How to distinguish Pandora from a fake?

Pandora how to distinguish a fake from the original the beauty

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Pandora is an exclusive Danish brand of jewelry. By purchasing this bracelet, it becomes possible to create a unique jewelry, periodically supplementing it with new accessories. But, unfortunately, with the growing popularity of Pandora, the number of counterfeit manufacturers is also increasing. But fake jewelry is not just poor quality and fragility to wear. Fake bracelets can cause allergic reactions. Consider how not to fall for scammers, but to get a truly original product.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

We recommend buying original Pandora jewelry here

In the production of charms, such additional elements are used: from zirconium to diamonds. They are fastened so qualitatively that in no case should they fall off.

pandora charm with flowers

Pandora charm original and fake

Original Pandora

Original and fake pandora charm

At the stage of its production, pandora charms go through a blackening stage. This is also a sign of originality.

If you are offered a pure, silver charm, you should know that this is not the original. The exceptions are so small that such charms can be counted on the fingers.

Some charms are made from Murano glass. When buying such a product, you need to be extra careful. The fakes are often identical. But still there are certain features about the original Pandora charms:

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  1. You should look at the charm in the light: it should not have the slightest chip or crack, even inside.
  2. Murano has the inscription “Pandora” on one side, but there is no crown above the letter “O”. It just doesn't fit physically.
  3. Shades of the same Murano glass beads may vary. This is due to different batches of production, but in no case does it indicate that you have a fake in front of you. The same applies to the size of the charms - they may vary slightly.

pandora color

It's important to know! If you come across charms with Swarovski stones, be sure that this is a fake. Pandora does not release products with such crystals. Perhaps in the future - yes, but now only precious and semi-precious stones are used to design charms.

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Stamps, markings

Original and fake Pandora


We recommend buying original Pandora jewelry here

Pandora manufactures products from several types of materials. The manufacturer puts a stamp with a sample depending on the material used. So, each of them must have a stamp with a sample:


Die Options

Gold g585


Silver s925 ale
Pink gold ale r

This signature imprint is usually easily visible, but on some products you will need a magnifying glass to see it. In carved charms, the manufacturer often hides a branded imprint on the rim or inside the openwork.

Here is what the stamps and markings look like on the original Pandora bracelet:

Original Pandora

A frequent question about the marking of bicolor charms (silver and gold charms) - what kind of stigma should be there? Bi-color pandora charms are stamped with silver, as they are considered silver with gold inclusions, nothing is put on the gold parts.

Check Pandora by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Sample and stamp on pandora charm rings

Note! The manufacturer can place the stamp on the band or inside carved charms.


On the original bracelets, there is always a clover in the middle of the clasp. This is a small screw that provides a secure fit to the bracelet. Copies have no such protection.

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Clover clasp on Pandora jewelry


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As already mentioned, the following materials are used in the production of Pandora bracelets:

  • gold;
  • pink gold;
  • silver.

There are also jewelry that combines these metals. For example, silver with gold or silver with rose gold.

pandora charms

All kinds of pandora charms

Various pandora charms

In the manufacture of Pandora bracelets and charms, sputtering technologies are not used, they consist entirely of the metal that was announced during the sale. Those elements of charms or bracelets that are gold - they are really completely gold, not a coating.

Therefore, the presence of gilding is a sign of a fake Pandora.

Charms and bracelets are not made from ordinary metal or stainless steel.

Comparison of the original and fake Pandora

In the production of charms, rings, earrings and other jewelry, stones are used from inexpensive, like zirconium, to elite, like a diamond.

It is necessary to evaluate the appearance of the decoration. Nothing should go anywhere. Any stains, chips and other defects are unacceptable. Most fakes are softer to the touch. The bracelet crumples easily in the hand. The original feels strong and reliable.

How to distinguish the original from a fake Pandora

It's important to know! Silver and gold are heavy metals, so if the bracelet is light, it's definitely a fake.

To determine the authenticity of the product, you should contact the jeweler. In addition, you can conduct a small test at home: bring a magnet to the bracelet. It will not be attracted to noble metals.

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Crown over the letter "O"

We recommend buying original Pandora jewelry here

The guarantee that you have the original is a stamp with a crown symbol above the letter "O". It is present on the clasps of Pandora bracelets and necklaces. Checking for a crown is one of the ways to distinguish an original from a fake.

Interesting! A distinctive feature in the form of a crown over the letter "O" appeared on products released after 2008.

Crown over O Pandora


The box in which the product is sold should look elegant. The manufacturer also attaches great importance to the packaging: there are no traces of glue on it, the interior is lined with velvet material.

The brand does not skimp on the quality of the materials used.

The overall look of the packaging should be attractive and attractive.

original pandora packaging

The bracelet is placed on a special pillow. The fakes have regular foam rubber inside the box.

Comparison of packaging fake and original Pandora


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The brand often gives various additions to the jewelry. You can often find a cloth to wipe the bracelet. It is packed in a separate box. Replicas in the package usually contain only the decoration itself.

Want to buy a Pandora bracelet?

Yellowed Pandora bracelet

Yellowed Pandora Bracelet

Yellowing of silver is not a sign of counterfeit Pandora. This may occur due to a reaction to the skin, building and finishing materials in your home, contact of products with bromine or iodine, a reaction to human perspiration, as a result of interaction with any substances.

Darkening and yellowing of silver is a natural process. You can get rid of this by cleaning the product yourself or in the workshop.

Remember that these processes are natural, it’s just that for someone the silver darkens, for someone it turns yellow, and for someone it remains unchanged. The original easily restores its original appearance after cleaning.


Clasp on Pandora

The clasp on the original bracelet should seem to hang out, it does not fit snugly to the jewelry. In a branded product, it has little freedom. The clasp securely fixes the bracelet and does not unfasten during wearing. You won't find this on fakes. For replicas, it sits more tightly, but does not provide a secure fit. In addition, the fake clasp is much smaller than the original.

Pandora bracelet clasp

The inside of the lock pandora bracelet

Bracelet color

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pandora bracelet color

Another criterion for authentication is the color of the bracelet. It cannot be as light and shiny as a regular silver piece. The fact is that the products go through several stages of blackening during production, which makes the decoration unique.


Pandora bracelets

The decorations weigh quite impressively. Silver and gold are heavy metals in their own right. It should be noted that all products are not hollow inside, they are dense, molded.

Note! The only weight exceptions are bangle bracelets. Only they can be light enough.

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Bracelet shape

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The shape of the bracelet is always rounded - the threads practically do not bend. If you put it on a flat surface, the circle will be perfectly even, which fakes cannot boast of. The fake Pandora is malleable—taking many forms.

Bracelet Pandora

size table

Bracelet type wrist circumference Recommended bracelet size Maximum recommended number of charms
pandora bracelet 14 cm 16 cm A filled bracelet holds an average of about 15-20 charms (including pendants, stoppers, dividers or a connecting chain), depending on the size of the bracelet and the size of the charms.
15 cm 17 cm
16 cm 18 cm
17 cm 19 cm
18 cm 20 cm
19 cm 21 cm
20 cm 23 cm

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We recommend buying original Pandora jewelry here

Pandora jewelry can't be cheap. If you are offered to buy a bracelet in a store at a low price, this means that you have a fake. Pandora regularly replenishes the range of high-quality products, so any girl can design a unique bracelet to her liking, which will please the eye for many years.

We recommend buying original Pandora jewelry here

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