How to tell a real Dior Sauvage & J'adore perfume from a fake

How to distinguish the original Dior Sauvage & J'adore from a fake the beauty

Dior Sauvage & J'adore are luxurious fragrances that are not ashamed to be presented for any occasion. But how to distinguish the original from the fake? This question is relevant for any person who is going to buy an expensive perfume. Anyone familiar with J'adore can unmistakably identify a counterfeit.

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The composition of perfumes is complex, multi-stage. It is impossible to imitate it, especially when using synthetic components, from which budget eau de toilette is produced, passed off as elite perfumery. The Sauvage fragrance is simpler in composition, but also has a complex multi-stage structure of the smell. Of course, not everyone can recognize perfumes by their aroma. Those who are not familiar with Dior's hit perfumes need to focus on other characteristics.

What to focus on

When choosing a fragrance, you can not ignore such nuances:

  • package;
  • bottle;
  • spray.

Dior Sauvage & J'adore

These characteristics are the same for all Dior fragrances, so they should be guided by.

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It is almost impossible to detect a counterfeit, the packaging of which would not look like the original boxes of branded perfumes. Imitation manufacturers pack their products in boxes designed in the same way as the original ones.

Box Savage

That is, the following are used:

  1. Color.
  2. Graphic design.
  3. Fonts.
  4. Trademarks.
  5. Sites for posting information and so on.

box quality

But this does not mean that the fake boxes are identical to the real ones, they just look very similar. Upon closer inspection of the packaging, the imitation is not particularly difficult to recognize, even without removing the mica from the box.

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Dior logo

It is from mica that you should start inspecting the package, namely from the seam of the soldering and from the connection of the edges at the ends of the box. On the original packaging, the mica is soldered, not glued. The seam is even, continuous, without gaps, gaps, "air bubbles". At the ends, the film is also neatly soldered, the junction of the edges is not covered by anything.

If the joint is closed with a cardboard circle with a barcode applied, this is an imitation.

Adhesion seam

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The plastic packaging of the fake is not neatly connected. Her seam is crooked. Cases of glue leakage or the presence of through holes are not uncommon. The film weighs freely and allows the box to move, which is unacceptable with the original.

Comparison of packaging on the original Dior and fake

When inspecting the packaging, it is important to pay attention to the location of the "CD" sticker. The original has a label in the center. It is placed exactly above the connection of the corners of the polyethylene.

Comparison of a sticker on an original Dior and a fake

Information about the perfume on Dior products is located on the bottom of the box. There is not so much text on the original as on a fake. The information is presented concisely and is easy to read, the font is not particularly small. The barcode stripe and the sign warning that the contents of the vial are highly flammable stand out. They are applied clearly, without blurring, blurred areas. The characteristics of the product batch code and serial number are similar.

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Check Dior perfume by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

A fake often has punctuation and spelling errors or printing defects.

Hologram and barcode

Fake barcode

By barcode using the official website, you can check the originality of the goods. Nevertheless, the risk of substituting perfume for a fake should be taken into account, so even with a positive result, you should not lose your vigilance.

There is another way to check the authenticity of Dior perfume by barcode. The original has 13 digits. All even digits of the code must be added. The resulting amount is multiplied by 3. All odd numbers except the last should be added to the result. The last digit of the amount received should be subtracted from 10. The calculated number of the original corresponds to the last character of the barcode.

If there is too much text on the bottom of the box, printed in a small font that is difficult to make out, signs and stripes - compact, slightly blurry - they sell fake in the store. Cardboard is matte, regardless of the type of perfume and the color of the package. Gloss and lamination are a sign of imitation.

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Printing and embossing

An important point: the box is dense to the touch, the bottle is not palpable, even if you try hard. Shaking the package will also lead to nothing, since the perfume inside is securely held by the retainer. In other words, when buying, it makes sense to feel the box and shake it. If the bottle is felt or moves, the perfume is counterfeited.

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The original packaging has a uniform color. No printing defects are allowed. The fake color is less saturated and may have a “burnout effect”.

Comparison of packaging color of the original Dior and fake

The original and fake Dior perfumes have differences in print quality. The inscriptions of branded perfumes are easy to read. It is also unacceptable to have any spelling, punctuation, stylistic errors or flaws in printing.

Comparison of the packaging of the original Dior and fake

The volume of Dior perfume in the case of the original is applied by embossing. For a fake, this information may be missing or displayed using paint.

Comparison of the packaging of the original Dior and fake

When detecting a fake, it is important to pay attention to the font. The counterfeit often has thicker letters. They can be blurry and run into each other.

The font on the packaging of the original Dior and fake

In the original Dior perfume, the beetle is located exactly in the center. A fake often does not have an insect, or it is located offset or upside down.

Image of a beetle on the packaging of the original Dior and fake

It is recommended to unfold the box. Rough ribs and dents will give away a fake Dior perfume. The packaging fixation system may also differ.

Unfolded box of original Dior and fakes

The original cardboard is made from high quality raw materials. The signature perfume lines are stamped at a 30° angle.

There are differences in the width of the fixing "tail". In the original, it is usually smaller, as it is made of more durable and resilient cardboard.

The packaging of the original is made of solid materials. When opened, it holds its shape well. Counterfeiters often save on the box, so its geometry leaves much to be desired.

A box of original Dior and fakes


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Even if the box showed all branded features, the buyer should not relax, as fake perfumes may be included in the package. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the bottle. At Christian Dior, it is a separate work of art. The appearance of the bottle should not cause claims. No cracks or air bubbles are allowed.

Interested in buying a Dior fragrance?
YesHas already

Of course, the design of the bottles of Savage and Zhador is radically different. However, there are common characteristics that allow you to determine the authenticity of perfumery. The first thing to do when taking the bottle in your hands is to turn it upside down. And before this action, it makes sense to remove the cap. If the atomizer is not airtight, then the perfume is fake.

Original and fake atomizer

Spray cap logo

A spray tube is visible through the bottom of the bottle. In the original, it is not cut off in front of the bottom glass, but is bent, lying on the bottom. A straight cut tube is a sign of "leftist" perfumery.

Spray tube

In the original, the spray pump tube barely touches the bottom. It's very thin and barely noticeable when the bottle is full. For a fake, the tube may not reach the bottom or lie in a semicircle on it. It has a great thickness and is easily distinguishable among the liquid of false perfumes.

Atomizer of original Dior and fakes

The original bottle is also different in such nuances:

  • A thin, but concave bottom, creating the illusion of thickening, when looking at the perfume standing on the shelf.
  • The glass is real, fiberglass is not used.
  • The lid is tight and requires little effort to open.
  • Glass - transparent or frosted, glossy shine is absent.

low quality glass

quality glass

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The color shade is part of the glass, the pigment is added to the glass mass during production. If the perfume bottle is spray-painted, the perfume has nothing to do with Dior.

plastic cap

Cap does not fit well

Noteworthy is the design of the information printed on the bottle. The original text is easy to read, and the letters and numbers are not erased, because they are not just applied to the glass, but engraved. But there are no deep cuts either, the surface with the information block is smooth to the touch.

Two piece cap

One piece cap

Such a technology is expensive, moreover, its use requires special equipment; such inscriptions cannot be made with a simple laser. Therefore, manufacturers of imitations simply “print” the text using stencils, that is, they apply it on top of the glass. If such an inscription is scratched, for example, with a nail file, then the paint will move away from the surface. With a real bottle, nothing will happen.

The gap in the bottle with a cap for a fake is much larger. At the same time, lower-quality raw materials are used to color the fake, so the bottle is paler.

A bottle of original Dior and a fake

An important role in identifying a fake is played by inspection of the cap. In branded perfumes, it has thicker walls and has no defects.

The difference between the original and fake Dior perfume is manifested in the presence of a beetle inside the cap.

Forgers rarely pay attention to such trifles, so it is not always possible to find an insect in a cap.

Cover of original Dior and fakes

The difference between a replica and branded perfume can be seen even with an external examination of the cap. In the original, it is made of solid raw materials and has no defects.

Cover of original Dior and fakes


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It is recommended to turn the bottle over and look at the label. All existing inscriptions should be easy to read and not erased. The presence of errors or flaws in printing is unacceptable.

The bottom of the bottle of the original Dior and fakes

There may be a "CD" logo on the bottom. In the original, it is convex and does not contain glass casting defects.

The bottom of the bottle of the original Dior and fakes


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As a rule, when inspecting perfumes before buying, they do not pay close attention to the atomizer, but in vain. By it, you can accurately identify a fake.

Pulverizer Zhador

Atomizer Sauvage

The appearance of the atomizer is not particularly important, it cannot be imitated. The type of fragrance spray should be evaluated.

Dior products do not leave drops when sprayed, even if you hold the sprayer close to the skin.

There can be no talk of any oily stains with smudges if a jet “hit” from the spray gun, as if from a fire hose - this is not a real Dior.

Drop spray

When you press the spray bottle, a light, barely perceptible cloud is literally released from the bottle, consisting of the smallest dusty particles. Perfume does not fall on the skin with a slap, they carefully envelop it, the tactile sensation of contact with something wet is almost absent.

There is also a difference in the accuracy of the manufacture of atomizers. A fake often pours perfume in a jet.

Atomizer of original Dior and fakes

The spray button on the original is radiantly shiny. The CD logo must be centered.

Atomizer of original Dior and fakes

Imitators often use real bottles, simply filling them with toilet water on a budget.

Such a fake can be detected solely by the characteristics of the aroma or by the type of operation of the atomizer.

When reused, the integrity of its design is violated, the mini-teeth are damaged, and instead of a cloud of aroma, the atomizer starts to give out a jet.

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How to identify the original by aroma

You can buy original Dior perfumes here

Of course, signs of falsification may not be noticed. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check the quality of the fragrance itself. Focusing on the description of the composition is for those people who have a subtle sense of smell.

Shop Dior

But after all, not everyone is able, listening to the enthusiastic speech of the seller, to catch the “honeysuckle plume” and notice in it a “shade of white lily” or something similar, and at the same time appreciate the “emphasis on the prominent notes of sandalwood”. For most people who come to a perfume shop, the descriptions of the composition of the fragrance sound like a "Chinese letter".

The quality of the perfume composition, its layering and other characteristics should be assessed without trying to distinguish the nuances that the seller is talking about. You need to do the following - apply the fragrance to the skin and ask the seller to put the box aside.

After that, you need to wander around the store, periodically checking the smell. Original perfume - changes, leaves a train. For example, having passed along the trading row in one direction, you need to return to its beginning. In the air, you will feel the aroma left after the passage.

Perfume set

Of course, in a crowded store, such testing is difficult to conduct. Gloves made of fabric or knitwear will come to the rescue. The fragrance is applied to the palm, after which gloves are put on, after a few minutes they need to be removed and smelled. The fabric should not smell like the contents of the bottle. The aroma from the gloves is identical to the smell of the plume remaining in the air.

Only complex multi-stage perfume compositions have this property. Budget eau de toilette will not pass such a test, the gloves will smell either the same as from the bottle, or completely alcohol-based. And, of course, with the first method of testing, the imitation will not leave a trail of aroma in the air.

Final table of differences:

Criterion Original Fake
Barcode Authenticates Missing or not original
Bottle Made from glass without defects Has noticeable flaws
Cap Sits tight but easy to remove Made to size
tubule Barely noticeable, optimal length Rough and thick, may be too short or creep along the bottom of the bottle

Batch code check online

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You can buy original Dior perfumes here

How much does Dior products cost? The price of the original Sauvage and J'adore cannot be cheap, because these fragrances are constantly advertised all over the world. Shooting television commercials with the participation of stars, placing banners and presentations in fashionable halls at casinos and hotels, in elite shopping galleries in London and Las Vegas - all this costs a lot of money and, of course, significantly increases the cost of perfumery.

Cosmetics and perfumery

For example, men's perfumes from Dior from old collections, such as Aqua from the 90s, even before merging with the classic Fahrenheit fragrance, are several times cheaper than the advertised Sauvage.

The average price of a 50 ml bottle of J'adore is 5000 rubles, Sauvage is slightly cheaper. It is impossible to buy elite perfumery for “mere pennies”, therefore it is better to avoid various promotions and sales where perfumes are offered at low prices. In addition, Dior branded stores are open in almost every major city, the perfumes presented in them are real.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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