The seller in the store secretly told how to distinguish low-quality butter and sunflower oil

How to distinguish low-quality butter and sunflower oil Zen

A saleswoman friend once shared with me the ways by which you can distinguish high-quality sunflower and butter from fakes. Since then, I have been using her advice, and they have never let me down in choosing a product. I would like to share my recommendations with you.

Sunflower oil

An initial quality check can be carried out right in the store by looking at the packaging of the goods. Therefore, I try not to take the product for bottling, because there is no information about its quality.

According to my friend, the bottle should be tightly closed with a plastic cap, no gaps, it is a completely sealed container.

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On the label you can find information about the date and place of manufacture, the composition and type of product.

Good quality oil cannot be too cheap. If the price is very low, then I pass by such a product. I don't skimp on my health.

In appearance, the oil should be clear, not cloudy, and without sediment at the bottom of the bottle. The sediment indicates that it is overdue.

I advise you to pay attention to the color - it depends on which oil you have chosen. If it is unrefined, then it will have a bright amber hue. But if you took refined, that is, completely purified, then it must be completely transparent and have a light yellow color.

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Taste is very important. Whatever type of product you choose, it should not have a bitter taste or any other taste other than sunflower.



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When buying a creamy product, I also focus primarily on packaging. It is important to pay attention to the composition - it should not contain anything but cream. If you find additional ingredients in the composition, then this product is of poor quality.

Shelf life is also important - such a product is not stored for a long time. The fat content must be at least 82.5%.

Real butter is not cheap. Therefore, pay attention to the price, too low a cost suggests that it was most likely created from herbal ingredients.

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If the product is of high quality, then it will be solid and will not stick to the knife and packaging. The cut point of the bar will be one-color, without stripes and inclusions. The color of a good product will be creamy, not white or yellow.

The product has a pleasant creamy taste, it melts in the mouth, and has no aftertastes.

When heated, high-quality oil melts evenly. In boiling water, it should dissolve into grains, and margarine will settle to the bottom.

You can also check the product by freezing. After several hours in the freezer, it will be very difficult to cut it - it will be like a stone.

That's all the tricks I use. Therefore, it is very difficult to deceive me in a store or in the market.

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Blog author. 7 years of experience as a Merchandiser. Specialist in the definition of quality products. Distinguished more than 5,000 fake goods. My motto: there is no limit to perfection!

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  1. Galina

    I usually take oil by weight in the store and check it by color, if it is such a light yellow, then this is a good oil.

  2. Dmitry

    Why, according to the price tag, it’s even clear if it’s cheap, you shouldn’t take it

  3. Lydia S.

    For many years I brought sunflower oil from the Kuban, my own, they took it from relatives. And by the way, the sediment can be natural, it’s not necessary that it says about the delay. And it’s better to take butter, of course, from a proven manufacturer. they add something else besides cream. This third-party product just feels on the tongue and palate.

  4. Lydia S.

    The sediment of unrefined butter can be natural. This does not necessarily indicate the spoilage or old age of the product. But creamy, of course, it is better to take trusted manufacturers. Now there are so many fakes and no one writes that the product has another component besides cream.

  5. mariam

    I have already screwed up twice with this oil, and the sellers write on the window that the products do not contain milk fat substitutes. Just protect yourself by not buying their product….