How to distinguish original Lacoste perfume from a fake?

How to distinguish Lacoste perfume from a fake the beauty

Lacoste perfumes are as popular as other products of the company. How to distinguish the original from a fake? This especially often occurs on the eve of the winter holidays, when the halls of shops are filled with a wide variety of goods, and the windows are decorated with announcements of discounts and sales.

Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

People who make fakes are sensitive to the increase in consumer demand and literally fill the trading floors with imitations of branded products just before the holidays. Unfortunately, you can buy a fake not only in online stores, but also in ordinary chain stores offering products from various companies, such as Letual.

Buy original Lacoste items on them official website.

How to distinguish a fake

Парфюмерия от этого бренда появилась на прилавках магазинов в конце прошлого столетия, в 1984 году. И, практически сразу же у покупателей возник вопрос о том, по каким признакам отличить оригинальные духи компании Лакост от имитации.

Perfume Lacoste

When purchasing perfumes, you need to carefully consider:

  1. Packaging.
  2. box.
  3. Bottle cap.
  4. Spray tube.
  5. The color of water and glass.
  6. Bottle.

Of course, a person with a fine sense of smell will be able to determine the imitation simply by bringing a tester strip to his nose.

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Perfume Lacoste

Top 7 Lacoste fragrances

Name top notes middle notes base notes
Lacoste Booster eucalyptus, mint, grapefruit, orange nutmeg, capsicum, galbanum, lavender, basil sandalwood, white cedar, vetiver
Lacoste Noir watermelon basil, lemon verbena, lavender dark chocolate, cashmeran, coumarin, patchouli
Magnetic Elle Pour mango, clementine, orange violet leaf, rose, jasmine, heliotrope vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli
Homme Raymond Pettibon Collector's Edition lime aquatic accord, green notes guaiac wood, licorice
Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc rosemary, cardamom, grapefruit ylang-ylang, tuberose cedar, leather, vetiver
Lacoste Sensuelle pink pepper, blackcurrant gladiolus, sweet pea, rose nougat, amber
Lacoste Touch of Pink orange, coriander, cardamom, peach carrot seeds, violet leaf, cardamom, coriander, jasmine sandalwood, vanilla, musk


Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

Sometimes you can identify a fake by paying attention to the film in which the perfume box is sealed. It is the quality of the mica wrapper that counterfeiters, as a rule, do not pay any attention to. This is not surprising, because people rip it off and throw it away without considering it.

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The film is sealed tightly and evenly, the slightest gaps in the seams or inaccuracy at the folds, at the ends are signs of imitation. The film is thermally soldered. The seams of the original are made neatly, by machine. At the ends, the film should be folded with even folds and without excessive sagging. If it is glued, the product has nothing to do with a popular brand.


Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

You can check the originality of toilet water by carefully examining the box. Although the people involved in the manufacture of fakes take a responsible approach to the issue of imitation printing and use the same cardboard as the brand itself, inaccuracies are still allowed in the details.


A high-quality box is an expensive pleasure, and the goal of counterfeiters is to sell the maximum number of bottles as quickly as possible. To achieve it, it is necessary to reduce the cost of production, for this reason, paying tribute to the external similarity, a protective fixing insert is not inserted inside.

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Check Lacoste perfume by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

The Lacoste perfume box is made of high quality cardboard. Printing defects or spelling errors are unacceptable. Counterfeiters reduce the cost of production as much as possible, so they do not always achieve external resemblance to the original. Therefore, before buying perfumes, it is recommended to see how they look on the official website.

Shake the box when buying. If the inside of the bottle has moved, it is non-original eau de parfum.

The original Lacoste perfume bottle does not move inside the box thanks to the protective fixing insert. You can see it immediately after opening the package. On the cover of the fixing insert of the original perfume, the address of the company's website is necessarily written. Sometimes the brand logo is also applied there.

Additional cap

A fake often does not have a fixing liner. If it is still there, then without inscriptions and logo. It's just cut-out white cardboard that doesn't do its job. The fake bottle moves freely inside the box when it is shaken.

It is recommended to inspect the fixing protective insert in detail. In the original, it is easily removed from the box. The insert must not have dents, traces of glue, barcodes, wrinkles or other defects.

Liner in original Lacoste

The inscriptions on the original box are made by embossing. Letters should have a clear color outline. A fake often uses a regular print, and the paint is erased when rubbed with a finger.

Box of original Lacoste

There is a Batch-code on the bottom cover of the box. It is applied by embossing, not paint. This code must be compared with the numbers on the bottle, which must match.

Batch code on the original Lacoste

Of course, you can not completely neglect the inspection of the inscriptions on the box. Manufacturers of cheap imitations from China and other Asian countries often make spelling mistakes and even misspelled the brand name.

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Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

The cap protecting the atomizer also gives out an imitation. The original bottles are closed with tight-fitting caps made of thin, but not wrinkled, non-deformable aluminum. The design is one-piece, there can be no talk of any seams.

Cap of original Lacoste and fake

If there is a vertical joint on the cap, the perfume is not real.


Lacoste perfumes often have an aluminum cap. It has high strength and low weight.

The imitators do not worry about the quality of the alloy either; fakes have caps made of tin, plastic wrapped in foil. The fake cap is easily crumpled and slips off the bottle.

It is especially difficult to fake transparent caps. For fakes, the gluing seam always remains noticeable. Other flaws are also often observed, for example, air bubbles and blotches. The cap of the original has the correct geometry and is pleasant to the touch.

Do you like Lacoste perfumes?

Atomizer tube

Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

It would seem, what can the spray tube tell the buyer about? But as you know, "the devil is in the details." Such a seemingly insignificant thing even gives out a high-quality imitation.

Atomizer tube

The original bottles are equipped with tubes ending a couple of millimeters from the bottom. Due to this length limitation, it stands inside the bottle extremely evenly, strictly vertically. If the tube is beveled, bends along the bottom - a counterfeit is presented on the counter.

Straw of original Lacoste and fakes

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Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

The ratio of the color of the fragrant liquid and the glass of the bottle is an important nuance. The color of the water itself is invariably brighter and more saturated than the color of the bottle glass, but at the same time they are the same. In other words, blue glass cannot contain rose water.


If the type of purchased water is poured into transparent containers, then the saturation of the hue is preserved and at the same time it is uniform. There are no separations or sediment in the original perfume. If the color is not evenly distributed, it is fake.

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Купить оригинальные духи Lacoste  can here

The original perfume bottle is made of high quality glass. The presence of inclusions, air bubbles or shells is unacceptable. A feature of Lacoste is the coloring of not only the liquid, but also the glass itself. Even if the bottle looks transparent, it has a noticeable tint in the color style of the Lacoste collection.

Bottle of original Lacoste

The original bottle must not have scratches or other defects. The name of the brand and the name of the collection must be applied without errors.

Fakes instead of Lacoste often have Lacost or Lacosta.

Fake perfume Lacoste gives itself the presence of sediment. The shade of the liquid is often different due to its stratification. The geometry of a fake bottle is often far from ideal. So, for example, the bottom of the imitation of real perfumes can be beveled.

The bottom of the original Lacoste and fake

If a fake is detected, it is recommended to turn the Lacoste perfume over and examine the inscriptions on the bottom. The original must have a Batch-code. The fake has a low-quality sticker on the bottom, and the inscriptions are made in blurry characters.

The code at the bottom of the bottle of the original Lacoste and fake

A genuine bottle has a logo, the name of the perfume, its intended purpose, information about where the product is produced and the legal address of the company in France. The volume of liquid is also indicated. The minimum volume is 50 ml. If it is smaller, there is an imitation on the counter.


Batch code check online

Exceptions to this rule are Lacoste Pour Femme Legere and Lacoste Challenge. They are presented in a minimum volume of 30 ml.

The inscriptions are applied with high quality, they cannot be scraped off or deformed even when using a sharp metal object, for example, nail scissors.

The bottom of the original has a special shape, it is beveled to one side on the inside, but on the outside it is even. To imitate this feature, you will have to order non-standard bottles. Forgers do not go to such costs and tricks.

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The content of the inscriptions on the bottle and the box must match completely, if there is at least one difference - the products are not original.

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How much do perfumes cost

Buy original perfume Lacoste - you can here.

How much does branded products of a popular brand cost? This question could be classified as rhetorical, if not for one “but” - people are sincerely convinced that the price is “wound up” by sellers and other intermediaries dozens of times, and therefore it is quite possible to buy perfumes for mere pennies via the Internet or at a sale.

The cost of perfume Lacoste

To some extent, this is true, the cost of goods in stores is determined by a list of factors that are not related to the perfume itself and the financial policy of their manufacturer. But for mere pennies, genuine perfumes cannot be purchased.

For example, on the official website of Lacoste Timeless costs 5,000 rubles, during the holiday sales season this figure is halved. Accordingly, in a chain store, a smaller amount cannot be on the price tag.

The easiest way to save money and purchase original products is to order them on the official website of the manufacturer In the "Catalog" section, you can carefully consider the appearance of the bottles, and by subscribing to the notification mailing list you will not miss promotions and sales.

We recommend to buy goods only on the original site Lacoste.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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  1. Sveta

    Lacoste fragrances ... are some of my favorite fragrances and discounts on them in Letual stores up to 50% ... up to 70% happen very often!!! We have long known that it is simply impossible to buy a real perfume in Russian stores, it's like a needle in a haystack look for hay! Real testers are on display, and a pig in a poke is sold in a closed package! When you are in a store stupefied with real aromas from testers ... you forget and buy a fake in hope and inspiration! The fact is that it is impossible to ask sellers to open all the packages ... in order to to check the quality of the goods before buying and immediately find evidence and refuse a false purchase in time! They will definitely not agree! I wonder if it is possible to return a fake perfume to the store after purchase and punish the attackers?!?

  2. Andrey

    Having really read this article, now I will definitely never confuse the original and the fake.

  3. Tamara

    The article is very good, I didn’t even think that there could be so many differences, but we are being fooled as always, after reading the information, of course, I will choose perfumes more carefully, I think it also applies to other brands, thank you very much!

  4. Elena

    A very correct article. I never paid attention to such trifles as the packaging and the color of the perfume. I never would have guessed that the color of the perfume and the color of the bottle should match. Thank you for information.

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    I never thought about how to distinguish real perfumes from fakes and did not pay attention to such subtleties in choosing perfumes. Now I am firmly convinced that I will buy real perfumes, and not a fake. Thank you for the article.

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    This is a whole problem in order to distinguish the original from a fake, and you need to know a lot about the company here so as not to fall for a fake. Many do not pay attention to the packaging, but it can also be distinguished from it and there are many other signs of a fake that you need to know.

  8. whirlwind

    I love perfume so much, I'm sure that my boyfriend is just crazy about me when I use perfume, he obviously loves my romantic fragrance, and I like it when he looks at me, good perfume will always be in demand, so those people who fake it too will try to make money on such brands, you have good advice in general on how to detect a fake

  9. Vitaly

    There are a lot of fakes now and the fact that there are those devices that can distinguish them is very good. In the past, of course, there are many fakes that people could not distinguish and had a spoiled mood. It's good that our technology is very advanced.

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    I was not interested in this before, but now I will know that there is only the best, I personally liked to see such the best perfumes, it’s good that there is exactly the most beautiful, it’s a pity that such articles about the most useful and necessary perfumes are rare

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    Yes, Lacoste is just a miracle and they do a lot of fakes and it’s hard to distinguish a fake from the original. Before the holidays, many fakes are thrown away and your advice is very good at helping to distinguish a fake. Thank you very much.