How to distinguish the original Lacoste from a fake?

How to distinguish a Lacoste polo from a fake Cloth

Who doesn't know Lacoste polo shirts? But not everyone represents how to distinguish the original from a fake when buying. And for this reason, imitations are often acquired, the quality of which, of course, is disappointing.

You can buy fake things not only in dubious stores offering goods at a seductive, low cost. A “singed” T-shirt or shirt may well be sold in a reputable store located in a prestigious shopping center. This happens due to the dishonesty of buyers or for other, but similar reasons. Therefore, regardless of the degree of prestige and reliability of the store, the item must be studied before buying.

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It will not be superfluous to have an idea about the Lacoste company, about what kind of things this company produces and for what. This will allow you to visually determine whether the product can be original or not. In other words, knowing the information about the history of the brand, you can immediately distinguish a low-grade cheap imitation from the original. Of course, when faced with well-made fakes, you will have to study the details of the product.

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How to distinguish a fake

Original Lacoste polo

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Of course, there is a demand for fakes: you really want to buy a set of sneakers and a sweater for the same money instead of a polo shirt. Every naive buyer must understand what he risks by purchasing a fake. Counterfeit is not just a fake logo, it is an imitation of quality, comfort and a full range of harmful properties.

A fake UV filter in glasses is dangerous for the eyes, and inferior synthetics instead of cotton in a T-shirt can cause severe skin allergies. In order not to risk your health, it is better to learn how to distinguish the lacoste-original from a fake.

To distinguish a fake Lacoste from the original, you need to know what to look for. All polo shirts, at first glance, look great, and when you try them on, they sit exactly on the figure. The difference in the quality of branded items and imitations becomes noticeable only in the process of wearing, after several washes.

When buying a shirt, focus on the following nuances:

  1. Material.
  2. Tag.
  3. Company patch.
  4. Buttons.
  5. Seams.
  6. Proportions.

As a rule, consultants in stores, both in prestigious and budget ones, themselves begin to show the buyer the distinguishing features and convince that the item offered is original.

Often the monologues of merchants make it difficult to concentrate and examine the product, feel the fabric, check the buttons. Therefore, it makes sense to take the thing you like to the fitting room and slowly, without the intervention of consultants and their explanations, examine it.

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The visiting card of the Lacoste brand is the popular polo. They are forged especially massively. But there are a lot of signs of the difference between counterfeit and original.

Original Lacoste polo


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The fabric from which the original Lacoste products are sewn is light, but at the same time dense, cotton jersey. The material does not stretch even after several years of intensive wear and numerous washes. Accordingly, no traces will be left on the fabric and attempts to stretch it on purpose. If you try to deform a shirt by tightly wrapping it around your fist or fingers, then the thing will quickly take on its original form, there will be no marks left on the product.

Petite pique cotton jersey of the highest quality branded product, has a honeycomb structure, the collar and cuffs of the elastic knit are soft, elastic and do not rub the skin.

The fine structure of the fabric of the replica indicates low-grade knitwear. The fake fabric is denser and rougher. In the light, the holes are very small and there are few of them - in general, the fabric almost does not shine through. We have seen many fakes of different brands and they are all made from such fabric.

polo material

The structure of the material of the original and fake

This distinctive characteristic is inherent in all models of shirts produced with the label of the French company. But the T-shirts produced by this manufacturer are not so elastic, although they do not lose their shape when worn and washed.

Of course, the fabric is qualitatively dyed. Shirts do not lose their color even after many washes, do not shed.

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There are two tags on the neck of the original: a large rectangular one with the brand name, logo and model type. Under it is a narrow rectangular tag with a size. Sizes are French and US.

Tag on the original Lacoste

It is usually extremely difficult to recognize a real product by a tag, but not in the case of purchasing Lacoste items. Owners with great trepidation relate to the appearance of the emblem of the company. The alligator on the tag is depicted clearly, with a lot of detail, executed with amazing accuracy.

As a rule, manufacturers of imitations do not "bother" with how exactly the alligator looks on the tag, and even more so they do not care if longitudinal stripes are distinguishable on its back, and eyes on the muzzle.

Fake and original tags

Other signs of the original tag:

  • The shape - an expanded rectangle, a narrow rectangle or a square - is evidence of falsification.
  • The edges are sheathed or processed by stamping.
  • The size of the thing is marked above the alligator's tail.
  • The name of the company is placed under the alligator.
  • Label inside, under the seam of the collar with the designation of the size in numbers (1, 2,3,4). Symbol badges S, M, L, XL indicate a fake.

The size on the tag is always indicated, the number is located diagonally in relation to the alligator's tail. The tag is sewn under the hem of the collar with the main seam. This product does not have any additional lines connecting the thing and the tag.

Check Lacoste polo by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Attached to the tag with a string passed through it and fixed with plastic, paper labels and a passport of the thing. The color of the passport matches the shade of the fabric, and the tone of the print matches the design of the tag.

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paper labels

The outer cardboard tag is attached to the tag on the neck with a white cloth cord with a plastic seal depicting a crocodile. In addition to the brand name and logo, the tag contains the address of the official website, as well as a sticker with the model number, barcode, country of origin, size, fabric composition, price, and the name of the manufacturer.

Paper tag on original Lacoste The fake tag on the neck differs in size and, of course, in content. The tags were also copied from the original old-style tags. On the top tag is the brand name, logo, as well as the size number. The bottom tag shows the country of origin and the article number. Please note that Peru is indicated as the manufacturing country on the fake.

Tag on fake Lacoste

Tag on fake Lacoste

The outer tag is attached to the neck tag with a plastic cord and consists of only one piece. On the tag, information is printed on both sides, while on the original only on one. The tag also has the article number, fabric composition, barcode and size. However, the size indicated on the tag on our fake did not match the size indicated on the neck.  

Paper tag on fake Lacoste

The fabric label in the inner side seam is smooth, satin. Contains material information (100% cotton) in five or seven languages.

The country of origin - the inscription made in France indicates an outright fake.

A tag with the name of the model, composition, and care instructions is sewn into the side seam. A spare button is sewn to this tag. Original models are produced in Turkey or Morocco.

Tag with a button on the original Lacoste

Also, some collections are produced in France, but in this case, the cost of polo starts from 10 000 rubles.

It is also important not to confuse information about where the polo is made with the country where it is designed.

Naturally, all polo shirts are designed in France, but are already produced in the above countries.


The branded patch is a small alligator. The French company is sensitive not only to the appearance of its emblem on the label, the quality of the patch is also impressive.

The alligator is embroidered with very high quality, with a clear study of details, the white edging threads are thin, of the same thickness around the entire logo. All threads fit snugly to each other, do not bulge, do not spread, do not stick out anywhere. The ends of the threads do not stick out of the patch, of course, there are no missing places that are not covered by embroidery.

The tail of the crocodile is bent almost parallel to the body, the parts of the mouth are even on the inside. Such a crocodile is sewn absolutely imperceptibly with the help of a fishing line, which is nowhere to be seen.

Crocodile logo - on the original, it is sewn on the left chest, just above the bottom seam of the clasp. On the wrong side, the seam is invisible, only the outlines of the contour are guessed.

On a fake, the emblem is most often sewn below, the seam is very visible inside, and besides, it is rather careless.

original crocodile

Stitches not visible

Traditionally, the logo is one of the most vulnerable places for a fake. The crocodile on the logo looks skinny, the mouth of the crocodile is uneven on the inside, the tail is raised too high, the white outline around the crocodile is not the same in thickness. Well, and most importantly: the fishing line with which the crocodile is sewn is visible.

Clear fake

Sloppy sewn

Stitches visible

In addition to the quality of performance, there is another distinguishing feature. The alligator on the patch is designed in muted, matte, soothing colors. Threads with a glossy sheen are evidence of falsification.

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Many brands strive to develop their own, original and easily recognizable style, as well as protect themselves and customers from the abundance of imitations, paying attention to detail. That is, they order buttons, zippers, rivets and other similar things with the name of the company or other distinctive signs.

two buttons

But the French chose not to do so. Back at the beginning of the last century, the founders of the company agreed to use very simple-looking, but expensive and high-quality buttons. This was due to the fact that the professional male sports community negatively perceived excessive pretentiousness.

Polo shirts still have simple buttons with a noble mother-of-pearl shade and a pair of holes. There are no other buttons on Lacoste products.

On original models, the color of the buttons depends on the color of the product itself. Darker polos boast color-matched buttons, while lighter polos have white buttons.

All buttons with light mother-of-pearl, regardless of color. The buttons are concave and resemble a deep plate.

Buttons on original Lacoste and fake

If buttons with four holes are found on the shirt, the product is an imitation.

The seam is strictly vertical. The clasp of a fake is always different. The thin plastic of the buttons is immediately visible, and the bait in the form of an inscription around the circumference betrays copyists with their heads.

Original and fake buttons

Fake with four holes

The differences concern not only the number of holes, but also how the buttons are sewn. On a real French thing, buttons are sewn strictly vertically, with threads that match the color of the product.


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The difference between low-grade imitation and expensive, high-quality clothing lies not only in the material, decorative elements and dyes used in the production. Seams are important. Imitation people are, of course, able to ensure even stitching on their products. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention not to the quality of the line, but to other nuances.

The side cuts of this product are neat, with parallel edges - the distance between them is no more than 1 cm.

The bottom of the model is traditionally finished with a double seam, however, on a fake, the distance from the edge to the seam is less, and the width between the decorative seams is greater. Not all base models have side cuts, so this is unlikely to be an indication of the original.

Seam at the bottom of the seam on the original Lacoste and fake

Genuine Product Features:

  1. The base of the collar and shoulder seams are hidden by a border.
  2. The purl bar under the frames is bent and stitched.

If the shoulder seams, collar line and placket are overlocked, the product is an imitation.

Polo seams

Pay attention to how the sleeves are sewn in. The original polo has all four armpit seams clearly joined, no distortions, unlike a fake.

Comparison of the original Lacoste and fake

The seam on the neck is neat, there is not a lot of thread at the end of the seam, unlike a fake. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the loops. On the original, they are cut and finished neatly, while on the fake, the loops are processed extremely carelessly. And besides, one loop is cut horizontally, and the other vertically, as on the old original models.

Comparison of seams on the collar of the original Lacoste and fake

The shoulder seam is trimmed with a decorative seam here and there, but on the fake, the width between the two seams is less than half a centimeter, which is on the original.

Shoulder seam on original Lacoste and fake


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In the original Lacoste, the size is indicated by numbers and duplicated by a letter designation. There are intermediate sizes in the dimensional grid, so choosing a perfectly fitting option is much easier. In addition, the models differ in fit. There are classic fit models with a classic fit, custom fit with a looser fit, as well as tapered slim fit.

Lacoste size chart (men's sizes)











XS 42-44 2 41 45 63
S 44-46 3 44 49 65
M 46-48 4 46 52 67
L 48-50 5 48 55 69
XL 50-52 6 49 57 73
XXL 52-54 7 51 60 74
XXXL 54-56 8 53 63 78

Lacoste size chart (women's sizes)





40-42 34
S 42-44



44-46 38
L 46-48





On fake models, the size is indicated by a letter.

Fakes are 1-2 sizes small, so if a Lacoste polo is small, then this is a sure sign of a fake.

Sometimes polo shirts of different lengths are presented in the same store. As a rule, sellers explain this by saying that things belong to different lines or collections.

However, all shirts made by a French manufacturer follow the same proportions, regardless of which line they belong to. The length of a real polo shirt is classic. In other words, it is neither long nor short. When trying on, the shirt will cover the level of the pelvic bones. The side seams end with triangular slits.

Polo length

The sleeve of the product, selected in accordance with the size, is located in the middle of the forearm. That is, the sleeve in no case should reach the elbow. It shouldn't be too short either.

Video: comparison of copy and original

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What makes Lacoste

Lacoste is a French company founded by professional tennis player Jean René Lacoste.

He twice, in 1926 and in 1927, was the first racket of the world, was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. And where there is tennis, there is big money. And you can easily verify this by looking at the price tags in company stores.

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How the logo appeared

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Jean Rene appeared at the tournament in 1926 wearing a shirt similar to the classic polo shirt known to everyone. At that time, tennis players wore long-sleeve uniforms, of course, the appearance of the Frenchman made a splash. But, besides this, the shirt with short sleeves gave the athlete an advantage, she did not constrain movements.


In 1927, American journalists called the French athlete "alligator". The nickname was not directly connected with his game. Correspondents covering what is happening at the Davis Cup, it became known that the French tennis coach promised to present Jean Rene a huge crocodile leather suitcase if he wins.

The nickname stuck and "stuck" to the athlete. His friend, Robert George, chuckling at how reverently refers to the nickname Jean Rene, drew a picture of an alligator for him. The champion liked the drawing so much that Lacoste ordered to embroider it on a blazer, windbreaker, vest, cap, bags and all other things used in competitions. This is how the brand logo appeared, which is familiar to absolutely everyone today.

What clothes do you like to wear in summer?

How the company was founded

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In 1933, Jean Resne ended his sports career and opened a company producing comfortable, practical and high-quality clothing for professional athletes and amateurs. But, since the tennis player did not understand what he was up to, he needed a companion. Andre Gillier, the owner of a network of knitwear factories, who was not going to be content with the production of inexpensive knitwear, he could do without Lacoste.

Trading floor of the company store

The partners immediately agreed that they would produce elite expensive items, the more expensive the better. But at the same time, they were not going to sew exclusive products, the priority was quality and functionality, for which professional athletes would be willing to pay more than for ordinary clothes.

What did the companions produce

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And this position turned out to be correct. Things with the emblem of Lacoste, with a cute cheerful alligator, appeared at all prestigious competitions within a year from the moment the company was founded. At that time, three lines of polo shirts were produced at Lacoste factories:

  1. For playing tennis.
  2. For golf.
  3. For sailing.

In the 1950s, a French company opened a network of branded stores in the United States. Export collections were advertised with the slogan: "Lacoste is a symbol of the status of a competent athlete." At the same time, colored polo shirts appeared.

What is Lacoste releasing today

Modern Lacoste is not only sportswear intended for professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. This is a trendy brand that produces expensive products and focuses on wealthy consumers who value quality. In other words, the company considers the wealthy middle class and rich people as a target group.

Lacoste Store

Yachts, golf courses, horses, sports clubs, tennis courts - this is the world of Lacoste. Affordable luxury, impeccable quality and a unique recognizable style - perhaps this is how the company's products can be characterized. French clothes cannot be cheap.

Lacoste manufactures:

  • Polo shirts.

Polo shirts

  • T-shirts.
  • Glasses, both sunglasses and ordinary, optical.
  • Shoes and boots for tennis.
  • Shoes for everyday wear.

Lacoste shoes

  • Wrist Watch.

Lacoste watch

  • Genuine leather products.
  • Perfumes.


Lacoste pays special attention to the creation of perfumes. The company's line includes more than 20 fragrances, which were developed with the participation of the best French perfumers.

But, of course, Lacoste does not forget how it all began. Polo shirts are a priority for the company, which is not surprising, because it is their sales that make up the bulk of the profit. And what sells well is often counterfeited. Therefore, when buying a Lacoste polo shirt, you need to be very careful.

What price

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The cost of the original polo without a discount is from 7,000 rubles, a polo with a discount can be purchased for 4,200. The official online store does not offer any discounts of 70 percent, and even more so.

It also does not offer an official store and promotions such as: buy two polos, and the third as a gift. All this is offered by shops selling fakes.

The cost of a fake starts from 1400 to 2500 rubles.

How much a branded item costs in a store depends on many factors, not only on the purchase price. The price of the product includes factors such as the rent of the premises in the shopping center, salaries of employees and other similar expenses. For this reason, the cost of the same shirt in different stores can vary significantly.

Things of the French brand cannot cost less in retail stores than from the manufacturer. In Russia, you can buy Lacoste products on the official website - There you can also see the full catalog, view photos of things. The average cost of a classic polo shirt from a manufacturer when ordering on the website is 6,980 rubles. It's inexpensive, but worth the wait for seasonal promotions. The discount on the Lacoste website is from 30% to 50%.

An online store is not the only option for purchasing a French product. The shirt can be purchased at the company store, and not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Russia, there is a developed network of Lacoste, numbering over 60 stores. But their prices are much higher. A classic polo shirt will cost 9-10 thousand rubles.

Accordingly, in ordinary stores selling branded products, things of a French company cannot be cheaper, even during sales. If the price is too low, then this is a reason to think and carefully study the thing, and not “grab” it, barely looking.

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