How to distinguish original Fleur Narcotique perfume from a fake?

How to distinguish Fleur Narcotique from a fake the beauty

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Fleur Narcotique is Ex Nihilo's most recognizable and popular fragrance. This fragrance is associated with this brand, so there is a serious risk of acquiring a counterfeit. Given the status and high cost of Fleur Narcotique, it will be useful for buyers to know how to distinguish the original from the fake.

Despite the fact that the perfume has a bright, unforgettable aroma, fake perfumes of a fairly high quality can be found on sale. In such cases, when buying, you need to find out how much the product costs, inspect the packaging and bottle, pay attention to the nuances of manufacturing.

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Perfume Fleur Narcotique

How to distinguish a fake

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For luxury perfumery is characterized by a high price. This also applies to the Ex Nihilo fragrance line. Depending on the point of sale, the cost of perfume varies in the range of 20000-29000. It is impossible to buy original products cheaper than 20,000 rubles, for sure it will be a counterfeit product.

Perfume Fleur Narcotique

Also, you cannot buy real Fleur Narcotique perfumes in online stores and inexpensive trade pavilions. Experts advise to contact the official dealers of the brand.

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Fleur Narkotik is sold in three volumes: a set of 5 bottles of 7.5 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml. Perfume in other volumes is a fake.

The brand produces only commercial versions, so the inscription "tester" is a sign of a fake. You also need to know that 50 ml bottles are almost never faked.

Attention! The inscription "tester" on the package indicates a fake, because. the brand is engaged in the release of exclusively commercial versions.

Fake perfume

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Batch code check online

Fleur Narcotique fragrance description:

Fleur Narcotique
Aroma class floral, fruity
Top notes peach, bergamot and lychee
Heart notes jasmine, peony, orange blossom
Base Notes musk, woody accords and moss
Fortitude from 8 to 12 hours

What to look out for

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Original fragrances with a volume of 50 ml and 100 ml can be recognized by the following features:


The bottles are packaged in foam boxes in the shape of a box. In a fake, instead of a cover - a box. The presence of a cardboard box always indicates a fake.

On top of the "box" is an information envelope covering the front, back and two sides.

The color of the packaging is black. If you touch it to the touch, then the material is somewhat reminiscent of foam. At the top of the box is the name of the brand, made by embossing. The letters seem to be imprinted, and not just applied on top. If you run your finger over them, you will feel convex places.

Packaging should be smooth, beautiful, without dents, flaws, gaps, curvature. It is worth paying attention to the font and text, which is written without errors both on the box and on the bottle itself. Inside the package there should be instructions for use from the manufacturer.

original box

Fake box

The brand name on the packaging is embossed. The letters should be convex, visible to the touch.

Embossing on the box

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The bottle is transparent, with invisible seams and a flat bottom. Defects in the glass structure, scratches, air bubbles, motes and other shortcomings are unacceptable.

The bottle is original. Made of heavy but smooth strong glass without chips or seams. The bottle comes in a cellophane wrapper.

In the original, the ribs and bottom are even, and the seams are invisible.

Check the manufacturer's country by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

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Transparent bottle

At the bottom of the bottle should be batch code, matching the number indicated on the package.

Matching batch code

No code

The cover of the original is neat and smooth on the inside, embossed on the outside. There must be a logo on the top side.


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The spray has a persistent, delicate aroma. When you open the bottle, the sound of notes of lychee, peach and bergamot immediately appears. Then chords of jasmine, orange, peony are revealed. At the base of the spray is a woody scent intertwined with muksus and moss.

Fleur Narcotique original perfume bottle

Fleur Narcotic has a subtle but expressive smell, rather fatal, airy, fragrant. Gives off the smell of a blooming forest peony. The main quality indicators of Fleur drug in case of ignorance of how to distinguish a fake:

  1. Sillage, the departure of a fragrant breeze of fragrant water from a woman at a distance of up to 2 m. If you use the spray indoors, the aroma will fill the entire room. Its durability does not allow you to spray in large quantities. A few drops are enough and people will move away from you in a closed room.
  2. Persistence. Perfume has a fairly high performance. The smell will last on the body, taking into account individual characteristics, for 7-12 hours.

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Check Fleur Narcotique perfume by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Spray tube

The tube or sprayer should rest against the bottom of the vial. In the distance, the tube seems invisible, but has an inscription. Letters are written on it, namely the brand - Ex Nihilo. Fraudsters have not yet learned to fake such a thing.

Advice! A distinctive feature of the original from a fake is the presence of a noticeable metal ball in the spray gun mechanism.

The spray tube inside the bottle is straight in the original, in the fake it seems that the tube is large for the bottle and it bends.

A special “trick” of the brand is that in the original Fleur Narcotique perfume the tube is invisible, in a fake it is visible from any angle.

Tube of original perfume Fleur Narcotique and fakes

The atomizer on the original Fleur Narcotique perfume is of an even golden color, on a fake, the upper part differs from the lower.

Atomizer of original perfume Fleur Narcotique and fakes


The lid is silver-golden, heavy, smooth, matte, but not shiny. Made neatly, embossed on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Cap of original Fleur Narcotique perfumes and fakes

They have a clear logo and pattern on the upper side.

Fleur Narcotique Original Perfume Lid

Cap of original Fleur Narcotique perfumes and fakes

perfume color

The color of the perfume is persistent, transparent. All perfumes included in the set must contain the same fragrance, have an identical smell and color.

Attention! If the perfume in the bottles in the set differs in smell and color, then for sure it is a fake.

The color of the fake is different from the original Fleur Narcotique perfume.

Perfume color Fleur Narcotique and fakes

Set of 5

Signs of a fake set of 5 pcs. should be looked for in the appearance of the vials:

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  • The packaging box is made of glossy, pleasant to the touch, cardboard.
  • The lid should be smooth, matte, not shiny.
  • The dispenser tube is flat, resting against the bottom.

bent tubes

  • In the mechanism of the spray gun there is a noticeable metal ball, which counterfeiters do not provide.


  • The dispenser for the original and the copy differs in color: gray plastic for a real bottle and white for a fake one.

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Fake EX NIHILO video

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Customers should be aware that the bottles included in the set contain one fragrance. If perfumes differ in color and smell, then this is a fake product.

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Thus, the differences between the original Fleur Narcotique perfume and copies exist, and with careful attention to the proposed product, you can protect yourself from a costly mistake.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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  1. Olyagladys

    Fleur's friends gave her for her birthday. I didn’t think about originality, I read the article, I decided to check, it’s not a fake))) I need to see something else

  2. Andrey

    Now I know how to distinguish original perfume from a fake

  3. Vlad

    Their distinguishing feature is the visibility of the tube above the water level, in the water itself it is not visible, in fakes the entire tube is visible

  4. Alexey

    To distinguish a fake, you need to have a very delicate scent.

  5. Alyona

    I heard that original perfumes and fake ones smell exactly the same. The difference is only in the time they last and sometimes even in the trace aroma, which is absent in fakes.

  6. Elena

    It's all nonsense! I have long been familiar with the luxury replica of the Narcotic and I will honestly say one to one, and the durability is up to 2 days! I had a client 4 years ago, she took the original, she took it 3 times later. To my question, are they different from the original .. she thought and said honestly no! If you sold the tester not for 3,000 thousand, but for 10,000, I would not understand at all that this is a copy))

  7. Lina Sycheva

    Well, I will try now to easily distinguish where the real one is, and where the fake one is. I just don’t understand why this brand should be faked, there are a lot of others that are more popular, these people who fake it probably don’t care what brand they try to fake, popular or not, the main thing for them is to fake, they’re already tired of making their fakes

  8. vihreva

    Well, that's why it's so hard to spot a fake, I think it's easy, but to be honest, I get it every other time. once it turns out to identify a fake, but once not, and I want the original, but alas, I don’t buy it. it's so sad i hope i can tell the difference someday

  9. ira

    I bought a fake 100 ml, the smell is just a twin of the original, the durability is similar to the original too. Paid 2000 rubles. Happy as an elephant. Perfume companies and shops have turned prices up to the clouds. Let them suffer losses for their greed. I won’t buy exactly the same bottle with exactly the same contents for 20,000, I’d rather buy it again for two thousand.