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The Swiss brand Rado has been on the market for over 100 years and has already gained popularity. The company has become known for its use of modern materials, the introduction of new technologies and the development of elegant design. When planning a purchase, it is important to study what distinctive parameters and features the original Rado watches have, there are many fakes of this brand on the market, and there is a risk of acquiring a cheap replica for a lot of money.

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Rado is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

Brand history

Rado is a Swiss brand and part of the Swatch Group. The company was founded in 1917 in the town of Lengnau by the three Shlap brothers. For a long time, she was engaged in the manufacture of watch movements, which were later exported to the United States.

Only in 1958 was the first collection under the Rado brand released. It was called Horse. During the work the company has released more than 100 models.

Original Rado watch

Features of the original Rado watch

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The company's specialists are constantly improving the watch mechanism and production technology. Rado pioneered scratch-resistant models. The company produces models with a body made of:

  • tungsten;
  • titanium;
  • gold;
  • platinum, etc.

The hallmark of the brand is high-tech ceramics. The scratch-resistant surface of watch cases and bracelet details captivates the eye with a flawless finish.

Since 1993, Rado watches have been made from Ceramos, a platinum-colored material created from ceramic and metal composite. Its distinctive features are lightness and rapid adaptation to body temperature.

Another innovative material is the so-called plasma high-tech ceramic. Plasma-treated ceramics acquire high hardness, metallic luster and a recognizable platinum hue. This material is protected by patents, it is an exclusive development of the company's technologists.

Glasses in all models without exception are made of sapphire.

Convex, flat or domed, they complement the smooth transitions of the hull shapes. A distinctive feature of the glasses is the metallized surface.

Differences of inexpensive fakes:

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Inexpensive fakes Distinctive feature
screws Crusades
Back cover Gilding on the case back
Bracelet Links with gaps
Crown Doesn't move smoothly
Rado Logo May have traces of glue
Dial surface Got fingerprints, hair and dust
Series Original and D-Star Fake Rados have poor or no glow
inscriptions Spelling errors on the cover
Inscriptions on the dial merge
Swiss, Swiss Made and Swiss Made inscriptions Missing

Original Rado watch


About two dozen collections provide a potential buyer with a wide selection of masterpieces of the Swiss watch industry: women's and men's, on a belt and bracelet, mechanics and quartz. High technology and timeless design are the principles that unite Rado watches. Customer reviews allow you to highlight several collections.

The table provides information about popular Rado collections.

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Collection name Year of issue Product features
Horse 1957 The company began to supply products to Asian countries, where the horse is a symbol of good luck. This determined the name of the collection. The model has a high degree of moisture protection. Tests have confirmed that the mechanism works at a depth of up to 120 m.
Gazelle 1960 The name of the collection symbolizes speed. This model received an improved mechanism and high moisture resistance.
DiaStar 1962 The DiaStar collection had a case made of heavy-duty material. In addition, it was the first scratch-resistant model.
Manhattan 1966 The clock was rectangular
Captain Cook 1967 Highly waterproof model designed for divers
DiaStar Anatomy 1984 The watch was equipped with a shock-resistant sapphire crystal and a curved case shape.
DiaStar Integral 1985 The entire surface of the model of this collection was covered with sapphire glass. The bracelet is made of ceramics.
La Coupole 1987 The dial is covered with a domed sapphire crystal, resistant to any scratches.
DiaStar Ceramica 1990 The entire bracelet and case elements were made of ceramic. The dial is covered with durable glass.
Sintra 1993 A model whose bracelet is made of an alloy of ceramics and metal
Original 2004 This is an improved remake of the 1962 DiaStar model. The case was made from an alloy of tungsten carbide and titanium.
V10k 2008 Watches made with artificial diamonds and titanium

Particular attention - models with diamonds. Exquisite design combined with sparkling precious stones cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Check Rado watch by barcode:

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replica swiss watches

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The desire to have a status, exclusive thing, the purchase of which is too burdensome for the budget, is familiar to many.

Manufacture of copies of expensive Swiss watches helps people to amuse their vanity. This business has become very popular in recent years. Replicas of watches of solid, respected brands are offered - chronographs, skeletons, tourbillons.

Recently there have been fakes of a very high level. They have all the external signs of the original. In this case, the most reliable way to verify authenticity is to take the watch to a Rado Certified Service Center. In the manufacture of fakes, their manufacturers use low-quality mechanisms. An experienced watchmaker working with Rado products will easily determine the authenticity of the product.

Replica Swiss watches can be divided into three large groups:

  1. More like an imitation. These are the so-called surface copies. As a rule, the resemblance to the original is very distant. Only letters in the spelling of the brand can be common. The dials are poorly made. Markers and numbers are misaligned or rotated. Inaccurate lettering. The price is a few dollars. These are bought and worn for fun.
  2. A product of the Chinese watch industry. The price is several tens of dollars. Copies the original in general terms. Upon closer inspection, you can see the difference from the original in the study of small elements. Overhead elements - numbers, hour markers, signs - can be inaccurately installed. Sold as copies.
  3. Pretty accurate copy. The mechanism is most often Japanese, of good quality. The detail work is meticulous. In order to find differences from the original, you will have to arm yourself with a magnifying glass and an accurate catalog with high-quality photos. Such copies are often called replicas. May be sold as originals.

Why buy copies of expensive watches?

Each person chooses what to write on a business card. After all, this is the role played by the watch on his hand. Often an accessory says more about a person than his business card. One glance at a watch is enough for an etiquette specialist to understand what kind of person wears it on his wrist.

Buying a copy of a certified chronometer of a well-known brand, about which the sales assistant will tell a whole story in an expensive boutique, it is difficult to count on the fact that you will get the impression that he makes with him. Most likely, the effect will be the opposite.

The owner of a fake watch will give the impression of a person who pretends not to be who he really is.

Often the buyer who deliberately buys a fake is driven by curiosity, snobbery, the desire to impersonate a member of a higher social class. Watch etiquette recommends choosing watches whose price corresponds to the level of income and position in society of their owner.

Do you buy replicas of expensive branded items?

Ways to distinguish from a fake

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First, let's define what the problem is. If a customer is offered a copy of a Rado watch and makes a conscious purchase, there is no need to look for differences from the original. Everything is clear and so. You bought a replica (so more solid).

If they sell you a copy under the guise of an original watch, you can talk about a fake. They are so common today that even a buyer in an expensive boutique is not immune from a mistake. Unfortunately, this is the reality. If, when you buy a Rado watch (original), you have doubts about its authenticity, there are some signs to check.

Rado is a popular brand that is often counterfeited. To buy an original product, you should pay attention to the packaging, the design of the bracelet and case, the screws that fix the cover. It will help to determine the fake and weight.


The Rado brand strives for excellence in everything. The manufacturer packs its models in a dense solid box made of leather, morocco or moire. There is an embossed logo on the top of the flip cover. Glue stains, as well as scratches and other flaws are unacceptable. At the bottom of the original watch there is an inscription indicating the serial number of the product and the manufacturer's data.

Fakes are often packaged in boxes made of leatherette, cardboard or other cheap material.

The watch rests on a fairly soft cushion.

Rado watches are presented in new original packaging.

In addition, the original watch must be accompanied by a warranty card, represented by a plastic card with a hologram.

When selling, the coupon is filled in by the seller. It indicates the model number, date and place of sale. The record is stamped.

The coupon must contain the address and seal of the store, the serial number of the product and the date of purchase.

The watch is accompanied by a certificate of quality. If attachments are missing, this indicates a fake. It is necessary to pay attention to the clarity of printing and all inscriptions. If they are blurry, it is better to refuse the purchase.

At the bottom of the outer cardboard case there is a special compartment in which a multi-page, multi-language instruction manual is inserted. The instructions are universal, covering all varieties of Rado watches.

Clock face

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A Swiss Rado watch must have an immaculate dial. All inscriptions are even and clear. Overhead elements must be securely fastened, they are strictly symmetrical. The arrows should look the same. On cheap copies, even without a magnifying glass, on the shiny surfaces of the hands, you can find spots left by the picker's fingers.

At the bottom of the dial, there must be a Swiss made marking.

The replica may be labeled “Made in Switzerland” or “Made in Swiss”.

In Rado chronographs, all buttons and hands are working. The buttons should not have backlashes, when pressed, a distinct click is felt. In cheap copies, the arrows and additional scales can simply be drawn. Buttons are often props. There may be real chronographs, but with cheap mechanisms. If the original is a self-winding mechanic, then the replica is with a quartz movement. It is very easy to tell them apart.

The crown at the end of the original has an embossed image of the Rado trademark.

Crown with Rado logo

Only scratch-resistant sapphire crystals are used in Rado watches. The same with the back cover. If it is made transparent, it can only be a sapphire. It can only be scratched with a diamond. The same applies to the case and details of the bracelet. On a replica, pseudo-ceramics can be scratched with a nail file.

Bracelet and case

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The case and bracelet must be made of the same material. Scratches and bumps are not allowed. The titanium clasp is reversible. This indicates the authenticity of the watch. If a single-sided steel clasp is installed, it is a fake. The name of the brand must be indicated on the case.

Rado Original Watch Bracelet

The clasp on the Rado bracelets is made of titanium. The clasp is double-sided, it is securely fixed on both sides. On the replicas, the clasp is steel.

Cover screws

When determining the originality of a watch, you need to carefully consider the screws. They must be made of titanium and unscrewed with a flat screwdriver. In replicas, these elements are made of steel and have a cross section.

Screws for original Rado watches

If the model you are interested in has a coating or some kind of coating on the case and strap, then it should be considered in detail. In the original watch, the coating in all areas goes in a uniform layer. There are no chips or scuffs. The coating on copies is usually thinner around the edges. Plus, it usually wears off over time.

Product weight

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Genuine Rado watches are made from quality materials and therefore weigh more than replicas.

Holding the watch in hand, look at the weight. The originals are much heavier than their copies. For example, ceramic models have a good weight because they are made of high-quality impact-resistant ceramic elements. Their replicas are usually much lighter as they are made of plastic.

So, fake ceramic watch models are often made of dense plastic. This greatly affects the weight.

Original Rado watch

Additional methods for determining authenticity

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The watch must have a barcode. Checking it does not give 100 % a guarantee of the authenticity of the device, however, if there are problems reading it, you should refuse to purchase.

Comparison of watches in the manufacturer's catalog

When choosing a model, you need to check if it is in the catalog on the manufacturer's website. You can find it by photos and serial number. Even if there is such a watch, you need to carefully compare the product being sold with the images given by the manufacturers. Even slight deviations in design indicate a fake. You need to pay special attention to the weight, color, shape of parts, placement of small elements on the dial, etc.

The model must be selected from the manufacturer's catalog.

Another option for checking the quality of an accessory is to take it to an official Rado service center, where experienced watchmakers will open the case and check the details of the mechanism.


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We also note that if after buying a watch a month later the battery has run out, then you have purchased a copy. The original batteries last 2-4 years. Unfortunately, at the time of purchase you will not check it.

If the battery has been discharged for several months, this indicates a fake.

Quality Assurance

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The watch manufacturer provides an extended 2-year warranty, which allows repairing the mechanism for free in all countries where there are branded brand stores. To obtain service, it is important to ensure that a properly completed warranty card is included with the product.

Where is the best place to buy Rado brand watches

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It is worth looking for originals in the company store of this brand or at official dealers.

On the market or in the transition, you can only find various versions of fakes - from the most primitive, clearly visible to the naked eye, to very good copies, outwardly almost indistinguishable from the original, but with poor quality mechanisms (replicas).

When buying a particular model, you need to properly consider its appearance. Perfect dial, clear contours of small details - these are all signs of the original. Glass without cracks and scratches - Rado watches have a sapphire crystal with a metallized surface that is resistant to damage.

The case itself should also not have any scratches or damage. And if a ceramic case is declared, then without cracks and chips.

Original Rado watch

Original cost

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Rado is an expensive brand. Prices for models start at 5-6 thousand dollars. If the cost of the device is low, this indicates a fake.

If the price tag contains an amount below 2-3 thousand dollars, then it is worth doubting its authenticity.

Since precious stones and metals are used in the manufacture of watches, the price indicated above refers to the most modest models and is set by the manufacturer in Switzerland. So it will be higher for us.

Original Swiss Rado watches cannot be cheap. As a rule, expensive models are copied. In Rado, these are the Integral, Sintra, Ceramica collections, chronographs. All these are expensive, prestigious watches worth more than several thousand dollars. Be carefull. If you are offered a Rado watch for 300-400 dollars, there is no doubt that this is a copy.

Models with diamonds cost from 5-6 thousand dollars.

What qualities of original watches are most important for you?
Impeccable appearance
Thoughtful design
Ability to show your status
Long service life
The accuracy of the mechanism
Comfort on the hand
Voted: 8

What to do if you sold a fake?

Where to go if you sold a fake?


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