How to distinguish a fake Converse sneaker (Converse) from the original

How to distinguish an original from a fake Converse sneaker Cloth

Converse is a famous American brand founded in 1908 by Marcus Mills Converse. Initially, the company specialized in the production of family shoes. Then the assortment expanded - sports shoes appeared. In 1917, the brand begins to produce shoes for basketball players - sneakers. The first promotional pair of sneakers All Star was given to basketball player Chuck Taylor in 1918, and from then on he played only in shoes of this brand.

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Sneakers Converse
Sneakers Converse

Now production Converse controlled by Nike, including the production of sneakers. Although the main office is located in Boston (USA), Converse products themselves are made in other countries!

The main signs of fake sneakers

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Up to 50-90% of Converse shoes sold are fake. For replicas, the sole is quickly erased and the fabric is torn. Fakes cause discomfort when walking and can lead to flat feet or foot deformity. Therefore, it is important to know how to distinguish original Converse sneakers for everyone who wants to buy reliable shoes and not have health problems.

Fake sneakers Converse are found all over the world. It is important to familiarize yourself with the distinguishing features of original and fake products before buying shoes. Therefore, in this article we will consider ways in which even a high-quality fake can be recognized.

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The main signs of fake Converse sneakers:

  1. They have a low-quality and quickly erased sole.
  2. Sneakers can tear after a couple of weeks of constant wear, even neat ones.
  3. Rubber soles, paint, glue can smell like chemicals and cause allergic reactions.
  4. Can cause flat feet.

Packaging and inscriptions

The packaging of original Converse sneakers is made of durable cardboard. On its surface, the presence of printing defects is unacceptable. The dimensions of the box are fully consistent with the size of the shoes.

Converse box
Converse box

The original packaging is of high quality, neat, has the proper appearance. The brand name is printed on it.Converse» in a clear font and without errors.

Chinese characters are not allowed on branded packaging.

Chinese characters on fake Converse sneakers

The lid itself and part of the box are painted black. The bottom of the box is not painted - the color of the cardboard is brown. Branded packaging is painted in one color. Multi-colored boxes are a sign of a fake.


Fake boxes are faded, gray, dark gray or silver.

Fake and original Converse boxes
Fake and original Converse boxes

Fake boxes may not have stickers, company text, or other markings.

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There is an information sticker on the original boxes, which indicates:

  1. Full size shoe
  2. Model number
  3. Barcode
  4. Model photo
  5. QR code
  6. A unique code for a pair of shoes, which is also listed in the brand database
  7. An excellent code for each sneaker separately - 2 codes.
sticker on the box
sticker on the box

If there is no information sticker on the box, or not all information is displayed on it, it is a fake.

When there are Chinese characters on the sticker, even if the sneakers are made in China, this also indicates a fake.

Chinese characters on the box
Chinese characters on the box

If the product was bought in Russia, then there will be additional stickers on the box with information about the exporter and the place of purchase (the name of the online store). If there are no such stickers, then the goods were not purchased in Russia or were imported into the country illegally - counterfeit.

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At the bottom of the box, an image of the sole of a sneaker with a corporate pattern is printed, the material and the country of origin of the box itself are indicated. Logos are printed on the inside of the box - 5 pcs.

The inside of the Converse sneaker box
The inside of the Converse sneaker box

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Sneakers are packed in thick paper and there are no inscriptions or logos on it.

All codes and numbers that are printed on the box must match those on the tongues of the shoes themselves.

Barcode, qr - are scanned using a smartphone and a special program, and then redirected to - if the product is original.

For fakes, the code is not readable.

Barcode, QR code Converse
Barcode, QR code Converse

Attention! The article for classic models will coincide with what is at the office. site. But, if the sneakers are issued under a special order of the dealer, then the article may not match!

Article Ked
Article Ked

For original Converse, the size is indicated in centimeters. The sellers claim that shoes are produced for Asian markets with markings in mm. Yet in most cases, sneakers with a size in millimeters are a pure fake.

Tag on original and fake Converse

The tag shows the shoe model. The information given must match the label on the box.

Model indication on original Converse

Converse shoe sizes

Feet length




3 35
22.5 3.5



4 36.5
23.5 4.5



5 37.5
24.5 5.5



6 39
25 6.5



7 40
26 7.5



8 41.5
27 8.5






9.5 43
28.5 10





Appearance and weight

Keds are divided into 3 models:

  1. low-cut
  2. classic - one that covers the ankle a little
  3. high top sneakers

If the length of the sneaker is different - a fake. This is rare, but it happens that the length of one sneaker is higher than that of the second.

In the heel of the original sneakers, there is a lining made of thick cardboard. It helps the shoes keep their shape. For a fake, the cardboard is either too thin or missing. Branded shoes have a brand name on the heel.

Heel sneaker

cardboard heel holder Converse
cardboard heel holder Converse

Near the brand logo there are symbols in the form of a shoe. They indicate the amount of materials from which the shoes are made. Branded Converse have three components, and the finger has two.

The image on the insole of original and fake Converse

Most branded Converse sneakers have a glued insole. If it was possible to remove it, then the original will open a flat surface without flaws. The fake under the insole has protruding threads.

The difference between the material under the insole of the original and fake Converse

The toe of the fake sneakers is very thin and straight. In this case, the eyelets themselves can be displaced. The sock is made of low-quality rubber - easily bends from pressing a finger.

Converse has an elongated branded toe. It provides comfort to the foot and reduces the risk of injury to the fingers.

Replicas have a more rounded toe.

Toe on original and fake Converse

You can buy original Converse shoes here

The originals have a tight and thick toe. It has a streamlined shape.

Nose of original and fake Converse sneakers
Nose of original and fake Converse sneakers

Original sneakers Converse have more weight than fakes due to their multi-layered rubber sole.

For example, original size 38 sneakers can weigh around 370 grams. (deviations are allowed + or - in 30-40 gr.)

Weight Converse sneakers
Weight Converse sneakers

Material and seams

A distinctive feature of the original is the color match on the outside and inside. Fake colors are different.

Different color outside and inside

The brand name for branded shoes is done in saturated color. All letters are clear. The fake has blurry character outlines. A fake may have obvious printing defects.

For sewing original sneakers, high-quality dense canvas is used. Fakes are sewn from fabric intended for the production of clothing, not shoes. It wears out quickly and has a different structure.

Material of original and fake Converse sneakers
Material of original and fake Converse sneakers

For the manufacture of 1 original pair, 3 different materials are used - this is indicated on the insole.

The tongue is overcast evenly and beautifully. The back of the heel is stitched with the 2nd line with threads in the color of the fabric itself. The threads are a little shiny in the light. The distance between parallel lines is 2-3 mm, for fakes it is much larger.

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You can buy original Converse shoes here

One common code is indicated on each tongue - it must match on both sneakers. The second code is unique for each sneaker. They must be different, but the same as those indicated on the box!

The tag on the tongue of the originals has an air filling, it is made according to the “cushion” type. The fakes have a regular sticker, and the line is to the right than it should be.

Some original models have a tag sewn to the edge of the tongue. This occurs with sneakers released no earlier than 2018.

The length of the insole is indicated on the tongues in centimeters - CM. On fakes, it is indicated in millimeters - MM.

It is worth knowing that the Chuck Taylor 2 used to indicate the size in MM, but now it is no longer produced.

The tongues also indicate the country of origin, QR code, article number, name of materials.

Check Converse sneakers by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


The original sneakers have a multi-layered rubber sole. Rubberized gaskets are thicker, unlike fakes. The rubber sole of fakes has a yellowish tint, a fibrous structure, and sometimes even a chemical smell.

The patterns on the soles and the quality of the logo application also differ. The inscriptions and logo are engraved on a rectangular base and soldered, not glued separately. The originals are more embossed than the fakes. When shoes stands on the floor, then the entire area of \u200b\u200bthe sole should be in contact with a horizontal surface. Replicas may have their socks turned up.

On the bottom of the bottom there is an inscription "Converse ALL STAR". On the edge in the heel area - "ALL STAR”, and between the words there is a star.

Sole of original and fake Converse sneakers
Sole of original and fake Converse sneakers

Previously, "Converse ALL STAR" had a small "R" in a circle next to it. Recently, it has been replaced with a snowflake.

Snowflake on Converse sole
Snowflake on Converse sole

It is recommended to check the joints. Pal has a lot of irregularities. This is especially noticeable on the lines at the sole.

Marriage at the junctions of fake Converse


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In branded sneakers, the insoles are made of dense material. They have smooth edges - without protruding threads.

Fake insoles have:

  1. Poorly printed inscription "CONVERSE" - the letters "float", lilac. The originals have this inscription in rich blue, dark blue on light sneakers, or white on dark models.
  2. The color of the insole itself is white. The originals have a yellow tint.
  3. Only 2 materials from which the sneakers are made are indicated on the insole. On branded sneakers, 3 materials are always indicated.
The insoles of the originals and the Converse sneaker fell
The insoles of the originals and the Converse sneaker fell

If the sneakers are "large" or "small", then this is an obvious fake. The brand does not produce such a product!

Laces and eyelets

Original sneakers come already laced. This emphasizes customer care and belonging to the highest rank of prestigious brands. Fakes are not always delivered in this form.

Lacing on original and fake Converse

The original laces are more resistant to wear. This is achieved by using high-quality material and proprietary thread weaving.

Original and fake shoelaces
Original and fake shoelaces

The originals have matte eyelets, while the fakes have shiny ones.

Original Converses are made using durable fabric, such as thick canvas. In this case, the seam cannot be called perfect. Signature stitches may vary slightly in size. Nevertheless, when looking at the seam of a fake, careless manufacturing catches the eye.

Seams on original and fake Converse



Cardboard tag is not included with all models. If there is, then it depicts Chuck Taylor. The image itself is printed clearly, without "yellowness". The tag is made of durable cardboard, not very thin. The fastening of the tag passes through the eyelet - it is not attached to the fabric part of the shoe.

Tag of original and fake Converse
Tag of original and fake Converse

The main tag is located on the inside of the tongue. The label must be of high quality sewn, and all the information given on it is easy to read.

Tongue in fake and original Converse


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There is a rubber soldered rectangle on the heel with branded inscriptions and a star. If the shoe has a black sole, then the label itself will be completely black.

Converse label on the heel
Converse label on the heel

If the sneaker has a white sole, then the rectangle will also be white, and the inscriptions will be black, or red and dark blue.

Converse logo on the heel
Converse logo on the heel

The second label is sewn to the outside of the tongue. It can be made of fabric and sewn with a "snake" on the sides, or made of rubber - sewn with a straight line around the entire perimeter.

Converse label in language
Converse label in language

High-top sneakers also have such a label, but it is in the form of a round “seal” with a star, brand name and line. This "print" is located on the inside of the boots.

Star Converse
Star Converse

Video reviews "Original vs fake" on Converse sneakers:

You can buy original Converse shoes here

Video review on sneakers Converse All Star I and II:

Producing countries and where you can buy the original

You can buy original Converse shoes here

Although the Converse brand itself is based in the USA, the following countries are engaged in the production of sneakers:

  1. India
  2. Vietnam
  3. China
  4. Indonesia

When ordering, keep in mind that Converse sneakers are not manufactured in the USA!

You can buy original Converse sneakers here - - the Russian official version of the site. It is also possible to purchase original shoes in Converse retail stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don.

For those who want to buy real Converse sneakers, you can use the following online stores:

  1. Asos
  2. Lamoda
  3. Amersport
  4. Ozone
  5. Wildberries

But, buying not through the office. brand website, you should pay attention to the photo in the catalog of the online store. Be sure to open and inspect the goods immediately after delivery.

If you buy Converse sneakers through Ukrainian online stores, you should beware of fakes and scammers!

Where to buy the original

Prices for original Converse
Prices for original Converse

You can buy original Converse shoes here

Original Converse can't be worth a dime. The price for the classic model fluctuates between 100$ and higher. But, in addition to the main price, you also need to take into account the cost of delivery and state. duties!

There are discounts, but rarely and only for certain models - no more than 10% from the previously established cost.

Promotions run from September to February. Usually, there are no discounts for classic models.

If you see discounts of 50-90% from the total cost of Converse sneakers in any online store, it is better to refrain from buying, there is a high probability of purchasing a fake.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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