How to distinguish Dior from a fake

How to distinguish Dior from a fake the beauty

Dior products, the original of which is produced under license and only in European factories, belong to the famous French brand with a rich history. The range of the brand is wide: cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, shoes, accessories, watches, furniture, handmade cell phones and other goods. The company cares about the quality of its products and its own image, which has influenced its global fame and status as a luxury brand.

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History of the French brand Dior

In 1947, the history of the Dior Fashion House begins, when its creator, Christian Dior, dreamed of changing the style of women's clothing that was contemporary at that time. He created a new fashion world full of sophistication and beauty. His team consisted of professional designers and creative directors, which influenced the success of the company. In 1946, he had already opened his own studio. And in 1948, a branded Dior boutique appeared.

Christian Dior is the creator of the brand.

Christian Dior was one of the first to license his products. He published a number of books on fashion, thereby opening himself to the world as a good author.

In 1957, Dior died, and his assistant Yves Saint Laurent took over the management of his company. In 1958, he made changes to the brand's fashion collections, loosening body-hugging styles.

In 1960, Saint Laurent was drafted into the army, and Marc Bohan took his place. He headed the Dior fashion house for almost 30 years. Under him, the strict silhouettes of Dior clothing models turned into soft and flexible. This collection was called Slim Look. During this period, many star ladies became his customers.

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But over time, public interest in his fashionable visions began to fade. In 1985, the owner of the brand, Bernard Arnault, decided to change the creative director. A foreigner, Gianfranco Ferre, was taken in to replace Boan. He brought back to life the aesthetics of the creator of the brand, focusing on the relief silhouette in clothes.

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Later, the creative process was led by Bill Gaten and Raf Simons, who glorified minimalism in his fashion collections, removing everything pretentious and superfluous. After 3 years of reign, he left the brand, presenting his farewell collection at the Louvre in 2016.

fashion house
Dior fashion house.

In the same year, Maria Grazia Chiuri took over as creative director of the brand. In her models, the designer has always touched the trends of the times. Chiuri is still the creative director of the brand, glorifying feminism in her collections.

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Activity of the company

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The company is a public organization engaged in the wholesale of clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics and perfumes. In addition, its range includes watches and handmade smartphones. She owns the following brands: Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Kenzo, Givenchy, Pink Shirtmaker, Emilio Pucci, Berluti, Loro Piana, Rimowa and Nicholas Kirkwood.

The production of goods is carried out both at our own factories and by contractors, whose production facilities are located mainly in Europe.

The company's retail business includes the following chains: Duty Free Shoppes, Galleria, stores on cruise ships, the Sephora cosmetics and perfumery chain and other retail chains, incl. grocery.

Cosmetics and perfumery of the company is represented by many famous brands. They also include Guerlain, Acqua di Parma and others.

The Dior fashion house has a wide range of products.

The company is additionally engaged in the manufacture and sale of spirits and wines.

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Christian Dior bags

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The bags of this brand are graceful, feminine and sophisticated. They are presented in different styles and colors. In the catalog there are models of different sizes, shapes and colors, made of expensive natural materials. The production of Dior bags is carried out at a factory in Italy.

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Colors and materials

The color range is wide, but calm tones prevail. In the collections of bags of this brand, there are no models with neon and acid colors. Products embody elegance, so the colors of products are discreet, most often in powdery tones.

Dior bag.

In the production of bags, the brand uses various materials, but genuine leather prevails. Such models belong to the premium class, because they are made on the basis of high-quality raw materials. Their fittings are durable, the finish is expensive, the decoration is original.

Among the materials, suede, glossy and matte leather, nubuck, grained leather and imitating the skin of wild animals and snakes predominate.

iconic models

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Fashion house Dior has created a number of handbag models that have not gone out of fashion for many years and are popular at any time:

  • saddle bag practical and comfortable, ergonomic and suitable for wearing on weekdays, as well as during evening festivities and entertainment;
  • lady Dior is distinguished by soothing colors, soft skin and minimalism;
  • diorissimo - trapezoidal crocodile leather model;
  • miss Dior - a delicate handbag of small sizes on a chain, represented by strict classics and knitted patterns;
  • new lady - a series with a light romantic butterfly pattern, suitable for young fashionistas;
  • open bar - bags for everyday use;
  • diorama is an elegant line with a large selection of models;
  • mini is a miniature solution for a romantic evening look.

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Signs of the original

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All Dior bags are handcrafted and of the highest quality. It will not be difficult to distinguish a fake, because. replicating branded products is not easy. Dealers from Asian countries approach the production of fakes with all responsibility, releasing good bags. But at the same time, they are not ready to spend a lot of money on this. Therefore, a fake will give itself away over time.

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Original bags will serve for a long time in a sock.

The main thing is to know what you need to pay attention to first of all:

  1. Package. The original is packaged in a white cotton duster and white tissue paper. The company logo is printed on the bag in grey. The original bag must be in the white box.
  2. Size. After unpacking the product, you need to determine the parameters of the bag: small, medium or large. Large models are always with zippers, and medium and small models are always with magnets. The product will definitely need to be measured and compared with the parameters indicated on the official Dior website.
  3. Leather. It should be free of defects and roughness. In addition, the company uses suede, sheepskin and other natural materials for sewing bags. Quilted bags have a special embossing technology that cannot be counterfeited. It's called Cannage. It is necessary to pay attention to the absence of protruding threads, uneven lines and seams.
  4. Accessories. The manufacturer creates non-uniform color accessories on the bags, which looks like an antique plaque. If the clasps, buckles, and other metal parts are shiny, it's fake.
  5. Trinket. Likewise, it should not shine either. The appearance of the accessory should be with the effect of antiquity. The original letters are rounded, the fake ones are rough and sharp. For original bags, the letters D ior are often decorated in gilded color.
  6. Lining. In branded models, matte jacquard is used as a lining, which is always matched in color to match the skin. At the same time, black bags have a red lining. In fakes, inexpensive synthetic fabrics are used. When touched, it is well traced.
  7. Price. Original products are expensive, on average - over 100,000 rubles.

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Christian Dior perfume

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The brand produces both women's and men's perfumes. It is considered one of the most popular around the world. The variety of aromas is large, which allows you to choose perfumes for a variety of characters. The manufacturer often releases new flavors for its fans. But some connoisseurs prefer the classics. The fragrances of this brand belong to the Luxury category.

Perfume Dior.

Dior perfume products include:

  • fragrances;
  • aroma candles;
  • perfumed bath and body care products;
  • Mitzah tapes.

The best flavors

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According to the results of monitoring consumer demand around the world, a list of the top 7 women's fragrances from Dior has been compiled:

  1. Miss Dior.
  2. I adore Enjoy.
  3. Poison.
  4. Hypnotic Poison.
  5. Escale a Portofino.
  6. Dior Addict.
  7. dune.

They suit bold and elegant natures. These fragrances are able to convey the beauty of a blooming garden or the freshness of the seashore.

Popular men's fragrances from Dior are recognized:

  1. Christian Dior Sauvage 2015 is a wild scent for a man.
  2. Christian Dior Sauvage 2018 - "Cubed Savage".
  3. Fahrenheit: “Beware! High voltage!"
  4. Homme Sport 2012 - restrained sexuality.
  5. Homme Sport 2017 - energy and healthy sexuality.

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How to distinguish a fake from the original

Original Fake
The packaging cardboard is dense with perforation, there is a design for fixing the bubble, the bottle in it is motionless, made of thick glass, the cellophane on the box is thermally glued The bottle is unstable, movable in the box, the cardboard is questionable in strength, the packaging may have an irregular shape, the cellophane on the surface is connected with glue
The barcode on the packaging must match the numbers of the country of origin Bottled in Asian countries, the barcode does not match the country of origin
The serial number at the bottom of the package can be checked on the official website of the brand, it is obligatory to indicate the expiration date and date of manufacture The serial number on the packaging was not found on the Dior website, the expiration date and production date are often missing

Dior cosmetics

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The brand produces skin care and decorative cosmetics. The products are of high quality and proven effectiveness. All decorative products are divided into blocks:

  1. Face - foundation and concealer, primers, highlighter, blush and bronzers, powder, brushes and accessories.
  2. Eyes - mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliners and liners, brow products, brushes and accessories.
  3. Lips - lipsticks, glosses, tints, balms, pencils, brushes.
  4. Nails - varnishes, manicure products.
Dior cosmetics are of high quality and non-allergic.

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Dior care cosmetics has several directions:

  • according to needs (restoration and perfection, rejuvenation, fight against age signs, detox, whitening, moisturizing and preserving youth, self-tanning);
  • lines (L'Or de Vie, Dior Prestige, Dior Prestige Light-In White, Capture Totale, Capture Youth, etc.);
  • by category (cleansing, lotion, serums, creams, emulsions, lip and eye care, UV protection, scrubs and masks).

How to distinguish original from fake

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Original Fake
Noble smell, the shade number on the product matches that on the package, the correct cut of the lipstick and the Dior inscription on the lipstick itself, the shade number and color name are indicated on the original products The smell of cheap chemical impurities, the shade number may not match what is on the box, the lipstick is too steep and there is no inscription, the color name is not marked
There must be an original code, it can be checked on the brand's website, high quality packaging There is no code on the package or it is not confirmed on the official website, the packaging is of poor quality, the line Paris-London-New York means fake
High price Low prices

Common myths

There are such myths about branded products:

  1. Only original cosmetics are always in a box with a film. This is not so, a low-grade fake can also be in a box with a film, but of much worse quality.
  2. A tester without a box is a fake. This is not true, because the task of the probe is to demonstrate the aroma and the box is not needed in this case.
  3. Discounted price. We are talking about the sale of large quantities of confiscated original products. Branded cosmetics are not sold on sales. Most likely the product is fake.
  4. The absence of a box indicates a fake. This applies to inexpensive domestic cosmetics, which may be sold without packaging. But if this is a luxury product, then the box is a must.

Christian Dior glasses

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Sunglasses from the brand are made in a creative design and are an essential accessory for self-confident people. Modern models are dominated by square, 6-angled, rectangular, round shapes and butterfly configuration. The color range of products is rich. The frames of many glasses have a tortoiseshell pattern. In some models, the glasses are made in the style of degradation, i.e. with a transition from bright to transparent.

Classics are rose gold colored glasses with mirrored lenses and metal models with gold finish.

Sunglasses in the form of a plastic visor in various shades have recently appeared in the range of accessories from Dior.

Popular Models

Among the popular models of glasses from Dior there are classics and novelties:

  1. 30Motaine.
  2. ultradior.
  3. Diorsostellaire.
  4. Montaignemini.
  5. Wildior.
  6. Diorlink2.
  7. DiorStellaire1.
  8. DiorClub1.
The most popular models of glasses Dior.

How to identify genuine

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To protect yourself from buying a fake, you need to pay attention to the design, quality of lenses, screws, case and wipes for eyeglass care. There are several universal tips that will help you avoid buying a fake:

  • glasses must be bought in official stores with positive reviews;
  • when buying glasses through an online store, you need to request additional photos, which may give detailed information that it is a fake;
  • it is important to pay attention to the case, which must be strong and solid;
  • the frame material must be uniform and smooth on the original glasses;
  • the logo on the case is engraved, and the fasteners match the color of the product;
  • on the temples, you need to check the availability of information from the manufacturer about the country of production, color and model number, lens size, width of the nasal septum;
  • when buying, you need to check the completeness of the goods (passport, case, napkin).

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Where can I buy the original

The best place to buy Dior products is the Duty Free chain of stores. It is impossible to encounter a fake there.

In addition, fake products are unlikely to be found in stores with a proven reputation, since the consumer may request quality certificates and other documents for the product.

In online stores, it is also important to read reviews and view ratings.

What to do if you were sold a fake

Where to go if you sold a fake?


If a fake is found, the buyer can contact the seller (of the store where it was purchased), the importer (supplier of goods on the territory of the Russian Federation) or the manufacturer.

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Most often, a verbal appeal to a point of sale is enough. In this case, you must have evidence that the product is fake. If the seller refuses to return the money, a written request is made in 2 copies: to the seller and the buyer. Then the buyer will have to protect their rights in court.

In addition, Rospotrebnadzor, the Department of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office deal with such complaints. A criminal case may be initiated under Art. "On the distribution of counterfeit products."

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Additional Recommendations

Before buying a Dior brand product, you can familiarize yourself with its characteristics in detail on the official website of the company and make the right choice. There you can also read the advice of professionals in the world of fashion and beauty. Regular news about the trends of the season allows you to always stay in the center of fashion events.

The brand offers customers a wide range of repair services for branded products purchased in a boutique or on the official Dior website. Information about the nearest repair shops can be found on the brand's website.

If there are no boutiques nearby, you can contact the customer service department, where they will provide professional advice on how to proceed in such a situation. After the repair, the specialists of the workshops give a guarantee for the work done.

To send a letter from Russia to the House of Dior with suggestions, complaints and other wishes, you need to write to the address of the official representative office in Moscow: 107031, st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 12/1, building 3 Christian Dior Couture Stoleshnikov LLC. All necessary contacts are presented on the official website.

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