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To answer the question of what to wear with trousers in 2021, you should consider the main fashion trends for the upcoming season. Designers presented a large number of models, styles and colors in fashionable combinations of trousers with other wardrobe items.

Various combinations with trousers.

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Pants styles that are fashionable in 2020-2021 and what to wear them with

Fashion houses have presented a new collection of trousers of different styles and models. All of them are united by one rule: they must match the type of figure, visually lengthen the legs and tighten the silhouette.


These are comfortable to wear trousers in oriental style. They have a loose fit and a low crotch. It is located on the palm below the inguinal region and can go down to the line of the knees. Often this style is draped with capes, frills, folds to create additional volume in the hips.

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The length varies from the ankle to the knee line. At the bottom, the legs are gathered with an elastic band. The traditional waist height is at the hips, but there are options with an oversized or medium cut.

Afghanis are combined with T-shirts, tops, turtlenecks. In cool weather, they will be successfully complemented by an elongated jacket or a short jacket with a straight silhouette.

For everyday wear to this model, you need to pick up shoes with flat soles: ballet flats, sandals. To go beyond ethnic combinations, this style can be worn with shoes with heels, based on the rule: the lower the length of the leg, the higher the heel.

Afghani are contraindicated for ladies with voluminous hips, because. the cut of the product can make them heavier.


These are low-rise trousers that show off the lower back and upper buttocks. Such models were a constant hit for a whole generation of zero. Then, for a decade, this style was considered an anti-trend.

And in 2020, a collection of jeans from Y/Project, Eytys and other low-rise brands was presented.

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Such pants have a drawback: when tilting and squatting, you can involuntarily demonstrate your underwear to others. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear tight short tops and blouses with low-rise models. To do this, there are different options for combined underwear and bodysuits.

Bumsters are combined with oversized sweaters and loose-fitting shirts and loose-fitting T-shirts. In the autumn-winter season, sweatshirts, parkas, hoodie jackets and long coats look good with understated models.

It should be borne in mind that bumsters visually shorten the legs, so they are not suitable for everyone and are unacceptable for business style.

Top bumsters.

riding breeches

These are trousers that are wide at the hips and tapering downwards, with pleats at the waist.

Models with a high waist, complemented by a belt or belt, are popular. Trendy colors of the season: black, green, khaki, brown and white wool.

Breeches are worn with tight-fitting turtlenecks, blouses, shirts, pullovers and sweaters, short jackets and tight coats. The main rule for these sets is a "tucked" top, not overloaded with voluminous things, which allows you to focus on the waist.

Suitable footwear: Ankle boots and high heels or stilettos.

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riding breeches


In 2021, free-cut breeches of different shades and styles will be in fashion.

Girls of short stature should choose models with a high waist and combine them with shoes with heels or wedges. In summer, it is worth taking a closer look at the breeches made of light fabrics.

Knitwear is suitable for sports, in combination with cotton and linen tops. For cooler weather, choose fleece-lined breeches to pair with a turtleneck, wool jumper, or sweater.

For the office, elongated shorts made of noble fabrics are suitable, not tight-fitting and not too voluminous. They are combined with a silk blouse, a strict shirt, a jacket or a cardigan.

To create a casual look, denim or cotton breeches are good in combination with a T-shirt or shirt made of cotton or linen.

Breeches in combination with shoes with heels.


In the coming season, cropped "bananas" will be at the peak of fashion. They are suitable for girls with volumes and without extra pounds due to the fact that the folds in the upper part of the trousers hide the width of the hips. Such models are narrowed down. They look good tucked into boots and high-heeled ankle boots.

In combination with a jacket and a jacket, you get a set for business meetings or work in the office. To create a festive outfit, just pick up a bright blouse and dilute the look with accessories. You can complement your everyday bow with a top made of different fabrics.

A combination of bright bananas with a calm top looks advantageous, and vice versa: under the muted tone of the bottom, you can pick up tops in bright colors.

Banana pants.


Chinos are loose-fitting trousers with pockets cut off at the front. They are sewn only from natural fabrics: cotton and linen. The legs are slightly narrowed down and look like a suit. The length of the legs is slightly below the ankle, but they are often worn tucked up.

Chinos are used in casual and preppy sets. Fashionable shades of 2021: beige, olive, blue.

They are combined with flat shoes: loafers and oxfords. Chinos are also in harmony with shoes with heels and wedges. Ankle boots are suitable for the autumn season.

This type of trousers is used not only by young girls, but also by older ladies. In warm weather, they can be combined with light shirts and blouses both loose and tucked in, in cool weather - with jackets, cardigans, leather jackets and cardigans.

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Chinos in sets.


Flared trousers are back on the fashion runways. To emphasize the waist, it is better to choose models with a high waist. They correct the figure, hiding extra pounds.

Flared cropped trousers and asymmetrical cut models will be trendy.

This style is successfully combined with long sleeves, light sweaters and pullovers. Flared trousers create a romantic look when paired with crop tops, bras and light blouses.

For strict trousers made of dense fabric, shoes with heels are suitable, and for light models it is better to choose sandals or shoes with solid soles.

Flared trousers.


For several years now, these trousers have not left the fashion catwalks. Flowy, floor-length fabric adds sophistication and airiness to the look and visually elongates the silhouette.

It is advisable to choose a shortened top of the clothing or tuck it into the belt to emphasize the waistline. It can be a jacket or a light blouse, a bra, a T-shirt or T-shirt, as well as a turtleneck or a thin jumper.

Many brands have presented wool palazzo as a warmer option.

Shoes are selected with heels or wedges. Tall girls can afford ballet shoes that will be covered with trousers.

Trendy palazzo trousers.

with arrows

Strict trousers with arrows are suitable for business women for the office and business meetings. Popular options with a slightly high waist, wide or slightly flared down.

A stylish timeless bow - a combination of trousers with arrows with a jacket, shirt or blouse.

To give an image of brightness and audacity, you can choose a model with a high waist in combination with a crop top.

With this style, shoes look good both with high heels and flats.

with arrows
Trousers with arrows.


Classic models will always be in fashion. They are suitable for women of any age, regardless of the type of figure. With them, you can create different images: both business and everyday.

Styles of classic trousers for the spring-summer 2021 season:

  • trousers with long legs, plain and without additional details or with patterns and cuffs;
  • shortened products with wide lapels;
  • models tapered from hips to ankles.
Classic is always in fashion.

Popular materials

The trend of the upcoming season is trousers made of velvet and corduroy. Products made of satin and silk with a metallic effect look elegant.

The novelty of the fashion industry is light, translucent fabrics: lace, knitted, chiffon and tulle models.

At the peak of fashion - leather products. In 2021, they will be complemented by bright colors and combinations: pink, brown, red.

Models from knitwear and wool are still in demand.

Fashionable leather trousers.

The color scheme of this fashion season

In the upcoming season, there will be 2 trend directions: plain and options with prints and patterns. Of the colors, calm shades will be preferred: beige, mustard, khaki, milky, gray, powdery and classic (black and white).

Those who are bored with monochromatic models should take a closer look at striped, polka dot and plaid prints. Floral and animalistic patterns will come back into fashion.

In the fall-winter 2020/2021 fashion collections, great attention is paid to shiny fabrics and textures.

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What to wear with dress pants

Such a garment can be included in different sets.

With bra

High-waisted trousers are in harmony with the bra. The image can be supplemented with a voluminous jacket or cardigan.

With blouses

Classic trousers and a blouse are must-haves in the wardrobe of girls with a sense of style. Wide pants can be combined with both tight-fitting and voluminous styles of blouses.

Laconic models without arrows are in harmony with products that leave the shoulders open.

An extravagant combination in 2021 is a combination of light elongated blouses with loose trousers.

With blouses
A set of trousers with blouses.

With a jacket or blazer

Strict trousers complete with a jacket or jacket of the same color have become classics. But the changeable fashion and creativity of designers allowed to expand the boundaries of the combination of basic things.

Stylish ensemble - a set of straight trousers with an elongated jacket in combination with a wide belt. This technique emphasizes the femininity of the figure and waist. Solid colors can be combined with contrasting belts.

To create a spectacular bow, it is better to play with colors: for example, choose a red jacket for blue trousers.

Strict trousers with a jacket.

With cropped sweaters

Among them, a set with classic pants can make a sweater with an open belly. For such a combination, it is worth choosing models with a high waistline.

You can pick up a cropped hoodie with a hood for bloomers. Flared trousers will look good with a white T-shirt and a bolero on top.

With sweaters
Pants with sweaters.

Combination with sporty style

To breathe new life into a familiar and boring look for some, designers advise breaking the rules. A spectacular combination of a classic suit with sneakers has become a trend and won the hearts of fashionistas.

Of no less interest are ensembles of culottes and sports-style outerwear (for example, hoodies).

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With coats or jackets

Pants are indispensable in a set with classic and trendy coats of different styles and colors. The monochrome image will be universal.

Classic trousers are appropriate with casual jackets, leather jackets and down jackets. With flared pants, a bomber jacket with voluminous sleeves will look.

With a coat
Stylish look complete with a coat and trousers.

Oversized sweaters

A voluminous sweater will dilute a business bow. Designers recommend combining such a top with classic straight or skinny trousers.

Slender girls can tuck a sweater into high-waisted trousers.

An interesting combination for the office would be a set with an oversized sweater and a shirt. The latter is worn under a sweater, and the cuffs and floors are released outside. In this case, it is better to combine the shades of products.

Pants paired with oversized sweaters.

Shoes under trousers

For the autumn-winter period, Cossacks, over the knee boots, tube boots, platform shoes, flat boots will be popular models of shoes in combination with trousers.

For the spring-summer season, you should choose over the knee boots, ankle boots, Chelsea, shoes, loafers, sneakers and sandals, sandals.

With a model of shoes with heels, all options for fashionable trousers will be combined.

To make a stylish bow, you can combine culottes with boots, sneakers with dress pants. To create a vintage look, wear trendy pointed-toe mules under the palazzo.

For casual style, choose Chelsea boots or martins.

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In 2021, trousers will continue to be one of the most important elements of a woman's wardrobe.

Size charts

Men's pants and pants sizes

Waist, cm Hips, cm Russian international USA European
70 92 44 XXS 34 38
76 96 46 XS 36 40
82 100 48 S 38 42
88 104 50 M 40 44
94 108 52 L 42 46
100 112 54 XL 44 48
104 116 56 XXL 46 50
108 120 58 XXXL 48 52
112 124 60 XXXL 50 54
116 128 62 XXXL 52 56
120 132 64 4XL 54 58
124 134 66 4XL 56 60
128 136 68 5XL 58 62
132 140 70 5XL 60 64

Women's pants sizes

Your Russian size Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Europe
38 57–59 80–83 32
40 60–63 84–88 34
42 64–67 89–93 36
44 68–71 94–97 38
46 72–75 98–101 40
48 76–79 102–105 42
50 80–83 106–109 44
52 84–87 110–113 46
54 88–91 114–117 48
56 92–95 118–121 50
58 96–98 122–125 52
60 99–102 126–129 54
62 103–106 130–133 56
64 107–109 134–137 58
66 110–113 138–141 60
68 114–117 142–145 62

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