How to distinguish a fake Prada bag from the original

How to distinguish a fake Prada bag from the original Cloth

The world brand Prada is one of the champions in the number of fakes. The low cost is very attractive for those who want to have a bag or wallet from a well-known Italian manufacturer. However, having paid a considerable price for a fake, you can get an accessory unsuitable for further use in a couple of weeks. The coating on the metal parts is erased, and the seams diverge. Consider in the article how to distinguish a fake Prada. To do this, you need to know how real models should look like. 

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Distinctive features of the original

Many people are interested in how you can distinguish a real Prada bag. Accessories of this brand are made of high quality materials. In this case, the tailoring should be even and neat, without colored threads. When buying a branded bag, it is recommended to consider the following features:

  • correct geometric shape;
  • no protruding seams;
  • tightly stretched skin that does not have folds or bumps;
  • golden, silver, pink fittings;
  • metal locks;
  • match the outer material and lining in color.

The interior of the product also has characteristic features. The following will help determine the original:

  • the lining is made black - it can be satin or leather;
  • the edges of the bag are laid in the seams, and not sealed;
  • the inner metal logo is covered with enamel that matches the color of the lining;
  • the letter R has a curved stem shape.

Original Prada bag

Bag Prada Saffiano

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Particular attention should be paid to the Prada Saffiano bag. It is made from leather - goat or calf. The material is processed by hot stamping. Due to this, it is covered with a small scar. After that, the skin is treated with heated wax. This helps to avoid small scratches or chips.

Most often, this bag is problematic to check for originality. How can you tell if a Prada bag is real? There are machine authentication methods that help distinguish the original from the fake.

Original Prada Saffiano bag

Prada bag collections

Collection Description
Double Bag This is a must have for those who want to be on trend. In addition to the laconic form, the design uses large crystals, tortoise shell, as well as exotic tree species. A feature of the model is the red color of the lining. This is a roomy bag with two internal compartments, short non-adjustable handles.

A feature of the model is the red color of the lining.

This is a roomy bag with two internal compartments, short non-adjustable handles.

Saffiano The model has medium dimensions, a flat stable bottom and a special fastening of the handles, and is made of saffiano leather. Due to the buttons located on the sides, it can change the size.

You can wear such a handbag on your arm or elbow. These bags are held in high esteem by celebrities

Milano Classic structured medium to small bag. More often it is performed with contrasting trim and gold decor.

It can be worn every day or on a specific occasion. In any image, it will be appropriate, effectively emphasizing the unsurpassed style of a woman.

Resort The presence of bright prints and an extraordinary shape. It includes universal accessories that are good not only in everyday classic style. These hits can be worn sporty or casual.

The most prominent representatives of the line were backpacks and bag-bags, with the top of the bag tightened with a cord.

How to distinguish a fake

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In order to distinguish the real thing from Prada, you should pay attention to the quality of the material and fittings, the execution of the logo and the availability of accompanying documents. Therefore, it is important to know the characteristics of this product.

All bags and other accessories of the Prada brand are accompanied by a certificate, which is an effective confirmation of originality.

Prada bag certificate

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Real accessories are never sold in a plastic bag or paper. The Prada bag is packed in a drawstring bag. They come in white with a black logo and blue with a gold logo.

On the bag is a black or gold logo and the inscription: “Prada 100% cotton. Made in Italy. 

Some Prada bags are sold without a bag. In this case, it is worth asking the seller about its availability. 

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The bag is then packed in a box. And only in this form should a branded item be sold. If you are offered to buy a product without branded packaging, or the bag is sealed in a bag, then you are faced with a fake product.

Assessing the packaging box, you need to pay attention to the application of fonts on cardboard. In the original, they are slightly voluminous, which can be determined by touch. Small models are sometimes packaged in a branded paper bag.

All accessories (locks, key rings, additional straps, pockets must be wrapped with paper), some additionally fit into a bag with lacing. 

Prada bags in original packaging

Dreaming of getting yourself a Prada bag?

Certificate of Authenticity

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The Certificate of Authenticity is a card that contains a description of the product and a barcode that matches the numbers on the inside of the bag. The certificate is packed in a separate envelope and has the stamp of the selling store and the date of receipt of the goods. In the inner pocket of each handbag there should be a plastic card, which indicates the characteristics of the model.

Prada Bag Certificate of Authenticity

The original product is accompanied by a unique certificate of authenticity, which is packaged in a black embossed envelope. It contains data:

  • series number;
  • material of manufacture;
  • color;
  • model name.

The execution of the seal of the certificate is important. Its quality, the size of the letters and their location from each other are evaluated.

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Check XXX by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

You can find out about the originality of the certificate:

  1. On the official site. To do this, the applicant's contacts are indicated, and a request is made in a free form with a request to verify the required number.
  2. In the official Prada store or brand representative office. The request is sent as an e-mail also in any form. 

When buying “from hand”, a check can serve as proof.

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Check and certificate of the Prada bag

Logos and labels

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Description of the original brand logos on the bags are given in the table. 

Indicator outdoor logo Internal logo
Form and execution Depends on the model. The inverted triangle is more common. On some models, the design includes a rectangular logo made up of metal letters or embossed on leather.  The rounded rectangle can be metal or leather. In addition, there are models with a logo imprint with a gold or silver coating. 
Enamel Even, smooth, without sags and other defects. 
Embossing Ideal. No defects allowed. 
Letters Convex or embossed. Perceptible to the touch. 
Color More often they use gold, silver plating or letters made in the same color as the product itself. Any type is combined with the general appearance of the product. 

Consider the features of each logo:

  1. The outer logo is fixed with rivets and is a solid inverted metal triangle, in the middle of which the brand name is indicated.
  2. The inscription is convex, the color of the metal triangle almost matches the color of the material of the bag.
  3. For leather bags, the external logo is also leather, sewn with a tight seam, and the name of the bag is forced out.
  4. You should always pay attention to the letters. Branded products are distinguished by even letters with the same distance from each other.
  5. There is another little trick by which you can recognize a real bag. It lies in the fact that the letter "R" is slightly curved and tilted more than the letter "A". For fakes, both letters are the same.

Comparison between the logo of an original Prada bag and a fake

Be sure to have logos inside and out. Many people think that on bags, wallets and purses, the logo is made only in the form of a triangle. In fact, there are a lot of execution options: embossing on the material, engraving on a metal fastener, a triangular or rectangular metal plate with engraved letters, a logo made of separately made metal letters (convex or depressed).

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The metal plate located inside the bag is the internal logo. The shade of the lining in the original is always similar to the shade of the plate, and the brand inscription can be executed in one of the options - “PRADA Made in Italy”, written in two lines, or in three lines “PRADA Milano Made in Italy”, and is done in either gold or silver color. The inner logo must match in color with all the accessories of the bag.

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The inside of an original Prada bag

On women's and men's wallets on the inside, a logo is more often found in the form of embossing on the material, sometimes with a golden or silver coating. The inscription on it can consist only of the name “Prada” or with the addition “Milano Made in Italy” or “Made in Italy”, “Milano Dal 1913″.

Forgeries often miss the space in the inscription “Dal 1913”.

As for the tags, the authentic bag purchased in her home country comes without any tags, and it also lacks the leather sample used in the manufacture of the particular model.

Important! Branded bags usually do not have extra labels - paper, leather or plastic tags are not attached to them. Fakes sometimes have yellow, white or blue labels.

Evaluating only the logo is not enough, since it is possible to distinguish the original prada bag in a complex way. 

Prada bags in the package

Letter R

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The first thing you need to pay attention to is the spelling of the letter “R”. Often it is on this basis that you can immediately identify a fake.

The original is distinguished by the letter R on the logo. Its leg is curved with a noticeable gap between the upper part of the letter and the junction.

This feature is typical for all items with the brand name (pouch, box, certificate of authenticity).Letter R in Prada

Prada bags certificate and receipt


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As a material, textiles and leather can be used, similar in color to the outer part of the bag. In a Prada handbag, you will never see a lining of a diametrically opposite color. The corporate identity of the brand is that the colors of the inner lining and outer material are as close as possible.

The shade of the inscription can be black or match the color scheme with the lining. At the same time, it is replaced by symbols resembling the letter S. The lining can be sewn from satin. Basically, the lining is made of calfskin or excellent satin.

Lining Prada

The Prada brand name alternates across the entire surface of the fabric lining with a double ornament. Between the lines with the brand name is a pattern in the form of an intertwining rope. On the original, each row is rotated 180 degrees to the previous one.

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What does a Prada bag look like inside?

tailoring quality

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Like any branded item, the Italian bag is distinguished by clear seams with neat stitches. The difference between the original bag and the cheap version will be expressive and precise sewing contours. The edges of the product, according to production rules, are laid in the seams.

Stitches on the original and fake Prada bag

In a fake one, the edges are sealed. In a Prada handbag, you will never see a lining of a diametrically opposite color. The corporate identity of the brand is that the colors of the inner lining and outer material are as close as possible. Basically, the lining is made of calfskin or excellent satin.

For most Prada bags, genuine calfskin is used as the material. It is very soft and smooth, which is felt tactile. In addition to leather, nylon, artificial leather, textiles and straw are used in production. 

A fake can be distinguished by the quality of the stitches. Usually they are uneven, without clear contours, and the edges are poorly processed or soldered.

There are bags in good condition, but the seams on them are worn out or slightly worn out. This sign indicates a fake product. 

Prada bag original

Hardware and zipper

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The original uses silver, pink or gold hardware. Moreover, its color is the same as that of the inner plate. A fake manufacturer can combine several shades.

The zippers on the original are always metal and must be treated with a special tool for smooth movement of the slider.

The brand's line includes large bags with an inside pocket. In the original, only its upper part is made of leather; in fakes, the entire pocket is made of leather. 

Original Prada bag lock

Distinctive features of the original

Authenticity is judged by the appearance of the product and the quality of its interior. Pay attention to the image of logos, the condition of the material and components, tailoring and fastening. 

External and internal design

External signs of the original product:

  • correct, neat form;
  • the logo is made of metal or engraved on it, embossed on the material (leather, nylon), securely attached with rivets, imperceptibly “embedded” or evenly sewn to the outside;
  • seams do not protrude beyond the edges;
  • accessories are made of antique copper;
  • the skin is evenly stretched, there are no folds;
  • the lightning is characterized by a smooth and soft “move” due to the processing with a special solution;
  • external and internal locks are made of metal. 

Exterior design of the Prada bag

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How to distinguish the original from a fake by internal performance? It is characterized by the following indicators:

  • the lining is made entirely of satin or combined with leather with an embroidered Prada lettering;
  • the edges of the product are hidden in the seams, but are not soldered;
  • the color of the metal logo is similar to the lining, sometimes in the models inside the letters are embossed and covered with paint in gold or silver;
  • the letters on the logo stand out well, which can be checked by touch;
  • the oblique stem of the letter R is slightly curved at the base.

Labels, as a rule, are not present on the original bag, the main document is a certificate. Often found on other bags, leather samples attached to the handle are not used by the Italian company, so their presence is a clear sign of a fake bag.

Prada lining

Additional Criteria

The original features:

  • packing in a bag with cotton cords indicating the composition and country of manufacture or a box-case;
  • for metal elements, it is mandatory to apply the brand name by embossing or engraving;
  • the presence of a certificate of authenticity and a plastic card with a description of the model. 

The certificate contains a description of the goods, a barcode that matches the numbers on the inside, a stamp of the store and the date of registration. 

Original and fake Prada

Where could I buy

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They sell Prada accessories in official boutiques or partner stores. You can choose a product on the official website Here you can also find out which store has the selected product. 

Original Prada bag


The cost of one handbag is several thousand dollars. You will never find a hundred dollar bag like this. The official site makes it possible to navigate the price. For example, a waist bag costs 81-145 thousand rubles, nylon clutch — 75,000 ₽, leather — 150,000 ₽. A leather backpack is not much more expensive - 155 thousand ₽. 

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The cost of bags presented for sale in Russia starts from 35.5 thousand rubles and ends at 340 thousand rubles, depending on the composition, size and design. 


The video will help to assess the authenticity of the Prada bag. 

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What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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