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calvin klein how to distinguish from a fake Cloth

Most people prefer to buy expensive branded items, but a high price does not always guarantee the same quality. Often, under the guise of original products, they offer copies of popular companies. One of them is Calvin Klein: how to distinguish a brand from a fake is of interest to many buyers. It is not difficult to do this, you just need to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and be patient.

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Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein clothing is very high quality.

The history and reputation of the Calvin Klein brand

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The Calvin Klein trademark was founded in the USA in 1968. For many years, the products of the fashion house have held leading positions and remain popular. Under this trademark, not only designer clothes are produced, but also shoes, perfumes, and accessories.

The founders of the company are Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz. At first, designers were engaged only in tailoring men's outerwear. In the early 70s. at one of the shows they presented a women's double-breasted coat with lapels. The attempt to adapt the men's suit to women's fashion was so successful that it remained popular for many years.

Since 1974, the company has started producing fur clothing and accessories, and in 1978 the first designer jeans appeared. Work clothes were turned into fashionable trousers, allowing girls to show off their slender hips and long legs.

In 2003 the company was bought by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. Today it has become one of the richest modeling firms in the world.

Table: product lines manufactured under this brand

Line name Calvin Klein Products
label Clothing and footwear for sports
Watches & Jewelry Watches and jewelry
Golf Golf clothing
Jeans Jeans
CK Daily wear
underwear Underwear
Home Homewear
Perfumery Perfumery

How to determine the authenticity of Calvin Klein clothing

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To distinguish an original branded item from a fake, many factors are taken into account. A self-respecting company never saves on materials, and all production processes are always performed with high quality. Crooked seams, threads sticking out of them, incorrectly or unevenly written names are immediately evident. Now they have learned how to fake things well, and in order to buy an original one, you will have to stock up not only with knowledge, but also with patience.

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online

Correct spelling

First, they learn how to spell the brand name correctly. Often, only one letter is changed on fakes, and many inexperienced buyers do not attach any importance to this, believing that they have purchased a branded item.

Correct spelling
Pay attention to the correct spelling of the brand name.

In 2017, the company logo was changed. If earlier it was in the form of two letters SK, under which the brand name was written, now the abbreviation has been removed, and the words have been written in capital letters.

Looking at the tags, they pay attention to all the little things, for example, in the old name "K" is asymmetrical. This is a small detail that few people look at, but the combination of such nuances helps to buy an original designer item.

Removable tags

On items manufactured by CK, the logo and brand name are written on the inner label, and next to it is the second one with the size. Both of them are fabric and qualitatively sewn to the clothes. In addition, there are removable tags. They are paper and carry information about the serial number of the thing and style, the color of the model. On plastic elements of connection of a label with clothes the logo is engraved. There is also a small hologram, which is not done on a fake.

There is always a leather tag on the back pocket of the jeans. The brand name is embossed on it.

Here, even the belt is original and the logo is applied to it in the same way.

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Unique number

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Inside the clothes there is always a sewn-in tag. It has a unique item number on it. It must exactly match what is on the removable label. In the manufacture of fakes, this is often not given importance, which helps to identify counterfeit.

Unique number
Clothes always have a tag with a unique item number.

Metal plates with engravings

When inspecting jeans, carefully examine the pockets. There is a small metal triangle with the brand's logo engraved on it. Real designer things on buttons, buttons are engraved in the form of the letters SK, and on zippers they are applied on both sides. The inscriptions are made by engraving, and not written with paint.

Spare buttons and other items for minor clothing repairs

Complete with original clothes from SK there are always spare buttons, and they should be not only on the cuffs, but also on the sleeves, the main fastener. If they are not, it is 100% counterfeit. Creating fakes, unscrupulous manufacturers do not attach importance to such trifles.

The value of real things

We recommend buying original items from Calvin Klein here

One of the simplest characteristics that people pay attention to when buying branded items is the price. She is never low. Even if you buy jeans in a thrift store, their value cannot fall below reasonable limits. In this case, especially carefully check all the signs of the original thing that you know.

If we talk about the price of this brand, then women's and men's underpants cost from 1300 rubles, jeans, depending on the model and size, from 12-15 thousand rubles.

The subtleties of verifying the authenticity of Calvin Klein shoes

Developing shoes, the company's designers pay great attention not only to style and comfort. Most of the SC products are produced in traditional black and white, but there are also those made in other natural shades (red, blue, beige, etc.).

Shoes Authentication
Calvin Klein launches casual comfortable shoes.

The main focus is on the production of everyday comfortable and comfortable shoes, but these are not only shoes and sneakers. The company also offers:

  • boots and over the knee boots;
  • boots;
  • sandals;
  • sandals;
  • sneakers;
  • ankle boots;
  • slip-ons;
  • sneakers, etc.

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All sports models have a thick and soft sole, which ensures comfortable walking or running on any road surface. Shoes, sandals and other shoes with high heels are necessarily stable, regardless of its height and thickness.

The quality of seams and joints

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All seams must be not only strong, but even. Evaluate the quality of the connection of shoe parts to each other. When examining the seams, the threads should not stick out anywhere.

Material characteristics

In the manufacture of shoes, natural fabrics, leather, eco-leather, rubber are used, some models have mesh inserts, plastic and metal elements.

Material characteristics
Calvin Klein shoes are made from natural materials.

original packaging

All Calvin Klein shoes are packaged in branded white boxes. They have a company logo on them, it should be not only on the central, but also on the side parts of the package.

Be sure to have a sticker on the box that contains the following information:

  • unique serial code of the model;
  • lot number;
  • name, size and color of the model.

Tags and logos

We recommend buying original items from Calvin Klein here

All tags on the shoes are fixed neatly and securely. If they are leather, then the logo is applied by embossing. On metal parts, the brand name is engraved. All metal decorative fittings are additionally wrapped in protective paper.

On each sole there is an inscription indicating the designer who developed the model.

other methods

There are a number of other characteristics that indicate that you have original Calvin Klein shoes in front of you:

  • the products are separately wrapped in tush (thin white wrapping paper);
  • each element of the pair is placed in a separate transparent branded package.
Original Calvin Klein shoes are wrapped in a box and paper.

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Calvin Klein values its reputation, therefore, it is scrupulous and responsible not only in the choice of materials for the manufacture of shoes, but also in accessories, pays much attention to the quality, strength of seams and joints.

How to spot a real Calvin Klein watch

We recommend buying original items from Calvin Klein here

At first, the company specialized only in clothing, but now it is a symbol of style and sophistication, producing shoes, various accessories, including watches. They are a must-have item when creating a modern masculine and feminine style. The company offers a wide range of models, so you can choose this accessory for a classic, casual or sporty style.

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The original watches of this brand are characterized by minimalism. Often, trying to decorate a fake, manufacturers apply drawings and additional details to the dial. In order not to buy a fake of a well-known company and not be disappointed in the purchased product, you need to know the nuances that allow you to distinguish the original watch from the counterfeit.

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Branded packaging

Regardless of the watch model, whether they are women's or men's, Calvin Klein pays great attention not only to the quality and appearance of the goods, but also to packaging. It has a company logo on it. In addition to the watch, each box contains instructions, a certificate of quality and a warranty card. When buying, it must be filled out. On the bottom of the box there is a barcode and a sticker indicating the serial number. It must match the one engraved on the watch.

Branded packaging
Calvin Klein pays attention to product packaging.

Availability of engraving

All watches have a tag indicating the country of manufacture, serial number and company logo. A sample is applied on the back cover, it is made by engraving. On a fake, it is either absent, or made inaccurately, fuzzy, painted with paint. The brand inscription in the form of the letters SK is applied to the crown of the watch; it is most often not done on a fake.

For the manufacture of watches using special medical steel. It is of high quality, does not cause allergies, has high strength, so there will be no scratches or scuffs on the original watch.

The appearance of the dial

When examining the dial, evaluate the quality of the applied symbols. They should be clear, of the same shade, without scuffs, streaks of paint. The letters CK and the brand name are placed exactly in the center of the dial, they are not applied in a circle and are not made too large.

Evaluate the movement of the arrows. In the original watch, this happens smoothly, without jerks and silently. If you hear ticking, other extraneous sounds, then you have a fake in your hands.

The quality and characteristics of the strap

Straps are made only from genuine leather, it does not have an extraneous, unpleasant and pungent odor. All seams and connections are strong and of high quality, there are no protruding threads. Holes for fasteners are made at the same distance from each other, neat and even. The company name is engraved on the clasp.

Strap Specifications
The watch strap is made of genuine leather.

You can always check the authenticity of Calvin Klein watches on the official website calvinklein.ru, where all released products are registered. It is enough to go to it, find the model of interest and check the serial number online for authenticity.

Eternity Flame For Women - Perfume by Calvin Klein

We recommend buying original items from Calvin Klein here

The company released its first perfume in 1981. Then such popular perfumes as Eternity, Obsession, etc. appeared. In 1986, Coty acquired the rights to produce Calvin Klein perfumes and introduced more than 60 fragrances, including CK Euphoria, CK One, CK Be, etc.

In all aromas, the amount of alcohol is the same, the difference will be in the quality and concentration of aromatic oils. After the toilet water has been applied to the hand, you must wait 10-15 seconds. Only then will you evaluate the fragrance of the perfume and decide whether it suits you or not.

Packing Description

The original box is neatly packed with mica, with soldering performed from below or from above. In some factories, the junction is made round, but this is not a prerequisite. The main thing is that everything is done carefully, and the mica fits snugly against the package.

Packing Description
The original box is packed with mica.

Original bottle and inscriptions on it

The inscriptions on the bottle are made clearly, without melts, irregularities and crooked letters. Look at the correct spelling so that the name is without errors.

Lot numbers are indicated on the packaging (quality sticker) and on the bottom of the bottle (engraved), and they must match exactly.

Evaluate the quality of the sprayer. Its metal edging fits well to the bottle and is made neatly. The cap is even and fits snugly in place.

Barcode verification

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Due to the fact that the original eau de toilette always has a barcode and the buyer looks at it first of all, counterfeiters have learned how to fake it with high quality. Now, on bottles made in Turkey or China, often a barcode indicates that the perfume is made in France or England. You can not focus on one sign of the originality of perfume. It is necessary to evaluate all the factors together, only in this way it is possible to determine branded products.

Unscrupulous manufacturers go to different tricks. They pump a few drops of the original eau de toilette into a spray bottle. When the buyer begins to doubt the quality of the packaging and bottle, he is offered to evaluate the smell. Due to the fact that there is little natural product inside, the person is convinced that this is the original, and they sell him fake perfumes at the price of Calvin Klein products.

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When real perfumes run out and an incomprehensible mixture arrives, the fake is revealed, but often the seller can no longer be found or you can’t prove anything to him. Buy only from reliable suppliers.

Where to buy branded items to be sure of their originality

We recommend buying original items from Calvin Klein here

To buy a branded item, it is better to do it in branded stores. Buy new and original jeans, sneakers, etc. on the market. this brand is almost impossible. Used things are looked for in commission stores or second-hand stores. There are trousers, shoes, bags, etc. in good condition and at a relatively low price. It is necessary to carefully examine the thing, evaluate all the components that indicate its originality, and only then buy.

Even used original SK things, watches, bags will not cost a little, because. is a global brand whose products are always popular and in demand.


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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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