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Perfume Chanel the beauty

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In the early 2000s the Chanel Chance line appeared, in the original it is presented in 5 versions, each of which has its own unique features. It combines the lightness and playfulness of the fragrance, the classic design of the bottle, and the persistence of the scent. If you want to enjoy the real Chanel Chance, you need to learn how to distinguish the original from the fake. It's not difficult, you just need to know the features of fake products and the characteristics of a real Chanel perfume.

Perfume line
Introduced in the early 2000s, the Chanel Chance line of fragrances was represented by several fragrances.

Features of the original women's perfume Chanel Chance

The French fashion house produces unique and inimitable fragrances that quickly become perfume classics.

Eau de toilette is bottled in bottles of the same size, which differ in the color of the glass and the inscriptions at the bottom.

All products of the series are packed in a box made of thick white-pink cardboard. The strict and concise design of the packaging looks expensive and makes you want to buy perfume.

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Varieties of aromas

You can buy original Chanel perfumes here

Each version of the series epitomizes the style of the modern woman – career-minded yet soft and sensual. Five variants are united by fresh floral notes, but in each they manifest themselves in different ways.

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Name Class Fortitude bottle color
De toilettes chypre floral 6-12 hours pistachio
Fraiche chypre floral 3-6 hours pale green
Tendre floral fruity up to 2 hours light pink
Vive chanel woody musky 3-6 hours light pink
Chance parfum chanel chypre floral 8-12 hours golden

Chance Eau de Toilette

Chance Eau de Toilette

Base notes are musk, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver. Pineapple, hyacinth, iris and pink pepper are felt in the starting chord. In the heart - lemon and jasmine.

A playful, ever-changing, subtle composition that combines notes of flowers, sensuality and spice, will be a versatile addition to any look.

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Chance eau Fraiche

Chance eau Fraiche

In the new line, light sourness of lemon is set off by white cedar. Jasmine paired with hyacinth forms a unique thin and rich trail, and notes of teak wood, iris and amber are also heard.

Recognizable shades are felt in the multifaceted composition: cedar and lemon in the opening notes, jasmine and hyacinth in the heart notes. Base notes form iris, teak wood, patchouli, amber, white musk and vetiver.

Pure, almost transparent pistachio-colored liquid is placed in a transparent bottle, which wraps around a silvery stripe. The design is strict, concise, does not contain unnecessary details. The final touches are the company logo and a rectangular cap.

Pearlescent translucent greenery is the main element of the style, evoking associations with the April freshness, the awakening of nature. The perfume is highly durable. If you apply it on the skin, the smell will be felt throughout the day. Things will keep the fragrance even longer.

Chance eau Fraiche
Chance eau Fraiche - light sourness of lemon tinted with white cedar.

Chance eau Tendre

Chance eau Tendre

Citrus notes continue to sound in the perfume. Only this time, the familiar lemon is replaced by grapefruit and quince shades. The freshness of citrus blends harmoniously with pure notes of musk and a soft touch of jasmine, forming an original composition with a subtle scent.

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Eau de toilette is in the original bottle of a rounded shape in an elegant transparent pink hue. The conciseness of the bottle emphasizes that Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is a gentle and pure fragrance that gives inspiration.
The recognizable universal scent of Chanel perfume is suitable for women of all ages.

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Chance eau Vive Chanel

Chance eau Vive Chanel

Vive Chanel is a woody and musk perfume with a spicy floral scent interspersed with grapefruit and blood orange. The top notes open with an explosive freshness. The heart part is represented by soft jasmine shades. The elegant soft trail of the composition is given by chords of cedar and iris.

Intoxicating, sexy, intriguing and multifaceted, Chance eau Vive is a fragrance for business women.

Chance parfum Chanel

Chance parfum Chanel

It is dominated by powdery accords. The highlights are jasmine, vanilla absolute, white musk and iris.
Eau de Parfum is perfect for young girls. In Chanel Chance Au De Parfum, waves of freshness are mixed with sensual, sweet and spicy notes.

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A rich feminine fragrance produced in accordance with the classic trends of the Chanel fashion house.

Chance parfum Chanel
Chance parfum Chanel is dominated by powdery accords.

top notes

The heart of the fragrance

base notes

Chance Eau de Toilette pineapple, hyacinth, iris and pink pepper lemon and jasmine musk, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver

Chance eau Fraiche


citrus jasmine and water hyacinth iris, teak wood, patchouli, amber, white musk and vetiver

Chance eau Tendre


quince, grapefruit


hyacinth, jasmine iris, cedar, musk

Chance eau Vive Chanel


grapefruit, citrus and red orange jasmine, white musk vetiver, white cedar and iris

What are the criteria to distinguish from a fake

You can buy original Chanel perfumes here

Original products are distinguished by the quality of details: good glass, no seams, images and engravings without smeared strokes.

Do you like Chanel products?

When inspecting the packaging, attention should be paid to mica. Her spike should not be felt with your fingers. The original film sits flat with no jams or air bubbles.

A fake often has too much wrapping material.

Packaging of the original Chanel Chance and fakes


After removing the film, it is advisable to inspect the box itself. In the original, it is made of high-quality cardboard and holds its shape well. The replica box may fall apart. It is difficult to close it tightly, as the lid protrudes.

The image on the box is in the original high quality. In fakes, graininess is visible.

BATCH code in perfume is embossed on the bottom of the package. Its validity can be verified here. If an error occurs when entering the code, this indicates a fake.

There is a logo in the middle of the top of the box. In the original, it is embossed, has a convex shape and is felt to the touch.

Branded packaging has an embossed inscription Chanel Chance. In fake perfume, the letters are simply painted on.

In this case, spelling errors and printing defects may be observed. On some fakes, the letters are embossed.

Embossed on original Chanel Chance and fake

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Embossed inscription must also be present at the bottom of the package. The original letters are printed clearly and with precise ink application. For a fake, the inscription on the bottom cover is not felt when touched with a finger.

The bulge of the font on the bottom of the perfume box

Batch code is always present on branded toilet water. It is located at the bottom of the package. Batch code is applied by embossing. It is easy to read and has clear line contours.

Batch code on Chanel Chance perfume

There is a logo on the top of the box. It is located exactly in the middle of the lid. The logo has a convex relief. For fakes, it is painted or embossed.

Logo on the packaging of fake Chanel Chance and the original


The bottle is round, concise, made of transparent glass, which can have a subtle pink, green, golden color, depending on the type of perfume.

Unlike a copy, in French perfumes the glass is even, without cracks or defects. The reverse side is smooth, without the engraved pyramid of Chanel fragrances, because. Since 2015, the manufacturer has been drawing. You can see the image under steam, it will appear on wet glass and disappear when it dries.

Original and fake
On the original bottle, the glass is smooth, without cracks and defects.

There is a metal plate at the bottom of the bottle. In the original, it is held firmly with four rivets. To fix the plate on a fake, glue is often used. If desired, it can be easily shaken.

Glue on fake Chanel Chance


In the original versions of the perfume, the tube through which the liquid enters the atomizer is difficult to notice: it is visible only with careful consideration and the correct incidence of light. The connection with the atomizer in the fake is detected immediately, in the original the pressing mechanism is hidden inside.

The fake tube is made of cheap plastic. The hose is often the wrong length.

There is a watermark on the back of the bottle. You can see it if you breathe on the glass. When it fogs up, a pattern will appear. A fake does not have it, or it is applied with ordinary paint and is always visible.

Watermark on original Chanel Chance

You can identify a fake Chanel Chance by the atomizer. The original is made of transparent plastic. The fake atomizer is made of cheap white plastic. It may also have distortions.

Chanel Chance Perfume Caps

In counterfeit products, the cap is attached to a wider base. It takes some effort to remove the cover. In the original, the perfume opens easily, with a slight click.

Cap in original Chanel Chance and fake

The production of the Chanel fashion house is distinguished by a one-piece cover, without visible traces of soldering. In the replica, the cap consists of two parts, the junction is visible and felt.


The cap can also give out a fake. The fake one has the wrong geometry. Its edges are littered with chips and other defects. The original cap is pleasant to hold in hands.

Perfume cap Chanel Chance

The logo on the cap of the original Chanel Chance is indented, while on the fake it is raised.

Chanel Chance logo on the cap

The logo on the cap of fake Chanel Chance


You can buy original Chanel perfumes here

You can focus on the price of 60 € for a small bottle of perfume.

The Chanel fashion house rarely arranges global sales, so the discount in 70% speaks in most cases of a fake.

Actions if you sold a fake

There are 2 ways to deal with the situation when buying counterfeit products:

  1. In the case of purchasing perfume from a Chanel official. If an employee of a boutique or brand store claims that the original is sold, the goods should be sent by registered parcel to CHANEL Customer Service with a receipt confirming the purchase attached. Product testing will be carried out. If the toilet water turns out to be fake, then it will be left with the manufacturer, and an expert opinion will be sent in response, which should be attached to a complaint against an unscrupulous seller.
  2. If the product is purchased outside the brand outlet. Chanel does not authenticate or certify products purchased outside of official retail outlets.

In both cases, the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” comes into force. You can not only demand a refund for a low-quality product, but also launch a seller verification procedure by contacting the prosecutor's office and the court.

The official representative of the brand recommends not to purchase goods from illegal sellers.

In the Chanel Chance line, you can choose eau de toilette for any time of the year and circumstances. Light spring fragrances will be a great addition for a young girl on a date. More saturated winter smells will complement the image of a business woman at a business meeting or at a gala evening reception.

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