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Nike sneakers are among the top most purchased sports shoes in the world, which replica manufacturers use to enrich themselves. In order not to fall for the bait of unscrupulous sellers, learn about the signs of high-quality and original brand shoes. This will help you make the right choice and distinguish fake Nike Air Force.

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In original Nike sneakers, the legs will be comfortable.

History of Nike Air Force sneakers

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The ancestor of the iconic Air Force was designer Bruce Kilgore, who worked in the 80s. on the creation of several lines of sneakers at Nike.

Inspired by the success of the Walking Approach, he decided to experiment by lowering the heel of the new model to provide the necessary support and additional flexibility. This decision as a result became a technological breakthrough, and the novelty took its place of honor in the basketball line of sports shoes.

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What benefits and events have made Air Force so popular:

  • for the first time, a molded sole was introduced, which provided the sneakers with durability and endurance;
  • the decision to replace the pattern was innovative at that time: the ubiquitous rhombus was replaced with a circular pattern, which became the “center of rotation”, which provided additional freedom of movement for the players;
  • the first owner of a trial pair of sneakers was Tinker Hatfield, whose genius, perhaps, would not have manifested without this purchase, because. he subsequently became a staff designer at Nike, becoming seriously interested in shoe design.

Distinctive features of the original: ways to identify a fake

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Looking closely at high-quality and comfortable shoes for sports or walking, it is important to distinguish a fake from branded sneakers so as not to waste money. Inspect Nike prior to purchase for compliance with the necessary criteria that will indicate the originality of the product.

An objective assessment will help you with this:

  • appearance;
  • internal compliance;
  • the presence or absence of a strong odor;
  • strength and weight;
  • cost;
  • place of purchase.


First of all, pay attention to the packaging. It should be made of thick cardboard, without visible defects, scuffs and dents. The original box contains the brand logo, an information sticker and a barcode, and the shoes are neatly wrapped in paper.

The original box is made of thick cardboard with a printed brand logo.

Inspection outside

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During the inspection, make sure that there are no traces of glue, threads on the sneakers, and that the seams are even and neat. Check the presence of details indicating the originality of the product using the table.

Original Fake
There are 2 perforated holes at a distance of 1 cm from the sole Perforation is at the level of 1 mm from the seam
The edges of the leather trims are pure white, just like the leather of the sneakers. The color of the sneakers is a greenish tint, which gives the shoes an untidy look.
The metal medallion has a matte surface and is engraved with the model name in abbreviated form - AF 1 The surface of the medallion is glossy, the engraving contains the name of the model and the year of issue
Triangle heel insert, original lettering underlined by a checkmark that only crosses the final E It has the shape of an oval or circle, the checkmark does not cross the letters
On the molded hard sole, the brand lettering is located approximately in the middle, between the circular centers, which are connected by straight lines The sole is light, when you press the base it deforms due to poor quality material
The tips at the ends of the shoelaces, called caps, are made of transparent plastic, without cutoffs and visible traces of glue. On fakes, the noses of the laces are made of metal, have a curved cut, glue residue is visible

Inspection inside

When inspecting the shoes inside, it is necessary to check the presence of the following details.

Original Fake
The insoles in the original are different: the Nike Air logo is on the right, 82 since on the left. Comfortable ergonomic shape. Loose structure of the insoles. There is no logo and special embossing.
On the inside of the tongue there is only one label, which contains information about the size, country of manufacture and a link to the Nike website, as well as a barcode that can be scanned to determine the sneaker model. Most often, two inner labels are glued, which are peeled off from the top layer.

Material quality

Branded shoes are always made of genuine leather. The classic Nike Air Force is crafted from smooth white leather. The heel is even and stable, does not deform when pressed. The outsole is stiff but flexible and easy to bend. A fake is always made from a substitute for leather, the workmanship is cheap and simple, which immediately catches the eye.

Back view
The original has the word Nike, underlined with a tick, and merged with the letter "E".


Купить оригинальные NIKE Air Force можно here

The originals have increased strength and durability due to the high technology used in the manufacturing process, which cannot be said about the copy.

Choosing convenient and comfortable shoes from the official manufacturer, you get sneakers that you will wear for more than one season.

They are comfortable and comfortable, which can be felt immediately upon first fitting. Shoes have proven themselves both in sports and in everyday wear.

NIKE Air Force running shoes are comfortable to play sports.


Take a look at the new shoes. This is another hallmark of fake products. Branded sneakers smell nice, natural leather without impurities.

A fake gives off an unpleasant, sharp rubber smell of glue, which should immediately alert you. Originals may have a slight odor at the sole glued point, which disappears quickly.


Купить оригинальные NIKE Air Force можно here

To draw the appropriate conclusion, it is not necessary to weigh the sneakers before buying. Mass is easy to determine by holding a pair of shoes in your hands. Air Force have a noticeable weight due to the molded sole and other details. The replica does not have the necessary heaviness: one gets the feeling that in the hands are not sports shoes, but light summer moccasins.

The original has a noticeable weight due to the molded sole.

Certificate of Authenticity

Since 2007, Nike has included a certificate of authenticity in the box in the form of a thick black picture of the model. In the original production, the document had rounded edges, in the replicas - sharp ones. Since 2015, the manufacturer has been investing such a certificate only in limited collections.

Cost and place of purchase

Купить оригинальные NIKE Air Force можно here

Air Force sneakers are an example of comfortable sports shoes, loved for their conciseness, reliability and comfort. High sales testify to the popularity and love for this model despite the high cost. The price of original sneakers is from $150 to $200, but not less than 7000 rubles.

Unscrupulous manufacturers, seeking to enrich themselves at any cost due to the brand's popularity and consumer confidence in it, sell sneakers at sales and promotions, broadcasting big discounts. The price of Nike Air Force is fixed, and a big discount suggests that you are being forced to fake.

You should buy branded shoes in official trusted stores, armed with knowledge about the signs of original sneakers. This will save you from purchasing low-quality goods and fakes.

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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  1. Michael

    I love sneakers and I have a pair of NIKE AirForce bought somehow on the cheap, and although I was tormented by vague doubts about their authenticity, the seller still talked to me. I won’t say that I’m comfortable in them, but the company! Only now I realized that I was scammed. Sneakers obviously do not smell like leather, the smell of some kind of chemistry, the surface of the medallion is glossy, the sole is light, soft, bends when pressed and very reluctantly returns to its original state, where glue remains are visible. What can I say here: a cheap fish is a bad yushka, well, at least I learned how to distinguish a fake from the original and where to buy the original.

  2. Basil

    Nike products are something special. In fact, it is very easy to identify a fake after you start wearing these shoes. Especially if it's sports running shoes. But even for ordinary everyday Nike, it is easy to distinguish from a fake. Because fakes cannot provide that level of comfort.

  3. Irina

    Now the most comfortable shoes for all seasons and many people want to make money on this by creating fakes. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish the original from a fake. Therefore, these articles in many ways help to understand and buy real

  4. Anatoly

    Once I bought non-original NIke sneakers, wore it for a week and threw it away, it’s better to buy more expensive and the original, it rushes more, but there are a lot of fakes now and that’s why I went to this article to avoid this and buy it right.

  5. Anton

    In fact, now it is not so easy to find the original. Counterfeiters are well aware of the distinguishing features and therefore try to fake them as much as possible. Recently I took Nike crosses in a good store, they cost 11 thousand rubles, they said the original, but in fact they broke after three weeks ... in general, you can give up to 13 thousand for crosses, but no more, even for the highest quality

  6. Nicholas

    Recently I bought myself nonsense. thanks to your site now I know how to choose the right shoes.

  7. Rail Aby

    I am a big fan of walking. I love to get somewhere on foot or just walk. For me, three to five kilometers a day is not a distance at all. Therefore, for such walks, I prefer to walk in comfortable shoes, and Nike-air sneakers are the very lightness, practicality, convenience, time-tested.