The main features and purpose of the refill

Refil in perfumery and cosmetics the beauty

A new trend in the perfumery and cosmetics industry is the use of refills - spare bottles with original filling. This solution corresponds to the concept of responsible luxury: the reusable use of branded products increases the value of goods and allows you to take care of the cleanliness of the environment. Therefore, refills in perfumery and cosmetics are used more and more often.

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The concept of refill

A refill, or refill, is a spare container with an original perfume or cosmetic composition designed to fill an empty branded bottle. It is made from inexpensive, mostly environmentally friendly materials.

Refill is a special additional container for any type of perfume. Simply put, this is a spare bottle that comes with the main one, released in a simple package with or without a sprayer.

Buying a refill complete with your favorite perfume, you save on the cost of the fragrance, because it can be poured into the main bottle and used for a longer time. It can be taken with you as a travel option if it is equipped with a sprayer, because it has a small size and a sophisticated look.

Its main drawback is the lack of a spray in some brands.

During such use or pouring into a bottle, it can get on the skin and absorb unwanted odors and third-party components.

If you do not pour the spare in time into a container with the main perfume, then its life is significantly reduced, as a result, the cost of using the fragrance will increase.

Gucci perfume refill

Main features and purpose

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For the first time, the manufacture of cosmetic refills began in Japan in 1974. This decision was dictated by the consequences of the fuel and energy crisis, which caused a rise in the price of plastic materials. Manufacturers were forced to release refill versions of products in order to cut costs and maintain market positions. However, in the 1990s the request for the use of refils was manifested by the buyers. Spare containers have become more preferable due to the need to sort waste, the desire to maintain a clean environment.

The additional bottle is made of economical materials, which reduces the cost of purchasing a new product. If the original container is empty, it can be refilled with authentic composition using a refill.

Refil with spray gun

Main types

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Manufacturers design refills according to the concept of ecological design, making them comfortable and safe. Among the many options, the most common are the following types of spare containers:

Bottle with screw cap. Most often there are refills in the form of a regular bottle with a lid. Its contents must be carefully poured into the main bottle. Particularly caring manufacturers supply refills with a small funnel for easy pouring.

When performing this process, it is very important to be extremely careful.

When pouring the contents from such a container, there is a high probability that the product will spill or come into contact with the skin. This may result in a deterioration in the quality of the product. However, there are about 70% refills on the market that have this type of design.

Regular refill bottle

Spray bottle. Thanks to the built-in atomizer, it can be used as a standalone product. It is enough to unscrew the cap of the bottle and you can use it like regular perfumes. This is, of course, the best option. However, its cost will be higher than that of a refill without a dispenser.

Refill bottle with sprayer

Refill constructor. This is a kit that includes a standard bottle with a screw cap and a removable atomizer. The dispenser cap is included.

If necessary, the main cover is removed, and a spray is put on instead. But in this case, the tightness of the bottle is broken, as a result of which the perfume can quickly deteriorate.

If necessary, the dispenser can be independently screwed onto the neck. Sometimes the kit contains a funnel or pipette for transfusion.

Replacement block. Some brands design collapsible bottles with replaceable containers. An empty block can be removed by replacing it with a new refill. A good option for maintaining the tightness of the perfume.

Refill with replaceable block

Refils are designed with ecological design in mind.

Refills from famous perfume brands

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The most recognizable and original "refills" are produced by the Hermes perfume house. Replaceable bottles of the brand are equipped with a special case in the form of a lock. It is made in an aristocratic color (platinum), emphasizing the status and tenderness of the fragrance.

Designed for admiration and attention, because it goes well with an evening dress. To replace your favorite fragrance that is running out, you just need to change the Eau de Parfum case for a new block.

Refill from Hermes

Christian Dior

Christian Dior releases refillable bottles without atomizer. They are beautiful and stylish metal bottles that look like jewelry. They are very sophisticated, so they look perfect in a small handbag for an evening event.

Refill by Dior


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The Kilian brand produces "refills" in 50 ml containers. They are the most convenient, because the set includes a separate spray and a handy little watering can for pouring into the main vessel. Thanks to it, you will not lose a drop of your fragrance, and with the help of a spray bottle, you can use a small spare as an independent perfume. The brand also offers spare beautiful blocks that can be installed instead of the main perfume bottle.

Refill from Kilian


The Chanel refill capacity is 20 ml, some options are equipped with a removable atomizer, so the “refill” can be used like a regular perfume. Also in the assortment of the company there are budget analogues, which are produced in a simple cardboard package. They can be purchased for personal use or as a gift to loved ones. Their smell fully corresponds to the aroma in the original bottle, they are equipped with a spray and have a volume of 30 ml.

Refill by Chanel


The Floraiku brand produces "refills" separately from the main bottle in a 60 ml glass vial with a twist. The set comes with an original metal funnel, with which you can supplement the main bottle.

Refill from Floraiku

Refill is still an essential attribute of expensive brands and fashion houses. They are not common in the mass market of perfumery. Their popularity is only increasing, and the pleasure of using your favorite flavors is prolonged.


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The idea of using interchangeable blocks for perfumery and cosmetic products is rapidly spreading. The high demand for refills is due to their advantages:

  • cheaper funds while maintaining the quality of the composition;
  • compactness;
  • ease of use.

Reusable product gives the buyer the opportunity to feel involved in protecting the environment - a growing trend of the last 10 years.

Would you buy a refill of your favorite fragrance?

Spare block device

The simplest type of refill is a compact container with an airtight lid. Additional tools may come with it:

  • pipette for taking funds and subsequent use for its intended purpose;
  • spray system;
  • a funnel or tube with which the contents of the refill are transferred to the main vial.

Some companies offer more sophisticated options. For example, the Kilian brand completes spare blocks with an atomizer - a small bottle in a durable case with a built-in atomizer. Such a device can be used as a complete product.

Distinguishing features: difference with the tester

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Refills are often confused with testers - demonstration samples of branded products.

Do not confuse "refill" with a tester, these are completely different products not only in terms of external characteristics, but also in terms of purpose.

The most important difference of his tester is its low cost, especially when there is no atomizer and an exquisite bottle.

Testers are a variant of the perfume, which is necessary to familiarize yourself with the composition. In appearance, they are completely similar to the main bottle, while they are not intended for sale. "Refills" are sold, the logo of the producing brand and the name of the fragrance can always be seen on the container. They can be bought in a set with the main perfume or purchased separately for yourself or as a gift. Testers, on the other hand, are always equipped with a sprayer, have a volume of 30 ml or more, so they are more expensive.

Refill and tester are different products that have significant differences.

hallmark Refil Tester
Purpose Filling the original bottle Brand product presentation
Package design Capacity of arbitrary type, sometimes equipped with a funnel or a removable dispenser A container with a built-in atomizer, which is a reduced copy of the original product
Commercial purpose Destined for sale Not intended for sale

Ordinary buyers very often confuse refill with draft perfumes.

Draft perfumes are a separate type of perfumery, which represents only copies of well-known fragrances. Produced in a transparent bottle, which has neither a name nor a logo, but simply its own number.

Indeed, there is an outward resemblance, but these are completely different things, because the “refill” is the original that comes with the main fragrance or can be purchased separately. Only a few brands can afford refills.

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Draft perfume Refill
an attempt to replicate famous fragrances original perfume composition
cheaper, and often low-quality raw materials raw materials used in the production of the original fragrance
much cheaper than the original perfume saving on the cost of the fragrance, because it can be poured into the main bottle and used for a longer time
remotely resembles the fragrance of the brand, which is declared aroma of original perfume
a lot of monotonous bottles of different sizes with the same stickers, from which you pick up the aroma and pour it into the atomizer the bottle is made of inexpensive, mostly environmentally friendly materials

Nuances of use

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Refills were created for people who go through life with one scent. When the main bottle of perfume runs out, you just need to pour the spare or install a removable bottle.

Proper use of refill

 You only need to add refill when the main perfume is over.

To do this, the vessel must be washed and dried well. For more convenient use, some brands provide a convenient tube or narrow neck. Unfortunately, spare parts are not available for all fragrances, so when choosing your perfume, consider this fact.

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Proper use of refill

When using an additional bottle, you must follow a few rules:

  • open the refill only after the main bottle is completely empty;
  • pour the contents into a pre-washed and dried vessel;
  • use auxiliary means: a funnel or a tube.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in spillage or deterioration of the formulation.

What do you do when the bottle of your favorite fragrance is over and there is not enough money for a new one?
Saving up to buy my favorite fragrance
For a change, I buy another fragrance of my favorite brand.
I buy a tester of my favorite perfumes
I will buy a refill of the fragrance, if it is produced
I buy bottled perfumes
I'm sad and I don't buy anything
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