8 ways to tell genuine AirPods from fakes

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When buying AirPods, you should pay attention to some distinctive features that will help you make sure that the branded device is original. First reason to suspect a fake - low price, the remaining criteria relate to the appearance and technical characteristics.

Headphone size

Quality AirPods are carefully designed to fit the anatomy of the human ear. This allows the device to hold securely and not put pressure on the auricle, as well as easy to install.

The shape of the audio equipment is comfortable, allowing you not to feel pressure on the ear during use.

The shape of the charging case and the bulge of the button on it

The original case is smaller than the copy. The lid opens smoothly and locks securely when closed.

If a loud click is heard or it is always difficult to open the case, then it is most likely non-original. Also, the lid has a metal mount that does not stick out on the sides.

Fakes have a button on the side of the headphones, while high-quality equipment has an indicator in this place. The original also has the inscription “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.

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Fakes do not have such a detail under the indicator window.

Material quality

The plastic outer part of the case of real headphones has no notches, scratches, or extraneous dents. The same applies to the device itself.

All parts are smooth and firmly held. The scammers use cheap plastic and don't bother with finishing the edges.

Sound when turned on


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When turned on, AirPods emit a melody lasting about 0.5 seconds. Counterfeiters do not think about this, so cheap copies turn on silently.

Also, for non-original devices, the sound quality is much worse than for branded equipment.

Fonts on headphones and charging case

AirPods have an R and L designation for the left and right earbuds, which are done in silver paint and clear font.

There are no other inscriptions, except for the serial number.

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Speaker grille

Real AirPods have a metallic silver grille, not soft earbuds or other variations.

On the surface of the headphones there are 2 small and 1 large oval hole, the replicas have fewer of them, and the shape is round.


Before buying seductively cheap headphones, you should monitor the prices of equipment in well-known chain stores, on the official website of the brand.

New equipment costs more than 14,000 rubles, depending on the model.

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Each pair of AirPods is numbered on the inside of the case.

The same set of numbers is indicated on the box with the appliances: you can check the authenticity on the brand's website. If there is no such sign, then the headphones are fake.

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