into a snail and packed in a zip bag.

For fakes, spare laces are in the box without packaging.

Heel and logo on it

The heel of European shoes from McQueen is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is evenly dyed, has no scuffs or stains. The shape of the element follows the anatomy of the leg. The logo is applied on the outer surface. The font must exactly repeat the inscriptions in other areas. The inscription is always done in one line.

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On the back side, the fake also has a larger logo font.

The fake does not have a logo or is done in yellow paint. In addition, the contrasting part of the backdrop often captures too much area, which does not correspond to the originals.

On the heel, real McQueen Oversized sneakers have less clearance between the sole and the upper leather panel on the heel. The panel itself is made of smooth semi-matte leather, the name of the label is printed evenly and clearly. For a fake, the heel pad is shorter, and the inscription, for example, can mow, falling over horizontally.

The back of Alexander Makvin's sneakers

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Tongue and lace texture

The shoe laces of this brand are always soft and flat. They are uniform to the touch, durable. The manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of the products, so protruding threads or broken tips clearly indicate a fake.

The tongue in the fake and the original Alexander Makvin

The tongue of the original is long and symmetrical. It has an original notch in the center. The label on it is made in large gold letters that are not erased by friction. The replica has a smaller, non-shiny font, sharp letters, and the tongue itself is flat, slightly concave.

On the wrong side of it, the serial number of the model should be stamped, the same as on the lining. Fake sneakers do not have these designations.

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Sole surface

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The sole of the original shoes is covered with tiny bubbles. This makes wearing even more comfortable due to thoughtful cushioning. The brand logo is located in the middle of the foot. It is somewhat depressed, but at the same time it is well readable. The letters of the brand are voluminous, they are well printed on snow or wet sand. In cheap fakes, the sole is uniform, the logo is flat, the footprint looks monochrome, devoid of relief.

Sizes of women's shoes Alexander Makvin:




























Sizes of men's shoes Alexander Makvin:




































The fake sole is more glossy and yellowish, as a different type of rubber is used. It is also lower and narrower. The original has a total sole height of 3.5 cm, and on the heel - 4.5 cm. The sole itself is completely matte, more voluminous and looks massive and wider. It is only slightly different in color from the snow-white leather upper.

Fake shoes do not take into account anatomical features, and therefore often cause leg fatigue, rubbing or being excessively stiff. The original has a total height of the sole - 3.5 cm, and on the heel - 4.5 cm.

You can verify the authenticity of the product by looking at the sole.

At the bottom of the sole, you can see that the tread relief is animalistic, in the form of spots on the skin of a leopard. Spots on fake sneakers are cut not too neatly and less deeply. The pimpled surface that surrounds the outsole is less embossed than the original McQueen sneakers. In addition, on the original, these tubercles are larger. And most importantly, on a real pair of sneakers, the brand name on the sole is in the recess. In a fake, it comes into contact with the surface when walking.

Check Alexander Makvin's shoes by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Logo insole

The brand's logo is always printed on the insole of the sneakers. It does not wash off even with prolonged wear, since the company uses only European dyes. The name is always specified on one line. Counterfeit manufacturers print the logo on the insole in two lines and do not disdain cheap paint that is easy to wipe off with a fingernail.

In a fake copy, an old-style thermal stamp is located on the insole, where the name of the label is placed in two rows.

In this branded pair, the Alexander McQueen stamp is printed in one line.

Insoles in original and fake Alexander Makvin

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Interior decoration

The inner lining of authentic sneakers from the British fashion house is smooth, pleasant to the touch. Most often the beautiful color of hot milk. In fakes, it may have folds and bends, as well as an unappetizing yellowish tint. The replicas are lined with leatherette, from which the feet sweat and socks are painted. McQueen himself always makes sure that shoes bring only pleasure and comfort.

tailoring quality

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"Alexander McQueen" is a luxury footwear, which is distinguished by high-quality tailoring. Each pair undergoes multi-level quality control at each stage of production. The British fashion house boasts several of its own productions located in Italy. The best European craftsmen are working on the creation of shoes from McQueen.

The seam on the side leather panel: on fakes it is rounded, but in the original the angle is sharp. Also note that in the authentic model, the holes on the side line up in a perfectly straight line. On the fake, the holes are punched crooked.

Marriage of a seam in a fake Alexander Makvin

As for fakes, they are most often produced in China. Hence the unpleasant chemical smell of cheap dyes (expensive Italian shoes have a delicate leather scent), uneven seams, protruding threads, yellow soles.

Most of McQueen's shoes are decorated with all sorts of prints, images of skulls and bones, appliqués, embroidery and other handmade decor. Manufacturers of fakes can not afford such a luxury.

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Holes on the side of the shoe

Perforation on the side is always done in one line. The holes are the same size and shape. For fakes, the holes on the sides are not lined up in one line or are absent.

Other verification methods

There are other ways to distinguish the original from the fake. When choosing a pair of shoes, keep in mind: the presence of at least one sign of a fake indicates that you have a replica in front of you.

Original Copy
Sole color To match the shoes or snow-white yellowish, translucent
seams Smooth, angular Intermittent, rounded
Smell Pleasant, woody leather Chemical, long lasting

Where is the best place to buy original shoes from Alexander McQueen

We recommend buying original Alexander McQueen items here

You can become the owner of original McQueen sneakers by ordering them on the official website of the manufacturer. Some of the brand's models are also presented on Farfetch. The latest collections are presented in branded boutiques.

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