How to distinguish genuine Timberland boots from fake ones?

How to tell genuine Timberland boots from fakes Cloth

Clothes and shoes of popular brands often become the object of counterfeiting. This damages the reputation of the manufacturer and the wallet of the buyer. Fans of comfortable Timberland boots need to know how to distinguish the original from the fake.

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One hundred percent confidence in the authenticity of the product can only be guaranteed by buying directly from the manufacturer, in a store or on the Timberland website. In other cases, you should carefully examine the shoes in search of proof of origin. Even if the product gives the impression of a quality item, you need to find all the characteristic features of branded manufacturing.

Signs of a fake

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Original box in graphite color with a large light gray logo on the lid. All four sidewalls of the lid also have the logo and brand name. On all sidewalls, except for the right sidewall, the brand name with the logo is located in the lower left corner, but on the right sidewall it is located on the top left, since there is a sticker with information about the product at the bottom.

Fake kraft cardboard color box with brand logo on the lid. This is what the boxes of the brand once looked like. And they also had such red and white stickers on them. The box is very similar to the original box from yesteryear and the sticker looks very believable. Even the barcode is not fake, at least the country code looks right.


Box of original Timberland boots and fakes

The most important distinguishing features:

  • photo of shoes;
  • barcode;
  • model name;
  • dimensional grid for 8 countries;
  • vendor code.

We remind you that on original models, the article on the box must match the article indicated on the tag on the tongue.

The second sticker on the box is the seller's sticker and is located next to the manufacturer's sticker. It contains information about the product in Russian, as well as information about the manufacturer and importer, and a QR code.

A box of original Timberland boots and fakes


We open the box and find on the lid just such a sticker with the logo of VF Corporation, which owns the Timberland brand.

Inside the box from the replica, the fake shoes are packed in plain cellophane without any identification marks.


Box of original Timberland boots and fakes

On the back of the box is a small white sticker with the address of Timberland's European headquarters in Amsterdam. The boots are wrapped in transparent polyethylene with brand symbols and interesting facts about the brand's social responsibility in several languages. But, to be honest, the first thing you expect from a socially responsible brand is the rejection of polyethylene.

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They wanted to make allowances for the fact that this is a stock model produced a couple of years ago, but on the same Russian-language import label it is indicated that the boots were produced in January 2020. In general, the brand definitely has room to grow in terms of social responsibility.

Packed with original Timberland boots

The main sign of a fake is negligence in details. Brand items are distinguished by the careful and impeccable execution of each element. The difference between the original and the fake can be seen when looking at the boots, from the quality of the nubuck to the precision of the logo on the lining.

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Before buying a product, you should make sure that there are no irregularities, defects, minor violations of the original workmanship. What gives a fake:

  • logo;
  • material;
  • seams;
  • eyelets;
  • sole.


On the outer sidewall of the boot in the heel area, the brand's logo and the inscription waterproof (water-repellent) are squeezed out.

Logo on original Timberland boots and fake

The brand logo is also on the tongue.

Logo on original Timberland boots

The absence of the logo in the right places or inaccurate application - at an angle, fuzzy, wrong proportions. As a rule, the logo is not burned out, but printed.

Fake logo

Logo on sole


To create real Timberland, only premium nubuck is used. Nubuck is a natural leather that has undergone a special type of processing. In the process of dressing, it is carefully polished with a thin abrasive material, due to which a special texture is acquired.

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Check Timberland boots by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Nubuck is similar to suede, but is made from other raw materials (mainly from the skins of cattle). It is resistant to adverse external conditions, resistant to moisture and wear. All this, of course, can be checked only in the process of wearing. But even to the touch you can find differences.

Fake models will look more like thin rubber than soft nubuck.

Fake material

The material from which the fake is made is very similar to the original one, the logo is also squeezed out on the sidewalls on the outside, only without the word water-repellent.

The texture of the material on genuine timberlands is heterogeneous and fleecy. If you run your hand along it in one direction, the villi are smoothed, and in the opposite direction, they rise up.

In this case, you can notice a slight difference in color shades. In cheap copies, there is no such effect - they are absolutely smooth.

The original shoes inside can be trimmed with both leather and textiles. Our original model has a textile cushion and the lining inside the boot is textile. The material with which the boots are finished is synthetic, the weaving of the fabric resembles the pique fabric from which the polo is made. The eyelets inside the boots are round and smooth, so nothing will interfere or rub while wearing.

Material inside Timberland boots

Equipped with timberlands and a special leather back. Special processing technology allows it to securely fix the foot, while remaining soft and comfortable.

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When choosing your Timberland shoes, be sure to look at the inside of the boots. The original models are equipped with unique insoles that provide anatomical support for the foot. Thanks to their special design, they provide comfort even during long everyday wear, protecting joints and ligaments from overload and fatigue. It is these insoles that can be considered one of the most obvious signs of authenticity.

The insole in our original model cannot be removed as it is glued on. On our insole there is a logo and brand name, as well as the name of the technology with which the insole was made. Our model uses the Ortholite insole - an insole that breathes, cushions, removes moisture, and even protects against unpleasant odors.

Insole inside original Timberland boots and knockoffs


In addition to the Ortholite insole, most of the latest models use an anti-fatigue insole. This is the brand's exclusive insole that helps absorb shock and distribute the load on the foot, adding to the comfort of walking.

The insole is made of molded foam and has hex holes on the back. On the front side, the insole is two-thirds trimmed with leather, and the upper part of the insole is trimmed with fabric. The brand's logo is embossed on the insole at the heel.

The fake pair is lined with leather on the inside. The insole on this pair is removable, two-thirds covered in leather, and the toe box is lined with textile, just like the original models, which use leather insoles.

Insole of original Timberland boots and fakes

However, if the insole is turned over, we will not find anything remarkable on the reverse side. This is the most common insole and there is no talk of any technology here.

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Insole of original Timberland boots and fakes


Another important sign of authenticity is the number of seams. It will allow you to accurately recognize a fake. The original timberlands are stitched in four rows, while the stitch size is absolutely the same and the distances between the seams are equal.

Stitching with defects, uneven stitches, uneven spacing between stitches, thread residue.

Remains of thread

Eyelets and laces

The lacing of real timberlands is made of nylon. This modern material has excellent strength and wear resistance. Since it is quite expensive, it is almost impossible to meet it on fakes. The laces are made of two threads: one repeats the color of the boots, and the second is the color of the heel trim. To the touch, the laces are very dense, not slippery.

Metal trims will also help you authenticate your shoes - on branded products, they are hexagonal and made of stainless alloys.

Plus, they are fixed in a special way, which ensures perfect fixation during the entire period of operation.

Fake eyelets are round. This form is also found on the original models, but the number of holes raises questions.

There are 7 of them, but on the original there are 6 of them. We honestly looked at a variety of Timberland models and on all models we saw only 6 holes for laces. 7 is only on very high models of boots, which mostly have soft uppers

Eyelets on original Timberland boots and fake

Imperfectly shaped eyelets, cut on the wrong side.

cut eyelets

The eyelets inside the boots on the fake resemble petals. We have seen such standard Chinese technology on many fakes. Probably, this technology is cheaper and easier than all the others. However, for the shoe wearer, such eyelet edges can cause some inconvenience, as there is a risk that they will rub the foot or cling to socks.

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Eyelets on fake Timberland


You can also distinguish genuine Timberland products by the sole. In the original, it is cast, one-piece, has no joints and joints. It is made on the basis of rubber - it flexes well and cushions. The sole is multi-layered, but you will not find any transitions on it, while transitions between layers are very noticeable on non-fake models. The sole is attached to the upper part of the boot in a special seamless way, so you will not find any traces of glue or thread.

The original sole is brown, the height of the heel depends on the model. On the protector in the middle is the brand logo, and below it in a rectangular frame is the brand name. The sole of the fake very accurately repeats the original both in shape and in the tread pattern.

The only noticeable difference is the size of the logo and the brand name. And if it is not easy to distinguish the size of the logo without having both pairs in front of you for comparison, then everything is much simpler with the brand name.

On the fake outsole, the font size in the brand name is much smaller, which leaves a lot of free space around the edges of the frame.

Sole on original Timberland boots and fake

Irregular joints between the sole and the leather part, often with traces of glue.

Sole fake

Dimensional grid of Timberland men's shoes

American European centimeters
6 39 24
6.5 39.5 24.5
7 40 25
7.5 41 25.5
8 41.5 26
8.5 42 26.5
9 43 27
9.5 43.5 27.5
10 44 28
10.5 44.5 28.5
11 45 29
11.5 45.5 29.5
12 46 30
13 47.5 31
14 48 32
15 50 33

Dimensional grid of Timberland women's shoes

American European centimeters
5 35.5 22
5.5 36 22.5
6 37 23
6.5 37.5 23.5
7 38 24
7.5 38.5 24.5
8 39 25
8.5 39.5 25.5
9 40 26
9.5 41 26.5
10 41.5 27
10.5 42 27.5
11 42 28
11.5 44 28.5
12 44.5 29

What to look out for

A nubuck tag with the company logo and the inscription "Guaranteed Waterproof" is attached to the right boot.


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The label is always glued to the corner of the box in a specially designated brown square. It is orange for men's and teenage products, green for women's. The label must contain the following information:

  1. Brand name.
  2. Producing country.
  3. Item code.
  4. Party number.
  5. Size.

Each material color option has its own style number, which can be checked on the company's website.

The original model may have different external tags: both cardboard and leather. As for leather tags, fake makers have learned to copy them well and our fake pair is proof of this. There are no problems with copying cardboard tags either, since the design of the tag itself is unpretentious. However, the stickers that are glued to these cardboard tags, of course, are not faked by the official sellers of the brand.

The tag inside the boot can be placed on the tongue or on the sidewall. The tag can be in the form of a sticker, a fabric tag, information can also be simply applied directly to the skin of the boot. If it is a fabric tag, then it has a brand logo in the upper left corner, sizes for six countries, an article number, the materials from which the boot is made, and the country of production. Original boots are made in Bangladesh, China and the Dominican Republic. Our original pair is made in the Dominican Republic.

Internal tag on original Timberland boots

Internal tag on original Timberland boots

This is what the original tags on the sidewall of the boot look like. They are no different from those located on the tongue.

Internal tag on original Timberland boots

If there is no tag, and the information is printed directly on the skin, then it looks like this. On our fake, the entire text is repeated with 100% accuracy, most likely the fake makers messed up something in the numbers that are located under the text. But since for such a comparison you must always have both the original and the fake at hand, this method will not work for us.

Internal tag on fake Timberland boots

In addition to tags with information about the product and sizes, there may be tags inside the boot that indicate the technology used in the production of a particular model. For example, it can be the PrimaLoft badge, which means that the boots have a small layer of insulation inside and are designed to be worn in winter down to about minus 10 degrees.

There are no such badges on our fake, but there is a fabric tag with the brand logo and brand name. And such tags really were on the original models, but for a long time. Models of recent years no longer have such tags.

Internal tag on fake Timberland boots

What branded shoes look like

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You can distinguish original Timberlands from fakes by the following features:

  • High-quality nubuck is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Quality nubuck

  • Muted colors.
  • The discreet one-piece outsole is made from a slightly sheer material with no transitions between layers.

Transparent sole material

  • The connection of the sole and the main part is made by casting and looks flawless.

Sole connection

  • The logo is embossed with clear and crisp details.

logo on the original

  • The seams are made with large stitches, white threads. Each seam consists of four lines.
  • The stitching is flawless, with perfectly maintained distance between the lines.

Lines of the original and fake

  • The accessories are made of expensive materials - nylon laces, shiny hexagonal eyelets without burrs and signs of marriage. On the reverse side, the eyelets are round, perfectly even.


  • Women's models contain 6 eyelets, men's - 7.


  • The interior is made of waterproof material. The lining has a green or white tag with an identification number and other information.
  • The insoles consist of two parts, made using the Antistress technology.


Individual number

Perhaps not everyone knows about it, but the brand's authentic shoes are absolutely all numbered. We decided to buy timberlands, how to distinguish a fake from the original for sure? Just look for the numbers on the shoes. Enter this code in a search engine - and you will immediately understand the original in front of you or a fake.

Before heading to the store for the coveted pair of shoes, find the model you like on the official website. Study it in as much detail as possible - colors, trim elements, details, features of the outsole tread, lacing shades. Having received a complete picture of what shoes should be, you can safely go shopping.

If you are going to buy branded shoes not in a branded boutique, then it is better to check all the signs of authenticity known to you on the pair you like. Still, the purchase is not cheap, and it will be very disappointing if the shoes that you considered the real products of the Timberland brand lose their appearance and fall apart after a short period of wear.

What you need to know about Timberland boots

Timberland boots are the most popular products of an American company, characterized by high-quality manufacturing through the use of innovative technologies.

Boots Timberland

Winter boots are distinguished by their convenience, practicality, corporate color, and original design. The material is able to withstand moisture and temperature changes. The sole provides comfortable walking thanks to good depreciation properties and flexibility. Leather inserts are provided for special wearing comfort, the back is made using a special technology. It is leather and provides a tight fixation of the foot in the boot.

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The company's logo is a circle with a stylized tree pattern inside, printed on the outer side surface.

The world-famous fashionable Timberlands are produced not only in factories located in the United States, but also in England, China, France and other countries. It is possible to identify real products manufactured at numerous factories of the corporation, and recognize the products of clandestine factories by the smallest nuances that cannot be repeated without knowledge of the original technologies.

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The price of real boots is close to $ 200, although sometimes the brand offers discounts and promotions. But even in these cases, the cost of the goods will be much higher than fake shoes.

How to buy authentic Timberlands in an online store

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The company takes seriously the presentation of its products in the network space. To protect against fraudsters, the following rules apply:

  1. Brand products are not sold simultaneously with products from other companies.
  2. The brand itself provides images of models. Timberlands are photographed against a white background from a certain angle. Photographs should not contain other objects near the shoes and in the background, signs of a photo in a store or outdoors.

Before buying, you need to find out how much the product costs and compare prices with information on the manufacturer's website.

Timberland boots


The cost of the original starts from 21,990 rubles, but last season's models can be bought for an average of 10,000 rubles. Given that the shoes are positioned as very strong and durable, it is a completely justified investment. In addition, if you live where there is no harsh winter, then you can walk in these boots not only in spring and autumn, but also in winter. It is enough to put on a warm sock or put a fur insole inside.

At least this option is perfect for traveling in cold weather by transport or car. Of course, it is unlikely that it will turn out to walk in the red, although you can also try.

A fake on the Internet can be easily bought for 6,000 rubles or even cheaper, but we doubt that in this case the boots will live as long as the original.

Summing up

What to pay attention to first of all? A nubuck tag with the company logo and the inscription "Guaranteed Waterproof" is attached to the right boot. Signs of the original:

  1. High quality nubuck
  2. One piece outsole
  3. Embossed logo with clear details
  4. The seams are made with large stitches

About the brand. Timberland boots are the most popular products of an American company, characterized by high-quality manufacturing through the use of innovative technologies.

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