How to distinguish original Versace perfume from a fake?

How to distinguish Versace perfume from a fake the beauty

Elite perfume is a recognized leader among gifts for loved ones and loved ones for the holiday. In order not to spoil the impression of a pleasant surprise, it is advisable to understand the features of the product and be able to answer the questions: how to choose the right Versace perfume? how to distinguish the original from the fake?

Original perfume can be bought here

Fans of the brand, who are not the first time buying the fragrance of the Versace brand, are able to recognize their favorite perfume by smell. But in order not to purchase a fake, you need to know the differences between the packaging and the bottle of the original perfume from the copies.

How to distinguish a fake

Choosing the right place of purchase significantly increases the likelihood of purchasing an original product. Preference should be given to specialized stores. Buying real Versace perfume from random sellers and online stores is a risky business. In such cases, the chances of getting a fake product increase.

Perfume Versace

Even in a specialized store, you need to come armed with an image of the original logo and expert advice on how to identify a fake Versace brand perfume. The line of perfumes includes different aromas, and each of them has individual design features. This article discusses the common signs by which you can recognize the products of a luxury brand.

Do you like the Versace brand?

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Perfume Versace is produced exclusively in Italy, and not in China, Brazil, Thailand or Bangladesh. Any inscriptions on the packaging or bottle that differ from the Made in Italy standard indicate a fake.

Mindfulness is the golden quality of the buyer. Even if you do not know English very well, you can still easily figure out a fake.

Fake manufacturers make the main grammatical errors in the names of fragrances and inscriptions Versace, Made in Italy, Eau De Toilette. They may lack letters or the letters will be rearranged.

The most popular Versace fragrances:

top notes Heart notes end notes
yellow diamond bergamot, lemon, pear, neroli water lily, freesia, mimosa, orange blossom. amber, musk, guaiac wood
Versace Vanitas lime freesia and tiare Tonka bean, cedar
Versace Bright Crystal yuzu, pomegranate peony, magnolia, lotus amber, musk, mahogany
Versace Crystal Noir cardamom, pepper, ginger peony, gardenia, orange blossom musk, sandalwood, amber
Versace Eros Pour Femme lemon, bergamot, pomegranate lemon, jasmine, peony flowers sandalwood, ambroxan, musk
Versace Versense fig, bergamot, citruses and pear, green mandarin white lily, jasmine, narcissus and cardamom cedar, sandalwood and olives, musk

Original perfume Versace


Original perfume can be bought here

It is better to make a purchase in special stores, and not in transitional stalls. Before you go shopping for perfume, do some research on the Internet about what you should look like:

  • packaging and bottle of original perfume;
  • size and thickness of letters;
  • the exact dimensions of the box. For copies, most often the packaging sizes are somewhat different from the original ones.

Real perfumes are distinguished by impeccable workmanship. The box must be packed in tightly fitting cellophane. Pay attention to the inscriptions and logo on the box and bottle. They should be clear and the font should not be too bold.

Cellophane does not roll around the box, but fits tightly around it. The thickness of the seam is not more than 5 mm.

Packaging on original Versace perfume and fake

Versace original packaging is a neat rectangular box made of thick cardboard. It holds its shape well and does not tear when lightly pressed.

The name of the brand and the spirits themselves are very high quality. Embossed letters. Remember the Versace logo. On the back of the box contains data on the detailed composition of the perfume. Carefully study the font - whether all the letters are fully spelled out, and the words - whether the letters are missing. The bottom of the box has a serial number and a barcode.

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Inside, the bottom and sides of the bottle are supported by a white cardboard tab. The packaging should be inspected for the following details:

  • The name of the brand and fragrance is printed on the front side in embossed letters.

Packing check

  • On the back of the box there is information about the composition of the perfume.


  • On the underside is the serial number and barcode. The barcode must match the name of the specified manufacturing country. A valid barcode does not yet give 100% a guarantee of product originality. However, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of a fake.

Check Versace perfume by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Down side

All inscriptions must be carefully studied. Words must be written without grammatical errors, without letter omissions and font defects. If the barcode is missing or looks worn, then the buyer was offered a fake perfume.

Original perfume can be bought here

Characteristic signs of a fake can be found when examining the cellophane shell of the box.

The difference is that in real perfumes, cellophane is very thin and smooth. The film does not form folds, corresponds to the size of the box and fits it tightly. The seams are thin, the wrapped corners are soldered, not glued, as on a fake.

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Packaging of original Versace perfumes and fakes


Original bottles are not amenable to blind copying. They are distinguished by heavy weight, clear glass, impeccability of every facet.

Immediately before buying, already at the checkout, inspect the packaging, open it and examine the bottle. The surface of the bottle must be absolutely smooth, without roughness and chips. Turn the bottle upside down: for original perfumes, the cap fits snugly on the bottle and cannot fall out.

There should be no stains on the text or logo. The neck of a fake is usually higher than the neck of the original.

Original Versace perfumes are bottled in glass bottles. A closer look at the original and counterfeit containers shows the following difference:

  • The original bottle has the correct shape, without curved lines and decorative elements.

Original bottle

  • The bottom thickness should not exceed 2 cm.
  • The glass of the original shines and has no defects - scratches, haze, chips, air bubbles.
  • There should be a logo and the name of the perfume on the glass.

Original perfume Versace

  • The lid sits tightly, is removed with little effort. On the top side there is the brand name, the letters are in bold and match the color of the cap.
  • The dispenser button is embossed with the Versace logo.Dispenser of original Versace perfumes and fakes
  • The spray nozzle is located in the center of the dispenser button and should be white.
  • The spray tube is very thin and slightly touches the bottom.


Straw in original Versace perfume and fake

  • At the bottom of the bottle, a film is pasted on which the perfume manufacturer, expiration date and serial number are indicated, the same as on the box.

The bottom of the bottle of original Versace perfume and fakes

Bottom of the bottle

A barcode, date of manufacture and serial number are mandatory signs of the authenticity of perfumes. They must be clearly visible on the packaging. The serial number consists of 12 digits and its authenticity can be checked on the official website The code on the box must match the code on the bottle.

Original perfume can be bought here

The main feature of the original bottle is an inconspicuous atomizer tube. Ideally, it can be seen only with directional lighting and the location of the bottle at the right angle. It is impossible to fake such a performance.

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Bottle of original Versace perfume and fake


People with a keen sense of smell will be able to identify a fake fragrance by the characteristic smell of alcohol lingering in the air after spraying a small dose.

Also, fake perfumes are less durable and have a monotonous “sound” - the smell does not change from the moment it is applied to the skin until the persistence time expires.

Fake manufacturers are not able to reproduce the original perfume formula. Real perfumes have a three-stage structure: top notes, heart notes and base. During the opening, the fragrance smoothly transitions from the top note to the bottom.

A fake fragrance most often ends on the heart notes. Pay attention to the color and transparency of the liquid. Well-known brands do not use too much dye.

If the color of the perfume is too bright, "chemical", then this indicates a fake.

Also, there should be no sediment or small particles in the vial.

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You can find out the price of original Versace perfumes here

It is important to understand that you can buy the original fragrance of the Versace brand only when you check all the components of the product. Branded packaging may hide a fake bottle, and a valid barcode does not guarantee the originality of the 100% product.

Original perfume Versace

The correctness of the serial number can be checked on a special website for control batch code.

Being luxurious and being inaccessible are different principles. Gianni Versace I have always preferred the former in my work. Therefore, the main sign of a fake fragrance is its low price, which cannot be explained by discounts or sales. If you see perfumes with a price tag half the market value, then this is enough reason to doubt their originality.

Large volumes of perfume should be carefully checked, as counterfeiters love to fake such packages.

Before buying, you need to ask the seller how much a bottle of perfume costs. Fake goods will be sold at a reduced price.

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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