How to spot a fake Guess - Bag, Watch, Clothes

How to distinguish the original from a fake guess hess Cloth

Guess is an American brand specializing in the production of designer men's and women's clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, bags, watches and various accessories.

You can find original and branded Guess items here


The brand was founded in 1981 by Georges Marciano and his three brothers Paul, Armand and Maurice. Georges moved from France to Los Angeles and opened the first flagship store in Beverly Hills. And the name "Guesswas thought up by Marciano as he drove past a McDonald's billboard. He asked the driver to "guess" where the biggest cheeseburger in the chain of these cafes is sold. Arriving home, he told his brother Maurice that he had found a name for their company. This is how the Guess brand appeared, which means “guess” in translation, and the logo with the “?” sign.

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How to distinguish a guess watch from a fake

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In 1984, a line of branded watches was introduced under the names "Guess Steel","Guess","Guess Collection". These watches are still produced, but under different lines. Brand Hess more than 100 designer watches have already been released - from the simplest to the premium class.

ATTENTION! A valid barcode does not yet give 100% a guarantee of product originality. However, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of a fake.

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Guess watch
Guess watch

To date, the brand has released more than a hundred different collections of watches, which are very popular all over the world.

Check Guess watch by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

Fraudsters are not averse to taking advantage of the popular love for Guess watches. Every year, a huge number of copies of watches of this brand are produced - from the most primitive fakes to elite replicas, which can only be calculated by opening the case and studying the mechanism.

By configuration

The complete set of originals consists of several elements:

  1. Watch case packaging
  2. The clock itself
  3. Instruction books in several languages
  4. Warranty card containing a complete list of addresses of service centers and model number. The guarantee is given for a minimum of two years and must be completed in your presence.
  5. quality certificate
Guess watch package
Guess watch package

If you buy a product in a branded store, then the warranty card is filled out in your presence. And the warranty for the watch is 1-2 years.

The warranty card indicates the watch model and a list of service centers. You can check the originality of the watch by the model number via the Internet.

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By case

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The watch must come with the packaging. Lack of packaging is a 100% sign of a fake. Of course, on the high-quality case, trimmed with expensive fabric from the inside, there is a company logo, inside there is a small pillow for the watch.

Original Guess Cushion Watch

Depending on the model range, the packaging option may vary.

The brand case may look like the photo below:

Original Guess watch case
Original Guess watch case

Cases come in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes depending on the chosen watch model.

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Belts and bracelets

The look of the clock should not be embarrassing.

Original straps are made of genuine leather, metal, silicone.

Fake belts are made from leatherette, cheap materials. They smell bad, are poorly colored, quickly crack and tear.

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Real watches have even and identical ties on the straps without protruding threads, well-fixed and functioning clasps.

differences between original GUESS watches and fakes
differences between original GUESS watches and fakes

On metal parts there should be no scratches, frayed places, uneven spraying.

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Do you wear a watch?

Back cover

On the back of the Guess watch, the following is stated:

  1. Clockwork information. The engraving "Japan Movt" is obligatory, as the brand uses only high quality Japanese movements for its watches.
  2. Model number. If you did not see the model number of the watch on the back cover, do not think that the watch is fake. The absence of a model number is a characteristic feature of Guess watches. The brand makes an exception only for exclusive models.
  3. Engraving of the name of the material from which the watch case is made. Steel is commonly used and specified.
  4. Logo and brand name.
Differences of counterfeit Hess watches on the back cover
Differences of counterfeit Hess watches on the back cover

If there is no model number on the back cover, then this does not mean that the item 100% is a copy! The number is applied only to the covers of exclusive watch models.

All engravings on the watch must be done with high quality, the text is applied without errors.

The real logo looks like an inverted triangle with a question mark. The name of the brand is indicated at the top of it.

Original and counterfeit Guess watches

Price and where to buy

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Brand watches are not cheap. The price of simple models made of silicone starts at 5,000 rubles. Fake goods are cheaper. But it often happens that it is sold at the price of the original!

Fake Guess watch (Guess)
Fake Guess watch (Guess)

The price of watches with metal bracelets and leather straps starts from 10 thousand rubles. The price for elite and sports models is from 12-15 thousand rubles.

The price of a real Guess watch
The price of a real Guess watch

It is worth buying Hess watches in trusted stores, branded departments or ordering through the office. brand website

When buying a watch, pay attention to the operation of the clock mechanism - the smooth and correct movement of the hands. Also for the absence of defects in the dial area.

How to distinguish guess bags from fakes

Sneakers to buy right now

It is important to understand that each model has its own characteristics. But at the same time, each handbag has common features. Based on them, you can understand how to distinguish Guess from a fake.

Now there is a large selection of women's bags brand Guess. But you can buy a handbag only in a branded boutique. Or by ordering through website or online store with a good reputation.

Basically, experts, as well as experienced buyers of fashionable things, advise paying attention to:

  • complete set;
  • appearance;
  • internal execution;
  • tags and labels;
  • price.
Real Guess bag
Real Guess bag

To minimize the likelihood of encountering a fake, contact trusted as well as well-established stores.

It is even better to make purchases through the official website. But everything is always possible.

If you have chosen a third-party store, regardless of the level of trust, it is still recommended to check the branded bag for authenticity. Otherwise, you risk paying a decent amount for a product made in a handicraft way, as well as from cheap, and possibly even hazardous materials.

Check Guess bag by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:


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If the handbag is delivered by mail, then it is packed in a brown cardboard box with stickers of the sender, as well as the delivery service.

Bag ordered by mail
Bag ordered by mail

The handbag can be supplied in a gift box with brand and logo. But this package is sold separately.

gift box Guess
gift box Guess

A dust bag is included with the bag. It comes rolled up and is placed inside the bag itself. Fakes can be supplied without anthers or already packed in them, or in plastic bags.

bag boot bag hess
bag boot bag hess

Be sure to include a receipt and a warranty card with any bag!

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The appearance of the bag

High quality branded clothing - go

The parameters of the bag in reality must correspond to those indicated on the website of the online store.

If the size of the bag is indicated on any site and does not match the description on the official one, it is fake.

It is better to determine authenticity by comparing the product with what is on the Hess website.

The branded handbag is made of high-quality material, exactly what is indicated in the description on the website of the online store and the tag. Replicas are sewn from cheap materials, so the fabric wears out quickly, cracks, frays, and tears.

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Copies may have poor quality handles, straps, lining, or zippers. The originals have a good look and quality fittings. All firmware ties are even and without protruding threads. The bag is not painted, smells good. If the bag has a belt, then it has the optimal length and the ability to adjust for a certain height.

On the front of the bag can be:

  1. The correct spelling of the company name is GUESS (not GUES or GUEES);

    Guess Logo
    Guess Logo

  2. Name and year of foundation of the brand "1981"

    Name and year of foundation of the brand
    Name and year of foundation of the brand

  3. Logo in the form of 4 inverted letters "G", can be with or without a circle

    4 inverted G Guess
    4 inverted G Guess

  4. Logo as in paragraph 3, or in a circle/triangle + indication of the brand, year, “LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA"

Usually all logos and inscriptions are made of metal. On some models, the tongues are decorated with the same material from which the bag itself is sewn.

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The inside of the bag

Where and how to buy branded items at a discount - ANSWER

Paper with a company logo is placed inside each bag so that the accessory does not lose its original appearance during transportation.

The lining is printed with a print in the form of inscriptions "Guess". The brand name is also indicated on a metal plate inside the bag.

The inside of the Guess bag
The inside of the Guess bag
Guess bag lining
Guess bag lining

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Tag and label

A fabric tag with information about the manufacturer is sewn into the lining on the side of the bag.

Tag Guess
Tag Guess

The cardboard tag is neatly attached to the bag's strap with a thread. It indicates the barcode, the color of the handbag, model and number.


Inside the bag there is a miniature leather label with the brand's logo and a miniature "G".

Leather models have an open area of 2-3 cm inside, which is not covered by a lining. This is necessary so that the buyer can evaluate the originality of the product, the quality of the leather and stitching. Stitches should be neat and have a length of no more than 5 mm.

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Jeans and T-shirts Guess

Guess has revolutionized the denim world in many ways; jeans are no longer just workwear. Despite the initial setbacks, the Marciano brothers managed to not only turn them into everyday wear, but also bring their brand to the catwalks.

The first model of Guess jeans looked like this:

The first Guess jeans

Recently, not only branded items have appeared on the market, but also fakes for them. were no exception and blue jeans. Therefore, people are wondering how to choose and purchase branded products.

Logo on the pockets of Guess jeans

The main features of the original Guess jeans

To distinguish branded products and Hess jeans to buy exactly the original ones, you should pay attention to the following signs:

  • Quality fittings. Without fail, on the buttons, as well as on the rivets that are included in the composition, there is the name Guess. At the same time, this name is embossed not on one, but on several sides.
  • Quality lock and zipper. Branded jeans are necessarily equipped with high-quality zippers, as well as a high-quality lock.
  • Quality label. Without fail, Guess jeans are supplemented with a label. In this case, the label must be stitched exactly.
  • Seams. All seams in Guess jeans are carefully done. At the same time, there are no protruding threads, as well as another marriage. By the way, during washing, the seams do not change.

Label on Guess jeans

How to identify a fake?

To distinguish a fake, you should pay attention to several ways:

  • So, jeans should be folded directly at the seams. If some parts bristle, then these are poorly prepared jeans.
  • Be sure to check how high-quality fittings. As a rule, in the manufacture of fakes, low-quality and quickly deteriorating fittings are used. Hardware must be free of wear and tear or other damage. This is because Guess responsibly approaches the choice of fittings, as well as its installation.
  • Tag. Basic information about jeans can be obtained by paying attention to the tag. It usually contains all the information that is needed. There should be information about the country, the composition, the model code, etc.

Girl in Guess jeans

How to choose and buy quality Guess jeans?

In order to buy high-quality guees jeans among the presented range, you should pay attention to several basic parameters:

  • Size.
  • Hue.
  • Registration.
  • Other.

In order to simplify the selection process, several models should be compared. This will allow you to select the product you want.

To choose and purchase high-quality branded jeans of this brand, you should contact trusted suppliers. For example, you can buy guess jeans in the Mega Jeans online store. They must demonstrate quality certificates, as well as other documents that confirm the level of quality.

Label on Guess jeans

In addition to jeans, the company produces T-shirts, recognizable all over the world by the triangle. Their prices are quite affordable compared to other T-shirts in the premium segment.

To distinguish an original T-shirt from a fake, you need to look at the inside of the neck.

Original Guess T-shirt

After that, a set of side tags is checked, which contains the main information about the product.

Tags on the original Guess T-shirt

And another distinctive feature of Guess products. There are numbers inside the triangle in the company logo. These are the numbers of the first offices of the company.

Guess Logo

Sizes of women's clothing brand Guess





79-81 59-61




S 84-86



85-89 64-71
M 89-91



91-94 69-74
L 94-97



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The cost of original Hess bags starts from 6000 rubles and depends on the chosen model. Usually this price applies to bags with a discount - models of past seasons. The average cost of a bag without a discount is 8-10 thousand rubles.

If the price is noticeably lower, and at the same time they give discounts for new collections, then everything is clear. These are fakes. And the store uses the easiest way to sell fake accessories. This is the attraction of buyers with low prices, promotions, as well as sales.

Price of original Guess bags
Price of original Guess bags

Video reviews of watches, handbag and women's backpack brand Guess:

You can find original and branded Guess items here

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  1. Darya

    I absolutely disagree with this article! There is an American Hess who sends bags without anthers from the site, and even more so boxes, in simple cellophane, the bags are made in China and they sell them at reasonable prices, those who have been to America will understand what am I talking about. After all, this is originally a purely American brand. Your article is not entirely true, but will only mislead many people who are not particularly versed in this topic.

  2. Diana

    I don't agree with everything either. For example, I bought my hesses abroad, one pure white in Prague (it would seem that fakes are strictly monitored in Europe), but on the inside of the bag (the one that rubs against the body constantly) the material of the bag darkens a little, especially when you wear something dark ... .should be wiped frequently. There was no duster inside, only the bag itself was put in a white branded bag when I bought it in the store

  3. Elena

    I bought a Hess watch on an American site, all that came with it was the box itself, a simple pillow and a cardboard rectangle with the inscription Guess. I don't doubt the authenticity. No instructions, certificates, etc. The watch cost $135. Also before that I bought a lot of bags, wallets. Never had anthers, packing boxes. Always wrapped in cellophane, sometimes wrapped in tissue paper. I agree with the girl who spoke above - do not mislead the readers of your article.

  4. Dmitry

    Firstly, it is better to take in reliable places or according to recommendations. Secondly, at least a little to understand what you take at the level of quality. Thirdly, look at the seller's reviews .... These are standard tips so as not to get a fake

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    In truth, there are a lot of fakes now, so even applying the recommendations from this article, it will not be easy to identify a fake. The quality of the counterfeit is extremely high. But to identify simple fakes, the article provides comprehensive information.

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    Someone agrees, someone protests .. and I'll take note, a good article.

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    A fairly well-known manufacturer to be comprehensively counterfeited. Therefore, thanks to your article, many people now find out what exactly they need to pay their closest attention to when buying things from this brand. Thank you!

  8. Olga

    The article is useful, because it is not always possible to buy branded goods in official stores. Since this brand is popular, you can often see crafts (and each time it is more and more difficult to learn from the original).

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    When you buy branded items in a company store. In my opinion, there should not be any fake here. It's just that the store owner is not interested in deceiving his client.

  10. Yuri

    Yes, there are a lot of fakes on sale now. It is good when you know what signs you can distinguish the original from the fake. So these articles are really helpful. They provide the information that helps fight deception. Such knowledge will always come in handy in life.

  11. Egor

    I hope the Chinese do not rush in and do not change the types and main characteristics of their fakes. After all, they also do not stand still and try to outwit everyone.

  12. Alexander

    In order not to run into a fake, it is better to buy watches and in general all branded items in official stores. Because it is very difficult to take into account all the nuances when buying, because the quality of a fake product is now also quite high!

  13. Rail

    I think sometimes it is impossible to distinguish a fake from the original ... yes, yes, this happens. And in order not to bathe, you need to buy things, etc. in specialized stores, so in any case, running into a fake will be extremely small, IMHO.

  14. Kate

    I love the design and aesthetics of brands, but when I see the prices, I realize I can't afford it. And I want to look good at minimal cost. My favorite brands are Raf Simons and Rick Owens. By the way, I'm upset by the fact that no one does Maison Margiela replicas. I don't like things with logos, so all these Supreme or Louis Vuitton monograms are not for me. I just want to get designer clothes at the right price.

  15. Kate

    good copies are essentially handmade. Suppliers said: they fly to Italy, buy a bag or "crosses" from the new collection, take them to China, take everything apart, cut it out, and make an identical thing. There is something to pay for.

    I believe that the prices for original luxury items are also justified. Just not everyone can afford them - that's another story. This is the meaning of luxury, it is for a different category of people, not for everyone. Plus, if we buy Balenciaga, we pay for the brand idea, for the story. We give money to the designer, and not just pay for clothes.

  16. Marina

    You are misleading people, the article is conspiracy nonsense. Apparently, you are new to the brand and overestimate its quality. Go to any official store and take a closer look at the bags, protruding threads, the seams may be uneven, sloppy soldering. And this is the norm, because. Guess is a mass market. If the bag is inside the duster, and not vice versa, then it's a fake, seriously?) Unbranded paper?) You don't even know that the lining may not always be branded, depending on the collection

  17. Mila

    I bought a bag from Hess. If it says made in China on the tag inside? Is it original or not?
    I ordered from buyers.