Ideas for wearing jeans

What to wear with jeans Cloth

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have at least one denim pants in his wardrobe. This piece of clothing is so comfortable and practical that it is difficult to do without it. However, not everyone knows what to wear with jeans so that they blend harmoniously with other things.

To wear jeans
Jeans are a comfortable and practical piece of clothing.

What to wear with different styles of jeans

A trend called total denim is gaining popularity. This style is suitable for cool summer evenings, autumn and spring. The top can be a shirt in the same fabric.

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Contrary to the fashion trends of past years, some difference in tones is now welcome.

A large variation in color, such as a blue denim shirt and a white, green or black bottom, is considered bad form.

high waist

These jeans are suitable for almost all the fair sex. They are comfortable to wear, do not hinder movements, slightly tighten the figure. Young and slender girls are recommended to wear blouses, sweaters and shirts tucked in - this option will only emphasize the dignity of the figure. Long sleeves with a collar under the throat look especially elegant here.

high waist
High waisted jeans are for everyone.

However, mature ladies should be more careful in the selection of accompanying clothing. If you are not sure about the ideal waist, it is better to wear a cropped sweater, sweatshirt or an elongated loose-fit jumper with denim trousers. The combination of jeans and a sweatshirt with an asymmetrical hem looks elegant.

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With wide trousers

For slender ladies and girls, especially if they have narrow hips, such models will help to look more elegant. But the upper part of the bow should not be voluminous - such a combination will create the impression of shapelessness and awkwardness.

With wide trousers
Slim girls fit jeans with wide legs.

The exception is very young persons. This rule does not apply to them. Oversized style will not spoil teenage girls, but will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Wide jeans look great with figure-hugging jackets, especially cropped ones. A short coat is suitable for such a bow, but elongated outerwear is contraindicated here.

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High-waisted jeans that visually lengthen the legs are at the peak of popularity today. The mom-fit model differs in that the top of the trousers does not fit tightly around the hips, creating folds both in front and in the back.

Moms visually lengthen the legs.

There are many top options for moms. Coats of almost any style, jackets, down jackets in cold seasons, loose-fitting sweaters and jumpers, fashionable sweatshirts, tucked-in longsleeves, blouses and shirts (in this case, jeans are worn with a beautiful belt), short tops in the heat - you can create an individual look to your taste .

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Loose and baggy, devoid of decorative elements, these models give the impression that they were borrowed from a friend. For this reason, these jeans are not suitable for ladies of middle and mature age.

Boyfriends are loose and baggy jeans.

In order for the image to be complete and whole, you must carefully consider the selection of a pair for boyfriend trousers. Chubby fashionistas can combine them with fitted jackets and jackets, which will hide those extra pounds. Wearing a bright blouse or printed T-shirt under an open jacket will divert attention from wide hips.

Jackets and sweaters on a slim figure will also be appropriate. But loose-fitting outfits, even oversized ones, are already allowed here.

Flared jeans

The fashion of the 70s is back, winning the hearts of many denim fans. It is enough to look at the photos from the album of parents, and even grandmothers, to understand what they are best combined with.

Flared jeans
Flared jeans have won the hearts of people.

Shirts, blouses, long sleeves are worn tucked in, short tops and sweatshirts are loose. Fitted jackets and leather jackets, short coats and long cardigans, down jackets and oversized sweaters - all this will be combined with flared jeans, emphasizing the length of the legs and slimness. Another advantage of the model is that it hides figure flaws.

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The difference of this model:

  • high landing;
  • loose fit, not tight-fitting hips;
  • trousers tapered at the bottom.

These jeans are suitable not only for slender young fashionistas, but also for overweight middle-aged ladies. Although mature beauties, whose age is more than 50, should not take risks.

The balloons have a free cut.

Slender young ladies who like to stand out among the crowd can combine ballons with fitted shirts and blouses tucked into trousers, as well as with sweaters only partially tucked in.

Loosely hanging on the sides, its edges will create the effect of "thoughtful negligence", which is so appreciated today.


Tapered trousers with elastic bands or straps in a sporty style are adored by young women and young girls. They are sewn from different types of fabric, including denim.

Joggers are skinny jeans.

Such models are worn with shirts and sweatshirts, openwork blouses and loose T-shirts, with capes and ponchos in folk style.

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cropped jeans

These jeans are not suitable for petite charmers, whose height is below 160 cm, if they are already out of adolescence. Also, plump beauties should not experiment with this style, since cropped legs visually shorten the figure, focusing on the waist and hips.

cropped jeans
Cropped jeans should not be worn by short women.

Cropped jeans can be combined with any top: a jacket and a sweatshirt, a top and an openwork blouse, a loose sweater and an elongated jacket with an asymmetrical bottom. There is one exception: do not wear with them outerwear that is longer than the trousers themselves, buttoned up.

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Tight skinny

These jeans will look only on a slim figure. Full girls and owners of wide hips should avoid such extravagant experiments.

Tight skinny
Tight skinny fit only slender girls.

Skinny is combined with almost any clothing, whether it's a tailored shirt or a plaid men's style, a feminine blouse with ruffles or an openwork top, a biker jacket or a cardigan, a sweatshirt or a loose sweater. The top of the outfit can be tucked into jeans or left loose.

banana pants

This model looks presentable if the girl emphasizes her waist. To do this, you can simply tuck a shirt or a thin sweater under your belt. Slouchy clothing is also allowed, but you need to choose such options so that the bottom of the sweatshirt or jumper does not go down too much on the hips.

banana pants
Banana pants accentuate the waist.

Ripped jeans

Clothing imitating scuffs, tears and holes, uneven raw edges, lasted a long time at the peak of fashion. It is still popular among young people.

Ripped jeans
Ripped jeans are popular with young people.

You can combine these denim pants with any clothes, it all depends on their style. An elegant blouse will make the bow extravagant, emphasize the femininity of the image. But do not shock others by wearing a strict white shirt with a tie. A jacket with narrow wrapped arms would be appropriate here.

How to match shoes with jeans

Previously, any trousers were considered sportswear and were in no way combined with sandals, pumps and high-heeled shoes. Today, these bans seem ridiculous.

Boots with and without heels

Jeans are worn not only in warm seasons, but also in spring, autumn and winter. In cold weather, boots are indispensable.

Boots with heels
Jeans can be combined with boots with heels.

Pants that are narrow at the bottom are tucked into the tops. If the legs are wide, then they are worn over boots. Cropped jeans are a good tandem with short ankle boots, leaving part of the ankles open.

Flared trousers look more elegant with heeled boots. And loose-fitting pants can be worn with flat shoes.


Elegant pumps - classic, on a thin stiletto heel - in combination with jeans will add sophistication and completeness to the image. Even if it's bananas or joggers, which are usually referred to as sports style.

Shoes add sophistication to the image.

Flat shoes will also be appropriate in this tandem. Just don't wear socks under your trousers - it spoils the whole image.

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In hot weather, such shoes are comfortable like no other. Jeans lovers should now not refuse it, boldly putting it on with trousers.

Sandals are suitable for hot weather.

Sneakers and sneakers

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The combination of sports shoes and trousers will not cause indignation even among the most critical grandmothers. However, do not wear them with flared long pants. With bananas, joggers, moms, this option would be appropriate.

Sneakers go well with jeans.

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Oxfords and loafers

These models of shoes are in high demand among the fair sex: they are comfortable, comfortable to walk in, and look simple and elegant.

These shoes are recommended to be worn with cropped jeans. Girls can wear short socks under their trousers, leaving part of the ankle bare. Ladies of middle age and older are better off not experimenting with this fit.

Loafers are in high demand.

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Fashionable images with different clothes and jeans

Everyone can create their own individual bow today. Knowing how to properly combine items of clothing, complementing the image with various accessories, the fair sex will be different every day, not like yesterday.

Jacket or jacket

A businesswoman in a strict jacket, under which a shirt or a feminine blouse is worn, and a charming girl with a light character in an elongated jacket with asymmetrical floors are one and the same person (besides, in the jeans that she wore yesterday).

The jacket gives the image a businesslike look.

The same girl in bananas and thin-heeled sandals, in a thin sweater tucked into trousers in front, and in a jacket with rolled up sleeves - this is a different image.

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Long cardigan

In the cool weather of the off-season, outerwear is indispensable. It can be not only jackets or coats. A model of a knitted long sweater without buttons will complement the image of a lady who likes to wear jeans.

Long cardigan
A long cardigan can be worn in cold weather.

An excellent combination is obtained with flared trousers, tight-fitting skinny, bananas or joggers.

Sweater or turtleneck

High-waisted pants are often worn with clothes that can be tucked in. Thus, a slender waist is emphasized, an image of neat completeness, femininity, and elegance is created. A beautiful thin belt here acts as an accessory that plays an important role.

A turtleneck can be tucked into jeans.

Long sleeves, shirts, turtlenecks, long T-shirts in this case are the most suitable options. Thin jumpers are also suitable. But this style is more youthful. Young girls look especially extravagant, in which the edges of the sweater hang casually from the sides.

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Tops and crop tops

This option is suitable exclusively for young girls. A short top goes well with jeans of any model, if the fashionista is young and slim.

Crop Tops
Crop tops are suitable for young girls.

T-shirts and t-shirts

They are worn both under jackets, jackets, sweaters and cardigans, and on their own. With denim trousers, bright T-shirts or with prints look best.

T-shirts look good with jeans.

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Shirts and blouses

These are the very items that are commonly called must-have, that is, “must have”. Girls and mature ladies are happy to wear them with jeans. And if young slender ladies prefer to tuck them into trousers, and in summer they even tie them in a knot at the waist, then ladies often put them on.

Shirts must be in the wardrobe.

Cardigans and vests

They are worn on shirts, long sleeves, T-shirts, blouses and T-shirts. Together with jeans, a single ensemble is created.

Vests with jeans create a unified style.

Of the shoes in this image, boots, boots, shoes, both with heels and flat soles, are appropriate. You should not wear sneakers and sneakers, as well as sandals.


Short sweatshirts with a bright pattern are liked by many women. Some of them have not 2 or 3, but more. Having even the only jeans, but changing the accompanying top daily and complementing with original jewelry, you can create unique looks.

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With coat or jacket

The image will be more expressive if the girl puts on a fashionable headdress or ties a beautiful scarf with a short coat. Luke will benefit from this.

Size charts

Women's jeans sizes

Russian size W - US size Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
38 24 58 - 60 89 - 91
40 25 60.5 - 63 91.5 - 94
42 26 63.5 - 65 94.5 - 96
42/44 27 65.5 - 68 96.5 - 99
44 28 68.5 - 70 99.5 - 101
44/46 29 70.5 - 73 101.5 - 104
46 30 73.5 - 75 104.5 - 106
46/48 31 75.5 - 79 106.5 - 110
48 32 79.5 - 82 110.5 - 113
48/50 33 82.5 - 87 113.5 - 118
50 34 87.5 - 92 118.5 - 123
50/52 35 92.5 - 97 123.5 - 128
52 36 97.5 - 102 128.5 - 133
54 38 102.5 - 107 133.5 - 138

Men's jeans sizes

Your Russian size US size W - waist circumference (cm) H - hip circumference (cm)
44 28 70-72 89 - 91
44/46 29 72.5 - 75 91.5 - 94
46 30 75.5 - 77 94.5 - 96
46/48 31 77.5 - 80 96.5 - 99
48 32 80.5 - 82 99.5 - 101
48/50 33 82.5 - 85 101.5 - 104
50 34 85.5 - 87 104.5 - 106
50/52 35 87.5 - 92 104.5 - 106
52 36 92.5 - 95 106.5 - 110
54 38 95.5 - 99.5 110.5 - 114
56 40 100-103 114.5 - 118
58 42 104-108 118.5 - 122
60 44 109-113 123-125

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