7 Signs of Poor Quality Butter

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Most people believe that one ingredient in butter is cow's milk. However, according to GOST, the manufacturer has the right to produce a product with various additives. At the same time, the packaging does not always contain complete information about impurities. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of buying a quality cream concentrate, you need to know what features are inherent in spreads and margarine, in contrast to completely natural and fresh butter.


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Bright smell

A pronounced aroma is obtained by the introduction of flavors. Sometimes the smell is felt even through the packaging.

Natural and fresh butter has a faint and pleasant smell of cream. If it is rotten, there are notes of bitterness in the aroma.

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Frozen softness

Unlike a completely natural concentrate, the spreads do not freeze in the refrigerator. If you press on the packaging, margarine or oil with vegetable impurities is deformed.

However, it is important to consider the release time, chilled summer products also remain soft, hardening only in the freezer. But unlike the spread, it takes a little effort to deform a piece.


Chilled butter on the cut is smooth or with a weak crumb (depending on the fat content). When the cut is uneven or crumbles heavily, vegetable components are present in the product.

Also, a high-quality product is distinguished by a matte, slightly shiny cut, painted in a light yellow-beige color. The surface of a stale piece becomes pronounced yellow, and the middle retains a matte pallor.

Reaction to water

To distinguish a poor-quality product, it is enough to place a piece in warm water. Margarine melts with the formation of white flakes, the creamy concentrate leaves uniform fat spots on the surface.

The heating

Left at room temperature, the oil almost does not emit moisture, individual droplets are possible. A scattering of small drops of water appears on the surface of the spread or margarine. When heated, a quality product melts without the formation of foam and flakes.

Best before date

Oil shelf life

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Butter will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 weeks, placed in the freezer for up to 9 weeks. If a longer expiration date is indicated on the package, you have a spread.


Low price is another sign of poor quality. For the production of 1 kg of natural products, about 3.5 liters of cream with a fat content of 30% are required. And such an amount of the ingredient is obtained by passing 30-40 liters of raw materials through the separator.

Consequently, the price of 1 kg of a quality product should be approximately 30-40 times higher than the wholesale cost of 1 liter of milk.

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