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Due to the growing popularity of the Byredo brand, the demand for these products has also increased. Unscrupulous manufacturers decided to cash in on the popular name and began to offer fakes. It’s good if they are “honest” counterfeiters, whose products can be easily distinguished at a low cost. But there are also manufacturers who offer fake at the price of the original. Therefore, it is important to know the distinctive features of the original in order not to be deceived.

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Byredo perfume

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How to distinguish a fake

You can easily distinguish the original from products made in China or in any other country. A counterfeit product differs from a quality product in the following general ways:

  • lower price, sometimes it is several times lower than the cost of the original;
  • defects and flaws on the glass;
  • low-quality packaging;
  • codes and inscriptions are missing or do not match the brand;
  • inside the box there is no special cell for the bottle.

Original and fake Byredo

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It is important to be able to distinguish the original Baidero from a fake, since you can buy a completely low-quality product for a large amount. Fake differs even in flavor, it is not so persistent. Those who have had the experience of using perfumes of this brand will immediately catch the difference in aroma. Even the highest quality copy cannot completely repeat the aroma of the original perfume, it makes no sense to pay for low-quality products as for a branded product.

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Perfume Byredo with marijuana

Top 5 best Bairedo perfumes

Name Fragrance Notes
Byredo Blanche


Aldehyde notes of pink pepper open with floral notes of rose and peony
Byredo Tulip


The initial notes of freesia and cyclamen, like a spring flower, open up with the aroma of a tulip, leaving a light woody trail.

Persistent and sillage fragrance is best used in the warm season.

Byredo Library


Woody-floral notes of peach and plum reveal a delicate aroma of peony, violet and patchouli.
Byredo Ghost of the Desert


An oriental floral fragrance with top notes of ambrette and a heart of magnolia and sandalwood with a languid amber trail. For the cold period, they are too light.
Bairedo African Ball


The woody-oriental fragrance opens with citrus notes of lemon and orange blossom, smoothly flowing into the aroma of musky violet.


Packaging can also give away an attempt at deception, so the first step is to inspect it and notice the distinctive features inherent in the brand or their absence.

A fake is given out by smeared fonts, wrinkled corners of the box, a missing pattern throughout the box.

Below are recommendations, as well as special nuances that need to be considered when inspecting the package.

  1. Costs check the batch code of perfumes and cosmetics. At the Baidero brand, it is indicated at the bottom of the box. There is a special site where you can check the code for compliance. If it is inconvenient to use the Internet, you can evaluate visually. The batch code must consist of three letters and two numbers. If this is not the case, then this is not the original perfume. Batch code on original Bairedo
  2. It is important to pay attention to the color of the box. In a branded product, it is pure white, with clear inscriptions. It is important to pay attention to fonts if you have already had the experience of buying branded perfumes.
  3. The box is made of durable, high-quality cardboard, it does not bend or dent. The quality of the packaging also says a lot, it must be securely glued.
  4. Inside the package there is an individual cell for a bottle of perfume. It securely fixes the bottle and holds it, protects it from damage during transportation. Many fakes inside the box have plastic clips for fixing, there is no cardboard recess, or the bottle is simply wrapped in bubble wrap. These are indicators that indicate deception.

It is important to pay attention to the presence of an inscription inside the box, it is presented there on the side. Branded products use a special font and style. If there is no inscription or it is not the same as in the original, it is not recommended to buy such perfumes.

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Byredo in a package

In addition, inside the box there should be an information insert that contains basic information about the product. Fake perfumes do not have it, or it is not the same as in the original. In a branded product, the information insert is fixed in a special slot inside the box, it is important to pay attention to this.

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A small slot for an information insert is present on the right. In a fake, the place under the bottle is made of foam rubber, cracks are visible. The place under the insert can be either on the right or on the left.

The inside of the Byredo box

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The cost of the original Byredo in the store


Looking at a bottle of perfume, you can easily identify falsification. Of course, there are very high-quality fakes, but even they can be found flaws. Particular attention should be paid to inspecting the bottle before buying.

The original bottle is poured in a single figure. There are no seams, irregularities. All edges are perfect. Fakes are welded from several parts: two halves and a bottom. So the seams are visible. There may be debris and air in the glass.

To understand what to look for, you need to look at the comparison in the table.

Original Fake
The bottle comes with a cap Often sold without a lid
The glass is thick, without seams and defects Thin glass, seams barely noticeable to the touch
The bottom of the bottle is completely flat. The bottom is uneven inside
On the bottom there are factory embossed inscriptions and brand logo The bottom is smooth or with printed inscriptions
The sprayer is marked with the letter "B" There is no mark on the sprayer
Stickers are even, with clear inscriptions that do not blur or get wet Sloppy stickers, glued crookedly, easily soak

Many counterfeit manufacturers have learned to produce identical packages and bottles, so even an attentive buyer can not always replace the differences. Therefore, it is worth studying everything before buying, as well as using the methods described in the article below.

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Bottle of Byredo

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Check Byredo perfume by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


For those who are not yet familiar with the Byredo fragrance, it is important to first try it, therefore, often buyers prefer testers. This makes it possible to understand whether the fragrance is suitable, whether it will be persistent.

But testers also need to buy original ones, fake ones can have a completely different flavor and degree of durability.

It is much more difficult to distinguish the tester, because it comes in a slightly different packaging format. The first thing you should pay attention to is the color of the packaging. It makes no sense to look further if the tester is sold in snow-white packaging, just like the perfume bottle. Bayredo brand packs testers in boxes of a delicate nude shade. Testers also have different fonts, they are small.

Byredo Testers

But this is not the main difference, sometimes counterfeiters fake the packaging of testers very well. Therefore, if the packaging is identical to the branded version, you can identify the fake tester by the vial. The signs are almost the same as in the case of full-volume perfumes. The cover gives out a fake, it fits as tightly as possible on the original, while it is removed quite easily. It is difficult to remove the cover from a fake, but it seems to “walk” on a spray bottle, there is a small gap between it and the glass.

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Do you check the authenticity of perfumes before buying?

100 percent way

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Above, several times attention was drawn to the fact that fonts often give out fakes. The fact is that manufacturers of high-quality perfumes that do not have an advertised brand often use the names of famous brands to sell their products. But they understand that they can be easily seen through, so they offer not just a fake, but a copy of the highest quality, which is practically indistinguishable from the original, neither in packaging, nor in bottle, nor in aroma and quality.

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The bottom of the Byredo bottle is a fake and an original

In such cases, you need to focus on fonts. Especially for numbers. At the bottom of the bottle there is information that needs to be considered in detail. On fake perfumes, you can see that the numbers 3.3 are written in a different font, they are thinner than the FL.OZ marking. The thickness of the numbers indicating the volume. The original perfume numbers have the same thickness as the letters. The copy has thinner numbers.

Comparison of a bottle of the original Byredo and a fake

You also need to pay attention to the number 6 in the combination, in the first lines, opposite the “box” marking. In the original, her tail is not rounded, it is located diagonally and points upwards. In fakes, this figure has a rounding, as if it were written by hand.

Comparison of a bottle of the original Byredo and a fake

Fonts at the bottom of Byredo

The color of the inside of the atomizer. On real perfumes, the atomizer has a black rim. The rim is not visible on the copy, it is missing or merges with the main white color.

On a fake, there is no black o-ring.

Comparison of a bottle of the original Byredo and a fake

Batch code check online

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The easiest way to understand what to pay attention to is with a visual example.

Here is a video from the brand representatives that can be used to compare the selected perfume with the original. These guidelines will help you choose a truly high-quality product and avoid wasting money:


Since it is quite difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish a fake Byredo from the originals, it is better not to risk it. It is better to order Byredo perfumes from sellers who work directly with the brand's supply departments. You should not try to save money, because the main difference between a fake is a low price. Some unscrupulous manufacturers underestimate the price by 10-20 times, and in this case it is very easy to understand that a replica is being sold. But it is much more difficult to detect fraud if the price is slightly cheaper than the average market price of the perfume.

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Therefore, when choosing branded perfumes, you need to carefully examine the packaging, bottle, read the inscriptions, pay attention to the little things and the cost. This is the only way to avoid wasting money on buying counterfeit products.

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