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Branded women's handbags will silently tell others about the good taste of their mistress and her high material wealth, if it is not a fake. This accessory from trendsetters will last a long time, it will retain its presentability even with intensive use. What can not be said about the fakes that some sellers put up for the original. When choosing a product, be careful, because the windows are full of counterfeit goods. Our advice will help to distinguish fake bags and buy a quality branded accessory from a cult couturier, and not from an "underground" manufacturer.

Did you come across fake bags?

How to distinguish a fake women's handbag

It can be difficult to identify counterfeit products, as some of them visually duplicate the originals. In order not to make a mistake and identify a fake, you need to pay attention to every detail.

Check the manufacturer's country by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


This is the "face" of the brand, so luxury manufacturers do not save on it. Well-known designers approach the creation of packaging with great care, they do not allow flaws when creating bags. Uneven seams, protruding threads, different stitches and other defects will tell you that this is a copy of a women's bag, a fake.

Packaging is a mandatory component of the originals, they are included with the bag. If the seller offers packaging as a pleasant bonus to the purchase, think about it, perhaps you have a fake women's bag in front of you.

Zippers, rivets and accessories

Fake bag zipper

The details of a women's bag need to be visually assessed: high-quality zippers and rivets are characterized by massiveness and weightiness. Many manufacturers often put a logo on their reverse side: distinct, with even borders. On a fake women's bag, the letters and symbols on the quality mark are fuzzy and blurry. A low-quality logo or its absence should alert.

fake bag accessories

Accessories on the original are always of high quality: no scuffs, dents, cracks. By these defects, you can determine whether a fake is in front of you or an original thing.

It is important to evaluate the performance of zippers on a women's bag: the slider should move smoothly, without hitches, without unpleasant squeaks. On the originals, the rivets are fixed securely, but on fakes they can hang out.


Women's bags originals are made with special painstaking work. They can "boast" a perfectly even line, the same stitch sizes, and the absence of protruding threads. These defects on a women's bag can damage the manufacturer's reputation, so eminent couturiers do not allow mistakes to be made.

Fake bags

A fake bag often "sins" with such defects:

  • crooked seams;
  • broken lines;
  • broken threads.

Careless tailoring is typical for low-quality fakes.

Rhinestones, embroidery, decorations

To increase the showiness, designers decorate women's bags with rhinestones, stripes, precious stones, buckles and other decorative elements. They use high-quality gold-plated decor, diamonds. In the originals, all parts are fixed securely, the elements are arranged symmetrically. Jewelry is often sewn by hand or glued, while the line is even, and there are no traces of glue.

When creating fakes, manufacturers use low-quality decor to reduce the cost of the product. As a result, the “gold” or “silver” coating will soon begin to peel off or change color.

Careful inspection of metal parts does not always reveal a low-grade fake.

Designer logo

A mandatory attribute that will help distinguish a fake from the original is logos and labels of authenticity. A replica may also have a label, but in a different size, font of letters and numbers compared to a true branded women's bag.

To eliminate the risks of an unsuccessful purchase - a fake, it is recommended to first study the features of the original logos. For example, a counterfeit Michael Kors women's bag often has an "M" emblem instead of "MK". Be careful: scammers take advantage of the gullibility, ignorance of people and their lack of knowledge of a foreign language. They change the name on the logo in an attempt to mislead. So, fake Louis Vuitton bags are often equipped with “authenticity” labels with a consonant name - Louis Vuitton. Be careful.


These are small cards with graphic or textual information. If the brand name on the tag of a women's bag is misspelled, it is not clear - you have a fake.

Material of original bags

Fake bags

Cult designers use natural materials to create women's bags. It is thin soft or rough leather, suede or high-quality textiles. To create exclusive models, manufacturers prefer the skin of ostriches, pythons, alligators. Any natural material from which the original is made is pleasant to the touch. It holds its shape well and is not afraid of intensive use. Materials designers paint with special care to get a uniform color, without smudges and other defects.

Fakes of women's bags are often made of leatherette, which bends well, but at the same time restores its original shape for a long time. There are better counterfeit fakes that are sewn from genuine leather. But to reduce the cost of the finished product, tanning “chemistry” is used for its manufacture, and it is dyed with cheap dyes. Such material will not please with pleasant tactile sensations, lack of smell, monochromatic colors.

You can distinguish a replica from the original not only by touch, but also by smell: branded women's bags do not smell of "chemistry", which cannot be said about their "underground" fake counterparts.


The dimensions of the original women's bags are strict. Designers do not allow the difference between the same models even in a millimeter. But their "brothers" fakes sin with this.

Features of the original Louis Vuitton backpack

In order to recognize the copy in time, visit the official boutique or online store and study the dimensions of the original you want to buy. For fakes, you can often notice discrepancies in dimensions. Even a slight deviation of the values should alert, because this is one of the signs of dubious production.


Cult designers do not forget about the quality of the "interior decoration" of a women's bag. High-quality natural materials, even stitching, perfect seam processing - these are the signs that will help you determine that you have an original, and not a fake.

The interior decoration of women's fake bags often leaves much to be desired: these are “slippery” materials based on synthetics, protruding threads, crooked lines.

Do not forget to look inside the purse - perhaps that is where an unpleasant surprise awaits.

Serial number

Any branded women's bag has a serial code - one of the important signs by which you can distinguish the original from the fake. Designers indicate the number on the tag, it is located inside the accessory. To determine whether a fake is in front of you or a genuine thing, you will need access to the Internet. Go to the official website of the manufacturer, in a special section, drive in the serial code and get information almost instantly.

Serial number

Unfortunately, a positive result does not always guarantee the true origin of the product. Some "underground" place real codes on fake tags, which they peep on the same official sites. Do not limit yourself to this identification method only, evaluate a women's bag in all quality parameters.

Certificate and accompanying documentation

Along with the serial number, cult designers attach a certificate of quality to women's bags - a card confirming authenticity. Certificates of conformity and quality are required for original women's bags. If the seller declares their absence, then you have a fake.


Fake bags

Cost should not be the deciding factor when buying a luxury women's handbag. Most of us want to make a bargain purchase at a discount. However, the pursuit of cheapness can result in the acquisition of an outright fake. You need to understand that a branded product cannot be sold for 10-20% of its real value, even if it is displayed in a discount store window. Cult designers do not save on the cost of their products, they invest in them "to the maximum." To give a women's bag for nothing means to work at a loss, no one will go for this one.

Suspiciously low price should alert. Many women are used to saving, but this is not the case. You should not give preference to women's bags, the cost of which is lower by 10-70% compared to the price displayed on the official websites of trendsetters.

The miser pays twice - everyone has the risk of running into a fake.

Final table of differences

We present a selection of the main criteria for distinguishing a women's bag from a fake and an original. All data are summarized in a table.

Criterion Original Fake
seams Smooth, not interrupted, without broken lines and protruding threads There are distortions, stitches of different lengths. In "frank" fakes, there are collected sections of fabric.
Material Leather Faux leather
The form Holds its shape well, recovers quickly after deformation Doesn't keep its shape
Locks and fittings Fixed securely, zippers work without a hitch Locks can make creaks. Fittings of poor quality, often with external defects
Logo The brand name is indicated correctly, in font and size typical for the fashion house There are errors in the brand name on the logo
serial code Present on every model Often missing or incorrectly listed
Price High Low or medium, uncharacteristic for a luxury item

Can an original bag be cheap?

To understand this, you need to figure out what the price of the original bag includes. The cost price includes:

  • natural, expensive materials, especially when it comes to elite types of leather (crocodile, python);
  • high-quality accessories from high-quality alloys;
  • expensive decor.

Designers create originals by hand - this technology is time consuming. Sometimes it takes a week, or even more than one, for the manufacture of one women's bag from manufacturers. Manual labor is highly valued, especially if it is the work of great couturiers. When adding these criteria, it becomes clear that the original women's bag cannot be cheap.

Only a fake can be cheap.

Where to buy original bags

Purchasing women's bags in brand boutiques or top retail chains is a good option. Large stores with an unsullied reputation are unlikely to risk their established image and offer fake copies. However, you should not believe them unconditionally, it is still better to check the authenticity of the women's bag according to all criteria.

Buying a handbag in offline stores is preferable to ordering via the Internet. In this case, the buyer has an advantage - he can touch the bag, personally assess its quality and reduce the risk of buying a fake. Knowing how to distinguish the original from the fake, he will not have difficulty in recognizing the replica. When buying a women's handbag through an online store, the customer is guided by the description of the goods, reviews about the store (which can be customized). He does not have the opportunity to personally verify the authenticity of the bag.

If you want your wardrobe to have only high-quality, reliable bags from famous brands, and not fakes, take the time to thoroughly check the products.

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