How to check Samsung phone for originality?

Samsung original Technique

According to statistics, every fifth smartphone in the world is a fake. In the case of the Samsung brand, this is every third device, since the equipment of this brand is counterfeited more often than most others. If earlier it was relatively easy to recognize an imitation, now unscrupulous manufacturers have learned to almost completely copy the appearance and feature set. However, there are several ways to distinguish a Samsung original from a fake.

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Which Samsung devices are mostly counterfeited

Most often fake devices related to the flagship lines: S and Note. Imitations are often encountered when buying Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, etc.

However, fakes are found even in the case of relatively inexpensive gadgets of the A and J lines, so it is necessary to carry out checks regardless of the model of the device.

Samsung phones

How to identify a replica of Samsung technology

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It is possible to determine a replica only by a combination of factors. You need to take into account both the appearance of the smartphone and its “filling”: working service teams, software, etc. Sometimes a fake is issued by incomplete equipment or poor quality packaging. Imitation manufacturers are always trying to reduce the cost of production, so the performance of the replica will lag behind the original.

Original smartphones and tablets are made from the highest quality components. Samsung puts the best components on flagship devices at the time of their release: displays, processors, cameras, memory modules and other details. Most of them are the company's own developments. Thanks to this, Samsung devices receive many awards and high customer ratings every year.

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Fakes are made from obsolete and cheap parts. As a result, copies of flagship devices perform worse than original budget Samsung devices.

Samsung rigorously tests the software for its devices, first with its own testing department and then with the help of Google, the creator of Android. Thanks to this, smartphones and tablets work quickly, they can safely use mobile banks, add cards to payment services and store personal photos.

Samsung continues to take care of software updates on its devices after they are released: it releases new firmware and security updates.

Do you use Samsung appliances?

Fraudsters do not worry about the quality of the software - as long as the device turns on. Nobody prevents them from installing spyware or phishing software on a fake that will steal photos, contacts, bank card details, passwords and other data. Fakes do not pass any certification. No one updates them and no one monitors the security of the software.

sign Original Fake
Appearance Corresponds to the declared by the manufacturer and matches the image on the official website May match the original. In the case of rough imitations, there are shortcomings. For example, an incorrectly positioned camera.
Translation quality If the smartphone was imported legally and is intended for sale in the Russian Federation, the translation will not fail or contain errors. There are problems with illegally imported, but original models. Most often normal. Sometimes there may be translation errors. Machine translation is rare, making menus and apps difficult to navigate.
Serial number Under test Can be tested
Accessories Conform to the specifications declared by the manufacturer Doesn't match claims
Warranty card Present, the terms correspond to those declared by the manufacturer. Appearance matches the sample provided by the company. May be present
Service code Working Works sometimes
Price Corresponds to or close to the prices in the official store May differ

Check Samsung phone by barcode:

Enter 13 digits of the barcode:

By configuration

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In the case of original devices, the package most often includes additional accessories: headphones, chargers, adapters, sometimes stickers. In rare cases, there are no additions, but this is stated in advance by the manufacturer. For example, on the official Samsung website it is indicated that the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G does not come with a charger, only the gadget itself, instructions, cable and a pin for removing the SIM slot are present.

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By configuration
You can distinguish the original device by the configuration.

Imitations are often supplied without accessories or, on the contrary, with extra additions. Small parts (such as pins for the SIM card tray) are most often missing. This is not the most reliable sign, but it must be taken into account in order to get the full impression.

By service code

Service codes implemented by the manufacturer are most often used by repair service employees. Their presence is not implied by the operating system. The codes are implemented separately by engineers, so the commands differ for each brand of smartphones.

For Samsung, there are 2 commands to check: *#7353# and *#0*#. The first code is suitable for old models, the second for new ones. The command opens access to the engineering menu to check the screen and functionality. It contains options for listening to the melody on the call, starting vibration, sleeping mode, etc. The menu opens immediately after entering the command, you do not need to press the call button additionally.

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When creating imitations, most manufacturers ignore the presence of system codes.

However, in rare cases, manufacturers embed commands in the firmware to improve the quality of the replica and reduce the chance of detection.

To check the given codes, go to your phone's dialer and enter the codes that we will indicate below. The device will enter a secret diagnostic mode and display information related to the gadget.

Codes Purpose
* # 0 * # Samsung General Test Mode
* # 32489 # Encryption Information
* # 232331 # Bluetooth test mode
* # 197328640 # Service mode
* # 12580369 # Device and software information
* # 1234 # View software version of PDA, CSC, MODEM
* # 0228 # ADC reading
*#7353# Service menu

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Phone

Using the system code, you can check if your phone is new or refurbished. Go to dialer and type: ## 786 #.

Two command buttons will open, one of them "view", and the second -"reset". Click on "View", after which information about your phone will become available. Look at the "reconditioned status" parameter. If it is set to "No", then the phone is new.

The quality of components and packaging

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The quality of components can give out a replica. Sometimes imitation manufacturers don't counterfeit the charger, they just put in the cheapest accessory. Most often, the included headphones, even in the case of the original quality, are not encouraging. Simulation sounds too quiet, hissing, background noises, etc.

Pay attention to the quality of the packaging.

When buying, pay attention to the packaging. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the appearance of the original in advance, as the design changes frequently. However, for most imitations, the boxes are made of cheap materials, there are voids inside, accessories and the smartphone itself are not securely fixed.

By IMEI technology

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Checking by IMEI is another good, but not completely reliable, method of checking. The number consists of 15-16 digits.

There are several ways to find out IMEI:

  1. Service command *#06#. On some smartphones, you may need to press the call button, on others the number is displayed immediately.
  2. Settings. Go to "About phone".
  3. Smartphone inspection. On some older models, the number can be found on the back.
  4. Checking the SIM card tray. In new models, the IMEI may be listed on it.
  5. On the box. The code is indicated on the sticker.

It is advisable to use several methods at once and compare the results. They must match. You can check the authenticity of the number through the official or third-party website with a database.

Even if such an IMEI was found in the system, do not rush to conclusions: many replica manufacturers copy codes from original devices.

Checking IMEI on a Samsung phone

By system interface

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The presence of errors in icon captions or the display of hieroglyphs when translation is enabled is a sign of a fake.

If the translation is poor quality, the inscriptions contain awkward phrases or hieroglyphs - in front of you is a fake.

Hierographs on fake Samsung

However, in high-quality imitations, such a sign is rarely found: now the replicas are more similar to the original.

By screen and color spectrum

The copy may have a lower resolution. Poor-quality imitations may have broken pixels. Often the corners of a fake “fade”, the colors in the images shift towards warm ones, the backlight is not adjusted smoothly enough. There is no anti-reflective coating on the replicas, so it is difficult to see anything on the screen in sunny weather outside.

By screen
Poor quality imitations may have dead pixels.

Spontaneous pressing on the touchscreen and low sensitivity of the touch screen can give out a fake. The user will have trouble hitting small objects on the display.

Fake phones also have a big gap between the edge of the screen and the mobile phone itself.

Swipe your fingers across the screen. If the screen feels more like plastic than glass, your Samsung phone may be fake.

Original Samsung Galaxy phones have bright display colors. Counterfeits, on the other hand, display dull, faded colors.Comparison of the screens of the original Samsung and fake

By application tests

Benchmark applications help to check the list and quality of components. These include, for example, AIDA64. Before buying, ask to install the application and show the results. If the seller is at a distance, he may provide you with inaccurate links or screenshots, so it's best to do it in person or at least be present during the test.

Use Antutu-level benchmarks to determine the exact performance of your gadget in the tests, and compare with the declared performance of the original phone. A significant roll towards the weakness of the device indicates its fake.

Testing app for Samsung

Checking by components is the most reliable. Imitation manufacturers always try to use cheap parts. The lower the cost of the device, the higher the income.

By services and applications

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Every smartphone comes pre-installed with system apps. For example, to send messages, view the gallery, etc. The easiest way to check is to already have the original. In other cases, you will have to navigate by the names of the programs. They should not contain errors or hieroglyphs.

The original devices have branded services, many of them have no analogues. For example, Samsung Pay, which allows you to link a bank card to your smartphone and pay for purchases through almost any terminal.

Not a single branded service will work on fakes.

If your smartphone is declared to work with the technology "NFC”, then activate this option in the phone settings, and test the possibilities of this technology in action. Problems in her work or absence NFC can talk about the fake nature of the phone.

NFC on Samsung

By camera position

Checking the location of the camera rarely helps to identify imitations, since crudely executed replicas are almost non-existent now. Manufacturers try to completely copy the appearance of the original. However, in some cases, the camera may be located, for example, in the middle and not on the side.

By camera position
Checking the camera position helps identify the simulation.

By logo

On some imitations, the logo is pasted, although in the case of the original it is printed directly on the box. In rough fakes, there are even errors in the names. The font may vary.

The logo on a fake phone can be felt with your finger and can be easily removed from the cover.

Fake Samsung logo

By battery

If the battery specification does not match the one declared for this phone, then you have a fake. An indirect sign can be fast discharge of your gadget during operation.

fake samsung battery

By tactile sensations

You can distinguish a fake from the original by tactile sensations only if you have already held the latter in your hands. It can be, for example, heavy or have a reinforced metal case. Sometimes imitations play.

Samsung phone

By warranty

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The warranty card is attached to the original smartphone. In it, the period of service by official services coincides with the declared manufacturer. The store may provide an additional warranty.

By warranty
The warranty card is attached to the original device.

All original Samsung devices have a guarantee: factory defects will be fixed free of charge.

There is no guarantee for a fake: it will not be replaced or repaired, even if it breaks the next day after purchase.

Warranty cards may also be attached to fakes. Sometimes they even match samples that can be downloaded from the official Samsung website. However, when contacting the service, it turns out that the service period has long expired.

By cost

You can buy an original Samsung phone here

Price is far from the main indicator, but in the case of imitations, it can be much lower than the average market. The calculation is based on the number of sales and the temptation for the buyer. However, some imitations are sold at original prices.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S7

Usually Samsung Galaxy S7 fakes are made of low-quality plastic, and the internal components of the gadget (use the AIDA64 program for tests) differ significantly from those declared in the original. The fake has only 512 megabytes of memory instead of 4 GB, a weak 5 megapixel camera and a battery of only 2000 mAh.

Original Samsung Galaxy S7 and fake

What can give a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

In the case of this model, pay attention to the IMEI number. If the original has it in the form of a sticker on the back of the phone box, then the fake does not have it.

Also pay attention to the camera. The lens of the original is qualitatively fitted, and in the case of a fake it is just a black eye.

The overall quality of plastic and glass on the original device is up to the mark. On a fake, low quality is felt immediately. The fake also has memory and screen resolution that does not match the original.

Samsung S6

The difference between the fake Samsung Galaxy S5 and the real one

The difference between the original and the fake is here in the logo. For a fake, it differs from the standards of the Samsung brand.

Original Samsung Galaxy S5 and fake

Where can you find counterfeit equipment?

You can stumble upon fake devices almost everywhere. Even an attempt to buy a gadget on the official website with inattention will lead to a copy. This is due to the fact that fraudsters have learned not only to make replicas, but also to forge pages on the network. The address can differ by 1 letter or the upper domain.

Fakes are sold by hand, on free ad sites, in public places, stores, etc.

Hand selling

Near the metro, train station, large store, a person comes up to you and offers to buy a smartphone or tablet at a clearly underpriced price, explaining the discount as an urgent need for money. Usually there is even a receipt and a warranty card. The seller is in a hurry, constantly talking to you, does not allow you to concentrate and examine the device properly.

He can tell that all the money and documents were stolen from him, the children are waiting for him, he is late for the plane. In general, makes every effort to make you feel the need or awkwardness and quickly give the money.

Samsung phones

Sale on sites of free ads

You find an ad on the site with a very low price. The price is often explained by the fact that the device was given as a gift, but you already have a smartphone or tablet. On the phone, they can say that there is already a buyer or come up with another legend that will push them to buy. Questions are answered in general terms or evasively.

They are found near the metro, shopping or business centers, almost never give the addresses of residential buildings. They rush when meeting. After the sale, the number is turned off or blacklisted.

The photo below is a typical scam ad.

1. The average price of such a smartphone at the time of viewing this ad is 45,000 rubles. Thanks to such a low price, the ad has almost 400 views in a few hours.

2. You can already see from the photo that this is a fake - there are no such inscriptions on the original smartphone.

3. Seemingly logical motive. Immediately there is a feeling that I won the lottery and I need to take it as soon as possible.

The cost of a fake Samsung

Sale in stores

Of course, fakes are sold both in regular and online stores.

You can be sure of the authenticity of the device only when buying on the official website and in stores cooperating with Samsung.

The list of verified points of sale is indicated on the page of the corporation itself.

Tips for checking equipment in stores

You can buy an original Samsung phone here

Fakes are made in different Chinese and Taiwanese factories, so they all differ from each other. There are no guaranteed signs by which you can visually distinguish a fake from the original device: some fakes may differ in case elements, others in the display, and still others in the way the inscriptions are applied.

The main difference is in the filling, which is difficult to evaluate for an unprepared person. You need to know well how the original device works: understand the versions and manufacturers of processors, screens, shells, benchmarks, etc.

Therefore, the only way to distinguish a fake from the original is a visual inspection of the device by a competent specialist. For example, it can be an engineer in a company service center.

However, despite all the difficulties with fakes, there are some tips that can help you when buying.

Menu items

If you decide to buy a gadget in a random store or still want to play it safe, you can carry out a few simple checks. First, it is recommended to compare prices and information on several sites. Already in the store, you can check the device by IMEI and through your Samsung account.

Pay attention to the quality of translation of menu items. On the original devices, the translation is of high quality, without errors, the inscriptions are only in English and Russian.

On counterfeit devices, menu items may use Chinese characters, the translation itself may be conspicuous, and the phrases look illogical. For example, the lock screen might say "Drag to Unblock".

Adding a Samsung account

Create a Samsung account in advance. You can register in the system through a computer. Already in the store, ask the seller to link the created account to the device. In original gadgets, this can be done through the settings. There you need to select the item "Accounts and archiving" or "Cloud and accounts". After that, click on "Add account" and select "Samsung account".

Adding an account
Create a Samsung account and link it to your device.

If there is no such item, either you have an imitation in front of you, or an account is already linked to the device. You can check this by going to the list of accounts assigned to the gadget.

Comparison across multiple stores

You can buy an original Samsung phone here

Before buying, be sure to go to the official store. Familiarize yourself with the equipment and characteristics of the device, remember the appearance. It is advisable to view several reviews. This way you can even see the box and additional accessories. When choosing, it is recommended to visit several stores and compare devices. It is desirable that gadgets of the same model do not differ from each other. If the results are different everywhere, choose the one that matches the original in appearance and components.

Savings within reasonable limits

Avoid too low device prices. Sometimes large discounts can be associated with markdowns, showcase or last sample, damaged packaging, etc. However, more problematic defects or imitations are more common. It is strongly not recommended to buy devices with hands. Their performance cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a breakdown, even a warranty card will not help you, because under the case, for example, traces of moisture can be detected.

Check by IMEI at the place of purchase

At the place of purchase, you can immediately check by IMEI. They will not let you open the case, but the seller cannot refuse to view the information in the settings. This also applies to the sticker on the box. First of all, check if the IMEIs match. Additionally, enter it in the database search. However, this method cannot guarantee the authenticity of the smartphone: checking the components is more reliable.

With cheap fakes, scammers most likely will not do this. Use this verification method solely as a safety net.

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