ADIDAS GAZELLE - how to distinguish a fake from the original

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The Adidas Gazelle sneaker model was first released in 1966. Despite this, the popularity of this type of footwear today is growing every day. Therefore, some manufacturers began to make copies of this branded model, and so skillfully that it is quite difficult to distinguish a fake from the original. How to buy real Adidas Gazelle? Consider the most common differences between fake and original shoes.

You can buy original Adidas Gazelle here

How to spot a fake

It's important to know! Original Adidas Gazelle can only be bought on the official website or in a branded store. In Internet resources that sell a wide variety of goods, it is unlikely that there will be real sneakers of this model, and, in principle, Adidas.

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ADIDAS GAZELLE owes its popularity to a special material that was first used in the production of sneakers - split velor - a cut of genuine leather. Externally and to the touch, this material is similar to suede, but in use it is much stronger. Yes, and it requires less production costs. The result is a very flexible and relatively light sneaker.

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There are a number of criteria by which you can determine what is in front of the buyer - a cheap copy or a really high-quality original. You need to pay attention to the following points.

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Material quality

Pay attention to the back of the heel. There should not be any protruding pieces. In addition, there should be a branded inscription of the Adidas brand.

Back of fake Adidas Gazelle sneakers

You can buy original Adidas Gazelle here

The quality and authenticity of the Adidas Gazelle is verified by the following parameters.

Line. For original shoes, it is always even, the stitches are the same in size, for fake shoes, it can even go beyond the edge, glue remains are visible.

Loose threads in the Adidas Gazelle replica

Textile. If you run your hand over the material, it should be soft and gentle to the touch.

You should also pay attention to the raw edges of the sneakers: a leather substitute, that is, a fake, has a fabric base.

Natural material Adidas Gazelle is a solid canvas, without interlayers.

Back Adidas Gazelle

Sole. It is made of rubber, has a symmetrical pattern. But at the same time, the originals are slightly smaller.

Smell. Poor quality cheap material has a specific smell. Extraneous "aromas" should not come from the original Adidas Gazelle.

ADIDAS GAZELLE - how to distinguish a fake from the originalADIDAS GAZELLE - how to distinguish a fake from the originalADIDAS GAZELLE - how to distinguish a fake from the original

Manufacturers of fakes often do not bother with such trifles as laces. In the original model, they are dense and elastic. In the replica, they are soft and often with pellets, even if they have just been taken out of the box.

Adidas Gazelle laces


You can buy original Adidas Gazelle here

Often boxes with fakes look wrinkled, and in some cases even torn. This is due to the fact that fake manufacturers save on packaging by making it from thin cardboard. The original sneakers are packed in a tight box, which is not deformed during transportation..

Adidas Gazelle packaging

Also on the box with real shoes from a world-famous manufacturer there is a sticker on which the following are written in an understandable language: size, model number, article number. The same data is indicated on the label and on the label under the tongue of the sneakers. If such inscriptions are in an incomprehensible language or in the form of hieroglyphs, then there is no doubt that this is a fake product.

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Usually, the original shoes in the box are wrapped in wrapping paper; sellers of fakes often save on it. As for the paper label, it is always on the left shoe - the information on it must fully correspond to the data on the box. Fake labels can be without inscriptions at all.

Note! In boxes with real Adidas Gazelle, an additional (spare) pair of laces is always placed.

Box of Adidas Gazelle
Box of Adidas Gazelle


Initially, the manufacturer released two versions of this shoe. Red - with a transparent and anti-slip sole - for training in the gym. Blue - with a grippy sole - for outdoor sports.

Adidas Gazelle sneaker colors

You can buy original Adidas Gazelle here

All possible colors of the sneakers themselves, as well as the stripes on them, can be viewed on the official website of the manufacturer. Bright colors of shoes with multi-colored thickened stripes should alert: the branded model does not have such shoes in its arsenal.

adidas gazelles colors
adidas gazelles colors

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Size chart

Very often, the sizes of fakes do not correspond to standard samples. So, for example, in the photo below, the size of the replica is slightly larger than the size of the original pair of Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Adidas Gazelle original and copy size

Adidas Gazelle are produced in limited quantities, so not all sizes are always available. If the store offers all sizes, including intermediate ones, this is a sign that a low-quality copy is being sold.

Shoe size grid:

Russian English American centimeters


3.5 5 22.75





36 4.5 6



5 6.5 24
37 5.5 7



6 7.5 25






7 8.5


40 7.5 9



8 9.5 26.5





42 9 10.5



9.5 11 28


10 11.5


44 10.5 12.5



11 13


45 11.5 -


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Differences in fonts, insoles, tongue

The Gazelle lettering is engraved on the original sneakers and painted on the copy.

Inscriptions on the original and copy of the Adidas Gazelle

The inscriptions on the sneakers. On the side, the brand name should be clearly printed in front of the front stripe. There is also a logo on the back of the heel.

Insoles. For originals, the insole has a small arch support, for fakes it is perfectly even. Under the insole of the sneaker has a white surface, without extraneous inscriptions.

Adidas Gazelle insoles

The inscription on the insole. Many manufacturers of fakes immediately fall for it. In the original pair, the inscription on the insole has different directions

Adidas Gazelle insoles

tongue. As already noted, under the tongue of the original sneakers there is a label with data corresponding to the sticker on the box. The tongue itself has a perforated base on top.

Tongue Adidas Gazelle

Find a special sticker under the tongue. If you enter the article indicated on it from the original crosses, the search engine will display pictures with the corresponding pair of shoes. Copies also have a sticker with an article number, but the search will return completely different results.

Look at the hashtag with the batch order number. The same will be on the paper label in the original version.

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Copy and original Adidas Gazelle

You can buy original Adidas Gazelle here

Price is a fundamental factor when buying original shoes. Real Adidas Gazelle sneakers cost at least 10,000 rubles. If the store offers such a product at a significantly lower price, there is no doubt that this is a fake copy, even if it is on sale. We also recommend reading an article about ECCO shoes.

The production technology of Adidas Gazelle sneakers cannot be reproduced. Although many fake manufacturers are diligently trying to deceive the buyer by making copies that are impossible to distinguish at first glance. But knowing the distinctive features of the brand, you can buy really high-quality shoes that will last for several years.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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