How to distinguish original Escentric Molecules perfume from a fake?

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More than 10 years ago, the Molecules brand revolutionized the perfume world. The army of fans of these spirits is steadily growing, and their uniqueness continues to win hearts.

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At the moment, there are 8 fragrances in the line, which are divided into 4 pairs, and each pair is dedicated to a separate molecule. But this very uniqueness is so often tried to be faked that buying the original becomes a daunting task. The development of perfume in a chemical laboratory began back in 1970, but the world saw the first bottle only in 2006. And immediately became a sensation! So how do you tell an original fragrance from a fake one?

Life hack: If you are not sure about the product - barcode check online


Perfume is packed in rectangular boxes, which are wrapped in polyethylene. In real spirits, the branded box is perfectly flat, all corners are clear and smooth. The fonts are easy to read, there are no errors in the text.

In a fake, errors in the text are possible (it is done on purpose so as not to get claims), the box in the hands feels loose (made of thin cardboard), the colors are bright.

Packaging of original Escentric Molecules and fakes

Modern underground production has long learned to create quite high-quality fakes. However, with a careful approach, they have a number of shortcomings that are easy for an attentive buyer to notice at the initial stage. Namely:

  • The box in the original has an absolutely perfect structure, it is even and smooth, has no protruding seams and roughness;

perfume box

  • The cardboard shell inside, in which the bottle is placed, is of a uniform and uniform color, while fakes often have not only completely different shades in places, but also the poor quality of the paper itself;
  • The quality of printing on packaging varies greatly, and fake logos often show scratches, scuffs, and extra prints. On a fake, the font is blurry, there is no factory code. In the original, everything is smooth, the code is present;

Perfect Fonts

  • The dimensions themselves (for a fake they are larger than the original) and the contrast of the title picture will indicate a counterfeit, but only during a comparative examination;
  • Picking up a box packed in a film, you can see that the original will have it harder and the film itself is fixed by thermal printing;
  • Boxes from opening and damage are protected by polyethylene. On the original perfume, the packaging polyethylene is thin, folded perfectly evenly at the corners, the seam is connected by thermal printing. In a fake, the seam is glued and much wider. In counterfeit packaging, the packaging is thinner and looks more unreliable, the wrapping tape is not sealed, but simply glued together.

Bad packaging

  • Shake the box, the original box should not feel like something is dangling inside. The bottle, inside the package, is securely fixed.

At the bottom of the original perfume box, a unique code is applied, which must match the code printed on the bottom of the bottle.

  • We open the packages and continue to inspect the packages. The color of the original perfume box inside remains the same as the outside. Counterfeit will immediately give itself away - the lack of cardboard color.

Packaging of original Escentric Molecules and fakes


Original perfume can be bought here

The most obvious and even conspicuous differences are located on the fragrance bottle itself. The manufacturers of the original Molecules perfume made sure that the bottle was perfection itself. And it became unattainable for plagiarists.

Perfume Escentric Molecules original

Real perfumes are poured into absolutely transparent bottles, without any inclusions, seams, glass surface defects. A fake is made from two halves of cheap glass. There may be air bubbles in the glass. Visible, easily felt stripes run throughout the bottle.

At the bottom of the bottle, the original has a factory code that matches the code on the box.

Rub this code, if it is easily erased - a fake.

The image and inscriptions of the name of the perfume model are printed by laser printing. The edges of the image are even, the paint does not float. When rubbed with a sharp object, it does not peel off. On fake perfumes, with light scraping movements with a fingernail or something sharp, the image deteriorates, the paint peels off. Below, consider photos of a fake and original bottle:

A bottle of original Escentric Molecules and fakes

The dispenser tube is almost transparent (barely noticeable) and clearly reaches one of the corners. In a fake, the tube may be in the middle, may not reach the bottom or corner, and it is clearly visible inside the vial.

A bottle of original Escentric Molecules and fakes

The atomizer on the original is silver, the spring mechanism is not visible, the joint with the bottle is flared with an even seam. On a fake, the junction of the bottle and the atomizer goes in waves and folds, there is a black color.

Atomizer of original Escentric Molecules and fakes

The photographs clearly show the differences between the fake and the original:

Atomizer of original Escentric Molecules and fakes

Let's compare the most distinctive and common features.


✅ the atomizer is made of matte material;

✅ rolling of the seams of the atomizer is perfectly even, tightly fitting to the neck;

✅ the tube is almost transparent, imperceptible and reaches exactly to the bottom of the bottle;

✅ the neck of the bubble is squat, not wide;

✅ the glass of the container is perfectly smooth, the corners are even, the seams on the sides are not palpable;

✅ The thickness of the bottom of the glass is quite thin (especially noticeable in the side view).


⛔ diffuser made of glossy chrome material;

⛔ the seams of the atomizer are unevenly soldered to the bottle, embossed to the touch and sometimes even sharp;

⛔ the tube inside is matte, it is clearly visible and does not reach the corner;

⛔ the neck is elongated and the atomizer is elongated;

⛔ the container is soldered from two parts, which is why the seams are too pronounced and there are tubercles;

⛔ glass at the bottom is thick, uneven structure.

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Do not forget also about the volume of containers. All connoisseurs of branded perfume have long known that counterfeit first of all vials of large volumes (100 ml)because it is more cost effective. Therefore, it is reasonable to buy testers - small volumes (30 ml), it is safer and calmer.

The 30 ml bottle is not counterfeited. Check the availability of this volume with the seller, even if you are going to buy a larger volume.

However, it is impossible to guarantee with certainty that it is impossible to find a fake in any form in stores. That is why it is necessary to know and apply all of the above differences.

Perfume tint

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Absolutely all fragrances are "unisex" - designed for both women and men. There are two main brands - Escentric and Molecules, the differences between them are significant, and the basis is one - a synthetic molecule (below we will discuss in which flavor, which molecule is bottled - the differences in the series of perfumes).

Perfume Escentric Molecules

In Molecules perfumes - they add only a molecule and nothing more. The aroma is revealed only when applied to the body, just sprinkle into the air, the aroma is not felt. Once on the skin, everyone feels their own smell and almost always it is different. It changes depending on what kind of gel you have washed, perhaps you have been in contact with other perfume smells - here the molecule will reveal a new aroma. Many buyers do not understand this and scold the perfume for the lack of smells.

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Check Escentric Molecules by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

The Escentric perfume series differs from Molecules in that it adds a little bit of unique flavors. Therefore, this series of perfumes thins out the aroma immediately, but also has synthetic molecules and when it comes into contact with the skin, the aroma takes on a different “audibility”.

The composition of Molecules perfume and the difference from Escentric are shown in the table:

Perfume name



Molecules 01 and Escentric 01

synthetic molecule Iso E Super synthetic molecule Iso E Super + aromatic notes: iris, pink pepper, lime bark

Molecules 02 and Escentric 02

synthetically derived Ambroxan molecule (ambroxan) synthetically derived Ambroxan molecule (ambroxan) + jasmine and iris

Molecules 03 and Escentric 03

synthetic molecule - Vetiveryl Acetate synthetic molecule - Vetiveryl Acetate + oriental notes: green tea, Mexican lime, Egyptian jasmine, sandalwood, ginger ale, cedar
Molecules 04 and Escentric 04  molecule - Javanol  molecule - Javanol + marijuana note, juniper berry, grapefruit and pink pepper.


Marking and barcode

Original perfume can be bought here

Perhaps a separate place should be allocated to barcoding, since this is one of the most important and easily verifiable differences. And it is he who will save you from disappointment after the acquisition. 

Most often, counterfeiters come across on the difference in the caption on the bottle (example with escentric molecules 02):

  1. "OIIOOIOIO2" - printed on the packaging and bottle of the original;
  2. "OIIOIIOIO2" - such an inscription is often found on counterfeit goods.

Next, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's description - it is usually printed at the top left. Original entry: Made in England, This Company Ltd. ERIC 4RN, UK". In comparison, fake labels: "Escentric Molecules PO Box 66746, London, NW5 9GG, UK".

You can check the manufacturer's country by barcode using this form:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Bottom of perfume bottle

An important fact is that the bottom left entry on the fake bottle will be completely absent! While on the original spirits it is necessarily indicated (for example): "100 ml e3.5 fl.oz, Volume 80%". And an attentive fashionista will definitely not miss this moment.

Right barcode and a high price does not yet give an absolute guarantee of the authenticity of the goods, but an incorrect code will always give out a fake!

batch code from the true manufacturer is located at the bottom of the container and always matches the code on the outer package. It is smooth, clear, well-read, has no scuffs or low-contrast printing.

Counterfeit products are made so clumsily that inscriptions can be found on the side of the bottle and on any part of it. It is easily erased by any mechanical action.

Also, it is possible to check this by resorting to the base of the originals on the available sites, there are a lot of them.

Do you want to buy Escentric Molecules?

Batch code check online


Product certification

Unfortunately, since 2010, the Government Decree on the certification of perfumes has lost the ability to detect fakes with the help of documentary evidence. From now on, the choice to certify their products or not has become a voluntary matter for each manufacturer. And yet, you can often come across an offer from online trading platforms to present a declaration of conformity. Here the consumer needs to know that this document does not ensure the authenticity of the fragrance, but only confirms a safe transaction when buying in an online store.

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Fragrance features

Original perfume can be bought here

There are many myths and legends about Escentric Molecules. The release of the perfume exceeded all expectations, it was not for nothing that the entire Molecules 01 series was completely sold out in the first couple of days. Some say that the composition of the fragrance includes special secret pheromones that become noticeable only when in contact with human skin. Others attribute to the composition the presence of aphrodisiacs in it, which are supposedly able to influence and even change the minds of people. And someone is ready to believe in the magical love spell of mysterious spirits.

Perfume Escentric Molecules

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Video: we determine the originality of spirits Eccentric Molecule

However, these are just beautiful rumors and speculation. In fact, the secret of the world's first laboratory-created fragrance is simple - it contains a special chemical element. ambroxan - similar to natural amber. 

Interesting fact! The creator of the Molecules line, Geza Sean, once told the story of how he went to a meeting with friends, perfumed with this fragrance. And at some point in the conversation, one of the girls present could not stand it and asked which of the guys smelled so wonderful. This gave rise to the myth about the content of natural aphrodisiacs in the perfume.

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In reality, Escentric Molecules is truly unique. Some people even claim that it doesn't smell at all. But the features and notes of the chemical composition are built in such a way that the shades are not revealed immediately and on each person in their own way! That is why it is so important to consciously approach the definition of "your smell" from the entire line. This is the aroma of naturalness and unity with the environment, like freshness, wind or air.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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