The cosmetologist clearly explained to me the dangers of cheap products in a cosmetic bag

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I always try to take care of my skin: proper care, masks, regular visits to the beautician. And to be honest, it costs a fortune. Recently, I often see on Instagram ads for luxury brand replicas or cheap alternatives to expensive cosmetics.

I was wondering if it is possible to save money and replace the funds in my cosmetic bag with more affordable counterparts? It’s good that the time for a visit to a cosmetologist was just approaching, and I had a chance to find out from a professional whether it is worth buying counterfeit cosmetics, and what are the dangers.

As it turned out, you can not buy such goods! At best, you will simply waste your money, and at worst, toxic components can be hidden in cosmetics, and it will take you a lot of time and money to treat.

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Cheap cosmetics may contain arsenic (leads to cancer), lead (toxic to the kidneys and liver), mercury (easily absorbed by the skin and affects the nervous system) and heavy metals. Not to mention bacteria like E. coli or animal feces (and these have been found in fake lipsticks).

The consequences of the use of toxic substances for your skin can be the saddest: rashes, swelling and allergic reactions.

But even if you are lucky, and there are no dangerous ingredients in the cosmetic product, its quality still leaves much to be desired. Counterfeit lipsticks and shadows lack pigment, and the pigment particles themselves are large, so such products are less saturated and quickly roll into the folds of the skin.

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A cheap foundation is not strong enough, it will go unevenly and leave a greasy sheen on the face. All due to the fact that unscrupulous manufacturers save on composition.

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In cheap skin care cosmetics, there are few active ingredients in percentage terms, which means their effectiveness is zero. And due to a violation of production technology, the structure of such products consists of large molecules that do not penetrate the skin, do not allow it to breathe and can cause allergies and peeling.

In general, in an attempt to save money, we risk not only wasting money, but also losing our health! Therefore, my advice: choose only cosmetics from trusted brands that suit your skin.

Be sure to carefully read the composition and do not be afraid to clarify and consult with professionals if any of the ingredients cause you questions and doubts. In the long run, it is much more profitable and brings pleasant results.

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  1. Anastasia

    After the successful treatment of demodicosis, my dermatologist prescribed this particular ointment to me, explained this by the fact that it is an analogue and what has a very good De panthenol. Why overpay if you can buy a quality product and even that helps very well with all types of dermatological problems. In general, after methyluracil, which was so praised, and which insolently did not help me, I already lost hope of getting rid of my scar, or rather, I simply scored on it.

  2. like.

    Yes, everyone should choose cosmetics individually, for themselves. A few years ago, they gave me a night cream for the eyelids - French, branded. In the morning, red circles and swelling around the eyes. for centuries, though Korean ones were, immediately in their bucket.
    Now I try to take hypoallergenic products and preferably in pharmacies or large chain stores.

  3. Маша

    В статье в принципе все правильно написано, но у людей зачастую банально нет денег на более-менее дорогую косметику. А жить как-то нужно, радовать своего мужчину, вот и идут на такие жертвы. У меня у самой было пару раз такие высыпания, которые образовались насколько я поняла после нанесения дешевой пудры. Сейчас стараюсь пользоваться только проверенными средствами.