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Vodka "Beluga" belongs to the category of super premium. This means that the drink is considered elite. To ensure high quality, the manufacturer uses good foreign raw materials. It also carefully filters alcohol, removes impurities, and complies with complex recipes.

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Super vodka "Beluga" with caviar.

Historical information

The history of the brand begins in 1999. Then the organization was called "Synergy". Within 2 years, the company created a distribution network and a production unit. Synergy acquired the first distillery in 2002. After 5 years, the list of assets included 6 plants.

The group developed rapidly: by 2006, Synergy was included in the list of the largest producers of strong alcohol in Russia. She took fourth place in the Russian Federation in terms of production.

The corporation acquired the Beluga brand in 2007. In 2008-2009. The brand has gone international. The first foreign representative office of the corporation was opened.

In 2013, Beluga vodka began to be supplied to China and North America. Thanks to the brand, the company has become a leader in the vodka market. In 2017, the corporation was renamed, now it is called the Beluga Group.

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Producer vodka Beluga

Vodka is produced at the Mariinsky Distillery, built back in 1900. Initially, table wine and alcohol were made at the factory. During the first year after the opening, the enterprise produced 38866 buckets of alcoholic beverages.

After the introduction of the “dry law”, the plant was inactive for several years, then resumed the production of alcohol. During the Second World War, the company produced parts for aircraft, machine guns, and water rescue equipment. By order of the front, the plant supplied vodka in metal barrels.

The enterprise was re-qualified as a distillery in 1949. In 1986, the plant was transferred to the Kemeroagropischeprom company. Alcohol production has declined. The company began to produce sweets: syrups, sweet carbonated drinks, marmalade. Thanks to this, it was possible to make a profit.

In 2002, a museum was opened at the plant. At the same time, the company produced the first 38 debut bottles of Beluga vodka. A year later, the drink received the first awards at exhibitions.

Due to the high demand for the product, it was necessary to increase the pace of production. By 2006-2007 the plant became part of the Synergy group, which acquired the rights to the Beluga brand.

Manufacturing specifics

Technologists highlight the following product advantages:

  1. Use of quality water. This measure allows you to reduce the proportion of impurities and soften the taste of the drink. The manufacturer uses artesian water, which is imported from environmentally friendly sources in Siberia.
  2. Adding quality alcohol. It is bought from abroad. The product is made from barley malt and sprouts, then subjected to additional purification. This helps to remove impurities.
  3. Thorough product filtration. At the factory, all ingredients go through additional purification steps. For filtration, not only coal and sand are used, but also silver. Then the finished liquid is subjected to cleaning. As a result, the manufacturer manages to achieve maximum purity of the drink.
  4. prolonged assimilation. This is the aging period during which the organoleptic properties of vodka improve. The manufacturer is in no hurry to release the drink for sale, but patiently waits for it to ripen.
  5. Special recipe. For each variety of vodka, the number of filtrations, the assimilation period and the raw materials used are different. This helps to get a unique taste.

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The drink itself is always clear. It stays that way even after freezing. The appearance of the bottle varies depending on the series. Bottling containers are made by French craftsmen.

The manufacturer claims that glass of such high quality can only be found in optical instruments. To increase brand awareness and prevent falsification, additional details and decor are present. For example, tin beluga is manually glued onto labels.

Aroma and taste

The aroma of vodka is unobtrusive, alcohol, but almost absent. This is due to the use of high-quality raw materials and careful filtration. The taste is soft, with a characteristic aftertaste. Additional shades may be present depending on additives.

Types of Beluga vodka

The main series of Beluga vodka include the following varieties:

  • noble;
  • Gold Line;
  • celebration;
  • Allure;
  • transatlantic racing.


The flagship of the entire Beluga line. It is considered a classic drink, as it is the first recipe that entered the vodka market and won the trust of consumers.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the taste of the product is due to the presence of natural ingredients in the composition. An infusion of oatmeal, milk thistle extract and honey are added to the drink. Plant components soften the negative impact of vodka on the body. Honey improves taste, makes vodka not so tart.

Vodka Beluga Noble with milk thistle and honey.

Gold line

Gold Line is an elite series of alcohol. The product is produced in small batches. Each bottle must be marked with an individual serial number. The container is supplied together with a special hammer for upholstering sealing wax, which is filled with cork. The brush included allows you to remove the fragments.

The composition of the drink includes lactose, rice infusion and rose radiola extract. Vodka Gold Line is considered the softest in the Beluga line.

Gold line
Soft vodka Beluga Gold Line.


Celebration is a special edition released to celebrate the distillery's anniversary. The product features sophisticated bottle production technology.

To obtain the original container, a double platinum vacuum metallization is carried out. The glass is covered with gold lacquer, decor is applied using silk-screen printing.

The product has an unusual taste. After opening the bottle, the first thing that the consumer feels is an unobtrusive floral smell. The first notes of taste are an infusion of dried apricots and linden honey. Afterwards, vanilla and cloves are felt.

Vodka Beluga Celebration with a floral taste.


Allure is the next collection series. The manufacturer has developed a recipe in honor of the Russian equestrian polo team, which wins world championships.

The design of the bottle corresponds to the main theme: it is decorated with leather inserts, which evokes associations with a saddle. The taste of the drink is felt sugar and maple syrup, as well as figs. The ingredients give a caramel aftertaste to vodka and soften it.

Vodka Beluga Allure with maple syrup.

Transatlantic Racing

Transatlantic Racing is the third collection series of vodka. It was released in honor of the yachting team. A key feature of the production of the drink is the use of cotton filters to remove impurities.

The composition of vodka includes strawberries and molasses. They complement the fresh taste of the drink with sweet and fruity notes.

Transatlantic Racing
Vodka Beluga Transatlantic Racing with strawberry flavor.

How to distinguish original Beluga vodka from a fake

It is not difficult to distinguish an original from a fake, since the first has a special design. The production of bottles and additional decor for Beluga vodka is expensive, so imitation manufacturers cannot completely disguise their fake.

When buying, first of all, you need to pay attention to the cork. In the original, it is embossed, a beluga is engraved on it. The label is metallized, not paper. In the case of the Gold Line, a silver fish is attached to it. Serial numbers are indicated on the bottles of the elite series.

Vodka is sold without a box in a cardboard box, sometimes in sets with stacks. The only exception is Gold Line. It comes in a leather case complete with a hammer and a brush to remove sealing wax from the cork.

In the case of each series, there are distinctive elements that help to recognize the original. For example, in the design of Allure there are leather inserts. The design is dominated by brown tones. Transatlantic Racing's packaging depicts a sailboat.

Original packaging of vodka.

Serving vodka to the table

Vodka is recommended to be served chilled. The optimum temperature is +6…+8°C. The drink is served in small glasses with a volume of 0.05 liters on legs. According to the rules, it is customary to consume vodka not during meals, but before meals, because it stimulates the digestive tract and improves appetite.

What is combined with

Vodka is consumed along with traditional fish and meat cuts. Pickles emphasize the taste of the drink. During large feasts, vodka is drunk along with national dishes: dumplings, saltwort, jelly, etc. The drink goes well with boiled beef, fatty pancakes, fried pork. Vodka is often eaten with lard.

Vodka with salted cucumbers.

Other uses

The manufacturer claims that the drink goes well with fish caviar. Some consumers do not supplement vodka with snacks, believing that this only prevents them from enjoying its noble taste.

The cost of Beluga vodka

The cost of vodka primarily depends on the series. The price starts from 1200 rubles. The most expensive rulers are collectible. Some varieties of vodka can only be purchased from the hands, because they are no longer produced. In this case, the price is set by the seller.

Variety Standard volume, l price, rub.
Noble 0,7 1200
Gold line 0,75 3400
Noble Celebration 0,7 1600
Transatlantic Racing 0,7 1300
Noble in a gift box with a glass 0,7 1500
Gold Line with 3 stacks 0,75 6400
Transatlantic Racing in a gift box with a glass 0,7 1700

Why Beluga vodka is expensive

The high price of vodka is primarily associated with its cost. The manufacturer invests a lot of money in the purchase of raw materials, the manufacture of containers, design, transportation, etc. The second factor is the brand. Part of the cost is due to markup. In this case, the buyer pays for the quality assurance.

List of awards

During the production period, Beluga brand vodka has received more than 10 awards. The first award was given to the brand back in 2003 for design. In 2005, the drink received 3 more gold medals and 1 silver.

In 2006, the product won prizes at competitions and exhibitions "Golden Autumn", Vinnaya Karta Open, East West Drink.

In 2007, vodka received gold medals at Prodexpo and the Entrepreneurship EXPO-Siberia fair. The product was awarded the Mixology Award at the International Trade Fair in Kreuzberg 2015.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The shelf life of pure alcohol is unlimited, but the manufacturer introduces additives into the composition, which reduces the storage time to 6-12 months. The latter is due to the gradual oxidation of the ingredients.

The drink should be stored in the production container. Do not place it in plastic containers. The minimum allowable temperature for storage is -15°C, and the maximum reaches +30°C, however, technologists recommend keeping the range +5…+20°C.

Interesting Facts

Beluga brand vodka was chosen as the official drink for the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2012. This honor was awarded to the drink of the Noble series.

Under the Beluga brand, not only vodka is produced. Additionally, the manufacturer produces berry and herbal bitters.

Customer Reviews

Eugene, 43 years old, Khanty-Mansiysk

Eugene, 43 years old, Khanty-MansiyskBeluga is first of all a status vodka. She has an excellent design, she has a mild taste and fresh aroma. I'm not a fan of strong drinks, but if I drink something like that, it's always Beluga. After it in the morning, good health is maintained. Alcohol in the smell is not felt, notes of vanilla and meadow herbs are heard. Pleasure causes not only direct use, but also the process of preparing for a feast, the atmosphere, the feeling of high quality of the product.

Alexander, 34 years old, Perm

Alexander, 34 years old, PermVodka is great. I tried it myself and gave it to my father for Defender of the Fatherland Day. He, too, was pleased. The advantages of the drink, I would include the absence of a pungent odor, a mild taste and the absence of a hangover after a feast. Especially if you dose the amount of alcohol you drink. You can find "Beluga" in almost any store, which is also an advantage. The only drawback of the drink is the high cost. However, I understand what it consists of, so I do not focus on it.

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